Are you a fan of League of Legends? If so, you are going to love this article! We have put together the best YouTube channels for the best LOL moments, funny moments, incredible gaming moments, and of course, amazing Aatrox gameplay. With this ultimate list, there's something for everyone to enjoy; whether you're a casual viewer or a full-fledged League fan. So keep reading to find the best League of Legends YouTube channels right now!

Old aatrox: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~87.6k Channel Subscribers: ~226 Channel Videos: ~38

BringAatroxBack Youtube Channel

BringAatroxBack is a YouTube channel dedicated to the League of Legends champion, Aatrox. It focuses on topics such as the only deleted champion, Aatrox's rework, attack speed, and why Aatrox is OP in Season 13. Fans of the old version of Aatrox can enjoy videos, articles, and discussions about their favorite champion.

Best Aatrox EUNE

Channel Views: ~7.3k Channel Subscribers: ~54 Channel Videos: ~28

Best Aatrox EUNE Youtube Channel

Best Aatrox EUNE is a YouTube channel devoted to old Aatrox video game culture. It contains exciting action game footage, as well as in-depth strategy video game tutorials and critiques of Role-playing video game narratives. This channel is an excellent resource and highly recommended for Aatrox fans.

Old Aatrox

Channel Views: ~212 Channel Subscribers: ~11 Channel Videos: ~3

Old Aatrox Youtube Channel

Old Aatrox is a YouTube channel dedicated to the revival of the classic Aatrox champion of League of Legends. They post tutorials, commentary, and highlight videos to both educate and entertain viewers.


Channel Views: ~578.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~1k

Beaversrock Youtube Channel

Beaversrock is an old aatrox YouTube channel that consists of mainly beaver gaming gameplay, game walkthroughs, video games and stream art making. They post engaging and entertaining play throughs of games such as Persona 4, Elden Ring, and other popular video games. They also stream art making, for those interested in video games art/culture.


Channel Views: ~27.7m Channel Subscribers: ~108k Channel Videos: ~309

Naayil Youtube Channel

Naayil's YouTube channel is a great place for League of Legends fans to watch top-notch Aatrox gameplay. Videos include content on the old, challenger, and latest version of this aether-borne champion, as well as other related topics. With over 5,000 subscribers and counting, Naayil is quickly becoming one of the foremost authorities on Aatrox in the gaming world. Subscribe now and get great tips and tricks to mastering this League of Legends champion!

Lyon Vural

Channel Views: ~1.2k Channel Subscribers: ~6 Channel Videos: ~9

Lyon Vural Youtube Channel

Lyon Vural's YouTube channel is all about game-related videos. It is focused on old Aatrox, action games, video game culture, strategy video games, and role-playing video games. The channel provides videos on tips and guides to help viewers improve their gaming experience and skills. Additionally, it offers videos that highlight different aspects of the gaming industry and its culture.

Legendary Origins of Aatrox

Aatrox is one of the oldest champions in the game of League of Legends. Legend has it that this champion is a demigod of war who has existed for thousands of years. His body is composed of pure dark energy and he is the essence of death itself.

Aatrox's origins can be traced back to a time before creation, during an unrecorded age of darkness. During this age, he embraced the power of destruction and spread chaos and terror throughout the lands. In this chaos, countless civilizations were destroyed, leaving only ruins in their wake.

Aatrox has endured for so long because of his mastery of death. He is capable of raising the dead, creating an army of immortals, and using his devastating blade, Darkin, to eliminate any enemy in his path. His origins are shrouded in mystery, but the power he wields over life and death makes him a formidable force in the world of League of Legends. He is a champion that should not be taken lightly, and one that will always remain a legendary figure in the game’s history.

An Analysis of the Old Aatrox Player Perspective

The League of Legends champion Aatrox was recently reworked, with many of the changes being made to better match the current meta. However, with this change, there came a resounding outcry from fans of the original Aatrox. From their perspective, the changes are far too drastic and don’t reflect the spirit of the character they’d grown to love. To get an idea of what these long-time fans felt was essential to Aatrox, it’s important to analyze the pre-rework player perspective.

  • A key element of the old Aatrox’s playstyle is the use of his passive, Blood Well. This ability could grant bonuses including increased attacks and increased health regeneration, making him a formidable opponent in the long game. The risk with this playstyle was that, if Aatrox was taken out with the blood well partially empty, any of these bonuses would be lost. As such, players would use this style of play carefully, utilising it as a surprise attack on an unsuspecting enemy.
  • The old Aatrox also had access to Dark Flight, an ability that made him incredibly mobile. Using it properly could easily initiate or escape fights and surprise attacks, and when paired with Blood Well could quickly allow Aatrox to take control of the battlefield if used correctly. The old Aatrox was all about taking risks and carefully planning aggression, factors which were necessary for success.

The changes to Aatrox have brought about a flood of dissent from the old-guard fans of this champion, with many feeling that these changes do not reflect the spirit of the original character. As such, it is important to look at the perspective of these original players to gain an understanding of the changes they feel need to be made. Ultimately, to give Aatrox the justice he deserves and take him to the next level, it is important to take these perspectives into consideration.

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