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Natural disaster: Top Youtube Channels

Earth Stories - Climate Disaster Documentaries

Channel Views: ~19m Channel Subscribers: ~82.5k Channel Videos: ~232

Earth Stories - Climate Disaster Documentaries Youtube Channel

Earth Stories - Climate Disaster Documentaries YouTube channel is an educational source providing insight into natural disasters and their effects on lifestyle, film, society, and entertainment. Through these documentaries, viewers can explore the risks that climate disasters pose for our world.

Disaster On Camera

Channel Views: ~16.2m Channel Subscribers: ~40.3k Channel Videos: ~38

Disaster On Camera Youtube Channel

Disaster On Camera YouTube channel focuses on the various types of natural and man-made disasters around the world. It features clips of natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, as well as shows the destructive aftermath caused by human-made disasters like nuclear strikes and explosions. It also provides analysis and education about what causes different disasters and the damage they can cause. Moments of disasters caught on camera provide a unique insight into the power of nature and the destruction it can leave behind.

Natural Disasters Today

Channel Views: ~226.4k Channel Subscribers: ~736 Channel Videos: ~17

Natural Disasters Today Youtube Channel

Natural Disasters Today is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes from around the world, with video footage from 2023 to the present day. Its content focuses on some of the most powerful and destructive natural disasters caught on camera. It is a great resource for those wanting to stay up to date on the latest natural disasters globally.

Survival Dispatch

Channel Views: ~25.8m Channel Subscribers: ~303k Channel Videos: ~1k

Survival Dispatch Youtube Channel

Survival Dispatch is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping viewers prepare for any natural disaster, end-of-the-world scenario, food shortage, or economic collapse. Covering topics such as cool gadgets, whats-in-my-bag checklists, off-grid living, survival skills, primitive skills, and much more, viewers are sure to find invaluable tips and advice to stay safe and survive in a pinch.

Climate Сhange

Channel Views: ~33.5m Channel Subscribers: ~139k Channel Videos: ~594

Climate Сhange Youtube Channel

The Climate Change YouTube channel covers a range of topics related to global warming and natural disasters. From flash floods to Phobos storms, viewers can watch videos featuring visuals of devastation from natural disasters and expert commentary on how climate change is impacting our planet.


Channel Views: ~29.8m Channel Subscribers: ~37.9k Channel Videos: ~405

WEWIN Youtube Channel

WEWIN is a YouTube channel dedicated to natural disasters and their impacts, featuring storm moments caught on camera, top 10 and top 15 extreme weather videos, recent discoveries, and more. It is an educational resource that educates viewers on the dangers and risks of natural disasters. Additionally, it showcases extreme weather moments around the world.


Channel Views: ~393.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~295

Underworld Youtube Channel

The Underworld YouTube channel provides educational insight into some of the world's biggest natural disasters by presenting footage that was caught on camera. It examines and answers questions surrounding the mysteries behind tornadoes, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Understanding the Causes of Natural Disasters

Understanding the causes of natural disasters is critical for both disaster prevention and risk assessment. In order to improve how we respond to inevitable disasters, it is important to understand the different environmental processes that can lead to these events. One of the main causes of natural disasters is a change in physical conditions, such as an increase in temperature, humidity, the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates, or large-scale changes in vegetation. Natural disasters can occur when physical factors such as high winds, snow or rain cause structural damage, as seen in hurricanes, floods, and landslides.

Extreme weather conditions are a result of the Earth's atmospheric circulation, changes in ocean currents, and shifts in the temperatures of various parts of the world. These changes can cause drought, heat waves, or flooding when combined with high pressure systems. Global climate change is believed to play a role in many natural disasters, as temperatures continue to rise around the world. A warmer planet can lead to more intense storms, droughts, and sea level rise, all of which have an increased risk of damaging coastal and low-lying communities.

Climate change is not the only factor contributing to natural disasters. In addition to changes in the environment, human activities such as construction can lead to an increase in the risk of earthquakes, landslides and avalanches. Deforestation can cause soil erosion, landslides, and flooding, while pollution and deforestation can contribute to an increase in wildfires. It is important to be aware of how human activity can affect the risk of natural disasters, and understand the potential consequences of our actions. Understanding the causes of natural disasters is essential to mitigating their effects and preventing future disasters.

Preparing for Natural Disasters

With climate change taking its toll across the globe, more and more people around the world are facing increasing risk of natural disasters. From floods, fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes, the potential for disaster can seem overwhelming. But by understanding the patterns of these disasters and taking the necessary steps to prepare, you can help reduce the risk of loss of life and property.

  • One of the most important things you can do when preparing for natural disasters is to stay informed. Knowing what disasters are most likely to occur in your area and having an evacuation plan in place is key to staying safe should a disaster happen. Have a designated shelter or safe zone already identified and a plan set in place for how to get there. Knowing where to turn for reliable news and updates is essential in the event of a disaster.
  • It’s also important to have an emergency kit prepared with all the essential supplies you may need. This should include items like bottled water, non-perishable food, first aid supplies, batteries, flashlights, and any other items that could help you if you must quickly evacuate your home. Knowing what to do in the face of a natural disaster is the best way to prepare yourself and your family. Keep yourself informed and keep emergency supplies on hand to ensure that your family is as safe as possible if a natural disaster strikes.

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