Are you hungry for some good content? Today is your lucky day! We're going to explore the world of YouTube to find the best channels for mukbang, ASMR, food, and eating shows. We'll also take a look at channels that specialize in ASMR mukbang and ASMR cooking. So if you're in the mood for some delicious content, let's dig in to find the best channels out there!

Mukbang: Top Youtube Channels

Mukbang Reversed

Channel Views: ~88.5m Channel Subscribers: ~164k Channel Videos: ~303

Mukbang Reversed Youtube Channel

Mukbang Reversed is a YouTube channel created by Zach Choi which features ASMR videos with reversed soundtracks and Korean ASMR Eating and No Talking. Zach Choi is known for creating beautiful and calming ASMR Mukbang videos that will provoke pleasant sensations. This channel focuses on the experience of reversed soundtracks as well as ASMR eating and no talking.

UnCool Dave ASMR

Channel Views: ~233.9m Channel Subscribers: ~243k Channel Videos: ~14.1k

UnCool Dave ASMR Youtube Channel

UnCool Dave ASMR is a YouTube channel that offers a unique perspective on mukbang and ASMR. His channel includes eating shows and videos of him eating spicy food from all over the world, including lots of Chinese spicy dishes. He also enjoys talking to his viewers during his videos, providing insight into a variety of Chinese food cultures. His channel is the perfect place to explore the world of ASMR and spicy food!

Arad Asmr

Channel Views: ~420.7m Channel Subscribers: ~437k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

Arad Asmr Youtube Channel

Arad Asmr is a popular YouTube channel featuring mukbang videos and ASMR content from the Korean YouTuber, Arad. His videos feature various food mukbangs and ASMR triggers, such as tapping, whispering, and role-playing, that provide viewers with a relaxation experience. Arad mukbangs give viewers a sense of connection and comfort as he shares his favorite Korean dishes. Follow Arad Asmr to experience a unique combination of mukbang and ASMR!

Satisfying Lips

Channel Views: ~1.5b Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~2.6k

Satisfying Lips Youtube Channel

The Satisfying Lips YouTube channel provides captivating ASMR videos that feature interesting mukbang eating shows featuring delicious and oddly satisfying meals. Viewers can enjoy watching videos dedicated to eating large amounts of delicious foods and engage in some justly satisfying mukbang eating. Aside from providing a unique ASMR experience and delicious food, the channel also provides examples of mouthwatering creations, cooking tutorials, and other food-related content that's sure to satisfy viewers.

N.E Let's Eat

Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~3.7m Channel Videos: ~1.4k

N.E Let's Eat Youtube Channel

N.E Let's Eat is a popular YouTube channel that features mukbang and ASMR content. N.E stands for No Eating - a challenge the channel host has chosen to accept - and has become an inspirational figure in the mukbang community. From satisfying meals to stimulating ASMR videos, N.E Let's Eat has something for everyone!


Channel Views: ~749.8m Channel Subscribers: ~3m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Bloveslife Youtube Channel

Bloveslife YouTube channel is a popular family-oriented channel run by a father-daughter duo, providing funny, educational, and entertaining content such as Mukbang, Seafood Boil, and Taste Test videos. Mukbangs and Seafood Boils on the channel are always engaging and fun to watch, adding to family bonding time during meals, with an added twist of kid and family-filled Eat With Me videos. Bloveslife's videos offer an enjoyable and delightful experience to viewers through its creative and delicious content.

창배먹방 chang_bae

Channel Views: ~315.7m Channel Subscribers: ~684k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

창배먹방 chang_bae Youtube Channel

창배먹방 chang_bae is a Korean YouTube channel that features various mukbang and ASMR videos, presenting a real and immersive eating experience. Viewers can enjoy watching a wide range of Korean dishes being eaten, making for an enjoyable and captivating mukbang experience. This channel's content is perfect for those looking for delicious Korean food, along with the fun and relaxation of ASMR.


Channel Views: ~3b Channel Subscribers: ~11.7m Channel Videos: ~615

설기양SULGI Youtube Channel

'설기양SULGI' YouTube channel is an incredibly popular channel specializing in mukbang, 먹방, and ASMR content. The channel's wide variety of eating shows and reviews make it a great source of entertainment and relaxation for viewers. Whether it's a food review or an ASMR mukbang, '설기양SULGI' YouTube channel will surely delight viewers from all walks of life.

문복희 Eat with Boki

Channel Views: ~2.3b Channel Subscribers: ~8.7m Channel Videos: ~675

문복희 Eat with Boki Youtube Channel

문복희 Eat with Boki YouTube channel features captivating mukbang videos from Korea with realistic eating sounds, providing an immersive ASMR experience. Their unique dishes and interactions with Boki are sure to please viewers' taste buds and bring them an enjoyable and calming experience. There is something for everyone to enjoy, with different mukbang styles and real-time conversations. Become part of their mukbang community now!

RF Eating ASMR

Channel Views: ~153.7m Channel Subscribers: ~489k Channel Videos: ~663

RF Eating ASMR Youtube Channel

RF Eating ASMR is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing ASMR content. On the channel, viewers will find mukbang videos, asmr sleep videos, asmr tingles, Jojo's ASMR videos, ASMR tapping videos, ASMR mouth sounds videos, ASMR tanghulu videos, jello food videos, mouth sounds videos, and hand sound videos. All these videos offer a unique visual and auditory experience. Whether you're looking to relax or fall asleep, RF Eating ASMR is the perfect channel to watch.


Channel Views: ~1.8b Channel Subscribers: ~8.9m Channel Videos: ~649

SIO ASMR Youtube Channel

SIO ASMR is a YouTube channel featuring mukbang and ASMR videos focusing on street food and cooking with chili peppers. The channel showcases cooking tutorials and tons of delicious recipes from around the globe. Through these videos, you can learn not only to cook dishes but also to appreciate the beauty and flavors of different cuisines. Plus, you get to enjoy the mouthwatering combination of mukbang and ASMR. Enjoy your food journey now!

Zach Choi ASMR

Channel Views: ~4.2b Channel Subscribers: ~18.7m Channel Videos: ~754

Zach Choi ASMR Youtube Channel

Zach Choi ASMR is a popular YouTube channel featuring mukbang and ASMR videos. Zach Choi ASMR videos focus on eating and ASMR no-talking videos that induce a peaceful and relaxed feeling. The channel has become popular due to Zach Choi's soothing and calming voice, as well as the realistic sound textures in the ASMR videos. Zach Choi ASMR has provided a new level of ASMR content and is continuously raising the bar in the ASMR community.


Channel Views: ~240.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~413

QUEEN BEAST Youtube Channel

Queen Beast is a YouTube channel that features a variety of Mukbang eating shows, Beast Mode challenges and ASMR eating videos. Fans can enjoy everything from seafood boils with King Crab to Beauty and the Beast ASMR. Get ready to satisfy your cravings and enjoy some epic mukbangs!


Channel Views: ~57.3m Channel Subscribers: ~266k Channel Videos: ~560

VartanFresh Youtube Channel

VartanFresh's YouTube channel is a mukbang and eating show featuring big bites and messy eating for viewers to enjoy. It showcases entertaining and satisfying eating sounds, food reviews, and Stephanie soo's eating food experience. There's something for everyone on this channel, from mouth-watering reviews to mesmerizing chewing sounds. Be sure to check it out!

Nikocado Avocado 3

Channel Views: ~219m Channel Subscribers: ~946k Channel Videos: ~395

Nikocado Avocado 3 Youtube Channel

Nikocado Avocado 3 is a popular YouTube channel focusing on mukbang content, where viewers can watch him devour large meals, as well as food reviews and lifestyle videos. He is known for his humorous and entertaining videos, often featuring quirky eating challenges. His videos have earned him an impressive fan following.


Channel Views: ~7.8b Channel Subscribers: ~10.2m Channel Videos: ~455

HUBA후바 Youtube Channel

HUBA후바 is a YouTube channel featuring mukbang and ASMR content by Huba333. The channel showcases a variety of different mukbangs and provides an immersive experience with a combination of auditory and visual stimuli. Enjoy the deliciousness of Huba333's mukbang creations!

Nikocado Avocado

Channel Views: ~724m Channel Subscribers: ~3.5m Channel Videos: ~685

Nikocado Avocado Youtube Channel

Nikocado Avocado is a popular YouTube mukbang channel focused on providing family friendly entertainment through unique food reviews and eating shows. The channel is hosted by mukbanger Nikocado Avocado and frequently features interesting challenges and interesting dishes from around the world. With over 8 million subscribers, it is one of the most popular mukbang channels on YouTube.

Pico Pocky

Channel Views: ~2.3b Channel Subscribers: ~4.8m Channel Videos: ~330

Pico Pocky Youtube Channel

Pico Pocky is a popular YouTube channel that features a variety of mukbang and ASMR eating videos centered around the famous Pocky snack. With entertaining mukbangs and creative recipes, the Pico Pocky channel offers unique and mouthwatering videos for viewers to enjoy.


Channel Views: ~2.2b Channel Subscribers: ~10m Channel Videos: ~754

GONGSAM TABLE 이공삼 Youtube Channel

Gongsam Table 이공삼is a popular YouTube channel featuring a variety of mukbang and eating challenge videos. They specialize in fiery food challenges featuring fiery chicken, spicy noodles, and fire noodles. With their creative, mouthwatering recipes, they have become an ASMR and mukbang sensation. Tune in if you're looking for some tasty, real, and spicy food challenge ideas!

Eatcookandliveitup Smile

Channel Views: ~23.4m Channel Subscribers: ~177k Channel Videos: ~332

Eatcookandliveitup Smile Youtube Channel

Eatcookandliveitup Smile is a popular YouTube channel that produces mukbang, seafood boil mukbang, ASMR mukbang, seafood mukbang, and king crab seafood mukbang videos. The host showcases his cooking techniques and shares amusing eating experiences with viewers, providing a calming ASMR eating, ASMR mukbang, ASMR food, and ASMR phan experience. He is renowned for his seafood boil videos that feature mouth-watering seafood dishes.


Channel Views: ~3.1m Channel Subscribers: ~7.7k Channel Videos: ~737

ONLY EATING Youtube Channel

The ONLY EATING YouTube channel is a mukbang ASMR channel with a focus on Korean noodles, seafood, and more. It combines the popular mukbang phenomenon of eating large quantities of food with ASMR to create a unique experience. Fans of the channel will enjoy watching content that features only eating, with no other distractions or dialogue. Unsuspecting viewers will be wowed by the various dishes featured on the channel, with an emphasis on the spectacle of the mukbang.


Channel Views: ~187.6m Channel Subscribers: ~546k Channel Videos: ~698

ZCM ASMR Youtube Channel

ZCM ASMR is a popular YouTube channel that features ASMR eating shows and mukbangs. One can find visuals and ASMR sounds of different dishes such as noodles with fried chicken, let's eat videos, eating shows, and no talking. Every video is more delicious and exciting than the prior one, especially with the spicy noodles and fried chicken mukbangs. This channel is great for food lovers who enjoy the sensory experience of ASMR sounds and eating.


Channel Views: ~3.6b Channel Subscribers: ~10.9m Channel Videos: ~536

[햄지]Hamzy Youtube Channel

[햄지]Hamzy is a YouTube channel that features Mukbangs, Korean food recipes, and cooking tutorials. Viewers can learn how to create their own delicious dishes with the help of Hamzy's videos and recipes. The channel showcases a variety of traditional and modern Korean dishes, as well as international cuisines. From kimchi fried rice to jjajangmyeon and ramen, [햄지]Hamzy is the perfect place to explore and master the art of Korean cooking.

Bisaya Studio

Channel Views: ~117.2m Channel Subscribers: ~600k Channel Videos: ~615

Bisaya Studio Youtube Channel

Bisaya Studio is a popular YouTube channel offering mukbang videos of Philippine food! Viewers can watch the hosts enjoy cooking, eating, and discussing the delicacies found in the Philippines. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced mukbang fan, Bisaya Studio is sure to satisfy your cravings for local cuisine.

Hongyu ASMR 홍유

Channel Views: ~4.8b Channel Subscribers: ~14.7m Channel Videos: ~600

Hongyu ASMR 홍유 Youtube Channel

Hongyu ASMR 홍유 is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on mukbang and ASMR mukbang videos featuring both real sounds and eating sounds. The channel is well-known for its wide variety of color food ASMR videos and provides some of the most popular food-related ASMR videos. Both visual and auditory elements are used in the channel's mukbang and ASMR mukbang videos to provide viewers with both a satisfying visual and audio experience.

HunniBee ASMR

Channel Views: ~1.7b Channel Subscribers: ~8.4m Channel Videos: ~651

HunniBee ASMR Youtube Channel

HunniBee ASMR is a popular YouTube channel known for its mukbang and ASMR mukbang videos. They provide unique content that features real eating sounds as viewers taste and enjoy all kinds of delicious food. They are also popular for their color food ASMR videos and have become one of the more popular ASMR eating channels. With an ever-growing variety of food, from the most popular to some of the more obscure choices, it's no wonder HunniBee ASMR has become a fan favorite.

More Nikocado

Channel Views: ~403.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~795

More Nikocado Youtube Channel

The More Nikocado YouTube channel offers viewers an entertaining mukbang experience combined with a personal lifestyle and food journey. Hosted by Nikocado Avocado, this channel is full of tasty recipes, eating challenges, and hilarious mukbangs. With a down-to-earth personality, this channel is perfect for anyone who loves food and wants to have a fun time.

Different Types of Mukbang Content

Mukbang, also known as a 'eating show' is a popular type of internet video format that originated in South Korea. It is a live streaming broadcast where the presenter eats a large amount of food while interacting with his or her viewers. While traditional mukbang content includes the presenter simply eating food while talking to their audience, there are now a variety of different types of content available within the mukbang genre.

  • One popular type of mukbang content is the ‘challenge’. In these videos, the presenter attempts to complete a task involving multiple courses or large quantities of food. Popular challenges involve trying to finish multiple servings of poutine, pizza, or even dishes like a full-sized schnitzel or fried rice. Watching the challenge can be quite entertaining, and often involve a great deal of audience interaction and cheering.
  • Another fun variation of mukbang content is ‘roleplay’. In these videos, the presenter usually pretends to be a character from a certain theme or show, then eats the food according to the rules of the scene. For example, a presenter may pretend to be a medieval king orastronaut and have food delivered in accordance with the theme. This is popular especially with younger viewers who may enjoy the combination of comedy and eating.

Mukbang continues to be an entertaining and popular format to watch, as it has fascinated viewers with its unique combination of food and entertainment. With the introduction of different types of mukbang content, viewers can now have even more of a variety of options when it comes to deciding what to watch. Therefore, it is no surprise that the mukbang genre continues to be a hit among audiences.

The Pros and Cons of Mukbang Videos

Mukbang videos are becoming increasingly popular, with their beautifully presented meals and content creators like Mukbang King Aiko gathering millions of subscribers. But are these videos really worth the hype? In this blog post we will look into the pros and cons of mukbang videos to help you decide if they're worth your time.

  • Firstly, let's look at the pros – mukbang videos are not only quite visually appealing, as they feature beautifully presented dishes; they also provide a sense of comfort to viewers. Those who feel lonely or isolated can tune into a mukbang video and feel like they are with someone, sharing a meal. On top of this, there are educational benefits to tuning into mukbang videos – the content creators discuss ingredients, recipes and food history, giving those who watch a chance to learn more about the food they are consuming.
  • On the other hand, there are some cons to mukbang videos. Firstly, many argue that these videos promote overeating. Since the content creators often overeat for the consumption of viewers, viewers can feel inclined to binge eat when watching these videos. Secondly, watching these videos can create unhealthy relationships with food. Sitting down and watching someone else enjoy their food can be difficult for those struggling with food issues, such as an eating disorder. Finally, some mukbang videos can be quite expensive to recreate for those who watch them – not everyone can access all the ingredients or have the disposable income to recreate the luxurious dishes seen in these videos.

Overall, mukbang videos can be a source of comfort and entertainment to some, as long as viewers understand and adjust how they interact with these videos to suit their own needs and health.

The Impact of Mukbang Videos on Society

Mukbang videos have become a sensation in the hobby world and have taken the internet by storm. Millions of people across the world are tuning in to watch live streams of people eating large amounts of food. While mukbangs can provide entertainment to some, many people are questioning their impact on society.

  • Mukbangs are said to have an increasingly negative impact on society overall. Research has found that they may be contributing to unhealthy disordered eating in young people who watch them. People may be left feeling unsatisfied after eating because the sheer volume of food they eat while watching these videos can't be replicated. Additionally, mukbangs may lead to excess eating and food wastage, as people try to replicate how much the person in the video was able to eat.
  • However, not everyone views them in a negative light. Some people actually use mukbangs to take a break from their own diet and exercise plans and watch in moderation as a form of relaxation. This can provide us with better emotional and mental health. In the end, it could be argued that this type of entertainment doesn't have to be a negative force if we think about it properly.

Overall, mukbang videos have become a popular and entertaining form of entertainment, yet there are ethical and moral questions to consider about their impact on society. It is important to temper our viewing habits to ensure that mukbangs don't have a lead to unhealthy and disordered eating habits or excessive food waste. Ultimately, the impact of mukbang videos relies on the viewer's intentions behind watching them.

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