13 Best Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Youtube Channels

Are you interested in uncovering your personality type? Do you love learning more about people and how to better interact with them? If so, you may have heard of the Myers Briggs Personality Test, better known as MBTI. It is an incredibly useful tool for discovering how your mind works and understanding yourself and others better. To help you take the next step, we have rounded up the best YouTube channels for discovering and learning more about MBTI, such as INFJ, 16 personalities, ISFJ, ISTJ and ENTP. Read on to find out more!

MBTI 일상툰

Channel Views: ~70.9m Channel Subscribers: ~120k Channel Videos: ~620

MBTI 일상툰 Youtube Channel

MBTI 일상툰 YouTube channel is dedicated to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) cartoons, comics, and daily life illustrations. With characters representing 16 different MBTI personality types, and storylines centering around animals, the MBTI channel provides a deep dive into MBTI concepts and theory. With a combination of cartoon art and insightful commentary, this channel gives viewers a deeper insight into their own MBTI type, and those of others.


Channel Views: ~671.5k Channel Subscribers: ~887 Channel Videos: ~292

LOLMBTI memes Youtube Channel

LOLMBTI memes is a YouTube channel devoted to exploring the world of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with a humorous and entertaining take. It provides content focused on the lifestyle choices of MBTI types, as well as funny and engaging memes. A great channel to explore MBTI and have a laugh.

M B T I • me

Channel Views: ~10m Channel Subscribers: ~21.6k Channel Videos: ~133

M B T I • me Youtube Channel

The M B T I • ME YouTube channel is a great resource for discovering your type in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) system. It provides a range of educational content, fun and quirky MBTI test results, as well as hilarious videos and memes related to the 16 personalities, such as INFJ, INTJ, INTP, INFP, ENFP and ENTP. It's a great source of insight and entertainment for anybody interested in Myers-Briggs typology!

MBTI memes

Channel Views: ~10.4m Channel Subscribers: ~32.2k Channel Videos: ~121

MBTI memes Youtube Channel

The MBTI Memes YouTube channel is a great place to find funny and relatable content related to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Content is tailored around the 16 personalities and its complex inner workings to provide a lighthearted and humorous approach to personal development. With an array of MBTI memes, the channel provides insight and entertainment for all types of personalities, such as INFP, INFJ, and even TPC.

MBTI Humans

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~9.8k Channel Videos: ~154

MBTI Humans Youtube Channel

The MBTI Humans YouTube channel is a great place for anyone who is interested in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the 16 personality types. They provide helpful resources and discuss the different types, along with some fun mbti memes to lighten the mood. It's a great place to engage with other people of different mbti types and learn more about them.

Basic MBTI

Channel Views: ~718.2k Channel Subscribers: ~4.7k Channel Videos: ~58

Basic MBTI Youtube Channel

The Basic MBTI YouTube channel provides humorous content related to Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) types, personality test results, and 16 personality types. It features original MBTI memes, humorous MBTI parody sketches, and funny MBTI stereotypes in videos.

Frank James

Channel Views: ~237.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~771

Frank James Youtube Channel

Frank James' YouTube channel covers a wide variety of topics related to the INFJ personality type and MBTI. He provides advice and tips to other INFJs on relationships, INFJ traits, and being a highly sensitive person. His videos also cover a range of topics related to the 16 personality types and the differences between INFJ males and females. He is a great resource for INFJ and HSP advice and insight.

Personality 101

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~468

Personality 101 Youtube Channel

The Personality 101 YouTube channel entertains viewers with videos about psychological topics such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and lifestyle advice. The channel covers topics ranging from discovering one's own personality type to developing productive habits, helping viewers get a better understanding of themselves.
The channel also features entertaining content such as Q&A sessions and quizzes, making it an enjoyable and informative experience.

Psychology Refresh

Channel Views: ~5.3m Channel Subscribers: ~42.9k Channel Videos: ~386

Psychology Refresh Youtube Channel

Psychology Refresh is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people improve their mental and emotional well-being. Featuring videos on topics such as MBTI, social psychology, personal growth, soft skills, and psychological facts, this channel offers valuable insights into personality types, self improvement, and healthy relationships. Psychology Refresh is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore and understand themselves better.


Channel Views: ~5.6m Channel Subscribers: ~8.3k Channel Videos: ~270

XUANNY Youtube Channel

XUANNY is a YouTube channel focused on MBTI and entertainment, with a strong focus on video game culture and film. The channel produces content on various topics, from Entertainment to MBTI, with an emphasis on exploring the crossover between video game culture and film. Whether it be a feature-length film review or an analysis of a game, XUANNY is your go-to for deep dives into the intersection of these two universes.

Denial Typea

Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~21.9k Channel Videos: ~153

Denial Typea Youtube Channel

Denial Typea is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the sixteen Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality types. They offer in-depth videos that explore each type in detail and discuss how different types interact with each other, as well as how they manifest cognitive functions. They also offer individual videos about specific personalities such as ENTPs, ENFPs, ISTJs, ISFJs, and INTJs.


Channel Views: ~405.6k Channel Subscribers: ~3.3k Channel Videos: ~111

TrebleKnight Youtube Channel

TrebleKnight is a YouTube channel featuring videos created by an INFP that focus on MBTI, 16 personalities, and introvert comedy. His content includes comedic roasts and commentary about everyday life from the perspective of his introverted personality type. TrebleKnight is dedicated to producing entertaining videos that bring some lighthearted fun to the MBTI world.

Think More Deeply

Channel Views: ~60.6k Channel Subscribers: ~4k Channel Videos: ~7

Think More Deeply Youtube Channel

The Think More Deeply YouTube channel offers videos about Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) using Cognitive Functions and Personality Analysis. It provides informative and engaging content about learning MBTI and helps viewers gain useful insights into Personality Hacker. A great resource for students and professionals alike looking to understand MBTI and its personality analysis.

Understanding the Basics of the MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychological tool used to determine how individuals perceive and process information. This system is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types and was developed by Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers. Developed in the 1940s, the MBTI is used to help people understand their preferences in how they think, feel, and interact with the world. Understanding the basics of the MBTI can be a great foundation for individuals to self-discover and develop self-awareness.

  • The MBTI is a way of categorizing individuals into 16 general “types”. Each type is represented by four letters based on the answers one provides to questions, and each letter denotes a preference in how people perceive and interact with the world. This includes how an individual receives information, makes decisions, and approaches tasks. From the answers provided, a person is assigned one of these four dichotomies: Introversion (I) vs. Extraversion (E), Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F), and Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P).
  • Through further research and applications of the MBTI, individuals are able to understand themselves better by recognizing their innate tendencies. Separate from IQ and aptitude tests, the MBTI allows a person to unearth their true desires, motivations, potentials, and probably most importantly, how we interact with others and how to optimize self-presentation in various situations. It is important to remember that the MBTI is only a tool and should be taken into consideration with other holistic self-evaluations. 

With proper engagement and understanding of the MBTI, individuals can unlock important aspects of their personality.

Understanding Yourself Better with the MBTI

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a powerful and effective tool for understanding yourself better. Through the MBTI, you can gain deeper insight into your personal strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. The MBTI organizes personality into sixteen different types, and incorporates a variety of questions to discover each type. By learning what type you are, you can dramatically improve how you interact with and understand others, as well as give you a better perspective about your own psychological functions.

  • The sixteen types of the Myers-Briggs are made up of four scales. The first scale looks at whether one tends towards extroversion or introversion in terms of where one puts their energy. The second scale assesses how a person takes in information; sensing or intuition. The third scale looks at how one makes decisions; thinking or feeling. The fourth scale assesses how one interacts with the world; judging or perceiving.
  • Understanding yourself better is essential for leading a fulfilled, balanced life. With the MBTI, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and others. By understanding more about your own core preferences, you can choose to express these preferences more often and make wiser decisions. You can also use this knowledge to better collaborate with those around you and develop stronger relationships. 

Ultimately, the MBTI provides you with the power to better understand yourself and those around you.

MBTI in the Workplace

Personality has become a key factor in many aspects of our lives, from our careers to our relationships. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular and proven personality assessment tool that can help individuals understand their natural strengths and preferences and how they will interact with the world around them.

  • The MBTI is often used in the workplace to help determine which employees would be best suited for different roles and positions. It can also be used to determine how employees are best able to work with each other and collaborate. By looking at an individual’s preferences for communication style, work style, decision-making, problem-solving and how they approach stress, the MBTI can help create a team that works better together.
  • Using the MBTI in the workplace can also help employees determine a career path that best suits their personality. Knowing their preferences in terms of work pace, environment, and type of tasks they prefer can ensure that employees are placed in a job where they will excel and be successful. Additionally, many employers use MBTI assessments for team building purposes, creating an environment where each individual's strengths are highlighted and recognized. Taking the MBTI is an important step towards increased career success as it allows an individual to create a plan for growth and improvement, all while understanding their natural gifts and abilities.

Overall, the MBTI is a powerful tool for the workplace. By understanding the preferences and personalities of an individual, companies can better foster collaboration and team building, while employees can look to their MBTI results to create an individual career path to success.

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