Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that are specifically geared towards Muslims and those interested in learning all about Islam? Look no further, as this article covers some of the most influential and popular YouTube channels related to Islam, Allah, Quran, Dawah, Islamic Shorts, and other Islamic topics. Here, readers can learn more about facts related to Jesus and the Qur'an, and can learn about a variety of interesting topics from those who are knowledgeable and passionate about them. Read on to discover the best YouTube channels for Muslims and those wanting to learn about Islam.

Muslim: Top Youtube Channels

The Muslim Skeptic

Channel Views: ~41.1m Channel Subscribers: ~220k Channel Videos: ~365

The Muslim Skeptic Youtube Channel

The Muslim Skeptic is a YouTube channel created by Daniel Haqiqatjou. The channel focuses on topics related to Islam, religious freedom, and discussions with the Pope. It looks to question dogma and provides a framework of thought rooted in skepticism, reason, and free speech. It offers a critical examination of many aspects of the Muslim faith.

Muslim TikTok

Channel Views: ~848.8k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~33

Muslim TikTok Youtube Channel

The Muslim TikTok YouTube channel is a great source for Muslim content and entertainment. It features a variety of Muslim-related TikToks, including ones related to Ramadan, Allah miracles and Chand Tara. Additionally, the channel provides updated content in support of Muslim TikTok 2023. With its fun and meaningful Islamic TikToks, it's sure to please viewers of all ages.

Muslim مسلم

Channel Views: ~853.8m Channel Subscribers: ~2.8m Channel Videos: ~372

Muslim مسلم Youtube Channel

Muslim مسلم is the official YouTube channel of Kachela Records, featuring prodigious Muslim mouslim, moslim, and mslm content. Here, viewers can find fun TV shows and inspiring podcasts to educate and entertain them. Keep up to date on news and updates related to the Muslim world and enjoy content that celebrates the culture.

The Muslim Lantern

Channel Views: ~16.7m Channel Subscribers: ~119k Channel Videos: ~139

The Muslim Lantern Youtube Channel

The Muslim Lantern is a YouTube channel dedicated to Muslim culture, religion, and society. It provides thought-provoking interviews and discussions that explore this important faith and its many facets. Through its videos, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of Muslim beliefs and practices.

Ex Muslim Debate Live

Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~21.7k Channel Videos: ~195

Ex Muslim Debate Live Youtube Channel

Ex Muslim Debate Live is a YouTube channel featuring debates between ex-Muslims and Muslims on topics related to Islam. The channel provides an informative forum to explore and discuss opinions, in a respectful and engaging way, by providing a platform for both sides to debate and to share their stories. It is an open platform for both Muslims and non-Muslims to engage in an open dialogue, giving each side an opportunity to express their perspectives and ideas. This channel serves as an important resource for those wanting to learn more on topics related to religious identity, Islam, and the experiences of ex-Muslims.


Channel Views: ~54.9m Channel Subscribers: ~115k Channel Videos: ~138


Muslim Reminder Kids - Islamic Cartoons for Kids is a YouTube channel which provides educational Islamic cartoons for children, babies and toddlers in English, with optional English subtitles. These cartoons are fun and informative, helping kids learn about issues such as prayers, fasting and appreciating Allah. It is a great way for Muslim kids to learn about Islam.

Rhyad Muslim

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~36.7k Channel Videos: ~49

Rhyad Muslim Youtube Channel

Rhyad Muslim is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the lives and experiences of Muslims. It features content ranging from lifestyle vlogs to TikTok compilations involving people of Islam living in Riyad, Saudi Arabia. The channel provides viewers with insight into the daily lives of Muslims, delivering an authentic look at their culture. Furthermore, Rhyad Muslim encourages its followers to grow spiritually and bring about positivity in the world.


Channel Views: ~37.8m Channel Subscribers: ~135k Channel Videos: ~89

MiniMuslims Youtube Channel

MiniMuslims is an innovative and inspiring YouTube channel that provides Muslims with a platform to showcase their work in film, entertainment and music. The channel features short films, music videos, and mini documentaries, creating a space in which to celebrate the best of Muslim creativity and culture.

Ilmi Muslim [Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza]

Channel Views: ~8.6m Channel Subscribers: ~41.9k Channel Videos: ~483

Ilmi Muslim [Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza] Youtube Channel

Ilmi Muslim [Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza] is an official YouTube channel featuring complete lectures by Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza. The channel provides insight into Muslim religious teachings, with topics ranging from Islamic knowledge to spirituality and faith. Muhammad Ali Mirza is an engineer who specializes in Ilm-e-Islam and is considered an authority among Muslims around the world. This channel offers viewers guidance and a deeper understanding of their faith from a modern and scientific viewpoint.


Channel Views: ~321.4m Channel Subscribers: ~484k Channel Videos: ~273

MuslimTikTok Youtube Channel

MuslimTikTok is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing TikToks created by and for Muslims, with clips that only Muslims will understand, compilations of the best Muslim TikToks, lighthearted TikToks about Muslim relationships, relatable Muslim TikToks, TikToks without any music, Islamic-themed TikToks, TikToks about Ramadan, TikToks about Muslim marriage, and Muslim TikToks about drama.


Channel Views: ~161.2m Channel Subscribers: ~687k Channel Videos: ~664

WAYOFLIFESQ Youtube Channel

WAYOFLIFESQ is a YouTube channel for muslims that consists of empowering reminders, social experiments, and street style to help viewers fight depression and live their best lives. The channel's unique blend of Islam and inspiring lifestyle content can help its followers stay motivated and develop a better way of life.

Allahu Akbar Official

Channel Views: ~68.6m Channel Subscribers: ~371k Channel Videos: ~147

Allahu Akbar Official Youtube Channel

Allahu Akbar Official is a popular YouTube channel, reaching millions of views and subscribers, that specializes in Islamic content. The videos primarily feature Mufti Menk Shorts, where renowned Islamic scholar Mufti Menk provides his wisdom and insight, as well as allahuakbar material, such as quranquotes, deen, and quran videos. The channel seeks to spread awareness of Islamic faith and teachings through its allahu akbar channel.

Diner Poth22

Channel Views: ~28.2m Channel Subscribers: ~199k Channel Videos: ~56

Diner Poth22 Youtube Channel

Diner Poth22 is a YouTube channel for bangla waz and Islamic status videos. It provides a variety of Whatsapp statuses and Islamic statuses for Muslims. It also has several viedos from Diner Poth22 and Diner Poth Islamic viedos, as well as Diner Poth statuses. The channel is an excellent resource for Islamic content.


Channel Views: ~776.6m Channel Subscribers: ~624k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

MehdinaTV Youtube Channel

MehdinaTV is a popular YouTube channel run by Muslim convert and revert couple, Mehdi and Mubina. They create relatable content related to Muslim life, modest fashion, hijab style, and even some funny couple content. Their channel has become a go-to source of inspiration for many Muslims and those considering conversion. Subscribe today and join the Mehdi and Mubina journey!

One Islam Productions

Channel Views: ~168.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

One Islam Productions Youtube Channel

One Islam Productions is a popular YouTube channel featuring niche content from leading Muslim personalities such as Mufti Menk, Nouman Ali Khan, and Khalid Yasin. The channel offers insightful lessons on how to be close to Allah, how to pray, and a variety of topics as well as relevant Ramadan videos. With their vast video library, One Islam Productions has become a leading source for premium Islamic lectures.

OnePath Network

Channel Views: ~104.3m Channel Subscribers: ~928k Channel Videos: ~732

OnePath Network Youtube Channel

OnePath Network is a YouTube channel devoted to educating and empowering Muslims, promoting the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, and providing religious and dawah content. OnePath Network provides viewers with an immersive dawah experience, helping all Muslims learn and grow in their knowledge of their faith, and drawing closer to Allah. The videos on the channel cover topics such as religious practice, values, current events, and more, giving viewers the opportunity to learn and grow as practicing Muslims.

Smile 2 Jannah

Channel Views: ~134.8m Channel Subscribers: ~681k Channel Videos: ~946

Smile 2 Jannah Youtube Channel

Smile 2 Jannah is a popular YouTube channel that produces humorous and lighthearted Islamic content for a worldwide Muslim audience. The channel features an eclectic mix of comedy skits, jokes, uplifting nasheeds, and reminders about good Islamic conduct. It provides a safe, halal source of entertainment for Muslims who want to laugh, smile and feel connected to their faith.

Christ is enough ministries

Channel Views: ~649.5k Channel Subscribers: ~14.9k Channel Videos: ~308

Christ is enough ministries Youtube Channel

The Christ is Enough Ministries YouTube Channel is an inspirational source of praise and worship videos featuring teachings from the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit. It is devoted to helping Muslims come to a born-again belief in Jesus Christ, a fervent belief in salvation through the Lion of Judah, Jesus Saves.


Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~14.7k Channel Videos: ~76


MERCIFUL♡SERVANT🦋 is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on Islamic topics and the role of Muslims in society. The channel provides educational and inspiring content related to the religion, its history and its role in current and past cultures.

One True Message Foundation

Channel Views: ~76m Channel Subscribers: ~240k Channel Videos: ~177

One True Message Foundation Youtube Channel

The One True Message Foundation YouTube channel is a unique platform dedicated to spreading the message of Islam and charity. Through street dawah and innovative approaches such as Speakers Corner, the foundation reaches out to viewers, encouraging them to learn more about the beauty of one true message - the Quran. They focus on the teachings from the Quran and its importance in the modern world. Through their social media channels, One True Message Foundation encourages people to join their mission to spread the truth and open hearts and minds about Islam.

Ninja Mommy

Channel Views: ~276.7m Channel Subscribers: ~453k Channel Videos: ~867

Ninja Mommy Youtube Channel

Ninja Mommy is a popular YouTube channel created by a Muslim couple that features religion, modest fashion, and this is how videos. The couple provides a unique insight into Muslim life and also shares advice on muslim women in society. Their unique channel has grown to become one of the most popular Muslim vloggers on YouTube. They provide a great platform for enlightenment and entertainment.


Channel Views: ~24.7m Channel Subscribers: ~199k Channel Videos: ~268

BelievingBeings Youtube Channel

BelievingBeings is a YouTube channel featuring videos about Islam, led by renowned Muslim preacher, Dr. Zakir Naik. The channel focuses on themes of peace, Allah, prophet, dawah and religion, bringing these topics together to promote understanding and inter-faith dialogue. The channel strives to promote the beauty of Islam and share the illuminating knowledge of the Quran. It is a great resource for anyone looking to deepen their faith and understanding of Islamic principles.

Peter Santenello

Channel Views: ~134.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~241

Peter Santenello Youtube Channel

Peter Santenello's YouTube channel covers his world travels as a Muslim woman, including trips to Ukraine, Iran, Turkey, and Istanbul. He provides unique perspectives about his experiences being a Muslim in Saudi Arabia and around the world. His videos are both educational and entertaining, offering viewers an insight into a culture rarely seen.

Hatun Tash DCCI Ministries

Channel Views: ~20.2m Channel Subscribers: ~697k Channel Videos: ~94

Hatun Tash DCCI Ministries Youtube Channel

Hatun Tash DCCI Ministries' YouTube channel is dedicated to spreading the message of love between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Through the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, and the Bible, the channel engages viewers in conversations about the Trinity, encouraging and fostering mutual respect and understanding. Hatun Tash has served as a platform for many Muslim speakers and experts to share their insights and reflections on issues surrounding faith.

Harry Round

Channel Views: ~101.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~18

Harry Round Youtube Channel

Harry Round is a YouTube channel devoted to exploring the ideas and issues surrounding modern Muslim faith and the role it plays in society. From discussions on religious theology to exploring the social implications of Muslim culture, Harry Round is an educational platform for those looking to gain insight into the relationship between faith and the world today.

Mohammed Hijab

Channel Views: ~97.2m Channel Subscribers: ~686k Channel Videos: ~652

Mohammed Hijab Youtube Channel

Mohammed Hijab is an acclaimed YouTube channel by an Muslim apologist who engages in intellectual debate with atheism. Viewers of the channel can learn more about the Islamic faith and the use of hijab, as well as gain an appreciation for the principles of Muslim belief and practice. It is an excellent source of Muslim education and perspective.

Talk Islam

Channel Views: ~53.8m Channel Subscribers: ~895k Channel Videos: ~65

Talk Islam Youtube Channel

Talk Islam is a YouTube channel featuring videos by Sheikh Mohamed, a Muslim based in the UK. The videos center around the Islamic faith and related topics, such as prayer (Salaat), charity (Zakaat) and Muhammad and Allah. Viewers are provided with a unique insight into the belief system of Islam and its teachings.

Towards Eternity

Channel Views: ~70.4m Channel Subscribers: ~884k Channel Videos: ~371

Towards Eternity Youtube Channel

Towards Eternity is a YouTube channel devoted to discussing the differences between Muslim and Atheist thought. It features debates between Muslims, Atheists, and Agnostics, as well as topics about atheism vs Christianity and atheism vs Islam. Visitors to this channel can gain insight into a wide range of philosophical topics and learn about the beliefs and arguments of each side. Whether you are a believer, non-believer, or simply curious, you can find something to learn from Towards Eternity.


Channel Views: ~76.7m Channel Subscribers: ~361k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

EFDawah Youtube Channel

The EFDawah YouTube Channel is an educational Islamic platform led by Hamza Myatt, which presents debates between Muslims and Atheists at Speakers Corner, England. It includes topics such as 'Muslim vs Atheist' and 'EFDawah Abbas', aiming to promote meaningful conversations about faith, ethics and spirituality. The channel also provides insight into how Islam is perceived and understood across diverse cultures, and encourages discussion amongst its viewers. Ultimately, it seeks to remind its audience of the true teachings of Islam - love, respect and humility.

Digital Mimbar

Channel Views: ~185.5m Channel Subscribers: ~934k Channel Videos: ~5.9k

Digital Mimbar Youtube Channel

Digital Mimbar is a YouTube channel featuring Muslim speakers such as Hamza Tzortzis, Abdurraheem Green, Yahya Ibrahim and Dr. Zakir. It delivers Islamic videos related to the teachings of Islam, led by the speakers, providing an enjoyable experience for viewers.

The Diversity of Practices in the Muslim World

The Muslim world is home to an incredibly rich variety of religious beliefs and practices. Among the most widespread practices are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, as well as pilgrimage. Even within these universally recognized practices, there is a wide range of variation between different regions and cultures, both within and outside the borders of the Islamic world.

  • Beyond these commonly accepted practices, there are a multitude of varying traditions and interpretations of Islamic faith. These range from the very orthodox to those which involve practices commonly found in other parts of the world. Sufism, for example, is a form of Islam that incorporates elements of mysticism and has a strong emphasis on the spiritual its of the faith. It is found in different forms across Africa, Central Asia, India and Southeast Asia, as well as in some parts of the Middle East. Similarly, Ismailism is an offshoot of Shia Islam that is based on seven pillars or principles that include the acceptance of a living imam who is believed to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • At the same time, certain beliefs and practices related to Islamic religious traditions are relatively unique to the region. This includes the practice of zakat (almsgiving), which is a specific type of charity found in many Islamic countries. It is mandatory upon all Muslims to give a portion of their wealth in charity, which is divided into different categories depending on both the type of charity and the financial status of the donor. Similarly, the practice of hijab, or the covering of one’s hair, is rooted in Islamic values, although its interpretation and application vary greatly throughout the region. 

As such, the rich diversity of thought and practice in the Muslim world helps to ensure that its religious traditions remain alive, vibrant and ever-evolving.

Common Misconceptions About Muslims

Nowadays, there are certain ideas and misconceptions that follow Muslims around. As a result, these inaccurate images have shaped many views and beliefs around Muslims and Islamic practices. However, it is important to tackle these misconceptions and focus on these three key points in order to better understand Muslim cultures.

  1. The first misconception to debunk is the idea that all Muslims are the same. This is an incorrect assumption, just like the idea that all Christians are the same or all Hindus are the same. Each group of Muslims follow their own set of rules and traditions, like following Sunni or Shia Islam, Sufism, and so on. A similar idea often perpetrated by people is the idea that all Muslim women practice hijab and niqab, when in reality there are a variety of approaches to Islamic practices.
  2. Another popular misconception is the idea that Islam is a violent religion. While some people have used aspects of Islam to do harm, Islam as a faith promotes kindness, compassion, and peace. The majority of teachings are about living in harmony, being gentle, and treating others with respect and understanding. With any faith, there are people who use aspects of the religion to justify violence and hatred, but these moments of violence do not reflect the teachings of the faith.
  3. Lastly, many people believe that Muslims are not people of logic and science. While some Islamic teachings dictate certain aspects of the religion, Muslims are just as capable as any other group when it comes to science, math, and other subjects. There were great leaders in Islamic civilization who were responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries in history.

To summarize, Muslims are as diverse and complex as any other group of people and they should not be judged unfairly by society. We must strive to better understand each culture, tradition, and religion in order to create a world where everyone respects and values each other no matter who they are or what faith they follow.

Interfaith Relationships and Muslims

Interfaith relationships have been a part of life for many Muslims. While some Muslims may be against such relationships, many embrace the idea of interfaith relationships and are willing to bridge the gaps between different religions and beliefs. Relationships between Muslims and people of other faiths can be a great way of promoting and celebrating diversity and mutual understanding.

  • For Muslims, it is important to follow Islamic guidelines on interaction, and keenly take into consideration the various aspects of mixing believers from different faiths. This includes adherence to Islamic principles, ensuring both parties are on the same page with their understanding of morals, values and beliefs. It is also important for Muslims to practice cultural sensitivity, so that all parties can learn from each other without any feeling of disdain from either side.
  • Additionally, it is important to remember that interfaith relationships require patience, mutual respect and a lot of open-mindedness. Muslims should strive to be aware of the religious practices and beliefs of the other person, and work together to ensure those practices and beliefs are respected and appreciated. Working together, understanding the common goals and beliefs of both religions, will ensure interfaith relationships become strong and successful. 

Interfaith relationships provide an opportunity for everyone to learn and strengthen each other’s belief systems.

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