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Welcome to my guide on the best YouTube channels for Latin music. If you're a fan of merengue, then you're in for a treat. I've compiled a list of some of the best channels out there that offer a variety of Latin music for your enjoyment.
So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained by some of the best Latin music around. And who knows, maybe you'll even find a new favorite artist or two along the way.
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Merengue music: Best Youtube Channels

iASO Records

Channel Views: ~85.3m Channel Subscribers: ~188k Channel Videos: ~219

iASO Records Youtube Channel

The iASO Records YouTube channel is all about merengue music. You can find lots of videos of people dancing to merengue music, as well as instructional videos on how to play various instruments like guitar and guitara. If you're looking to learn more about this genre of music, this is a great channel to check out.


Channel Views: ~53m Channel Subscribers: ~90.8k Channel Videos: ~361

ballilatini Youtube Channel

The ballilatini YouTube channel is a great source for Latin and Brazilian music videos. You'll find videos of popular songs like Merengue Music, Danza Kuduro, and Baila Loco. Plus, there are videos of group dances like Balli di Gruppo and Salsa Loco de Cuba.


Channel Views: ~39.9m Channel Subscribers: ~117k Channel Videos: ~128

DjGiangiPeru Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel is perfect for fans of Latin music. DjGiangiPeru has a great selection of popular genres, like merengue and reggaeton. You can find both new and old tunes on the channel, so there's something for everyone. If you're looking to get in the party mood, this is the place to go.

Toño Rosario

Channel Views: ~177.7m Channel Subscribers: ~302k Channel Videos: ~189

Toño Rosario Youtube Channel

Toño Rosario is a YouTube channel featuring merengue music by the singer/songwriter of the same name. Born in the Dominican Republic, Rosario has been performing since the 1980s and has released many popular albums, including 15 500 noches and Formula vol 3. His music is upbeat and catchy, often incorporating elements of salsa and other Latin American styles. In addition to his own songs, Rosario has also recorded duets with well-known performers like Romeo Santos and Juan Luis Guerra.


Channel Views: ~517.2m Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~158


The Osocietynation YouTube channel is a amazing place to go to get your fill of Latin American rhythms. DJ Oso-City and DJ Osocity provide a wide variety of merengue music to choose from, and there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a new artist to explore, or you simply want to enjoy some great tunes, Osocietynation is the place to be.

Words matter

Channel Views: ~752.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2.1k Channel Videos: ~51

Words matter Youtube Channel

If you're looking for a little peace and inspiration in your life, the Words Matter YouTube channel is a great place to start. This channel is filled with beautiful merengue music and short quotes that are perfect for giving you a quick pick-me-up. You'll find love quotes, relationship quotes, and romantic quotes, among other inspiring tidbits. Check it out when you need a reminder that words truly do matter.


Channel Views: ~85.3m Channel Subscribers: ~362k Channel Videos: ~210

bavikon Youtube Channel

The Bavikon YouTube channel is a necessary addition to any Latin music lover's playlist. The channel features a mix of popular Latin genres, including cumbia, reggaeton, moombahton, and baile funk. The selection of music is eclectic and the mixes are high-energy, making Bavikon a perfect channel to add some spice to your music listening routine.

Hype My Party

Channel Views: ~992.7k Channel Subscribers: ~4.9k Channel Videos: ~62

Hype My Party Youtube Channel

The Hype My Party YouTube channel specializes in Latin American music, specifically merengue and salsa. DJ Lush is the mastermind behind the music, and he always knows how to get a party started. If you're looking for some high-energy music to get you moving, then this is the channel for you.

Vishal Dance Fitness

Channel Views: ~49.4m Channel Subscribers: ~184k Channel Videos: ~430

Vishal Dance Fitness Youtube Channel

The Vishal Dance Fitness channel offers a variety of dance fitness videos set to popular music from around the world. You can find videos featuring merengue music, as well as other popular genres like pop and Asian music. The channel is a great resource for anyone looking to get fit and have fun doing it.


Channel Views: ~258.8k Channel Subscribers: ~747 Channel Videos: ~168

WhyNotDance2Nite Youtube Channel

WhyNotDance2Nite is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching viewers how to dance bachata. The channel features videos of bachata dancers performing, as well as bachata lessons and tutorials. WhyNotDance2Nite also hosts a annual ballroom dancing competition.

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