4 Best Modern Dance Youtube Channels You Should Follow

If you're looking to explore dance through videos, then YouTube is the perfect platform to do so. With so many incredible dance styles available, you can find the best YouTube channels to suit interests such as modern dance, dance, choreography, ballet, contemporary dance, contemporary, dancing, dance videos, hip hop, and lyrical. Each of these have their own unique spin, making it easy to find something that resonates with you. Keep reading to discover some of the best YouTube channels for these dance styles!

Francisco Gella Dance Works

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~3.3k Channel Videos: ~144

Francisco Gella Dance Works Youtube Channel

The Francisco Gella Dance Works YouTube channel offers modern dance enthusiasts a chance to learn the intricate choreography of Francisco Gella in a variety of classes, intensives, and workshops held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From contemporary dance routines to high-intensity dance instruction, this channel provides guidance, education, and insight from an experienced dance teacher. Watching this channel is a must for any modern dance enthusiast wanting to learn more about Francisco Gella's innovative choreography.

Margaret Pugh

Channel Views: ~202k Channel Subscribers: ~1.8k Channel Videos: ~103

Margaret Pugh Youtube Channel

Margaret Pugh's YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the modern dance world. She offers up tutorials in modern dance, dance history, and her own unique approach to contemporary dance. Through her videos, she provides insight into the life of a modern dancer, as well as the history behind contemporary and modern dance. Margaret Pugh is a great modern dance YouTuber and her channel provides a lot of value for those interested in the dance lifestyle.

Kelly Harris

Channel Views: ~388.9k Channel Subscribers: ~221 Channel Videos: ~25

Kelly Harris Youtube Channel

Kelly Harris' YouTube channel is an entertaining source of lifestyle tips, modern dance and performing arts videos set to music. She features various genres of music and provides tutorials on modern dance and other performing arts that can be used to entertain and inspire. It's a great way to learn more about modern dance and the performing arts while being entertained and possibly inspired to be creative.


Channel Views: ~951.1k Channel Subscribers: ~7.8k Channel Videos: ~18

HortonTechnique Youtube Channel

Horton Technique is a YouTube channel hosted by modern dance instructor Kat Worthington. The channel offers classes and tutorials for those interested in exploring Horton Technique, a modern dance style pioneered by Lester Horton. The channel features tutorials, step-by-step exercises, and choreographies to help aspiring dancers master the mechanics of this popular style.

Understanding Modern Dance Moves and Steps

Modern dance moves and steps continue to evolve as dancers adopt new techniques to make their performances more dramatic and avant-garde. To understand the complexities and nuances of modern dance, one must first understand some of the most prevalent modern dance moves and steps. 

  1. First, the grand battement features a dancer extending one leg into a kick while the other is kept stationary in either a relevé (raised on the toes), tendu (straight and stretched), or dégagé (sweeping action). This step is used to emphasize the leg and arm patterns or express different emotions. 
  2. Second, the fouettés is a sequence of turns that one leg quickly whips around, usually exiting in glissade (sliding steps) or a variation of jumps. This steps is used to create a crescendo of energy throughout the piece. 
  3. Lastly, the pirouette is a turn where a dancer typically whips their body to multiple rotations using a counter balance. This step is usually done while in relevé, and can be done on one or both feet. It is often used as a transition between steps or as a way to surprise the audience.

Overall, understanding modern dance moves and steps can be difficult, meaning that it’s important to invest time and effort in perfecting technique and choreography. By exploring different steps and movements, dancers can become more expressive and creative in their performances. With the right attitude and dedication, modern dancers can bring forth something truly magical that captivates audiences. With modern dance, the possibilities are endless.

Different Styles of Modern Dance

Modern dance is an eclectic and often free-flowing style of movement that emerged in the 1900s. Today, modern dance is found in virtually every corner of the dancing world – from professional dance troupes to college dance classes. There are several different styles of modern dance, all of which come with their own set of aesthetic principles and technical principles.

  • The most popular style of modern dance is contemporary dance. This style of dance combines aspects of ballet with elements of jazz and current trends in popular culture. Contemporary dance is often self-expressive and incorporates improvisation and often contact partnering. It emphasizes movement that is heavily influenced by the personal experiences of the dancer.
  • The other popular style of modern dance is postmodern dance. This style is a reaction to the intense technical focus of classical varieties of dance. Postmodern dance uses independent movement and disregards the aesthetic boundaries set by established styles. This encourages the dancer to move freely and express emotion without relying on set patterns or predetermined structure. This type of dance often incorporates other elements such as text, live music, and multimedia. 

Regardless of the style you choose, modern dance can provide an excellent opportunity to explore the full range of one's physical abilities and emotional experiences. There is something for everyone in modern dance. On the mat, on the stage, in the air, or wherever the journey takes you, modern dance can open up new paths to explore. The possibilities are truly endless. So get ready to break the rules and experience something truly unique. Let modern dance be your guide.

How to Choose the Right Dance Class for Modern Dance

When it comes to choosing a dance class for modern dance, it is crucial to find the right instructor and studio that will work best for you. The best way to pick the right dance class is by researching local studios, talking to former and current students, and even attending a trial class.

  • Start by looking for modern dance classes that are taught by instructors with extensive experience in the art form. Check out the instructor’s credentials— find out what kind of training and performance experience they have— to make sure that they can teach modern dance technique. It is also important to make sure that the studio to provide the right kind of atmosphere and environment for the class.
  • You can also find a great modern dance class by talking to former and current students who have experienced the instructors’ teaching style firsthand. Ask them about their experiences and get their input. And once you find a few classes that you think will be a good fit, be sure to attend a trial class for a firsthand look at the classroom atmosphere. Many studios offer trial classes so you can experience for yourself the instruction and guidance they have to offer.

By following these steps, you can find the perfect modern dance class that will help you build your skill set while having a fun and rewarding experience. Good luck!

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