13 Best Minecraft Farms Youtube Channels

Are you a fan of Minecraft and looking for the best YouTube channels to level up your gaming experience? Whether you're interested in building impressive Minecraft farms, sharpening your survival skills, mastering redstone mechanics, or simply seeking engaging Minecraft tutorials, you've come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we have scoured the depths of YouTube to bring you an expertly curated list of channels that cater to all your Minecraft needs. So, if you want to venture into the mesmerizing world of Minecraft and uncover the ultimate gaming resources, keep reading as we reveal the finest channels that are sure to take your Minecraft adventures to the next level!


Channel Views: ~370.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~1.8k

wattles Youtube Channel

Wattles is a gaming YouTuber whose channel primarily focuses on Minecraft. He creates informative tutorials on Minecraft farms and survival games. With his Let's Play series, he provides entertaining gameplay videos and offers a vibrant and engaging gaming experience for his audience.


Channel Views: ~119.9m Channel Subscribers: ~543k Channel Videos: ~966

silentwisperer Youtube Channel

silentwisperer is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Minecraft, specifically focused on the Bedrock Edition. The channel offers a wide range of content including Minecraft farms, let's play videos, tutorials, and builds. With the aim of providing helpful guides, silentwisperer delivers informative and detailed Minecraft tutorials for players of all skill levels. The channel is a go-to source for all things Minecraft in the Bedrock Edition, offering a plethora of engaging and high-quality videos.


Channel Views: ~12.3m Channel Subscribers: ~55k Channel Videos: ~299

1upMC Youtube Channel

The 1upMC YouTube channel specializes in creating efficient and effective Minecraft farms for the Bedrock edition. They cover a wide range of topics such as iron farms, AFK fish farms, and other automated designs. Additionally, they provide content related to the latest Minecraft version, including 1.19 seeds and Bedrock maps. Their channel stands out with their approachable and informative videos, making them a valuable resource for Minecraft Bedrock players. Oh, and they also have a playful touch with their catchphrase oink oink.


Channel Views: ~48.7m Channel Subscribers: ~271k Channel Videos: ~193

OinkOink Youtube Channel

The OinkOink YouTube channel is dedicated to providing tutorials and gameplay content focused on Minecraft farms, specifically designed for the Bedrock Edition. With a deep understanding of Minecraft Bedrock, they showcase various efficient and creative farms that allow players to maximize their resources and XP gains. Led by JC Playz, this channel is a valuable resource for players seeking to optimize their gameplay experience in Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 1.16.

by James

Channel Views: ~5.4m Channel Subscribers: ~21k Channel Videos: ~165

by James Youtube Channel

By James is a YouTube channel devoted to Minecraft farming and glitch tutorials for the Bedrock edition. The channel provides content specifically tailored to version 1.17 of Minecraft, including in-depth guides on creating efficient farms and exploiting glitches. It serves as a valuable resource for players looking to maximize their efficiency and make the most of the latest updates in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.


Channel Views: ~78.1m Channel Subscribers: ~423k Channel Videos: ~104

Voltrox Youtube Channel

Voltrox is a YouTube channel focused on providing tutorials and guides for creating efficient and effective Minecraft farms. The channel covers various types of farms, particularly specializing in iron golem farms for version 1.14 of Minecraft. Additionally, Voltrox also delves into gold farms and console Minecraft raid farms, offering valuable insights and tips for players.

Noise Gaming

Channel Views: ~61.2m Channel Subscribers: ~332k Channel Videos: ~166

Noise Gaming Youtube Channel

Noise Gaming is a YouTube channel dedicated to Minecraft, with a focus on redstone builds and farming techniques. They offer engaging content showcasing creative and innovative Minecraft farming designs, while also providing valuable tips and tricks on utilizing redstone devices effectively. The channel provides a comprehensive guide to mastering Minecraft's intricate redstone mechanics, making it a go-to resource for Minecraft enthusiasts.


Channel Views: ~3.8m Channel Subscribers: ~13.1k Channel Videos: ~11

Frox Youtube Channel

Frox is a popular YouTube channel that specializes in creating intricate and efficient Minecraft farms. The content creator, known as Frox, collaborates with fellow Minecraft enthusiasts like Shulkercraft, Laz1en, and Voltrox to develop innovative farming techniques and share them with their audience. The channel is highly regarded for its detailed tutorials and showcases of impressive automated systems for resource gathering and production in the game.


Channel Views: ~893.5m Channel Subscribers: ~3.2m Channel Videos: ~132

BBlocks Youtube Channel

BBlocks is a Minecraft-focused YouTube channel that shares various ideas and creations related to the game. The channel covers topics such as Minecraft farms and showcases gameplay in the popular sandbox world of Minecraft. The channel also references and may draw inspiration from popular Minecraft YouTubers such as Dream, Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, and Iskall85.


Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~19.6k Channel Videos: ~269

BrianCraft Youtube Channel

The BrianCraft YouTube channel focuses on Minecraft and provides tutorials and guides on various topics such as building, farms, and creative ideas within the game. The content might be influenced by popular Minecraft YouTubers such as Mumbo Jumbo and Magma Musen. The channel also seems to have a connection with the Dream Minecraft community.


Channel Views: ~6.7m Channel Subscribers: ~32.1k Channel Videos: ~52

Moretingz Youtube Channel

The Moretingz YouTube channel is dedicated to providing viewers with a variety of useful and informative content related to Minecraft. With a focus on farms, tutorials, and designs, this channel aims to help Minecraft players enhance their gameplay experience. Whether you're looking for a step-by-step guide on building or learning about efficient redstone mechanisms, Moretingz has got you covered.

Cubix Creations

Channel Views: ~4.4m Channel Subscribers: ~14.3k Channel Videos: ~47

Cubix Creations Youtube Channel

Cubix Creations is a YouTube channel devoted to creating and showcasing innovative Minecraft farms, with a focus on mob XP farming. Their videos provide valuable insights and tutorials on how to efficiently build and operate these farms, offering the best methods to gain XP and maximize mob drops in the game. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft player or a beginner looking to level up quickly, Cubix Creations is a reliable resource for all your mob XP farm needs.


Channel Views: ~19.1m Channel Subscribers: ~64.4k Channel Videos: ~37

BlazeDude Youtube Channel

BlazeDude is a popular YouTube channel that specializes in Minecraft content. The channel features a variety of tutorials and guides on creating efficient farms in the game, with a focus on enderman farms, gold farms, creeper farms, and villager breeders. Additionally, the channel showcases engaging Minecraft gameplay, making it a must-watch for fans of the game looking to improve their skills and enhance their gaming experience.

Different Types of Minecraft Farms and How to Build Them

Minecraft, a popular sandbox game that allows players to create and explore virtual worlds, offers a vast array of possibilities, from building grand castles to embarking on thrilling adventures. One of the most fascinating aspects of the game involves farming. Minecraft farms are essential for sustaining resources like food, materials, and even rare items. In this article, we will delve into the different types of Minecraft farms and provide you with insight on how to build them.

  1. One primary type of Minecraft farm is the crop farm. An efficient crop farm will ensure a constant supply of food for your character, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of the game. The first step in creating a crop farm is selecting a suitable location. Ideally, you would want a flat piece of land with ample space to cultivate multiple crops. Then, gather the necessary materials such as wheat seeds, water buckets, and a hoe. Clear the land and till the soil, creating furrows where you will plant your seeds. Remember to provide your crops with a reliable water source to ensure their growth. With proper care and attention, your crop farm will flourish, providing you with an abundance of sustenance.
  2. Another vital farm in Minecraft is the animal farm. Animal farms are a great way to obtain renewable resources such as meat, wool, and even experience points. Start by constructing a secure enclosure for your animals, ensuring they are protected from any potential threats like monsters or wandering creatures. Next, you will need to gather a few animals to start breeding. This can be achieved by luring animals with their respective food (seeds for chickens, wheat for cows, and carrots for pigs). By providing your animals with ample space, food, and safety, you can successfully maintain a thriving and sustainable animal farm.
  3. Lastly, let's explore the concept of mob farms in Minecraft. Mob farms are designed to systematically spawn and eliminate hostile creatures, providing players with valuable items, experience points, or just a safe space. Generally, mob farms are built in strategic locations, such as high above the ground or deep underground. Using clever designs and traps, mob farms ensure that hostile creatures are trapped and subsequently killed, allowing players to gather the resources they drop. If you're interested in building a mob farm, extensive research on efficient designs and spawning mechanics is crucial for success.

In conclusion, Minecraft farms are an integral part of the game, providing players with food, resources, and exciting challenges. By understanding and mastering different farm types like crop farms, animal farms, and mob farms, players can ensure a sustainable and thriving gameplay experience. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your tools, and start building your very own Minecraft farm today!

How to Start Your Own Minecraft Farm A Step-by-Step Guide

Minecraft, a beloved game by players of all ages, offers an exciting opportunity to create and explore vast virtual worlds. One of the most intriguing aspects of this game is the ability to start your own Minecraft farm. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, this step-by-step guide will help you embark on your agricultural adventure in Minecraft.

  1. The first step in starting your own Minecraft farm is to find the perfect location. Look for a flat area with plenty of open space where you can visualize your farm taking shape. Make sure the chosen spot is close to water sources, as water is essential for hydrating your crops and animals. Additionally, keep in mind the proximity to your home base, as easy access to your farm will save you time and effort.
  2. Once you have chosen the location, it's time to gather the necessary materials. Start by crafting a hoe, which will allow you to till the soil and prepare it for planting. Next, gather seeds by either exploring the surrounding areas or by simply breaking tall grass in-game. Ensure you have enough seeds to plant a variety of crops. Finally, gather some wood and create fences, which will be used to enclose your farmland and protect your crops from animals.
  3. With the materials ready, it's time to start farming! Begin by using your hoe to till the soil in a 5x5 or 10x10 area, depending on the size of your farm. Once the soil is prepared, plant your seeds by right-clicking on the tilled land with your seeds selected. Remember to leave a space between each crop to allow for growth. After planting, water your crops using buckets or by creating an irrigation system. This will ensure they stay hydrated, contributing to their growth. Keep an eye out for any crops that reach maturity, as you can then harvest them and replant new seeds in their place.

Starting your own Minecraft farm can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only does it provide a steady supply of food and resources, but it also adds a sense of accomplishment to your gameplay. So, gather your tools, choose the perfect location, and start farming today. Watch as your once barren land transforms into a thriving agricultural wonderland within the virtual world of Minecraft. 

Efficient Techniques for Automated Animal Farms in Minecraft

Minecraft has long been an outlet for creativity, allowing players to build and explore virtual worlds to their heart's content. One popular aspect of the game is setting up farms, where players can cultivate crops and raise animals. However, manually tending to these farms can be time-consuming and tedious. This is where automated techniques come in – they offer an efficient way to manage animal farms in Minecraft.

  1. One effective technique is the use of redstone contraptions and mechanisms. Redstone is a powerful resource in Minecraft that can be used to create intricate circuits and machinery. By harnessing the power of redstone, players can design automated systems to feed and breed animals, collect their resources, and even dispose of unwanted items. These contraptions can be as simple as a lever-operated gate system or as complex as a fully automated breeding and harvesting setup.
  2. Another technique that can be utilized is the incorporation of modded Minecraft. Mods are modifications made by players to alter different aspects of the game, including automation. There are various mods available that introduce new tools and machinery designed specifically for farming automation. These mods often provide more advanced functionality and customization options, allowing for even more efficient management of animal farms. With the help of mods, players can streamline their farm operations and focus on other aspects of gameplay.
  3. Lastly, utilizing villagers in Minecraft can greatly enhance the efficiency of automated animal farms. Villagers are non-player characters that spawn in villages and can be traded with for valuable resources. By relocating villagers to the farm and setting up specific trading systems, players can utilize their inventory and trades to automate the entire process. This includes tasks such as breeding animals, collecting resources, and even selling the produce. Villagers can be a powerful asset in maximizing the efficiency of animal farms and relieving players of manual labor.

In conclusion, automating animal farms in Minecraft can greatly enhance efficiency and alleviate the burdensome task of manual management. Whether it's by using redstone contraptions, incorporating mods, or leveraging the capabilities of villagers, players have a myriad of techniques at their disposal. Such measures not only save time but also free up players to explore other aspects of gameplay. So, if you're looking to optimize your animal farms in Minecraft, give these techniques a try and witness the wonders of automation in this virtual world.

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