11 Best NoFap Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you looking for resources to help boost your personal development, motivation, and masculinity goals? In this article, we will review some of the best YouTube channels dedicated to nofap, self development, motivation, and dopamine detox. We will take an in-depth look at each channel to give you a comprehensive overview of the content they provide and how it can help you on your personal growth journey. Read on to discover the top YouTube channels for nofap, self development, motivation and dopamine detox!

Jordan Green

Channel Views: ~17.3m Channel Subscribers: ~152k Channel Videos: ~975

Jordan Green Youtube Channel

Jordan Green's YouTube channel focuses on topics such as mental health, self-development, self-help, the law of attraction, social media, working out, and nofap. He creates videos that feature spoken word and offers advice on how to help improve one's life and achieve their goals. With his nofap channel, he helps those looking to quit their habits and practice self-control. For those looking for tips to better their lives, Jordan Green is worth exploring.


Channel Views: ~89m Channel Subscribers: ~691k Channel Videos: ~625

Hamza Youtube Channel

Hamza Ahmed's YouTube channel is focused on men's self-improvement, personal development, and growth. He talks about the power of nofap and provides plans for dopamine detox and dopamine fasts for both short and long-term relief from instant gratification and the pursuit of delayed gratification for a healthier, happier life.

Rob Mulder

Channel Views: ~3.9m Channel Subscribers: ~59k Channel Videos: ~338

Rob Mulder Youtube Channel

Rob Mulder's YouTube channel is renowned for its nofap, mens self improvement and personal development content, helping guys on their personal growth journey. He promotes Dopamine Detox and Dopamine Fast techniques, making him the go-to source for self improvement and growth advice specifically meant for young men.

Dopamine Focused Warriors (DFW)

Channel Views: ~9.2m Channel Subscribers: ~87.4k Channel Videos: ~430

Dopamine Focused Warriors (DFW) Youtube Channel

Dopamine Focused Warriors (DFW) is a YouTube channel which focuses on nofap and self improvement strategies for adults who want to stop watching porn and overcome porn addiction. Through various video tutorials and tips, DFW shows how to quit PMO and go through the porn reboot process to eventually get on the path of Nofap and self development.


Channel Views: ~872.4k Channel Subscribers: ~10.5k Channel Videos: ~343

Glasco Youtube Channel

Glasco's YouTube channel is an invaluable resource for men looking to improve themselves and their lives. Through exercises such as nofap, dopamine detox and dopamine fast, as well as discussions of long-term dopamine detox and instant and delayed gratification, the channel provides viewers with a comprehensive program of personal growth, development, and self-improvement. It's perfect for young men seeking to make positive changes in their lives.


Channel Views: ~142.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~151

Maor Youtube Channel

Maor's YouTube channel is an inspiring self-improvement and personal development resource for young men. He focuses on topics such as nofap, dopamine detox and delayed gratification to promote better mental health and well being. His videos provide practical advice and actionable tips to help guys take control of their lives and become their best selves.

Daniel Avesta

Channel Views: ~10.7m Channel Subscribers: ~59.6k Channel Videos: ~389

Daniel Avesta Youtube Channel

Daniel Avesta's YouTube channel is dedicated to helping people who struggle with overcoming the habit of porn watching and masturbation through nofap and the duo nadem technique. He is inspired by Daniel Nadem and Ali Nadem who overcame 1000 days nofap. He also offers nofap exorcism around the world with his team and provides frequent updates on his nadem journey.

Pinnacle Of Man

Channel Views: ~10.5m Channel Subscribers: ~150k Channel Videos: ~223

Pinnacle Of Man Youtube Channel

Pinnacle Of Man is a YouTube channel for men that provides nofap, dating advice, and self development resources. They produce content about nofap benefits, nofap motivation, how to be confident, and dating advice for men. The channel provides valuable tips, advice, and strategies to help men reach the pinnacle of their lives.


Channel Views: ~7.3m Channel Subscribers: ~78.2k Channel Videos: ~335

GoldJacketLuke Youtube Channel

GoldJacketLuke is a YouTube channel devoted to helping people with their NoFap journey. It offers helpful content from Alan Watts and Carl Jung, along with videos from the channel's creator, Gold Jacket Luke. His videos focus on topics such as achieving personal greatness, combating anxiety, and achieving balance in life. Gold Jacket Luke also shares insightful tips and advice on how to overcome challenges that might arise during the NoFap journey. It's a great resource for anyone looking to embark on their NoFap journey with an abundance of wisdom and guidance.

Omm Hindutva

Channel Views: ~6.9m Channel Subscribers: ~41.1k Channel Videos: ~125

Omm Hindutva Youtube Channel

Omm Hindutva is a YouTube channel focused on promoting Hinduism and Indian culture by making use of creative videos like nofap, sanatani ladka, sanatan dharam, akhand bharat, bajrang dal, comic boy, shree ram, shree krishna, sanatani shorts and trending shorts. It is aimed at creating awareness about the importance of Hindu beliefs and culture for the young generation.


Channel Views: ~29.5k Channel Subscribers: ~457 Channel Videos: ~18

Kerrie Youtube Channel

Kerrie's YouTube channel focuses on helping her viewers beat their porn addictions. She offers helpful nofap tips and hacks to tackle the challenge of escaping fap and porn addiction. Her channel includes nofap day 100 challenges, nofap tricks, and how to list tips to help people stop watching porn. She encourages her viewers to stay motivated on their nofap journey.

How to Begin a NoFap Lifestyle

NoFap refers to abstaining from using pornography and normally involves abstaining from masturbation. It is becoming a popular movement as people are recognizing the importance of controlling these habits and regaining control of their lives. If you are interested in starting a no-fap lifestyle, here are a few steps to get you started.

  1. Firstly, set a goal for yourself. Include long-term and short-term goals. Long-term goals are essential for long-term success, but short-term goals give you something to focus on and accomplish on a daily basis. Set reasonable goals that will be achievable and provide motivation.
  2. Once you have a goal, create an action plan that outlines your strategy for achieving that goal. Put a plan into place, outlining daily, weekly and monthly actions you will take to reach the goal. This action plan should also include a system to measure your progress. This will help you stay motivated and take corrective action when needed.
  3. Finally, make a commitment to yourself to take consistent action every day. Consistency is the key to success and building the habit of no-fap. Consistency helps to keep you motivated and on track towards achieving your goals. Set reminders to help stay motivated and on track throughout the day, and use positive reinforcement when you have accomplished a step towards reaching your goal. Staying steadfast in your commitment to changing your habit and lifestyle is the key to success. 

With consistency and commitment, you will soon achieve your no-fap goals.

How a NoFap Lifestyle Increases Confidence

NoFap is an online movement involving abstaining from masturbation and pornography. Many proponents of NoFap argue it is an effective way to elevate energy, focus, and confidence levels. This is especially true for those who were relying on pornography as an emotional coping mechanism. In this blog post, we will explore how a NoFap lifestyle can increase your confidence.

  • Firstly, by abstaining from pornography, NoFap followers are often able to disengage from the constant comparative grind. Pornography can be an exceptionally isolating experience, leading those to compare themselves to what they see on screen. With NoFap, users are more likely to develop a “you versus you” mindset, striving to be the best versions of themselves instead. With improved personal growth comes increased confidence.
  • NoFap also encourages users to become more sociable. By removing distractions of pornography, NoFap followers are more likely to use their time productively, develop new hobbies, and learn new skills. All of these things combined can lead to a much more positive outlook on life in general, which will often be reflected in stronger personal confidence. On top of that, the increased immersiveness in relationship building activities such as face-to-face conversations, seminars, and other social events can be powerful motivators for self-enrichment and improved confidence.

Overall, it's clear that NoFap can lead to a heightened sense of confidence. Through improved self-growth, increased social immersion, and disengaging from the comparative grind, NoFap followers can lead a much more enriching and fulfilling life. This can all lead to feeling more confident in your skin and embracing your true potential, something that was made difficult due to pornography in the past. Try it out and experience the benefits yourself!

Overcoming the Challenges of a NoFap Lifestyle

Living a nofap lifestyle can be a difficult challenge to overcome but it can also bring many benefits that will improve your lives. Nofap is a lifestyle that abstains from pornography, intentional masturbation, and orgasm for a period of time. Although it is a positive step in improving our physical and mental health, there are bound to be challenges in the process. Below are some tips on overcoming the challenges of a nofap lifestyle.

  1. The first step to overcoming the challenges of nofap is to have a clear vision. Establish what your goals for a nofap lifestyle are, both short and long-term. It’s important to know why you are doing it and what you are striving for. Whether it’s improved mental clarity or enhanced relationships, having a clear goal in mind sets up a motivation to stay on track.
  2. Second, create a support system. It’s important to have people around who you can talk to whenever you need support. Find an accountability partner, or join a group or forum online. This will help you stay accountable and provide support in times of need.
  3. Finally, it’s important to stay positive and never give up. Living a nofap lifestyle can be difficult, but it’s important to keep perspective and stay focused on your goals. If you slip up, don’t get discouraged; just dust yourself off and start again. With commitment, dedication and self-belief, you can overcome the challenges of a nofap lifestyle. 

With consistency and strong will, you can lead a nofap lifestyle and reap many physical, mental and social benefits.

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