Are you a passionate car enthusiast and looking for the the best YouTube channels to satisfy your curiosities about the automotive world? We have compiled a list of amazing YouTube channels for you pertaining to mechanics, cars, automotive, auto repair, restoration, diy, and more. Whether you're a novice or a pro, you will find something fun and educational amongst these amazing channels. And of course, a hilarious video or two are thrown in just in case you need a break! Keep reading to find the perfect YouTube channel for you.

Mechanic: Top Youtube Channels

Mechanic Steve

Channel Views: ~885.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~2k

Mechanic Steve Youtube Channel

Mechanic Steve is a YouTube channel dedicated to auto mechanics. On the channel, Steve shares his extensive knowledge on the subject, providing helpful tips and tutorials that can be used to maintain and repair vehicles. He also reviews different auto parts and tools, so viewers can make informed decisions before purchasing.


Channel Views: ~151.8m Channel Subscribers: ~788k Channel Videos: ~951

HumbleMechanic Youtube Channel

HumbleMechanic is a YouTube channel focused on helping VW owners with DIY car repair and mechanics tools. It covers topics such as VW issues, Golf R, carbon buildup, and tool reviews. Lead mechanic and founder Bob, provides viewers with his expert knowledge and advice on all things related to VW mechanics and repairs. With his ever-growing list of loyal followers, HumbleMechanic is quickly becoming the go-to source for all things related to VW repairs and mechanics tools.


Channel Views: ~80.5m Channel Subscribers: ~336k Channel Videos: ~173

Linguoer—mechanic Youtube Channel

The Linguoer—mechanic YouTube channel specializes in DIY restoration and repairs, with ASMR content and handmade creations from 林果儿. From auto repairs to home repairs, this channel has it all for the mechanically inclined! Whether you're looking for tips on how to fix something or just want to watch movies filled with tinkering and repairing, Linguoer—mechanic has you covered.

Mechanical Nightmare

Channel Views: ~16.7m Channel Subscribers: ~52.4k Channel Videos: ~118

Mechanical Nightmare Youtube Channel

The Mechanical Nightmare YouTube channel is operated by a mechanic with a focus on customer states compilation. It showcases cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have just rolled into the shop, and the customer states mechanic offers insight and advice on what may be wrong and how to fix it. With an emphasis on customerstates, this channel offers valuable guidance, insight, and opinion on the world of mechanics.

Expert Mechanic

Channel Views: ~53.3m Channel Subscribers: ~75.9k Channel Videos: ~103

Expert Mechanic Youtube Channel

The Expert Mechanic YouTube channel provides amazing insights into the world of Pakistani trucks by showcasing the amazing and colourful skills of a master mechanic. Viewers can expect how to repair truck engines, engine restoration videos and plenty of other amazing things. Be sure to check out the Expert Mechanic for endless wondering skills!

Mechanic Jack

Channel Views: ~22.8m Channel Subscribers: ~139k Channel Videos: ~696

Mechanic Jack Youtube Channel

Mechanic Jack's YouTube channel is dedicated to providing viewers with expert advice on how to restore, repair, and finish all sorts of mechanical work. He provides tutorials and tips on many topics from bluing steel, to polishing aluminium and steel, to metal work and lathe and mill work. By following the advice and techniques offered by Jack, viewers can take on their own perfect restoration projects.

Mechanic Mike

Channel Views: ~265.1m Channel Subscribers: ~293k Channel Videos: ~573

Mechanic Mike Youtube Channel

Mechanic Mike is a YouTube channel devoted to providing helpful tutorials on car maintenance and repair techniques. From diagnosing engine problems to explaining complicated automotive systems, Mike's educational videos provide an in-depth analysis of car-related topics to auto-mechanics and DIY enthusiasts alike. With his years of automotive experience, Mike offers insightful advice on how to keep your car running smoothly - all from the comfort of your home.

mechanic majid

Channel Views: ~76.4m Channel Subscribers: ~104k Channel Videos: ~357

mechanic majid Youtube Channel

Mechanic Majid is a YouTube channel that provides helpful advice on car repairs and maintenance. The channel features videos of Indian mechanic Majid performing mechanical jobs for customers, as well as compilations of customer statements telling about their experiences. Whether you are looking for general tips on car maintenance or for specific repairs, this channel can be a great resource.

Jimmy, Making it work

Channel Views: ~5.5m Channel Subscribers: ~10.7k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Jimmy, Making it work Youtube Channel

Jimmy, Making it Work is a YouTube channel run by auto mechanic Jimmy. He focuses on auto repair and race car maintenance, showing viewers how to fix their cars and tackle problems such as air conditioning repair. He also uses Snap On tools in his videos and answers viewers' questions with Can I..? videos. His videos document his work and help others learn from his experience.

South Main Auto Repair LLC

Channel Views: ~302.7m Channel Subscribers: ~790k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

South Main Auto Repair LLC Youtube Channel

South Main Auto Repair LLC is a YouTube channel focused on automotive repair solutions, providing helpful advice and guidance on how to properly use car repair tools and showcase various techniques to fix common car problems. As a professional mechanic and automotive repair shop, they specialize in all types of car repairs and provide tutorials to help viewers with their car repair projects. With a wealth of knowledge, tools and resources on automotive repair marketing, South Main Auto Repair LLC will help viewers navigate through the maintenance and repair of their vehicles.


Channel Views: ~25.6m Channel Subscribers: ~28.6k Channel Videos: ~694

WeWrench Youtube Channel

WeWrench is an automotive YouTube channel dedicated to BMW vehicles and Motorsport. Mercedes, Porsche and Audi cars are also discussed. Our mechanics provide tips and advice on DIY repairs, servicing, and auto restoration of BMW E34, M5 and other car models, delivered with a highly technical and professional mindset. WeWrench is the ideal destination for car enthusiasts and mechanics looking for the top advice and expertise.

Rainman Ray's Repairs

Channel Views: ~225.4m Channel Subscribers: ~491k Channel Videos: ~763

Rainman Ray's Repairs Youtube Channel

Rainman Ray's Repairs YouTube channel offers a wide range of educational and instructional videos for automotive repair. He covers a variety of topics from simple customer stated issues to more complicated auto repair, transmission swaps, and diesel engine diagnostics. He also specializes in more challenging off-road modifications and how to instructions. His content covers repairs on all types of cars, trucks, and diesel vehicles.

Car Wizard

Channel Views: ~132.1m Channel Subscribers: ~836k Channel Videos: ~570

Car Wizard Youtube Channel

Car Wizard, a YouTube channel hosted by David Long from Omega Auto Clinic, is a dedicated mechanic that focuses on car repair and maintenance of both super cars and exotic cars. His videos often feature helpful advice, tips, and tricks for DIY car repair and maintenance. Follow Car Wizard on YouTube for all your car needs!


Channel Views: ~95.8m Channel Subscribers: ~567k Channel Videos: ~333

Woman.Driven Youtube Channel

Woman.driven is a YouTube channel devoted to car vlogs featuring female lead mechanic Shelby GT350, Camaro ZL1, ZL1 1LE, and more. Fans can follow along as the woman.driven team creates car entertainment for all to enjoy, from maintenance and workings, to the occasional trick or two. Gordi Buena, the founder of the channel, invites viewers to join in the fun, and follow along for the ride.
It's the ultimate destination for lady driven automotive enthusiasm.

Jamie's Garage

Channel Views: ~439.3m Channel Subscribers: ~557k Channel Videos: ~156

Jamie's Garage Youtube Channel

Jamie's Garage is a YouTube channel run by a professional mechanic and shop owner. He provides interesting content on auto repair and modifications for all BMW models, including the Mini Cooper, M3, M2, 740, E38, E46, and E90. He demonstrates how to repair and customize these cars, and often does complete rebuilds.

Amazing Things Official

Channel Views: ~149.1m Channel Subscribers: ~292k Channel Videos: ~196

Amazing Things Official Youtube Channel

Amazing Things Official is a YouTube channel owned by ChrisFix, a heavy duty mechanic and diesel engine repair specialist. ChrisFix specializes in manufacturing and repairing heavy equipment, covering topics from engine part replacement to solving common problems. His videos bring viewers on a journey to learn his skills using his hands-on approach to mechanic and engineering. From restoring a classic tractor to solving a complicated electrical issue, viewers can count on Amazing Things Official to provide detailed information into the ever-evolving world of heavy equipment.

Trucking & Fixing With Ryan

Channel Views: ~9.7m Channel Subscribers: ~56.3k Channel Videos: ~407

Trucking & Fixing With Ryan Youtube Channel

Ryan's YouTube channel, Trucking & Fixing With Ryan, is a great source of information for anyone in the trucking industry. He offers tutorials on truck maintenance, reviews of equipment, and insight from being an owner operator in the industry. He covers topics such as landstar bco and landstar owner operator programs and shares his experience as a semi truck repair specialist.

The Car Care Nut

Channel Views: ~60.3m Channel Subscribers: ~554k Channel Videos: ~342

The Car Care Nut Youtube Channel

The Car Care Nut YouTube channel is a popular source for automotive enthusiasts, featuring a Toyota Mechanic providing advice and resources on car care, rebuilds and builds on the Toyota Camry and Toyota Rav4. Offering a wealth of knowledge, this channel allows viewers to learn through demonstration and guidance.


Channel Views: ~10.2m Channel Subscribers: ~15.8k Channel Videos: ~470

WrenchWay Youtube Channel

WrenchWay is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping mechanics, automotive aftermarket technicians, dealerships, and automotive shops with recruiting and offering advice on mechanic and technician jobs. They also provide general automotive aftermarket advice and tutorials.

Flying Wrenches

Channel Views: ~15.4m Channel Subscribers: ~50.3k Channel Videos: ~200

Flying Wrenches Youtube Channel

Flying Wrenches YouTube channel is a great source for car mechanics, technicians, and DIYers. Each video teaches viewers how to install and repair automotive parts for Ford, Chevrolet, GM, and other popular brands. With easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be able to get your vehicle up and running in no time!

Alex K

Channel Views: ~32.2m Channel Subscribers: ~143k Channel Videos: ~468

Alex K Youtube Channel

Alex K is a YouTube channel dedicated to car enthusiasts. He specializes in providing tutorials and walkthroughs on how to play car mechanic simulator 2018, Car detailing simulator, and other best racing games for pc. From auto repair tips to Project car gameplay, Alex K has a wide range of topics to explore. He also offers entertaining Let's Plays of Car Mechanic Simulator 2020 and other related car racing games.

The Awesome Skills

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~7.2k Channel Videos: ~95

The Awesome Skills Youtube Channel

The Awesome Skills YouTube channel is all about showing off powerful machinery and heavy technology. From new machines to perfect restorations, their video content covers everything from lathe work to impossible restorations in their heavy machines workshop. My Mechanics shows how to put the skills needed for the perfect restoration into practice.

Understanding the Specialized Skills Required of Mechanics

The specialized skills required of mechanics rely on a foundation of knowledge and training in order to properly service and diagnose all sorts of equipment. Mechanics typically specialize in certain vehicle makes, or system components, or are experts in certain types of diagnostic tools. It goes without saying that when a business or home owner is entrusting you with their property, they want to know that you know what you're doing.

  • For those who want to be the best mechanic they can be, the specialized skills necessary can be acquired through courses, certifications and on the job training. Taking courses in the latest in automotive and equipment repair technologies can be invaluable in staying ahead of the competition and ensuring the highest quality of work. Acquiring certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence can also greatly bolster your credibility. Those who may already have experience in the field can benefit greatly from attending classes and seminars to either brush up on existing knowledge or to be the first to learn about upcoming repair technologies.
  • For those thinking of entering into the field, working alongside a more experienced mechanic can be incredibly beneficial in developing those specialized skills. By working closely with professionals in the industry, you can gain insight into best practices and the tricks of the trade while eventually developing the knowledge and confidence to tackle your own projects. 

With adequate time, experience and understanding of the principles of mechanics, one can become highly skilled in the specialized skills necessary to work as a professional.

The Tools and Equipment Needed by Mechanics

Maintaining an automobile requires a high level of knowledge and skill, but having the right tools and equipment is essential in order for a mechanic to do their job properly. Tools for mechanics come in all shapes, sizes, and strength and it is important to have the right one for the job. To be successful at automotive repair and maintenance, a mechanic should have a range of tools and equipment which includes power tools, hand tools, buffing and polishing tools, measuring equipment, and other specialist tools.

  • Power tools are used to create a lot of mechanical force in a relatively short period of time and can be used to move large objects. Some examples of power tools mechanics may use include, but are not limited to, drill/drivers, ratchet sets, impact wrenches, and sanders. Hand tools are used for a variety of tasks and are an essential part of a mechanic’s toolkit. Common hand tools for mechanics include screwdrivers, pliers, chisels, hammers and measuring tapes.
  • Along with the power and hand tools, other important equipment and materials are necessary for a mechanic to get the job done correctly. Paint and polishing products, sand paper, welding equipment, and protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses are just some of the items that can be found in the mechanic’s workshop. 

Having the right tools and equipment will enable a mechanic to perform all the tasks required to repair and maintain vehicles. Without them, they will not be able to complete their job safely and efficiently.

Educating Yourself on Mechanic Pricing and Fees

Educating yourself on mechanic pricing and fees is essential for keeping your car running smoothly and avoiding paying for unnecessary services. Knowing what to expect and what is reasonable to pay for different services will help you know when you’re being overcharged or taken advantage of. There are several basic things you should understand before going to the mechanic.

  1. First, it’s important to understand the different types of fees associated with car maintenance services. Most mechanics will charge an hourly rate for labor and a set fee for parts. In addition, they might charge an extra fee for diagnostics or special services. Understanding what different services cost and what body shops might charge more or less can help you make an informed decision.
  2. Secondly, it’s important to research the quality of different mechanics in your area. Reading online reviews or asking friends and family who they use can be helpful in selecting the right mechanic for you. It’s also important to have a list of questions ready for when you visit the shop. Ask about the availability of parts, their estimated wait time for completion, and any other specific services you may need. Taking the time to get a feel for the shop’s level of customer service should always factor into the decision-making process.

By taking the time to educate yourself on prices and fees associated with mechanic services, you can rest assured that you’re making the best decisions for your car maintenance needs. Whether you choose a national chain or an independent shop, an informed consumer is always a smart consumer.

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