Are you a passionate Nintendo Switch gaming fan? Do you love playing video games, discovering new games, and keeping up to date with gaming trends? Then look no further! We're here to guide you on finding the best YouTube channels to watch on the Nintendo Switch. From reviews of the latest console releases to information and breakdowns of the Nintendo Direct presentations, to behind the scenes of Animal Crossing, we have the best channels that cover it all! Keep reading to find out the best YouTube channels for your Nintendo Switch gaming needs.

Nintendo switch: Top Youtube Channels

Nintendo of America

Channel Views: ~3.1b Channel Subscribers: ~8.7m Channel Videos: ~5.9k

Nintendo of America Youtube Channel

The Nintendo of America YouTube channel is the official channel for Nintendo, featuring content about the latest Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and New Nintendo 2DS XL video games. Here you can find entertaining videos, trailers, interviews, and more about Nintendo's products and games. Subscribe for the latest updates from Nintendo and NOA!

Nintendo UK

Channel Views: ~220.7m Channel Subscribers: ~382k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Nintendo UK Youtube Channel

Nintendo UK's YouTube channel is a content hub for all things Nintendo. It features videos of game releases on the Nintendo Switch such as Donkey Kong, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Mario Golf, Mario Kart, Mario Maker, Mario Party, as well as regular Nintendo Direct broadcasts and Indie World videos. Fans of Nintendo are sure to find something interesting to watch.


Channel Views: ~25.4m Channel Subscribers: ~25.5k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

NintendoAU Youtube Channel

NintendoAU is a YouTube channel created by Nintendo Australia that showcases upcoming and established titles for the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and 3DS video game systems. It offers reviews, tutorials, and tips for all things Nintendo to help enhance your video game experience. With highlights from local events, and announcements from official Nintendo channels, NintendoAU is a great place to stay up to date on Nintendo news and game releases.

Nintendo Files

Channel Views: ~3.7m Channel Subscribers: ~26.3k Channel Videos: ~634

Nintendo Files Youtube Channel

Nintendo Files is a YouTube channel dedicated to Nintendo Switch gamers. It provides reviews, gameplay, as well as tips and tricks on the latest Nintendo Switch games. The channel also covers topics such as Nintendo-related news, offers game tips and strategies, and invites viewers to join in on group challenges. The content is presented in Spanish, making the channel a great resource for Spanish-speaking Nintendo Switch players.

Nintendo Games

Channel Views: ~32.6m Channel Subscribers: ~89.6k Channel Videos: ~268

Nintendo Games Youtube Channel

The Nintendo Games YouTube channel is an online resource for gamers who want up-to-date information on the newest Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo OLED game releases. Gamers can get helpful gameplays and walkthroughs, as well as access a wide range of Nintendo gameplays and game walkthroughs. The channel is perfect for Nintendo fans to stay up-to-date on the latest games and strategies.

That Nintendo Quality

Channel Views: ~314.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~109

That Nintendo Quality Youtube Channel

That Nintendo Quality YouTube channel provides up-to-date news and reviews on the Nintendo Switch, as well as insightful content on favorite Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. They offer tutorials, speculation, and much more for their subscribers to enjoy.


Channel Views: ~130.5m Channel Subscribers: ~737k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

WULFF DEN Youtube Channel

WULFF DEN is a YouTube channel that focuses on video gaming, comic books, and other related interests. It features reviews and playthroughs of classic Nintendo Switch and retro games, as well as content about DC Comics and other popular franchises. The channel's host, Wolf Den, is a passionate gamer and comic book fan whose goal is to provide entertaining content for viewers. With its informative videos, WULFF DEN is the perfect destination for fans of video games and comics.


Channel Views: ~162.8m Channel Subscribers: ~424k Channel Videos: ~3.4k

SwitchForce Youtube Channel

SwitchForce is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things Nintendo Switch. It features news on upcoming Switch releases, offers tips and tutorials to get the most out of the console, and covers plenty of Nintendo Switch gameplay and the latest Switch gaming sales. Plus, get the scoop on the newest Switch games on the Eshop. There's something for everyone on SwitchForce.

Retro Video Game Pickups

Channel Views: ~6.4m Channel Subscribers: ~24.4k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

Retro Video Game Pickups Youtube Channel

Retro Video Game Pickups is a popular YouTube channel devoted to retro gaming and nintendo switch review. It's a great source for reviews of classic games, nintendo switch and more, as well as picking up bargains. Enjoy hours of insightful gaming content on this retro game channel and get the most out of your gaming experience.

Open Surprise

Channel Views: ~75.7m Channel Subscribers: ~136k Channel Videos: ~1k

Open Surprise Youtube Channel

Open Surprise YouTube channel is well-known for its unboxing videos, focusing on game consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation 4. With their ASMR unboxing videos, viewers can experience the joy of unpacking a gaming console and its bundle, such as the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4.


Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~8.9k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Doctre81 Youtube Channel

Doctor81 is a YouTube channel focused on video game news and reviews relating to the Nintendo Switch. It regularly provides updates on the latest Nintendo specs, leaks, and news, with special attention on the new Switch systems. Fans come to the channel for in-depth coverage and reviews of the latest Switch games and hardware.


Channel Views: ~76.9m Channel Subscribers: ~284k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

SwitchUp Youtube Channel

SwitchUp is a Nintendo Switch channel on YouTube, providing reviews about new Nintendo Switch games, Eshop sales and tips related to the Nintendo Switch console. Featuring detailed analysis and knowledge about the newest and best games from Nintendo, the channel also provides unboxing, tutorials and how-to guides. Additionally, the channel includes exclusive interviews with developers to get the inside scoop on the latest news, rumors, and upcoming releases. With SwitchUp, you can stay up-to-date on the world of Nintendo Switch and enhance your gameplay experience!

RGT 85

Channel Views: ~152m Channel Subscribers: ~440k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

RGT 85 Youtube Channel

RGT 85 is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on retro gaming. They specialize in reviews, playthroughs, and tips for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox, Sega Saturn, and other classic consoles. They provide viewers with a glimpse into classic gaming, their knowlegable and entertaining commentary for a wide range of games, and modern updates for older gaming systems. They create content for retro and current gaming enthusiasts.

Spawn Wave

Channel Views: ~296.2m Channel Subscribers: ~669k Channel Videos: ~3.4k

Spawn Wave Youtube Channel

Spawn Wave Media is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on Nintendo Switch and other gaming platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Sony, and Microsoft. The channel provides fascinating and insightful gaming content, covering everything from hardware news to gaming tips and reviews of the latest releases. Spawn Wave Media is a great resource for Nintendo Switch fans, providing up-to-date information and entertaining videos for gamers of all skill levels.

Around The Clock

Channel Views: ~18.5m Channel Subscribers: ~49k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

Around The Clock Youtube Channel

Around The Clock is a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the latest Nintendo Switch news and gaming updates. They specialize in coverage of the newest Nintendo Switch releases, giving viewers comprehensive analysis and reviews. They also provide tips and tricks for playing the latest Nintendo Switch games. Finally, they provide exciting playthroughs of classic and newly released Nintendo Switch titles.


Channel Views: ~268.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~838

BeatEmUps Youtube Channel

BeatEmUps is a YouTube channel about Nintendo beatemups for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 platforms. Hosted by Wood Hawker, the channel covers the latest beatemup releases and offers reviews and in-depth analysis of whether they are worth the purchase. Fans of Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 gaming should definitely check out BeatEmUps on YouTube.


Channel Views: ~12m Channel Subscribers: ~37.7k Channel Videos: ~36

Superplayers Youtube Channel

Superplayers is an amazing YouTube channel for gamers featuring playthroughs and reviews for the latest games for Playstation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. They also create high-quality videos about their custom mecha SuperPlayers builds which will delight fans of all forms of gaming. Follow Superplayers for an unbeatable gaming experience!

Sunbro Nation

Channel Views: ~6.7m Channel Subscribers: ~38.9k Channel Videos: ~520

Sunbro Nation Youtube Channel

Sunbro Nation is a popular YouTube channel founded by the Sunbros, which shares their opinions and knowledge on gaming news and entertainment. They are known for their extensive coverage of the Nintendo Switch, including switch news, leaks and game reviews. They also host regular game news updates, giving their viewers the latest updates. Sunbro Nation is a great resource to stay informed on the latest switch news and game news.


Channel Views: ~7.6m Channel Subscribers: ~504k Channel Videos: ~40

SwitchPlanet Youtube Channel

SwitchPlanet is a YouTube channel featuring content related to Nintendo Switch. It contains various videos on Nintendo Switch upcoming games, new and upcoming Switch games, as well as videos discussing the top Switch games. If you're looking for all things Nintendo Switch, SwitchPlanet is the channel for you.

MrTek Suggest

Channel Views: ~5.4m Channel Subscribers: ~36.1k Channel Videos: ~45

MrTek Suggest Youtube Channel

MrTek Suggest is a YouTube channel that focuses on tech product reviews, with a specific focus on the Nintendo Switch, Philips Hue, Steam Deck, X Box Series X, and Govee Gaming devices. They aim to provide comprehensive reviews and helpful insights for consumers.


Channel Views: ~13.8m Channel Subscribers: ~13.4k Channel Videos: ~529

Johniibo Youtube Channel

Johniibo is a YouTube channel dedicated to Nintendo games and content ? specifically for the Nintendo Switch. It contains in-depth reviews, playthroughs, and walkthroughs of renowned Nintendo games such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Bros., and Luigi?s Mansion, as well as a variety of Nintendo Switch games. It?s the perfect channel for any Nintendo enthusiast!

What Makes the Nintendo Switch Unique

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for gamers who want the best of both worlds. This hybrid device elegantly combines the portability of a handheld device with the big-screen gaming of a console. By connecting it to your TV with the included HDMI cable, you can transform the handheld device into a powerful console and enjoy your games on the big screen.

  • The Nintendo Switch is home to exclusive titles that enhance your gaming experience. Breath of the Wild, Supermario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and more, all these exclusive titles can be found on the Switch but won't be found on other consoles. The handheld device also supports both physical and digital games, allowing you to purchase the game cartridge and download it directly onto the console.
  • Gamers could also play with their friends anytime and anywhere. The Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Con controllers that can be detached depending on the kind of game you are playing. You could also wirelessly sync with up to 8 consoles for competitive and cooperative gaming with your friends. Local play is also easily accessible with its connection feature. 

Whether it’s at home or on your outdoor adventures, the Nintendo Switch is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy gaming at their fullest potential.

Exploring The Best Games To Play On Your Nintendo Switch

Playing video games on the Nintendo Switch is an exciting way to spend time with your family or with friends. With so many great titles now available on the popular gaming console, it can be hard to figure out which ones to play. We’ve compiled some of the best games to play on your Nintendo Switch so you don’t have to do the research.

  • A must-play for any Nintendo Switch owner is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The classic racer has been given an upgrade in the deluxe version, with new characters, vehicles, and tracks. You can race against friends or worldwide opponents through multiple modes. It’s easy to pick up and play as a beginner, yet complex enough to keep challenging players.
  • Also not to be missed is the newly released Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s part farming game, part city builder, and all adventure. The game offers players the chance to create their own islands and fill it with various activities and villager neighbors. You can also communicate with friends in real time, so you could make a medley of islands with family and friends. With all the fun and depth the game offers, it’s easy to get addicted to it.

There are many other great games that work perfectly on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you enjoy platformers, roleplaying games, or sports games, there’s something for everyone on the Switch. With its growing library of titles, you’ll have plenty to explore. Never have a dull gaming moment with the Switch!

Unique Ways To Personalize Your Nintendo Switch Setup

If you're looking to make your Nintendo Switch setup stand out, personalizing it is the way to go. There are a lot of creative and unique ways to customize your setup, and with some time and effort, you'll have one of the most interesting gaming setups around. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. One great way to instantly personalize your Nintendo Switch setup is to change up the background and theme. This can be done through the Nintendo Switch system settings, and there are some really cool custom themes that you can choose from. Additionally, you can also create your own custom wallpaper and use it to breathe some life into the setup.
  2. Another fun way to personalize your setup is with accessories. There are plenty of unofficial Nintendo Switch accessories available to choose from, and they range from colorful housings, to themed docks, to custom controllers. With enough creativity, you can make your setup look truly unique. All you need is a little bit of imagination.
  3. Lastly, if you're looking for something even more creative, you can try designing custom logos for your Nintendo Switch console. This will take some time and effort, but the extra touch of personalization can go a long way. Once you have designed a logo, you can show it off to others and proudly display your work.

Ultimately, personalizing your Nintendo Switch setup can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the help of these tips, you should be well on your way to having the most eye-catching gaming environment around. Good luck!

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