Are you interested in growing your own food, storing it for later use and developing a homesteading lifestyle? Are you looking for DIY projects and Prepper tips to make your life easier? Then you should definitely look into the best YouTube channels dedicated to Mittleider gardening, gardening, food storage, garden, organic, homesteading, DIY, Prepper and grow, garden talk radio topics. Keep reading to find out the top YouTube channels about these topics and start getting inspired today.

Mittleider gardening: Top Youtube Channels

Channel Views: ~104.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~26 Youtube Channel is a YouTube channel that provides helpful gardening tips and advice based on the Mittleider method of organic, high-yield gardening. The featured plants include tomatoes, vegetables, and more. It offers useful guidance on how to successfully grow these plants to maximize their yields. It is a great resource for anyone looking to get into organic, high-yield gardening!


Channel Views: ~47.7m Channel Subscribers: ~235k Channel Videos: ~655

LDSPrepper Youtube Channel

LDSPrepper is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping preppers go off-grid and live comfortably and sustainably. With weekly DIY tutorials, this channel provides useful information on mittleider gardening, solar power, harbor freight tools, food storage, and the mittleider micro nutrient mix to help viewers become prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

Wisdom Preserved

Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~51.8k Channel Videos: ~453

Wisdom Preserved Youtube Channel

Wisdom Preserved is a YouTube channel featuring content created by homesteading family Marie Overton and Emmaline Hoffmeister. The family shares their tips on Mittleider gardening, canning tomatoes, making homemade jam, and more. It also includes Linda's Pantry, where tips and resources are shared on how to can your own food. This channel provides viewers with valuable insight and information on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Plant-Based Prepper

Channel Views: ~264.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.2k Channel Videos: ~267

Plant-Based Prepper Youtube Channel

The Plant-Based Prepper YouTube channel is all about helping those living off-grid and with an army prepper lifestyle become more self-sufficient through DIY projects, mittleider gardening, and a plant-based lifestyle. It offers viewers a unique take on the popular Mittleider method of gardening to help them grow their own food and become more sustainable. You'll learn tips for creating your own mittleider garden, how to live an off-the-grid lifestyle, and even gain advice and instruction on plant-based living.


Channel Views: ~952.7k Channel Subscribers: ~3.8k Channel Videos: ~215

Smallblockfuelie Youtube Channel

Smallblockfuelie is a YouTube channel showcasing the Mittleider Method of gardening. It features weekly feed fertilizer recipes to assist in growing vegetables, as well as information on heat sink greenhouses, geothermal greenhouses, and vertical gardening. It also provides insights on how to grow cold weather crops during the winter months.

Materials Needed for Mittleider Gardening

Mittleider Gardening is becoming an increasingly popular method of gardening, as it is an easy and efficient way to produce a large amount of food with minimal effort and expense. To take advantage of the many benefits of Mittleider Gardening, it is important to have the right materials to ensure a successful garden. Here are some essential materials needed to get started:

  • The foundation of Mittleider Gardening is the soil, so it is important to have quality soil that is full of nutrients and minerals. An amendment like Mittleider Magic (a combination of natural mineral and fertilizer) can also be added to the soil to ensure it is in top condition. Furthermore, raised beds are essential for this type of gardening, as they make it much easier to keep the soil warm and moist, and significantly reduce the amount of work required. It is also a good idea to have soil testers and fertilizers on hand in order to keep the soil in the optimal condition for planting.
  • Finally, Mittleider Gardens require regular irrigation in order to make sure the plants get the right amount of water. An automatic watering system may be used to ensure consistent watering, but otherwise it is necessary to manually water the garden with a hose or sprinkler. Additionally, a variety of tools such as shovels and rakes can be very useful for various tasks, from digging holes to removing weeds and preparing the soil. Having these materials easily and readily available is essential for a successful Mittleider garden.

Overall, these materials are essential for establishing and maintaining a successful Mittleider Garden. Quality soil, raised beds, soil testers, fertilizers, automatic irrigation, and the right tools are key components that will ensure a successful gardening experience. With these materials, anyone can create a thriving Mittleider Garden and enjoy the rewards of delicious and nutritious produce.

Common Problems and Solutions for Mittleider Gardens

When it comes to growing and maintaining a Mittleider Garden, there are several common issues that can arise. While many gardeners find great success growing nutritious food in Mittleider Gardens, there are a few common problems and some simple solutions that can help reduce the frustrations of gardening.

  • The first common problem is poor water retention and drainage. Mittleider Gardens are planted with minimal soil and often require multiple waterings a day to keep the plants healthy. To combat this, it is important to mulch the garden beds heavily to increase retention and provide an even distribution of water that should last throughout the day. You can also create swales to help direct water away from the beds, keeping the soil moist while avoiding pooling around the bases of the plants.
  • Another common issue is weeds and pests. Weeds can out-compete the plants for vital nutrients and space, while pests can quickly decimate an entire bed of crops. To keep weeds away, it is helpful to introduce cover crops to crowd them out. If you are grappling with a particular pest, trapping and bait stations, or companion planting can be effective strategies to reduce their population. Applying natural and organic pesticides can also help you keep these pests at bay.

In Mittleider Gardening, common problems can be remedied with simple solutions. With consistent monitoring and the right techniques, you can easily keep your garden healthy and productive. With some practice and the right techniques, Mittleider Gardens will be healthy and full of nutritious produce for you and your family to enjoy.

Tips for Successful Mittleider Gardening

Mittleider Gardening is a unique form of gardening that focuses on growing a variety of crops in order to create a sustainable, abundant harvest. While it may seem intimidating to get started, following a few tips can help ease the transition into successful Mittleider Gardening.

  • First and foremost, it is important to plan your garden carefully to ensure that you have enough room for your plants, the right types of soil, and adequate drainage. Taking the time to plan a layout will help you save money on resources and make sure that your plants are able to receive the necessary light and nutrients. In addition, regularly assess your soil levels and include amendments when needed. Doing so will help you create a soil environment that is optimal for your plants.
  • Finally, once your garden is set up, it is important to use high-yielding fertilizer combinations for your plants. Using specific fertilizers that are designed for Mittleider Gardening will ensure that your plants are able to absorb the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. Additionally, it is important to follow a regular schedule for fertilizing and ensure that you are applying controlled amounts of fertilizer that will not burn or damage your plants.

Learning the basics of Mittleider Gardening will help you enjoy healthier plants and a bigger harvest. By planning your garden, assessing soil levels, and utilizing specific fertilizer combinations, you can ensure that your garden is set up for successful Mittleider Gardening.

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