3 Best Old Fashioned Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you a fan of classic cocktails and want to take your mixology and bartending game to the next level with some of the best recipes and tutorials? Then you're in the right place! In this article, we'll be exploring the best YouTube channels that specialize in everything from old-fashioned cocktails to modern mixology and bartending. So keep reading to find the best channel for you!


Channel Views: ~12.1m Channel Subscribers: ~141k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Drinkeros Youtube Channel

Drinkeros YouTube channel is devoted to the art of old-fashioned bartending and cocktail crafting. Featuring experienced coquetelaria and barman, viewers can learn their tips of the trade and perfect their own creations in the comfort of their own homes. With unique takes on classic cocktails, Drinkero provides an exciting addition to the classic art of bartending. Drinkeros YouTube channel is sure to give viewers the most satisfying cocktail creations.

MIX Cocktail Hour

Channel Views: ~17.3m Channel Subscribers: ~51.6k Channel Videos: ~591

MIX Cocktail Hour Youtube Channel

Mix Cocktail Hour on YouTube is a bartending show hosted by Tamee Harrison that provides an array of old-fashioned cocktail recipes with a focus on rum, vodka, rye whiskey, and bourbon drinks. The channel is a perfect reference for home bartending and drinking at home. Tune in and learn how to make delicious concoctions right in your own home!

Kristen Hoffman

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~37.3k Channel Videos: ~100

Kristen Hoffman Youtube Channel

Kristen Hoffman's YouTube channel is a hub of old-fashioned ideas for home decor mixed with thrift hauls, thrift flips, charity shop hauls, and interior design tips. She's a business owner who loves to show viewers that they can save money while also making stunning interiors. Plenty of haul videos show her what she finds on her shopping trips.

History of old fashioned drink

The history of old fashioned drinks goes back to the nineteenth century in the United States and was originally created as a way to mask the strong flavor of whiskey. It was made by combining whiskey with bitters, sugar and a splash of water. This simple recipe for an old fashioned has been with us since the 1800s and remains a popular cocktail to this day.

Over the years, the old fashioned has evolved to include variations such as the ‘Ward 8’ and the ‘Boomerang’, and has also been adapted with different spirits such as vodka and brandy. The use of muddled fruit such as oranges, cherries and lemons also became popular in the 20th century. In the late 1970s, a variation of the old fashioned was introduced that included a unique blend of bourbon and orange juice which created the popular ‘Julep’.

In recent years, the old fashioned has seen a major resurgence in popularity thanks to its presence in popular media. As with most cocktails, the old fashioned has been elevated to an art form as mixologists and bartenders experiment with infusion techniques, fresh ingredients and novel serving vessels. The classic old fashioned can still be enjoyed but is commonly seen as an opportunity to advance the drink in creative and innovative ways.

No matter how its brewed, the old fashioned remains an iconic fixture in American culture and a timeless classic in the world of cocktails. There is beauty and deliciousness to be found in its simplicity and history. The classic old fashioned is an experience in itself, worthy of respect – and a good stiff one every once in a while.

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