Looking for some great YouTube channels to help you learn Microsoft Outlook? Look no further! In this article, we'll share some of the best channels for Microsoft Outlook tutorial videos. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these channels have something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn!

Microsoft outlook tutorial: Top Youtube Channels

Microsoft 365

Channel Views: ~91.3m Channel Subscribers: ~484k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Microsoft 365 Youtube Channel

The Microsoft 365 YouTube channel provides helpful videos and tutorials that teach users how to use the various Microsoft Office and Outlook applications, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. It is a great source for learning about Microsoft Office 365 and how to best utilize the features and tools it has to offer.

Microsoft Helps

Channel Views: ~13.7m Channel Subscribers: ~66.8k Channel Videos: ~625

Microsoft Helps Youtube Channel

Microsoft Helps is a YouTube channel that includes tutorials, tips, and support advice for users to get the most out of their PC, Xbox, Surface, and other Microsoft products and services. The channel covers topics such as how to use Microsoft Outlook, set up a Microsoft account, and troubleshoot Windows and Xbox. With highly informative content, Microsoft Help provides the help and support that users need.

Kevin Stratvert

Channel Views: ~179.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~553

Kevin Stratvert Youtube Channel

The Kevin Stratvert channel is a Microsoft Outlook tutorial channel that offers how-tos, tips, and tricks for using the software. The channel also covers other Microsoft products like Windows 10 and Microsoft Teams. The videos are well-edited and provide clear instructions on how to use the various features of the products.

Learnit Training

Channel Views: ~35m Channel Subscribers: ~339k Channel Videos: ~508

Learnit Training Youtube Channel

The Learnit Training YouTube channel covers a wide range of tutorials on Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, Smartsheet, Photoshop, SharePoint, Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, and PowerPoint. These tutorials are ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to use these software programs, or for those who want to improve their skills. There are both beginner and advanced tutorials available, so regardless of your level of experience, you can find helpful content on this channel.

Professor Adam Morgan

Channel Views: ~27.2m Channel Subscribers: ~105k Channel Videos: ~363

Professor Adam Morgan Youtube Channel

Professor Adam Morgan's YouTube channel uploads detailed tutorials for the Microsoft Office suite, demonstrating how to use Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint in both 2016 and 2017, as well as how to use correct APA formatting and become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).

Kaceli TechTraining

Channel Views: ~38.2m Channel Subscribers: ~177k Channel Videos: ~444

Kaceli TechTraining Youtube Channel

Kaceli TechTraining is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping users learn Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, and older versions. Videos include tutorials for Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Moodle. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Kaceli TechTraining will provide you with the tips and tricks to confidently use Microsoft Office programs.

That Office Guy

Channel Views: ~2.9m Channel Subscribers: ~11.6k Channel Videos: ~204

That Office Guy Youtube Channel

That Office Guy is a YouTube channel providing tutorials and lessons for Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. The channel features tutorials for beginners and advanced Excel users, such as formulas and functions, basics, and analysts, as well as tutorials for Microsoft 365. With the help of That Office Guy, anyone can become an Excel expert.

Sele Training

Channel Views: ~28m Channel Subscribers: ~299k Channel Videos: ~133

Sele Training Youtube Channel

Sele Training is a YouTube channel that features tech training for Microsoft products including Outlook, Office 365, Windows 10, Word, and other Office applications. It features helpful tips and tricks, top 10 lists, and comprehensive video tutorials to help viewers get the most out of their Microsoft products.


Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~20.8k Channel Videos: ~120

Technocraft Youtube Channel

Technocraft is a popular YouTube channel that includes tutorials on various Microsoft products and services such as Outlook, Office, OneNote, and Azure Cloud. It also covers topics such as microservices, dev ops, active directory, power bi, and new technology, making it an ideal source of information for those who are looking to stay on top of the latest tech news.

Warren Stokes

Channel Views: ~950.3k Channel Subscribers: ~8.4k Channel Videos: ~82

Warren Stokes Youtube Channel

Warren Stokes? YouTube channel provides tutorials on Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office programs, as well as sales training, advice on building sales skills, and guidance on business productivity and excellence. Additionally, he offers insight into how to use Outlook and Excel, while also covering topics such as geodesic domes. All of this contributes to making his channel an extremely valuable source of information.

Basics of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email and productivity tools in the business world. It can be used for managing contacts and calendars, as well as sending, receiving and organizing emails. With so many features, it can be overwhelming to get started. This article will discuss the basics of Microsoft Outlook, so you can start efficiently managing your day-to-day tasks and communication.

  • To get started, open Microsoft Outlook from the programs in your computer. This will open the main window, which includes the menu commands, main toolbar, and main message window. You should also be prompted to sign in if you haven't already. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to access the features found in the ribbon menus. From there, you can create and organize messages, contacts, calendars and tasks. You can also set up rules and reminders to keep you on track with important tasks.
  • The inbox is where you should check first when launching Microsoft Outlook. Here you can view email messages that you've received or compose a new message by clicking compose or reply. The other toolbars allow you to manage contacts, create and organize calendar events, set up rules and reminders, view tasks and search for past messages. You can also find options for managing attachments and files, customizing the display and view, and setting up an auto-reply. With a little practice, you'll be a pro in no time.

Using Additional Outlook Features

Outlook is a Microsoft program that allows users to organize their email, calendar, and contacts. Many people rely on Outlook to keep their day-to-day activities organized, but they can take advantage of some of its more advanced features to become even more productive. By taking the time to learn how to use additional Outlook features, you can save time and become much more efficient with your email management tasks.

  • There are many additional Outlook features that you can take advantage of in order to be more organized. You can use Outlook’s advanced search capabilities to find a specific email or contact quickly. You can also create rules that filter emails based on certain criteria, organize them into categories, and delete or flag certain emails automatically. Additionally, you can set up keyword alerts that will notify you when new emails arrive containing a specific keyword.
  • Another great way to make use of additional Outlook features is to create tasks that help you stay on top of upcoming deadlines or follow up with contacts. Outlook can allow you to manage your tasks so that you stay on top of them and take the necessary actions in a timely manner. You can also make use of the calendar feature to schedule meetings or events and stay organized. By taking the time to learn additional Outlook features, you can become more organized and efficient.

Customizing Outlook to Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Most of us know Microsoft Outlook as a versatile and user-friendly email program, but its potential as a powerful productivity and efficiency booster is often overlooked. We all know that taking steps to make everyday work activities more efficient can have a huge impact on time saved and levels of achievement. Outfit Outlook with some simple customizations and you’ll soon see how much of a difference they make.

  1. To start, it may be worthwhile setting up and organizing folders by topics, clients, or projects. Not only will this help you to stay organized, but it can help to reduce the amount of clutter in your inbox and help classify important emails. Another great organizational tool is setting up rules in Outlook to automatically put certain emails in their right place. This ensures emails don't get lost, and makes categorizing easier. You can also create and save specific email templates which save time when sending repeatedly sent emails.
  2. Lastly, Outlook allows users to personalize the view of their emails, calendar, contacts and tasks in a way that works for them. This not only makes Outlook look more pleasing, but you can also make sure the most important parts of Outlook, such as the emails you receive or calendars you've created, can be located easier, making your workflow more efficient. You can also conveniently access your Outlook account from any device now, ensuring you have all the information you need to hand. Now its time to enjoy the productivity boost that Outlook customizations can bring to your work!

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