Do you love watching NASCAR racing? If so, then you need to check out the best YouTube channels for NASCAR fans! From exciting races to behind-the-scenes footage, these channels have it all. Plus, you can also learn about the history of NASCAR and get tips on how to become a better driver. So what are you waiting for? Start watching today!

Nascar racing 4: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~538.1m Channel Subscribers: ~929k Channel Videos: ~15k

NASCAR Youtube Channel

The NASCAR YouTube channel is a hub for catching up on all the latest races and news from the world of NASCAR. You can find full races, highlights, and even some behind-the-scenes footage from the Cup and Xfinity series. If you're a NASCAR fan, this is a great channel to subscribe to.


Channel Views: ~152.5m Channel Subscribers: ~153k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

NASCAR on FOX Youtube Channel

The NASCAR on Fox YouTube channel is your source for all the latest news and highlights from the world of stock car racing. With weekly specials and in-depth coverage of the sport, the NASCAR on Fox channel brings you up to date on the latest Fox Sports NASCAR updates and stories, as well as offering full race recaps, highlights, and previews. From their coverage of the Nascar Racing 4 championship to their updates on the stock car racing scene, the NASCAR on Fox YouTube channel offers great insight into the sport.


Channel Views: ~13.5m Channel Subscribers: ~21.4k Channel Videos: ~4.5k

iAnthuny Youtube Channel

The iAnthuny YouTube channel is all about nascar racing 4 on the Xbox one. The channel's creator is a big fan of nascar and gaming, and he's also a bit of a nascar collector. He often uploads videos of himself playing nascar games on various consoles, such as the Xbox one, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. In addition to nascar, he also enjoys playing other kinds of video games.

Motorsports on NBC

Channel Views: ~187.8m Channel Subscribers: ~458k Channel Videos: ~2.9k

Motorsports on NBC Youtube Channel

The Motorsports on NBC YouTube channel provides captivating content from some of the most thrilling motorsports competitions, including NASCAR Racing 4, Monster Jam, IndyCar, Supercross, and Motocross. Fans of these series will find an extensive library of interviews, news stories, race highlights, and more. It's the perfect destination to stay up-to-date on the fast-paced world of motorsports.

Eric Estepp

Channel Views: ~110.3m Channel Subscribers: ~197k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Eric Estepp Youtube Channel

Eric Estepp's YouTube channel is devoted to NASCAR racing, featuring double cup Series DECS racing videos in both live and stop-motion formats. He provides unique insight into NASCAR racing, offering fans an up-close look at the world of NASCAR.

Prime Sports Network

Channel Views: ~262.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Prime Sports Network Youtube Channel

Prime Sports Network's YouTube channel is a premier resource for NASCAR racing 4, NFL Draft, NFL games, Fantasy Football, Horse Racing, College Football, and free picks. With topics ranging from NASCAR to Ragozin Sheets to College Football, Prime Sports Network's channel promises to keep its viewers informed and entertained.

Ted Meat

Channel Views: ~505.6k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~410

Ted Meat Youtube Channel

Ted Meat's channel is all about gaming, with a focus on Let's Plays and Sim City. He's also a big fan of racing games, like NASCAR, and he often competes in online tournaments. Geoff Grammod and Geoff Crammond are two of his favorite game developers, and he's also a big fan of the Formula One Grand Prix series.


Channel Views: ~14.6m Channel Subscribers: ~10.9k Channel Videos: ~461

imJustTheGOAT Youtube Channel

The imJustTheGOAT YouTube channel specializes in showcasing quality NASCAR gaming content, with a particular focus on NASCAR Racing 4 and NASCAR Heat 3. Videos include detailed gameplay, tutorials, and other tips to experience the best of NASCAR-themed gaming with NASCAR Heat 3.


Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~134

SplashNgoLive Youtube Channel

The SplashNgoLive channel is a great place to catch up on all the latest NASCAR racing action from the 2003 season. They've got tons of great footage of all the top drivers in action, and it's all neatly organized into race compilations. If you're a NASCAR fan, this is definitely a channel you'll want to check out!


Channel Views: ~140.8m Channel Subscribers: ~165k Channel Videos: ~241

TNTMan93 Youtube Channel

This channel shares the popular stock car racing video game, NASCAR Racing 4. The videos on the channel are mostly tutorials and gameplay, with the occasional idiots on the track video where the game's AI drivers do something silly. The channel is run by Stevie Ray, a professional NASCAR driver.


Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~2.7k Channel Videos: ~160

JRRacing64 Youtube Channel

JRRacing64 is a popular YouTuber with over 2,000 subscribers. They create videos mostly focused on NASCAR, but also occasionally touch on other racing games and topics. Many of their videos feature Celtic music in the background. The channel is run by a woman and her husband who are both huge fans of NASCAR. They have been making videos for over 10 years and show no signs of slowing down. If you're a fan of NASCAR or racing games, then JRRacing64 is definitely a channel worth checking out.

Tractorguy Productions

Channel Views: ~308.1k Channel Subscribers: ~413 Channel Videos: ~113

Tractorguy Productions Youtube Channel

Tractorguy Productions is a YouTuber who specializes in NASCAR racing games. He has a lot of experience with the games and provides high-quality, informative videos on how to play them. He also covers other racing video games and related topics. His channel is a great source of information on NASCAR racing games and other racing video games.

Jake Baskinger

Channel Views: ~41.9m Channel Subscribers: ~65.8k Channel Videos: ~275

Jake Baskinger Youtube Channel

Jake Baskinger's YouTube channel is a great destination for NASCAR fans. Catch all the action of NASCAR racing as Jake captures races, restarts, flips, fights, funny moments, and tempers flare. From vintage videos to nascar crashes and live events, there's something for everyone on Jake Baskinger's channel.

Ryno Racing 4

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~3.2k Channel Videos: ~282

Ryno Racing 4 Youtube Channel

Ryno Racing 4 is a YouTube channel dedicated to the NASCAR racing 4 hobbies, providing a unique look into the lifestyle, motorsport, and sporting aspects of owning and driving vehicles. This channel offers informative and entertaining videos about cars, racing, and driving, as well as reviews, tips, personal experiences, and more. Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast or looking for a new adventure, Ryno Racing 4 is sure to provide a captivating and exciting look into the world of cars and racing.

Cartoons and Toys for Kids

Channel Views: ~122.3m Channel Subscribers: ~304k Channel Videos: ~283

Cartoons and Toys for Kids Youtube Channel

The Cartoons and Toys for Kids YouTube channel offers fun, entertaining videos featuring popular characters like Lightning McQueen and Miss Fritter in a range of activities, such as the NASCAR racing 4 and Cars 3 cartoons. Featuring amusing animations, exciting next-gen Nascar racing, and fun demolition derbies, this channel is perfect for keeping kids entertained while they learn more about their favorite characters.


Channel Views: ~681.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~61

FRONTI3R Youtube Channel

FRONTI3R is a popular YouTube channel showcasing all kinds of content related to NASCAR racing. From funny memes to inspiring music videos to amazing highlights of races, FRONTI3R is the ultimate destination for NASCAR fanatics. It also provides coverage of WRC Rally and Dirt 2 events, as well as recaps of Colin McRae's historic time in the Dirt Rally. If you're into NASCAR, then FRONTI3R is definitely worth checking out.

Stephen T

Channel Views: ~648.5k Channel Subscribers: ~187 Channel Videos: ~58

Stephen T Youtube Channel

The Stephen T YouTube channel covers NASCAR racing. It features videos of races, highlights, and even some tips and tricks for those who want to get into the sport. There is also a section dedicated to the popular video game franchise Sega Rally. If you're a fan of NASCAR racing, then this is the channel for you!


Channel Views: ~582.5k Channel Subscribers: ~3k Channel Videos: ~39

TheBenCrazy Youtube Channel

TheBenCrazy is a NASCAR Racing 4-focused YouTube channel created by Bencrazy, a fan of the NR2003 and iRacing games. It's a great source for racing fans looking for tutorials, track reviews, and gaming reviews, along with plenty of live gameplay videos. TheBenCrazy is the go-to hub for those looking for content about NASCAR Racing 4.


Channel Views: ~43.7k Channel Subscribers: ~70 Channel Videos: ~19

StickguyMB Youtube Channel

StickguyMB is a YouTube channel that features a guy playing the video game NASCAR Racing 4. He's pretty good at the game and provides commentary that is both informative and entertaining. The channel also features a lot of wazzup moments and other random bits of awesomeness. If you're a fan of NASCAR or video games, then this is definitely a channel worth checking out.

Tips for Experienced NASCAR Drivers in Racing 4

Racing 4 is one of the biggest NASCAR events of the year and it can be quite challenging for experienced drivers. With millions of spectators and hundreds of competitors racing for the checkered flag, it is no wonder that experienced NASCAR drivers can feel overwhelmed. However, by following a few simple tips, experienced drivers can give themselves an edge when racing in NASCAR 4.

  1. The first tip is to focus on speed. Although this may seem like a no brainer, racing in NASCAR 4 requires a lot of focus and a lot of quick thinking. Experienced drivers need to stay alert and know when to push the pedal and when to hold the brakes. Experienced drivers also need to make sure that they are not over driving, as this can cost them precious seconds on the track.
  2. The second tip is to use the draft. By taking advantage of the aerodynamics of the race track, experienced NASCAR drivers can use the draft of other cars to their advantage. This can allow them to save time and energy and create openings to overtake other competitors. It takes practice to learn how to use the draft effectively, but experienced drivers can pick up the skill with enough practice and good timing.
  3. Finally, experienced NASCAR drivers need to be on top of their car maintenance. Aside from the engine and its components, tires are one of the biggest factors in achieving success on the race track. Experienced drivers should pay special attention to when to replace the tires and when to switch to softer compounds. Keeping the car in top shape will not only give them an advantage over their opponents but also provide them with a more enjoyable racing experience.

By following these tips, experienced NASCAR drivers can give themselves the edge they need when competing in Racing 4. With enough focus and practice, they can put themselves in a position to victory and put on a great show for the millions of viewers.

What's New in NASCAR Racing 4?

Ever since NASCAR Racing 4 first hit shelves back in 2001, the franchise has been a fan favorite for motorsports fans all around the world. With each subsequent iteration of the game, new features and improved visuals have been added to create an even more realistic racing simulator experience. With NASCAR Racing 4 being the latest installation in the series, we can expect to see some fresh features that will make it a must-have for any race fan.

  • The first feature that stands out in NASCAR Racing 4 is the addition of a simulation mode. This mode allows players to race their cars through simulated situations such as wet tracks, night driving, and even off-road tracks. In addition, the game engine has been improved to include improved physics and avatars to give a realistic racing experience. This gives players more control over their car’s speed and performance, allowing them to better hone their racing skills.
  • Last but not least, NASCAR Racing 4 has seen improvements in the game’s AI. Players will face smarter opponents who are able to adapt to various racing conditions and make the most of the in-game resources. This means that the challenge of competing against the AI in the game has been significantly increased, which should make for an even more intense racing experience. 

All in all, the new features in NASCAR Racing 4 make it a must-have for any motorsports fanatic. With improved visuals, superior AI, and a simulation mode – it's sure to be a hit for fans of the beat.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for NASCAR Racing 4

NASCAR Racing 4 offers a wide variety of vehicles from which to choose. Players are presented with a diverse range of performance-based options, from stock cars to custom-built race machines. Selecting the right vehicle for the job is essential to get the most out of the game. To ensure a successful run and the best possible outcome, it is important to select a car that best suits the track, the conditions and the drivers’s preferences.

  • When choosing a vehicle for NASCAR Racing 4, it is important to factor in the driving style and the intended use. If speed is the name of the game, opting for a stock car can provide great acceleration and superior handling. For more track-focused drivers, an open-wheeled race-car might be the way to go, offering superior cornering ability and outstanding grip. Additionally, many custom-built cars provide the driver with adjustable suspension settings, allowing for a higher degree of control.
  • Finally, it is important to consider the available budget, as many cars have additional costs associated with performance upgrades and customization. It pays to consider a vehicle that can cope with modifications and future expansion, as this can give drivers the advantage of tweaking and fine-tuning their cars depending on the course. Taking all of these elements into account will help ensure that NASCAR Racing 4 players make the best choice for their needs.

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