Are you looking for the best YouTube channels with a mix of nerd comedy, funny Marvel content, pranks, DIY videos, facts, films, and entertainment? Then you've come to the right place! Keep on reading to find out more about the best YouTube channels that will ensure hours of entertainment. You won't need to go anywhere else. So what are you waiting for? Let's dive right in!

Nerd: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~270.4m Channel Subscribers: ~196k Channel Videos: ~37

NERDVEVO Youtube Channel

NERDVEVO is an official YouTube channel that showcases music videos from beloved nerd and general pop culture genres. It is Vevo's very own gateway to music and video content related to some of the most influential characters and stories of all time. NERDVEVO offers a great, curated selection of music videos ranging from classic to contemporary, wrapping up fan-favorite content in music format.


Channel Views: ~2b Channel Subscribers: ~3.6m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Cinemassacre Youtube Channel

Cinemassacre is a YouTube channel created by James Rolfe and Mike Matei, and best known for their Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) series. It's the home of video game, movie, and rental reviews by a 'nerd' and covers both retail and rental titles. It's a great source of nostalgia and classic video game reviews.

New England Reptile

Channel Views: ~154.3m Channel Subscribers: ~428k Channel Videos: ~1k

New England Reptile Youtube Channel

New England Reptile is a YouTube channel nerded out by Jacob Feder and Landon Scherr focused on providing the best pet rescue videos. Additional animal rescue videos, as well as snake discovery videos, are provided by Brian Barczyk and Clint's Reptiles. Animal lovers will find plenty of interesting videos on the New England Reptile channel.

Troom Troom Trick

Channel Views: ~612.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~376

Troom Troom Trick Youtube Channel

Troom Troom Trick is a popular YouTube channel that features hilarious, nerd-infested videos full of funny situations and interesting stories. The channel focuses on the dichotomy between rich vs broke, good vs bad, and popular vs unpopular, and explores these situations in real life. It offers a unique, funny, and sometimes amazing view into the lives of others.

Navigating Social Challenges as a Nerd

As a nerd, I know how difficult it can be to feel accepted in today's society. Despite the popularization of nerd culture in movies and television, it's still hard to transition into the world of socializing, especially if you don't know how to make conversations or engage with people. Navigating social challenges as a nerd can be both an intimidating and rewarding experience, and I've learned a few tips on how to make it a little bit easier.

  • First and foremost, it's important to build confidence. In every conversation, you should enter it with the mindset of a champion. Believing in yourself and your ideas is the best way to get others to take you seriously and to ensure that you don't get pushed around in a group setting. Furthermore, it's also important to keep the conversation positive. Avoiding topics like religion and politics can save a lot of hassle in the long run. It's also important to remember that no one has all the answers, so don't be afraid to make mistakes or ask for clarification if you disagree with anyone.
  • Finally, it's key to find your niche and interests. There are so many avenues out there today to explore, from sports to board games to comic books. Exploring these interests can help you find an avenue to bond with other people and can also give you an opportunity to discuss topics that you're passionate about. Not only would it be healthier for your mental and emotional state, but it's also great practice to learn how to effectively engage with people in a manner of socializing.

Navigating social challenges as a nerd can definitely be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. With enough perseverance and the right mindset, you can find success in the world of socializing!

Exploring Reasons to Feel Proud to Be a Nerd

Nerds often have a negative connotation of being insular or awkward, but what many people don’t realize is that being a nerd can actually be a very empowering identity. Instead of feeling ashamed, we should take pride in the things that make us unique and celebrate them! Here are some reasons to feel proud to be a nerd:

  1. First, being a nerd typically means developing a passion for something. Whether it’s learning a new language, playing a sport, or mastering a new hobby, nerds often strive to learn and grow in something that they are passionate about. With a great deal of dedication, they can become experts in a particular field, giving them great life experiences and satisfaction.
  2. Second, developing a nerd identity can help to foster meaningful relationships with like-minded people. By happily living an alternative lifestyle, people who identify as nerds can find comfort and companionship among their peers. Connecting with others who share similar interests, values, and goals can provide nerds with a strong sense of belonging and community.
  3. Third, being a nerd provides a great opportunity to express creativity and intellectual curiosity. From blogging to creating artwork to participating in online forums and gaming communities, nerds have the chance to express their thoughts and feelings and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields. Not only can this be an enlightening experience, but it also allows nerds to have an impact on the world around them.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that being a nerd doesn’t have to be a label that holds us back. Rather, it can be an empowering identity that allows us to explore our talents, curiosities and passions. With an open mind and a positive attitude, being a nerd can be an incredibly rewarding experience!

Characteristics of the Ultimate Nerd

When discussing the ultimate nerd, several key characteristics come to mind. The nerd is typically someone who is deeply invested in academics, pursues advanced knowledge in their subject of choice, and uses their unique knowledge to contribute to the greater good.

  • The nerd is an individual who invests considerable time and energy into gaining a thorough understanding of academic subjects. These individuals will often spend many hours at the library in pursuit of higher learning, going above and beyond basic expectations for their courses. Nerds thrive on research and exploration and enjoy exploring new theories, approaches, and ideas.
  • Nerds are also deeply invested in sharing their knowledge. They are often found involved in lecture-style classes, speaking out in discussion forums, or disseminating information through online articles. This drive to share information is more than just reading from a textbook; this learner is actively engaged with others and seeks to expand the knowledge base of both themselves and others through their research pursuits. Ultimately, the ultimate nerd is an individual who seeks to explore academic topics, gain advanced understanding, and share their knowledge to benefit the greater good.
  • Additionally, the ultimate nerd may be known for their quirky outward appearance or behaviors. They might be seen walking around campus with a pocket protector, carrying a stack of textbooks, or attending endless hours of computer programming. They might also be easily recognized by their outlandish clothing choices or their regular attendance at events related to their interests. The ultimate nerd is an individual who strives to learn and understand the world around them and is wholly unashamed about their specific interests. 

No matter how peculiar others may deem them, the ultimate nerd proudly continues to pursue their academic objectives.

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