Are you an NFL fan looking to find the best YouTube channels to get your football fix? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best YouTube channels to watch NFL content, including highlights, news, and much more. From the Super Bowl to the NFL Draft, we have it all covered. Be sure to stick around to find out which YouTube channels you should follow for the best football content available!
So what are you waiting for? Take a few minutes to explore the biggest and best NFL YouTube channels and get ready for kick-off! Whether you prefer NFL highlights, news, or even discussions of the game, there's something for everyone here. So, let's get started!

Nfl: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~6.8b Channel Subscribers: ~9.3m Channel Videos: ~25.1k

NFL Youtube Channel

The NFL YouTube Channel covers all your American Football needs. It offers highlights of full NFL Games, National Football League news, Fantasy Football updates, and even full games to get you ready for the Super Bowl! Watch now to stay updated on the Professional Football world.


Channel Views: ~239.5m Channel Subscribers: ~109k Channel Videos: ~12.2k

NFL on NBC Youtube Channel

The NFL on NBC YouTube channel is the perfect spot to watch all the highlights from Sunday Night Football and Football Night in America. Get an inside look at the NFL and top players with NFL-related content from NBC such as PFT and SNF. Tune in every Sunday night for weekly updates and analysis from some of the NFL's biggest names. Enjoy the excitement as the best football teams in the league battle it out for a chance at a Super Bowl appearance.


Channel Views: ~50.6m Channel Subscribers: ~118k Channel Videos: ~4.2k

NFL on ESPN Youtube Channel

The NFL on ESPN YouTube channel is a great place to keep up with the latest news, highlights and analysis from the 2021 NFL season. Followers can watch NFL GameDay with Adam Schefter and get exclusive access to team-specific NFL content. Catch all the action from around the league, including breaking news from NFL on ESPN and highlights from the new season. There's something here for every football fan!

Mundo NFL

Channel Views: ~125.5m Channel Subscribers: ~270k Channel Videos: ~2.5k

Mundo NFL Youtube Channel

Mundo NFL es una plataforma de YouTube que ofrece contenido relacionado con el fútbol americano. El canal cuenta con reseñas, noticias, highlights y notas sobre la NFL en español. Los suscriptores también pueden ver partidos de la NFL en directo y recibir recopilaciones de los mejores momentos. Además, el canal cubre temas de la NFL en México y ofrece contenido para aquellos que quieren ver la NFL de forma gratuita.

NFL Throwback

Channel Views: ~421.3m Channel Subscribers: ~678k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

NFL Throwback Youtube Channel

NFL Throwback is a YouTube channel dedicated to the history and highlights of the National Football League (NFL). They feature vintage footage from the NFL Vault, plus NFL facts and highlights from past seasons. It's the perfect channel for those who want to relive the great moments of American Football. Whether you've been a fan for decades or are just getting into the sport, NFL Throwback is sure to have something to interest you.

NFL Films

Channel Views: ~692m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

NFL Films Youtube Channel

NFL Films is an official YouTube channel by the National Football League, owned by NFL Enterprises LLC. It features a wealth of content around American Football, created by the legendary father-son duo, Steve and Ed Sabol. NFL Films has released a range of shows including Hard Knocks, A Football Life and Top 10. It's also known for its incredible use of sound fx and mic'd up footage.

NFL News Today

Channel Views: ~15.1m Channel Subscribers: ~187k Channel Videos: ~429

NFL News Today Youtube Channel

NFL News Today is a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing viewers all the latest updates, highlights and analysis about the National Football League. With detailed content about Super Bowl LVII, NFL News, NFL Today, NFL Gameday, NFL Countdown, the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys Nation, the NY Jets and the NY Giants, NFL News Today offers an incredibly comprehensive and reliable source of NFL content.

Around the NFL Podcast

Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~29k Channel Videos: ~636

Around the NFL Podcast Youtube Channel

The Around the NFL Podcast YouTube channel provides entertaining and informative weekly NFL analysis and discussion from the team at, featuring interviews from prominent names in the American Football industry. Covering the hottest topics and news from around the NFL, this YouTube channel is a great resource for football fans, delivering the latest information on the game and helping to keep them up to date.


Channel Views: ~8.8b Channel Subscribers: ~8.5m Channel Videos: ~55k

ESPN Youtube Channel

ESPN is an entertainment and sports media giant, providing a YouTube channel full of coverage on football, basketball, and other sports. Top shows such as First Take Today and First Take, featuring hosts Stephen A Smith, Max Kellerman, and more, as well as live sports coverage from NFL and NBA on ESPN, provide sports fans with the latest news and commentary on their favorite teams, players like Lebron James and more. There?s truly something for everyone on ESPN?s YouTube channel.

The Rich Eisen Show

Channel Views: ~428.1m Channel Subscribers: ~507k Channel Videos: ~30k

The Rich Eisen Show Youtube Channel

The Rich Eisen Show YouTube channel offers compelling insights into the world of NFL football and college football. Rich Eisen, Chris Brockman, TJ Jefferson, and Del Tufo weigh in on the latest headlines in sports and pop culture. The Emmy-nominated show is also available on the NFL Network and the Roku Channel. Go check it out!

CBS Sports

Channel Views: ~290.2m Channel Subscribers: ~530k Channel Videos: ~16.4k

CBS Sports Youtube Channel

CBS Sports is a YouTube channel devoted to professional sporting events, such as the NFL, March Madness, and the Super Bowl. It features analysis and insight from experts, such as Tiki Barber, Danny Kanell, Will Brinson, and Pick Six. It also offers content on topics such as fantasy sports and sports HQ.


Channel Views: ~623.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~3.5k

TPS Youtube Channel

TPS is a YouTube channel dedicated to the National Football League. Videos include NFL lists, countdowns, compilations, and highlights of every team; as well as rumors and predictions surrounding NFL trades, mock drafts, and power rankings. Special emphasis is devoted to current and former star NFL quarterbacks. Content is delivered weekly, with a focus on entertaining narratives coupled with incisive analysis.

Seattle Seahawks

Channel Views: ~58.1m Channel Subscribers: ~200k Channel Videos: ~4.7k

Seattle Seahawks Youtube Channel

The Seattle Seahawks YouTube channel is the official source for news and highlights from the National Football League's professional football team based in the Pacific Northwest. Fans can watch Pete Carroll on the sidelines and follow star players like DK Metcalf, Jamal Adams, and their fellow teammates as they play at Lumen Field and other stadiums. Get an inside look at the team and stay updated with the latest pro football news from the Seahawks.

The Pat McAfee Show

Channel Views: ~1.2b Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~5.5k

The Pat McAfee Show Youtube Channel

The Pat McAfee Show YouTube channel is a great source to stay up-to-date on the NFL with Pat McAfee, who offers his expertise and humor through clips, podcasts, reacts, highlights, and live streams every week. Fans can watch his live show, explore behind-the-scenes content, and stay connected with the NFL world.

TYT Sports

Channel Views: ~582.1m Channel Subscribers: ~695k Channel Videos: ~10.7k

TYT Sports Youtube Channel

TYT Sports is a popular YouTube channel for US sports and European Football (soccer) fans. It covers a wide range of topics including the NFL, fantasy football, Premier League, UEFA Champions League and more. They also feature special episodes such as the Super Bowl and NBA Finals. They cover both individual and team sports, with some of their biggest sports stars being Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and others.

New York Giants

Channel Views: ~55.1m Channel Subscribers: ~175k Channel Videos: ~3.9k

New York Giants Youtube Channel

The New York Giants YouTube channel is the perfect spot to catch all of the latest NFL highlights from the Giants. It's full of exciting game action, Metlife Stadium sound fx, quarterback mic'd up moments, and more. Follow the New York Giants and stay up to date with the latest NY Giants and NFL highlights!

Tom Grossi

Channel Views: ~168.4m Channel Subscribers: ~450k Channel Videos: ~2.6k

Tom Grossi Youtube Channel

Tom Grossi is a YouTube channel for die-hard NFL fans. His channel releases regularly scheduled podcast episodes discussing the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers and all things football. Tom Grossi also frequently posts videos of fan reactions, comedic skits and analysis of the Packers vs Vikings rivalry. His witty and lighthearted style makes his channel a must-see for any die-hard Packer fan.

The Volume

Channel Views: ~87.9m Channel Subscribers: ~509k Channel Videos: ~3.2k

The Volume Youtube Channel

The Volume YouTube channel is a hot spot for football and basketball enthusiasts, covering topics from NFL Drafts to March Madness to sports betting. You can get all the latest scoop about NFL and college football and basketball, as well as keep up with pop culture and sports talk with host Colin Cowherd. Whether you're looking to brush up on your sports knowledge or just entertainment, this channel is the perfect place to start.

Chat Sports

Channel Views: ~101.3m Channel Subscribers: ~327k Channel Videos: ~7.8k

Chat Sports Youtube Channel

Chat Sports is a YouTube channel that covers the latest NFL, College Football, NBA, news and rumors. With content such as NFL free agency, NFL Draft, and NFL rumors, Chat Sports keeps users informed on all the latest developments in the sporting world. It's the perfect channel for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest NFL, College Football, and NBA news and rumors.


Channel Views: ~114.2m Channel Subscribers: ~379k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

ThatsGoodSports Youtube Channel

That'sGoodSports is a popular YouTube channel where NFL fans can find reviews of games, highlights, commentary, and news about the Denver Broncos and other NFL teams. Expect objective and entertaining videos about the world of professional football. With a focus on the Denver Broncos, the channel offers the latest NFL news, game reviews, football reviews, and more. That'sGoodSports will be sure to keep you up to date on your favorite team.


Channel Views: ~553.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~4.2k

TDBarrett Youtube Channel

TDBarrett's YouTube channel is a great resource for fans of gaming and sports. It offers guides and tips for a variety of sports-related games, such as NBA 2K19 MyCareer, Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team, and MLB The Show 19 RTTS. It also provides insights into the NFL and NBA while engaging in a unique blend of sports and gaming content.


Channel Views: ~9.8m Channel Subscribers: ~35.9k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Broshmo Youtube Channel

Broshmo is a YouTube channel that focuses on NFL, NFL Draft, Fantasy Football, and College Football content. Fans can expect insightful analysis and passionate discussion about hot topics related to these sports. They strive to provide an entertaining viewing experience for viewers and give them the best advice when it comes to fantasy football and the NFL Draft.

Pro Football Focus

Channel Views: ~49.7m Channel Subscribers: ~154k Channel Videos: ~6.3k

Pro Football Focus Youtube Channel

The Pro Football Focus YouTube channel is an authoritative source of NFL insight and analysis. They offer comprehensive coverage of all 32 teams, comprehensive grade breakdowns of every player in the NFL and exclusive looks at the Fantasy Football and Super Bowl markets. PFF is the source for in-depth NFL film analysis, featuring advanced statistics and metrics from the most reliable source in the National Football League. With this information, viewers can gain unparalleled insights into the game of American football.


Channel Views: ~271.2m Channel Subscribers: ~179k Channel Videos: ~433

budleewiser Youtube Channel

Budleewiser's YouTube channel offers a great way to catch up on the latest highlights from the National Football League (NFL). Whether you're looking for Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, or even the occasional NFL highlight, you'll find it all on this channel. From the most up-to-date football highlights to interesting NFL news and analysis, this channel is your go-to for all your NFL needs. Enjoy!

Exploring NFL Rules and Regulations

Football is one of America’s most beloved and time-honored sports. But what about the rules and regulations governing the sport? Exploring NFL rules and regulations can help fans, players, and coaches alike to understand the game better and play more strategically.

  • The NFL has an abundance of regulations that govern everything from uniforms to wages to scheduling games. All teams must abide by the league’s collective bargaining agreement, ensuring fair wages for the players, as well as rules governing salary caps and signing fees. The rules and regulations also affect the way the games are played and the way the players behave on the field. There are rules regarding the number of players allowed on the field, equipment used, and even how a game is won or how long it can last.
  • In addition to the in-game regulations set by the NFL, it is also important to understand how the league structure works. Each conference is divided into two divisions, with each division having four teams. The teams compete against each other in their divisions and the winner of each division is determined. At the end of the year, the winners of each division then go on to compete in the playoffs. 

Understanding the way the NFL works, as well as its regulations for the game, can help fans, players, and coaches alike stay informed and enjoy this beloved sport.

How to Understand NFL Game Strategies

Strategizing for winning an NFL game is a complicated process that starts with interpreting the players on the field and the impact of their abilities on a successful outcome. To understand NFL game strategies, you must familiarize yourself with the different offensive, defensive, and special teams plays and the role of each team member.

  • Offensive plays involve the quarterback's role in selecting which plays to execute to ensure a successful outcome. He decides on whether to pass or run the ball and if a play action is necessary. Defensive plays are designed to prevent the offense from scoring by covering the quarterback, stopping the run, and disrupting passing plays. Special teams units run plays that occur on punts, kickoffs, field goals, extra point attempts, and punt returns.
  • Knowing what the game plan is and how coaches communicate the plays to the team is another way to understand NFL game strategies. Coordinators are responsible for making the calls that the players and coaches will execute. They consider different aspects of the game such as the amount of field space and time remaining and the weather conditions. By observing the strategies used in various scenarios, you will start to build up your understanding of NFL game strategies. Understanding can lead to best decisions being made during the game which will help your team secure a successful outcome.

In conclusion, understanding NFL game strategies requires that you learn about the different teams’ plays, become familiar with the roles of players and coaches, and pay attention to the strategies employed during different scenarios. It's a complicated process but with time and observation, you can gain a comprehensive knowledge of the game. When you understand the game, you will become a better player and can make more informed decisions that may lead to a successful outcome.

Exploring the Different Teams in the NFL

Football is one of the most beloved and highly-anticipated sports in America. The National Football League (NFL) is faced with the difficult task of having to accommodate 32 teams from all around the country. With this article, we will explore the different characteristics and personalities of these teams in order to get a better understanding of them.

  • As the oldest professional football league, the NFL is home to many of the most renowned teams such as the Patriots, Steelers, and Cowboys. These teams have had a long and storied history of accomplishments, amounting to multiple Super Bowl titles, Hall of Fame players, and even divisions championships. The passionate fanbases of these teams bring a unique support and pride to their respective cities.
  • There is also a younger generation of teams in the NFL, mostly from expansions in more recent years such as the Jaguars, Panthers, and Titans. These teams often represent different personalities and stories, allowing for incredible underdog stories as well as faster growth for developing teams. Their fanbases are often enthusiastic and loyal, despite the team’s recentness. It shows the commitment for their city and for the legacy of the NFL itself.

Overall, the NFL has established an expansive and diverse league of teams over the year. With these teams come the joy of different cultures, stories, and fans that make the sport itself even more rewarding. Exploring these different personalities is a great way to dive deeper into America’s favorite sport.

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