Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you refine your tech knowledge and develop your expertise with Microsoft Office, and more? Look no further! We've put together a comprehensive list of the best YouTube channels to help you learn all the basics and beyond with tutorials and technology training in an accessible and enjoyable way. Read on to find out more!

Microsoft office tutorial: Top Youtube Channels

Office Tutorials

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~4.9k Channel Videos: ~638

Office Tutorials Youtube Channel

Office Tutorials is a YouTube channel providing helpful tutorials for Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Learn to use the software better with a wide range of instructional videos, from beginner basics to more advanced skills. Follow the Office Tutorials channel to get up-to-date with the latest tips on Microsoft Office.

Microsoft 365

Channel Views: ~91.3m Channel Subscribers: ~484k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Microsoft 365 Youtube Channel

The Microsoft 365 YouTube channel is a great resource for learning how to use Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. It offers tutorials and other helpful videos regarding the usage of Microsoft 365 tools. It's easy to stay up to date on new features and tips for utilizing the resources Microsoft 365 provides.

Simon Sez IT

Channel Views: ~57.3m Channel Subscribers: ~366k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

Simon Sez IT Youtube Channel

Simon Sez IT is a YouTube channel that provides Microsoft Office tutorials, pivot table tutorials, and Microsoft Project tutorials. The channel also offers office 2019 courses and Quickbooks tutorials. Simon Sez IT is a great channel for anyone looking to learn more about Microsoft Office or improve their skills with the software. The tutorials are well-explained and cover a wide range of topics. This channel is also a good resource for those who want to learn more about office 2019 courses.

Learnit Training

Channel Views: ~35m Channel Subscribers: ~339k Channel Videos: ~508

Learnit Training Youtube Channel

The Learnit Training YouTube channel covers Microsoft Office tutorials, Excel tutorials, Word tutorials, Smartsheet tutorials, Photoshop tutorials, SharePoint tutorials, Windows 10 tutorials, Microsoft Teams tutorials, PowerPoint tutorials, and Excel VBA tutorials. The channel is a great resource for those looking to learn more about Microsoft Office and improve their skills.

Skills Factory

Channel Views: ~77.3m Channel Subscribers: ~362k Channel Videos: ~432

Skills Factory Youtube Channel

Skills Factory is a YouTube channel featuring 15-minute tutorials on Microsoft Office, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Premiere Pro, and Bai (formerly B-AI) software. It provides an easy-to-follow approach to learning these popular software, helping people to quickly get up to speed on their digital skills. Visit their channel for comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials that make complex products easy to understand.

Kaceli TechTraining

Channel Views: ~38.2m Channel Subscribers: ~177k Channel Videos: ~444

Kaceli TechTraining Youtube Channel

Kaceli TechTraining is a YouTube channel which provides users with comprehensive tutorials and tips for Microsoft Office programs such as Excel 2016, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and even Moodle. The tutorials range from beginner-oriented to advanced level, making it a great resource for anyone needing help working with Microsoft Office. The channel covers Excel 2016, 2013, Office 2016, and Office Tutorials, giving you the tools to successfully manage and customize Microsoft Office software.

Leila Gharani

Channel Views: ~143.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~447

Leila Gharani Youtube Channel

Leila Gharani's YouTube channel shares tutorials on Microsoft Office, Excel, and various tips and tricks for the program. She also covers more advanced topics like data visualization, Excel charts and dashboards, and array formulas. Her tutorials are great for beginners and those who want to learn more about Excel's many features.

Technology for Teachers and Students

Channel Views: ~94.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~403

Technology for Teachers and Students Youtube Channel

The Technology for Teachers and Students channel offers helpful instructional videos for using Microsoft Office and other computer programs. With tips and tutorials for everything from using Excel to setting up Microsoft 365, this channel is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their computer skills.

Teacher's Tech

Channel Views: ~54.1m Channel Subscribers: ~655k Channel Videos: ~315

Teacher's Tech Youtube Channel

The Teacher's Tech YouTube channel is a resource for teachers looking to integrate technology into their classrooms. The channel offers tutorials on Microsoft Office and Google Apps, as well as helpful tips on using YouTube in the classroom. Additionally, the channel covers topics such as 3D printing and free technology resources for teachers.

Kevin Stratvert

Channel Views: ~179.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~553

Kevin Stratvert Youtube Channel

The Kevin Stratvert YouTube channel is a great resource for learning how to use Microsoft Office applications. Kevin is a very experienced video editor, and his tutorials cover a wide range of topics related to using these programs. He also covers other popular software applications such as Davinci Resolve, Microsoft Teams, and Screen Recording. His tutorials are very well-made and easy to follow. They are also very informative, and he often covers features that most users don't even know to exist. Kevin's tutorials are an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about using Microsoft Office applications.


Channel Views: ~30.4m Channel Subscribers: ~105k Channel Videos: ~89

MotionTraining Youtube Channel

MotionTraining is a popular YouTube channel offering tutorials and training videos for Microsoft Office applications, such as MS Access and Excel. It provides helpful guidance for beginners, teaching them how to make functions and calculations in MS Office. It's a great resource for anyone wanting to get started using Microsoft Office.

How to Install and Setup Microsoft Office?

Installing and setting up Microsoft Office is simple and easy to do. This guide will walk you through the basics of how to install and configure Microsoft Office on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. With the help of this guide, you can get started with just a few clicks.

  1. To begin, the first step is to purchase a Microsoft Office product.
  2. Once you’ve purchased a product, you can then download and install the software on your device. Depending upon the product you’ve purchased, the installation process may differ slightly. After the installation process is complete, the program should appear in your list of installed programs.
  3. The next step is to configure the Microsoft Office program. This includes setting up the Office profile, creating an account and activating the product to accept regular updates. Depending on the program you’ve installed, there may also be customization options available to completely customize the program.

Once these steps have been followed, you are now ready to start using Microsoft Office for your work. With a few simple instructions, you can now start creating your documents and taking advantage of the advanced features offered by Microsoft Office.

Becoming a Microsoft Office Pro in No Time!

If you're looking to quickly become a pro in Microsoft Office, you've come to the right place. Being proficient in Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel can be incredibly advantageous when it comes to your job. Having a working knowledge of these programs can make it easier for you to create powerful presentations, memos, and spreadsheets with ease. Whether you're a novice or a pro already, we have the tips and tricks you need to become a real Microsoft Office expert.

One of the most essential elements of becoming a Microsoft Office pro is to familiarize yourself with the tools that each application provides. Each Microsoft Office program contains an array of menus and functions that can be used to create or modify documents. Spend some time exploring the different commands, and become comfortable in how to use them to improve your efficiency. You can also consider taking a course or watching tutorials that can go more in depth on each tool.

Also, a great way to become a pro in the Microsoft Office suite is to practice using the programs often. If your job requires you to create documents using Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, take the time to really become familiar with the features that each program offers. Try to use different command options and test out new ideas so you can get more comfortable as you use each program. The more you practice, the faster and more proficient you will become in Microsoft Office. This will help accelerate your journey to becoming a pro in no time!

Microsoft Office Security and Trustworthiness Features

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used productivity suites around the world, with millions of people utilizing it every day for various tasks. It is also protected by various security and trustworthiness features, designed to ensure your documents, emails and settings remain safe from malicious attacks and data breaches. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how Microsoft Office provides this security for its users.

Microsoft Office uses built-in security features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption and automated security updates to protect the data of its users. Multi-factor authentication increases the security of the user’s information by requiring the user to enter a code or alternative form of identification in addition to the usual username and password. Data encryption turns data into unreadable code before it is uploaded to Microsoft’s cloud, while automatic security updates help ensure that everyone is running the most up-to-date version of the Office suite (which includes the latest bug and security patches).

In addition to these features, Microsoft Office can also be paired with popular antiviruses such as Microsoft OneDrive Defenders or BitDefender, both of which provide additional layers of security for users. These antivirus programs can help block malicious sites and emails, stop ransomware attacks and protect the user’s data from being leaked. By using a combination of these security and safety measures, Microsoft Office helps ensure the data of its users remains safe while they work. To ensure the trustworthiness of Office, Microsoft also carries out regular audits and reports the results to the public. This helps to ensure users that their information is being handled securely and it promotes a higher level of transparency between Microsoft and its users.

With these security and trustworthiness features, Microsoft Office is one of the most secure productivity suites on the market.

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