Are you looking to learn more about off grid living and self reliance? Have you considered the potential of diy projects, tiny houses, homesteading, bushcraft, and off grid cabins for self reliance in your life? If so, then you've come to the right place! This article will provide helpful tips and ideas on finding the best YouTube channels for off grid living and related topics. Read on to find the best YouTube channels for learning about off grid living, diy projects, tiny houses, homesteading, bushcraft, self reliance, and off grid cabins!

Off grid living: Top Youtube Channels

Martin Johnson - Off Grid Living

Channel Views: ~70.4m Channel Subscribers: ~442k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Martin Johnson - Off Grid Living Youtube Channel

Martin Johnson's Off Grid Living YouTube channel is the perfect destination for the DIY enthusiast who is looking to build an off grid home, cabin or house, using off grid solar and renewable energy sources, with added wood heat using a wood stove. He provides detailed tutorials to help you get started with this sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Prepared Living Off Grid

Channel Views: ~441.7k Channel Subscribers: ~3.2k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Prepared Living Off Grid Youtube Channel

The Prepared Living Off Grid YouTube channel is a great source of information and tips for living off the grid. Areas of focus include suv life, bible study, outdoor living, tiny houses, cabins in the woods, and more. Their videos provide valuable advice for those looking to lead an off grid lifestyle.

Little House Off Grid

Channel Views: ~24.4m Channel Subscribers: ~86.5k Channel Videos: ~2.3k

Little House Off Grid Youtube Channel

Little House Off Grid is a YouTube channel that teaches viewers about the off-grid lifestyle. It covers topics such as pop-up camper living, full time RV life, living in a tiny house, and minimal living. The channel also provides tips on full time pop-up camper living, RV travel and camping, and RV life in general. There is a huge focus on how to live life in a small space sustainably. The channel is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the off grid lifestyle.


Channel Views: ~108.4m Channel Subscribers: ~957k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY Youtube Channel

Off-Grid With Doug & Stacy is a YouTube channel featuring the family of Doug and Stacy as they document their journey living a self-sustaining lifestyle in the woods. Their channel focuses on various topics related to off-grid living such as building an off-grid cabin, homesteading, sustainable farming and other aspects of life away from the grid. With their detailed how-to guides and fun lifestyle tips, Doug and Stacy bring viewers on a journey to a simpler, more connected life.

Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle

Channel Views: ~433.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~306

Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle Youtube Channel

Off Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle is a popular YouTube channel featuring a young couple, Jake & Nicolle, as they explore ways to live off the grid. They share their journey as they build their log cabin, install a solar panel and retrofit a shipping container into a livable space. With ever-growing popularity, they provide inspiring insight into off grid living.

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

Channel Views: ~250.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~369

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Youtube Channel

The Wild Wonderful Off-Grid YouTube channel is dedicated to providing educational and inspiring resources related to living a more off-grid lifestyle. They showcase videos that focus on topics such as sustainable and renewable energy, homesteading, growing organic food, and even simple DIY projects. In addition to that, they also share life updates and their own experiences with living the off-grid life. A great resource for individuals aiming to take a step towards an independent, more sustainable living.

Frankie Off Grid

Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~22.1k Channel Videos: ~130

Frankie Off Grid Youtube Channel

Frankie Off Grid is a YouTube channel devoted to showcasing off grid living in Castelo Branco, Central Portugal. They feature everything from tiny home builds to barn conversions, as well as a detailed look at establishing an organic garden in zone 9. They also provide a wealth of information about their DIY builds and house builds.

Creating A Simpler Life Off-Grid

Channel Views: ~4.8m Channel Subscribers: ~25.1k Channel Videos: ~405

Creating A Simpler Life Off-Grid Youtube Channel

Creating A Simpler Life Off-Grid is a YouTube channel dedicated to off grid living. Through informative videos and step-by-step guides, the channel aims to demystify off the grid living and provide insights into living an eco-friendly, self-sustaining lifestyle that is independent from the traditional electrical grid. The channel covers topics related to off-grid and off-the-grid living.

Lumnah Acres

Channel Views: ~141.2m Channel Subscribers: ~340k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Lumnah Acres Youtube Channel

Lumnah Acres YouTube channel is dedicated to helping viewers learn about off grid living, modern homesteading, farming, and sustainable living. With tutorials, demos, and other tips, viewers can learn how to homestead and learn more about DIY sustainable living. It covers everything needed to bring homesteading efforts to life.

Exploring Alternatives

Channel Views: ~297.5m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~300

Exploring Alternatives Youtube Channel

The Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel focuses on living off-grid in tiny homes, vans, boats, and RVs, as well as leading a zero-waste lifestyle and living as a digital nomad. With videos and commentary exploring various alternatives to traditional living, this channel is great for those looking to escape the 9-5 lifestyle and embark on an adventure.

My Self Reliance

Channel Views: ~395.3m Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~507

My Self Reliance Youtube Channel

My Self Reliance is a YouTube channel hosted by Shawn James that features videos about sustainable, off-grid living and homesteading. The channel showcases Shawn and his family living in a log cabin near the woods, along with their adorable golden retriever! It covers topics such as building log cabins and tiny houses, hand tool skills, and how to make the most of a self-sufficient, off-grid lifestyle.

Girl in the Woods

Channel Views: ~66.8m Channel Subscribers: ~510k Channel Videos: ~414

Girl in the Woods Youtube Channel

The Girl in the Woods YouTube channel focuses on off grid living and survival skills. Follow the adventures of Alaska Girl as she encourages viewers to embrace the outdoors and explore nature safely and with confidence. Learn tips and tricks from an expert outdoors girl on topics like camping, fishing, and wilderness navigation. Get inspiration from an accomplished survival woman and gain an appreciation for the wild. Follow Girl in the Woods on YouTube for a truly immersive outdoor experience.

Element Life

Channel Views: ~15m Channel Subscribers: ~78.8k Channel Videos: ~416

Element Life Youtube Channel

Element Life is a YouTube channel featuring videos about off grid living, van life, living in a van, living in a car, van builds, and van conversions. The channel focuses on creative van build projects, such as camper vans, to help viewers create the ultimate home on wheels. Element Life is the perfect channel for those who love van life and helping create the perfect home away from home.

The Origin Homestead

Channel Views: ~5.7m Channel Subscribers: ~45.5k Channel Videos: ~33

The Origin Homestead Youtube Channel

The Origin Homestead YouTube channel is all about off grid living, and the lifestyle that comes along with pursuing this hobby. It offers a variety of topics and tutorials related to living a more sustainable life, from DIY projects to green energy solutions. It's a great resource for anyone passionate about living off the grid or wanting to learn more about it.


Channel Views: ~34.7m Channel Subscribers: ~268k Channel Videos: ~121

Vanwives Youtube Channel

Vanwives YouTube channel is an inspiring and educational resource for anyone interested in off-grid living or embracing the Vanlife. Hosted by a lesbian couple, Liz and Amie, the channel highlights their journey of living in a tiny house on wheels, exploring the outdoors, and traveling with their two Australian Shepherds. Through their many adventures and mishaps, they offer invaluable insight into living a comfortable, sustainable life in the van with their dogs.

Kendra The Viking

Channel Views: ~49.6m Channel Subscribers: ~333k Channel Videos: ~238

Kendra The Viking Youtube Channel

Kendra The Viking YouTube channel takes viewers on an inspiring journey through off grid living, van life, and simple living. Join Kendra as she camps around Alaska, demonstrating how to embrace a life of sustainable off grid living. Through her channel, she motivates viewers to take control of their lives and embrace the power of nature. She is an experienced educator, so her videos serve to help viewers to explore the art of off grid living. It's an inspiring adventure!

Life in kajiado

Channel Views: ~3.6m Channel Subscribers: ~15.3k Channel Videos: ~62

Life in kajiado Youtube Channel

The Life in Kajiado YouTube channel offers videos focusing on the off-grid living lifestyle in the region, from a sustainable farming lifestyle, to cooking and preparing traditional food. Follow along with the family as they explore their unique, off-grid lifestyle and seek to create meaningful connections with the community.

The Builder

Channel Views: ~14.3m Channel Subscribers: ~191k Channel Videos: ~73

The Builder Youtube Channel

The Builder is a YouTube channel focusing on off grid living, showing viewers how to live comfortably outside of the traditional system. Through videos, this resource by a woman builder focuses on topics such as building and surviving off grid, as well as topics related to living off the grid and how to make it a successful and sustainable lifestyle. She provides tips and advice for anyone wanting to learn how to build and live an independent off grid life.

Molus Wilderness Homestead

Channel Views: ~704k Channel Subscribers: ~3.2k Channel Videos: ~166

Molus Wilderness Homestead Youtube Channel

Molus Wilderness Homestead is a YouTube channel dedicated to off grid living, hobby and lifestyle content. They showcase the joy of living an off grid lifestyle and explore many creative hobbies to challenge viewers to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Follow their journey as they embrace a new and exciting way of life.

Homestead on The Preserve

Channel Views: ~74.4k Channel Subscribers: ~616 Channel Videos: ~65

Homestead on The Preserve Youtube Channel

The Homestead on The Preserve YouTube channel is an adventurous and educational exploration of living off grid with funny canine companions, native watercrafts such as the Slayer Propeller Max 10, Titan 10.5, and Slayer Max 10, as well as various bass and kayak fishing activities.

Upon Reflection

Channel Views: ~123.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.1k Channel Videos: ~27

Upon Reflection Youtube Channel

Upon Reflection is an inspiring YouTube channel about living off the grid on a canal boat and renovating it, narrated by a couple with their beloved puppy on board. Viewers are taken on a unique journey, with videos covering subjects such as boat life, narrowboat fit out, painting and updates on their renovations. A perfect mixture of relaxation and excitement.

Mother The Mountain Farm

Channel Views: ~162.5m Channel Subscribers: ~618k Channel Videos: ~142

Mother The Mountain Farm Youtube Channel

Mother The Mountain Farm YouTube channel promotes an off grid, simple living and slow lifestyle that is rooted in sustainable, rural practices. The channel is a valuable resource to learn more about sustainable, off grid living in the woods. Videos provide viewers with insight into how to create an independent lifestyle with off grid solutions and ways to maximize living in a simple, slow, and rural manner.

Home Free Alaska

Channel Views: ~7.8m Channel Subscribers: ~75.8k Channel Videos: ~211

Home Free Alaska Youtube Channel

Home Free Alaska is a YouTube channel run by the Watson family documenting their journey of their self-sustainable and off-grid lifestyle in Alaska. They share how-to tutorials of their experiences, as well as family moments of their successful journey of moving to Alaska, harvesting homegrown food, and living a self-sustainable lifestyle.

Kris Harbour Natural Building

Channel Views: ~74.4m Channel Subscribers: ~502k Channel Videos: ~344

Kris Harbour Natural Building Youtube Channel

Kris Harbour Natural Building is a YouTube channel that provides viewers with information and instruction on how to create an off-grid and eco-friendly home, focusing on topics such as permaculture, self-build houses, natural building, and DIY projects. Whether you want to build a harbor or create something unique and stylish, the videos on this channel will help bring your dream DIY projects to life.

The Essential Supplies Necessary for Off-Grid Living

Living off the grid is becoming increasingly popular due to the sense of freedom, privacy, and sustainability that comes with no longer relying on public utilities. Although off-grid living can be complicated, with the right equipment, it doesn't have to be. Here is a list of essential supplies that must be gathered in order to live a comfortable, off-grid lifestyle.

  1. Having a reliable source of power is perhaps one of the most important aspects of surviving without access to public electricity. Solar panels can capture energy from the sun and convert it into electrical current to power your appliances and electronics. Additionally, you should install a generator as a backup in case of extended bad weather. With this combination of electricity sources, you should have power even in the most difficult of times.
  2. Water is another necessity for off-grid living. A good idea is to collect rainwater for washing and cooking, and to invest in a reverse osmosis water custodian for drinking and bathing. This is more reliable than digging your own well, especially in dry climates. You should also have access to a composting toilet and stock up on basic toiletries, such as toilet paper, hand soap, and sanitary wipes. With these supplies, you'll have all you need to take care of personal hygiene while living off the grid.
  3. Off-grid living is becoming an increasingly attractive option these days, and with the right supplies, you can live comfortably and sustainably away from public utilities. Power, water, and personal needs are the most important elements of off-grid living, and with the proper gear and know-how, you can survive and thrive on your own in the middle of nature.

Altogether, having solar panels, a generator, a reverse osmosis custodian, a composting toilet, and basic toiletries are the essential supplies necessary for successful off-grid living. With these basic supplies, you can lead a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle that is completely disconnected from public utilities.

Exploring the Challenges of Going Off-Grid

Exploring the challenges of going off-grid is an exciting prospect for those looking to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources. The concept of going off-grid involves disconnecting from the centralized grid and becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy production and its uses. While this way of living does provide an escape from dependence on large utility companies, it also comes with its own set of unique challenges.

  • The first and most obvious challenge when it comes to going off-grid is the initial cost. Investing in off-grid solar, wind, or other energy harvesting technologies requires the purchase of expensive equipment and supplies. Additionally, skilled installation of these systems is necessary to ensure the safety and functionality of the equipment. These fees can add up quickly and may not be feasible for everyone.
  • The second major challenge with going off-grid is availability and reliability of energy sources. If a home is relying solely on its own energy production, a power outage due to a weather event or any other issue can be devastating. There is also the issue of location, as some areas may not receive the right amount of sunlight or wind necessary to maintain a satisfactory energy production rate. 

This is why understanding the climate in one’s area and the various energy sources available are so important before undertaking any off-grid endeavors.

Finding the Right Location for Your Off-Grid Life

Living off-grid is a great way to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and be more self-sufficient. But it's important to choose the right location for your new lifestyle to be successful. So, what considerations should you make when deciding where to set up your off-grid home?

  • The most important aspect of your off-grid home is the availability of resources. You need clean water, energy from the sun and wind, a reliable source of food, and enough land to plant and raise animals. Choosing the right climate for your needs and what type of resources you can access near your property is essential. Also, consider the local access to healthcare, transportation and communication resources should you require them.
  • Your property should also be in an area where zoning regulations are not prohibitive of your plans. For example, in some states, certain laws may make it hard to build a sustainable home, collect rainwater, or raise livestock. Researching the local regulations specific to the type of living you wish to pursue is key to navigating zoning regulations. You may also consider factors such as local crime levels, the availability of neighbors, and the climate of accepting off-grid living in the area. 

With the right research, you should be able to find the perfect location for your off-grid lifestyle.

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