Do you love old African music, dance, and the modern Nigerian music scene? If so, then you're in the right place. Here, we provide the best YouTube channels that give you access to the hottest tracks, old-school classics, and rhythmic dance numbers. Whether it's the official video channel of Vevo or the most popular artist like Wizkid, we've got all the action covered. So keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for all your African music needs.

Old african music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~218.7m Channel Subscribers: ~849k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

AfricanMusicFestival Youtube Channel

The AfricanMusicFestival YouTube channel offers music lovers a chance to experience old, traditional African music. Featuring performances from renowned African tonkraayenvangers from across the continent, such as South Africa's Hertme, the channel is the perfect way to bring a piece of Africa to your living room. Investigate the charms of traditional African music and take a journey to the heart of Afrika with the AfricanMusicFestival channel.


Channel Views: ~212.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~2.1k

2nacheki Youtube Channel

2nacheki is a YouTube channel providing high-quality African videos covering a wide range of topics, from traditional African music and dance to trending news in African politics and beyond. It is a great online resource for anyone looking to learn more about African culture and entertainment and keeping up with the latest developments in Africa. Africa is watching, and 2nacheki is helping viewers follow the conversation.

9jaPraise - Gospel Music

Channel Views: ~52.1m Channel Subscribers: ~535k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

9jaPraise - Gospel Music Youtube Channel

9jaPraise - Gospel Music is a popular YouTube channel with an extensive collection of traditional African music, featuring a mix of Nigerian praise and worship songs as well as mega-worship and praise melodies from around the continent. The videos showcase performances from various African gospel artists, providing a wonderful source for a wide variety of African spiritual music. With its repertoire of praise-filled anthems, 9jaPraise - Gospel Music is the perfect channel to bring a touch of African praise and worship to any playlist.

Eddy Kenzo

Channel Views: ~637.8m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~555

Eddy Kenzo Youtube Channel

Eddy Kenzo's YouTube channel is a great resource for discovering and experiencing African music from both the east and west. It features a mix of popular songs such as Sitya Loss a well as traditional afro beats from Uganda and West Africa. The channel also includes a wide selection of dance music from Puerto Rico, making it a great place for those looking to expand their knowledge and appreciation of African music.

Dj Shinski

Channel Views: ~102.2m Channel Subscribers: ~675k Channel Videos: ~158

Dj Shinski Youtube Channel

Dj Shinski is a Kenyan DJ who has gained fame on YouTube for his mixes of old African music and new Afrobeat tunes. He is considered one of the best African DJs around, with his Afrobeat mixes perfect for African weddings or any other special occasion. His channel features the newest Afrobeat mixes and his own Dj Shinski takes on classic African songs. Check out Dj Shinski's YouTube channel for the best African music available.


Channel Views: ~13.5m Channel Subscribers: ~98.6k Channel Videos: ~92

CHILL GANG Youtube Channel

CHILL GANG is an eclectic YouTube channel featuring a great range of music from old African music, Soul, Electronic, Hip Hop, and Pop. Here you can find some great classic tunes as well as the newest hits, with something for everyone to dig. Whether you're looking for chill vibes or something to get you moving and grooving, the CHILL GANG channel has got you covered.

Motown_CS 🎶

Channel Views: ~247.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~13

Motown_CS 🎶 Youtube Channel

Motown_CS 🎶 is a YouTube channel that offers a wide range of genres, from old African music to modern electronic music. It also covers lifestyle topics such as fashion, food and sports. Whether you're into musical soulful vibes or up-tempo dance music, Motown_CS 🎶 YouTube has something for everyone! Enjoy an eclectic mix of genres, including some of the biggest hits from the Motown era!

Exploring the History of Old African Music

Understanding the history and rich culture of old African music provides valuable context to today’s creative, vibrant music scene. In many ways, the development of African traditional music was shaped by the continent’s varied geography, climate, and cultural background. Different styles of music emerged from different regions and tribes, forming a multi-layered musical tapestry. From Morocco to South Africa and beyond, African music has captivated audiences in recent decades and stirred creative vitality in many of today’s contemporary artists.

Traditional African music is characterized by its communal and spiritual elements, as well as its cross-cultural influences. Instruments such as drums, xylophones, flutes, and strings have been part of the African musical tradition for centuries, and are still widely used today in hip-hop, jazz, and funk. The rhythm, tempo, and instrumentation of African music often reflect the cultural and social dynamics of the region from which it originated. Similarly, the lyrics of African music often contain traditional stories, spiritual messages, and meanings that are integral to many African cultures.

Over the last several decades, African music has gone through a global re-emergence, evident in collaborations with western styles and popular artists. From Afrobeat, popularized by Fela Kuti, to Kwaito, Soul, and Hiplife, among others, many of these styles have become favorites among African youth. In recent years, African music has also risen to international attention, empowering and inspiring the continent’s musicians and music scenes across the board. With a rich past and an ever-evolving future, exploring and appreciating African music is essential to developing a greater understanding of the continent's culture and its place in the world.

The unique nature of African music is a testament to the influence of regional cultures and environments on music around the world. Although African traditional music often differs from popular genres today, it is still very much alive and continues to be a source of appreciation and inspiration for many African and international artists. Through understanding and digging into the history of African music, we can gain an appreciation for the current African music scene and its far-reaching influences.

By exploring the history of old African music, we can gain a deeper insight into the development and evolution of African music over the centuries. With its roots embedded in spiritual and communal traditions, African music has many realities that can be used to explore various cultures and countries across the continent. By better understanding and celebrating the rich musical heritage of Africa, we can further celebrate the contributions of African artists and musicians to world music, and continue to find the intersections between music, culture, and spirituality. African music is part of a larger global soundscape, and as such, deserves to be celebrated for its unique heritage and influence on today’s vibrant music scene.

Classic African Music Instruments

Classic African musical instruments are those that are traditionally used in Africa, and that have been in use for hundreds of years. These instruments are unique and varied, and help to shape the distinct sound of African music. From traditional drums to stringed instruments, these classic African instruments provide the musical accompaniment to African cultural ceremonies and enlightenment.

  • Drums are one of the most popular and well-known types of classic African instruments. There are a variety of different drums used in African music, including talking drums, hand drums, djembes, and the iconic Dununs. Each of these drums is often used in ensemble to play intricate rhythms and beats. The drum set is, without a doubt, one of the most important elements of traditional African music.
  • Stringed instruments are also an important part of classic African music. From the electric and acoustic kora, to the fiddle-like Ngoni, these instruments are used to create beautiful melodies and intricate accompaniments to the percussion-heavy music. These instruments often feature intricate decoration, further adding to the beauty of the musical production they are used in.

Overall, classic African musical instruments add to the beauty and power of African music. They provide the unique sound of African music, featuring traditional and modern elements, and are used in important ceremonies. Drums and stringed instruments are among some of the classic African musical instruments, providing intricate rhythms and beautiful melodies to the sound of African music.

Appreciating the Beauty of Old African Music

Old African music has often been overlooked, particularly in comparison to its Western counterparts that get much more attention. For those of us who are able to listen to the sounds of this genre however, there is no denying its beauty and uniqueness. Old African music covers a broad range of styles including Afrobeat, highlife, gospel, hip hop, and more. It is heavily influenced by traditional African instruments and rhythms, often incorporating elements of Western production such as electronic keyboards.

It is the richness and complexity of old African music that makes it so enjoyable to experience. Each style of old African music offers something unique- whether it be the soulful vocals, the entrancing beats, or the unique rhythms. Every artist and genre adds their own flavor to the mix, creating a soundscape that can move both the mind and body. It is this combination of traditional and modern styles that makes old African music so powerful- a testament to the artistic growth of the African people.

In many parts of Africa, music is still seen as a way to celebrate life and connect with community. Whether it's played at a wedding, funeral, or other important event, music helps to bring people together. Listening to old African music can be both a profound and moving experience, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of African culture and learn about its values as well. No matter what level of appreciation one has for this music, its importance in the history of African culture can’t be understated. It is truly a gift from the generations before us that should be celebrated and appreciated.

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