10 Best Old Asmr Youtube Channels +Videos

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that feature videos to help you relax and fall asleep? Do you love the feeling of getting ASMR tingles? Are you looking for a safe and calming environment to help you enjoy relaxation and satisfaction? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best YouTube channels that feature ASMR videos for all your relaxation and sleep needs. Keep reading to find the perfect one for you!

Batala's ASMR

Channel Views: ~190.1m Channel Subscribers: ~849k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Batala's ASMR Youtube Channel

Batala's ASMR is a YouTube channel that features old asmr videos. It has a range of videos that show everyday life and hobbies, making it a great place to relax and unwind. All of the content is designed to create a soothing atmosphere and give viewers a much-needed relaxation break from their busy lives. With content focusing on lifestyle topics such as cooking and beauty tutorials, Batala's ASMR is the perfect channel to take a break and escape into the calming world of ASMR.


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~4.4m Channel Videos: ~961

Gibi ASMR Youtube Channel

Gibi ASMR is an old ASMR YouTube channel founded by Gibi, an ASMR content creator. This channel is full of relaxing ASMR videos including whispery trigger sounds, tapping, and face brushing. It is one of the oldest and most beloved ASMR channels on the platform.

Corey ASMR

Channel Views: ~29.7m Channel Subscribers: ~202k Channel Videos: ~539

Corey ASMR Youtube Channel

Corey ASMR is an old YouTube channel that offers a variety of ASMR triggers for people who want to experience relaxation quickly. The channel features 'fast-ASMR' videos that offer calming visuals and audio alongside whispering and other trigger sounds for an immersive ASMR experience.

Rea Moon ASMR

Channel Views: ~8.9m Channel Subscribers: ~88.4k Channel Videos: ~431

Rea Moon ASMR Youtube Channel

Rea Moon ASMR's YouTube channel features a variety of ASMR content and experience. You can find old ASMR videos, ASMR role plays, ASMR tingles, ASMR whispering, ASMR sounds, and even an ASMR Mom series starring Rea Moon herself playing the role of a mother figure. Her videos also often feature popular songs from Stevie Nicks, as well as ASMR Reiki.


Channel Views: ~51.5m Channel Subscribers: ~219k Channel Videos: ~406

ASMattR ASMR Youtube Channel

ASMattR ASMR is a YouTube channel focusing on old-style ASMR videos with soft speaking and a male voice, often employing a binaural effect to enhance its calming qualities. He also creates ASMR videos around video games such as Free Space Pro, and is designed to help viewers relax and sleep.


Channel Views: ~124.4m Channel Subscribers: ~579k Channel Videos: ~372

PierDanASMR Youtube Channel

PierDanASMR is an old ASMR YouTube channel, created by PierDan, that has been enjoyed by viewers since 2016. His videos feature gentle whispers and sound for a calming effect, often combined with ambient music for increased relaxation. His ASMR videos vary from role-plays to narrated stories, and his voice is known for its gentle and soothing quality.

Jocie B ASMR

Channel Views: ~271.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~230

Jocie B ASMR Youtube Channel

Jocie B ASMR is an old YouTube ASMR channel that features videos of personal attention, doing your makeup, spa treatment, and tapping. Jocie creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere with her videos to help her viewers relax and drift off into a relaxation mode. Her videos provide a variety of content such as tutorials, roleplays, and gentle sounds to help her viewers unwind. With over a million subscribers, Jocie B ASMR is a channel you should check out!

Pigsbum53 ASMR

Channel Views: ~33.8m Channel Subscribers: ~134k Channel Videos: ~191

Pigsbum53 ASMR Youtube Channel

Pigsbumb53 ASMR is an ever-growing YouTube channel dedicated to providing calming and soothing content. The channel features a soft-spoken, Asian girl host, creating content in both old and modern ASMR styles with a lovely British accent. The videos are meant to relax the viewers through Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response stimuli. All the videos are so relaxing and peaceful that anyone can enjoy the channel's content.

Ephemeral Rift

Channel Views: ~506.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Ephemeral Rift Youtube Channel

Ephemeral Rift's YouTube channel is a great source for ASMR relaxation. His videos feature a blend of old ASMR content, sleep-inducing relaxation, artful improvisation, and the beauty of nature. He is an independent artist who creates his own work for viewers to enjoy.

Olivia Kissper

Channel Views: ~22.7m Channel Subscribers: ~320k Channel Videos: ~147

Olivia Kissper Youtube Channel

Olivia Kissper's YouTube channel provides viewers with a multitude of ASMR content, including old ASMR triggers, ASMR sleep aids, ASMR haircuts, ASMR massages, ASMR makeup tutorials, and ASMR role-play. Her channel has become a popular destination for ASMR enthusiasts looking for high-quality ASMR audio and visuals. Additionally, her ASMR videos have helped many people with anxieties, insomnia, or stress. Her content is highly praised for creating a truly immersive and deeply relaxing experience.

Investigate the Origins of ASMR

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is an increasingly popular phenomenon that has been rising in popularity over the past few years. ASMR is a relaxing sensation that many describe as feeling like “tingles,” and it’s typically triggered by certain sound cues like whispers, soft talking, and repetitive or intricate motions. While there’s been some anecdotal evidence of ASMR since the early 1800s, the internet has helped to raise awareness of the phenomenon over the past decade.

In order to trace the origins of ASMR, we must delve into the collective experience of people claiming to have felt it throughout the years. It appears to have begun in 2009 when a woman named Jennifer Allen created a Facebook group called “Unnamed Feeling” in order to discuss ASMR with others who experienced it. She defined it as a “tingling sensation that starts in the head and scalp and it often moves down the spine and causes a relaxing feeling throughout the body.” From then on, the use of the term “ASMR” caught on within the online community.

Although researchers have yet to agree on the term’s exact origin, it’s believed that ASMR is rooted in our natural evolutionary response to soothing sounds and motions. It may be related to humans’ primitive “nursing behaviors,” and it provides an experience similar to what a baby feels when being comforted by a parent. As ASMR continues to gain traction worldwide, it’s expected that its origins will be further explored and more will be learned about this unique phenomenon.

Find the Right Old ASMR Triggers for You

ASMR can be an extremely effective tool for relaxation, helping people to drift off to peaceful sleep or take their minds off of any worries. While many prefer new videos with modern technology and varied sounds, some people find themselves drawn to the more classic ASMR triggers. By exploring the world of old ASMR triggers, it is possible to find the right ones for you.

  • First, it is important to consider which sounds and types of triggers best suit you. Some are drawn to softer and more subtle triggers, while others prefer something more intense. It is also worth exploring different types of triggers, such as touching or tapping sounds or whispering voices. Different sounds may work better for different people, and this is something that can only be determined by trial and error. Once you understand your personal preferences in ASMR triggers, you can begin exploring the world of vintage videos that offer the right kind of stimulation for you.
  • From there, you might try searching sites such as YouTube or Reddit for vintage ASMR triggers. Talking to fellow ASMR enthusiasts may also yield results, allowing you to explore the triggers recommended by others. Before you know it, you can have a collection of vintage ASMR triggers that are perfectly suited for your relaxation needs. With a little patience and exploration, anyone can find the vintage ASMR triggers that are just right.

Thanks to the range of vintage ASMR triggers available, you can find something that matches your preferences perfectly. With a bit of research and trial and error, you can find the ideal old ASMR triggers for your relaxation needs. Once you do, you will soon be able to reap the benefits of an ASMR session! With the right old ASMR triggers, you can create a customized ASMR experience tailored to your needs. This can make the difference between a relaxing sleep session and a frustrating one. So start exploring the world of vintage ASMR triggers today and find the ones that work best for you. You won’t regret it!

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Old ASMR Experiences

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, has been around for quite some time and can offer a variety of amazing experiences for both new and experienced ASMR users. While old ASMR experiences can often be enticing and pleasurable, novice ASMR users may find it harder to get the variety of effects from older pieces that more experienced users can enjoy. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of old ASMR experiences.

  • One tip for getting the most out of older ASMR experiences is to start with short recordings. New ASMR users can struggle to focus on the auditory details of longer recordings, but shorter pieces can guarantee more success in understanding the impact of ASMR. With that said, it is important to remember to take ample breaks throughout the experience and to focus all attention on the details of the piece.
  • The pace of the recordings should also be adjusted for better ASMR effectiveness. Slower recordings tend to represent the true ASMR experience better than those at a faster tempo. To make this more effective, try to stay focused on a single sound or image that the ASMR piece is focused around. This will help to get the full body sensations of the ASMR experience and will ensure an enjoyable and effective time.

By following these tips and tricks, users of any experience level should be able to get the most out of old ASMR recordings. With the right amount of attention and effort, users should find that any old ASMR recording can be extremely enjoyable. Remember to take it slow and focus on one element at a time and users should be able to relax and enjoy the ASMR piece to its fullest.

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