Are you a fan of Ethiopian music? Whether you have fond memories of old amharic music, or are just exploring the vast variety of new ethiopian music, this article has everything you need to curate your own list of the best YouTube channels for Ethiopian music. From timeless classics by Teddy Afro, to classic tracks from EBC, you'd be sure to find great pieces that can give you a taste of Ethiopian culture. Read on to discover the best Youtube channels for Ethiopian music.

Old amharic music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~449.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~61.2k

EBC Youtube Channel

EBC is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing Ethiopian-related content for its viewers. Popular topics include old Amharic music, Ethiopian news, Amharic news, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, Ethiopian radio, Ethio News, news Ethiopia Today, and Ethiopia Zena. Their videos provide viewers with the latest news and music in the Ethiopian culture.

Mesay Habesha - Music For Peace - Selam

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~7.4k Channel Videos: ~247

Mesay Habesha - Music For Peace - Selam Youtube Channel

Mesay Habesha - Music For Peace - Selam is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing old Amharic, Ethiopian, Tigrigna, Afan Oromo, and Ethiopian film music from the past. It also serves as a platform for achieving peace for Ethiopia and its various communities.

Skynet Tube

Channel Views: ~587.7k Channel Subscribers: ~7.9k Channel Videos: ~53

Skynet Tube Youtube Channel

Skynet Tube is a YouTube channel featuring old Amharic music, entertaining videos, and news from Ethiopia. It is an excellent resource for the latest tunes, engaging videos, and updated news. It has an extensive selection of old and new Amharic music, plus a selection of oldies. With Skynet Tube, you can listen to the best Amharic music and get up to date with news from Ethiopia.

Classic Ethiopia

Channel Views: ~518.3k Channel Subscribers: ~6k Channel Videos: ~15

Classic Ethiopia Youtube Channel

Classic Ethiopia is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing an extensive collection of traditional and modern Ethiopian music, from old Amharic classics to Ethiopian Tizeta and Love Songs to the newest Ethiopian movie soundtracks and Ethiopian songs of 2020. With its expansive library of the best Amharic music and curated playlists, the channel is perfect for anyone looking to explore the musical heritage of Ethiopia.

Recreate the TraditionTechniques for Preserving and Reviving Old Amharic Music

Amharic music is distinct and has a long history. It is an important part of the culture and needs to be preserved. There are various methods to revive old Amharic music which will help keep the tradition alive. Here are some tips to help keep old Amharic music alive and vibrant:

  • Record and document existing recordings. Collecting recordings of old Amharic music and preserving them on CD or DVD is an important part of preserving the culture. Online platforms such as Youtube and Spotify are also great sources of Amharic music. Archives of audio files should also be kept of rare and old recordings to make sure their legacy is not forgotten.
  • Find and recruit talented Amharic artists. There are still performers who are preserving Amharic music through their contemporary rearrangements and original works. Take the time to look for talented musicians and help cultivate a new generation of Amharic musicians. By engaging these artists to perform and keeping their work publicly available, this will help ensure that the culture is passed down.
  • Also, focus on education and research. Take classes and seminars on Amharic music to learn more, and focus on research to gain more in depth information about the tradition and history of the music. This will help better understand how to preserve and revive Amharic music. These two resources are important in order to keep the tradition alive and relevant in modern times.

By taking these steps, the tradition and beauty of old Amharic music can be preserved and passed down for generations to come. It's important that everyone works together to make sure this unique culture will not be forgotten. With the right efforts, we can help keep this musical treasure alive, vibrant, and relevant for a long time.

The Ancient Tunes of Amharic MusicA Window into Ethiopia's Culture

Amharic music has a rich history rooted in Ethiopia’s culture. Often defined by its unique style of triple-meter marking and soul-stirring lyrics, the ancient tunes of Amharic music serve as a doorway into Ethiopia’s culture. It serves as a medium through which people can tell stories, express emotions, and celebrate.

Amharic music has helped keep the culture alive for centuries, inspiring generations of people to get together and weave memories into the fabric of their lives. It is typically sung in a call-and-response style, with romba and rombessa dance being one of the most common. The tempo and nature of the songs can vary from joyous to melancholic, with each song expressing something unique about Ethiopia’s culture. Even though the musical styles have evolved over time, the traditional tunes still remain.

In recent years, the use of technology and recording techniques has broadened the reach of Amharic music, making it accessible to people all around the world. This has also enabled the music to evolve with the times, while staying true to its roots. It provides a wonderful glimpse of Ethiopia’s past and present, reminding us of the beauty of its culture and the deep connection between people and music.

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