16 Best Madhubani Painting Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to learn about the amazing art of Madhubani and Mithila painting? Look no further! In this article, we will be exploring a comprehensive list of some of the best channels that offer helpful tutorials and guidance on these unique art forms. From painting and drawing tips to DIY projects and vlogs, these channels have it all. Keep reading to find the perfect channel for you!

Madhubani Art by Anjali

Channel Views: ~154.7k Channel Subscribers: ~938 Channel Videos: ~128

Madhubani Art by Anjali Youtube Channel

Madhubani Art by Anjali is a YouTube channel featuring videos that show beautiful Madhubani painting. The channel covers topics like madhubani paintings kaise banye, mithala painting, hey raja humko bi banaras guma de, etc. It also provides helpful tips for madhubani art and craft and creative ideas on mithila art. Explore this channel to discover more fascinating aspects of madhubani paintings.

To Be Artist - Madhubani Painting

Channel Views: ~310.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~54

To Be Artist - Madhubani Painting Youtube Channel

To Be Artist - Madhubani Painting is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching viewers how to make beautiful Madhubani artwork. Led by renowned Madhubani artist Anamika Pathak, its contents include easy-to-follow tutorials on Madhubani painting for beginners, tips on how to become a Madhubani artist, and lessons on how to paint a variety of subjects including Radha Krishna in Madhubani painting. This is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about Madhubani art and how to make it.

Anjali shorts art

Channel Views: ~13.9m Channel Subscribers: ~21k Channel Videos: ~835

Anjali shorts art Youtube Channel

Anjali Shorts Art is a popular YouTube channel that teaches viewers the traditional art of Mithila painting and Madhubani Penting 2.0. The channel also provides tutorials on how to draw romantic paintings, fish art, and couple drawing. The creative works created by Anjali have made her one of the top Madhubani painting channels on YouTube.

Creative Art

Channel Views: ~19.9m Channel Subscribers: ~266k Channel Videos: ~476

Creative Art Youtube Channel

The Creative Art YouTube channel is a great resource for creative expression and learning. It provides tutorials and inspiration for a variety of art techniques, including Madhubani painting, glass painting, Kalamkari painting, Meenakari painting, and bottle decore. Viewers can explore painting and crafting tutorials, creative arts and crafts projects, and creative art tutorials. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, you'll find something to inspire you in the Creative Art channel.

Painting Vlogs with Trivenika

Channel Views: ~8.8m Channel Subscribers: ~111k Channel Videos: ~316

Painting Vlogs with Trivenika Youtube Channel

Painting Vlogs with Trivenika is a YouTube channel that covers a wide range of Indian folk painting techniques, including Madhubani, Mandala, and abstract painting. This channel showcases various art and craft projects that can be easily done at home, such as how to create canvas paintings. Tune in for informative tutorials and creative ideas with Trivenika!

Samriddhi Mithila Kala

Channel Views: ~480.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.7k Channel Videos: ~323

Samriddhi Mithila Kala Youtube Channel

Samriddhi Mithila Kala is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Madhubani painting. It features lovely peacock designs, Radha Krishna paintings and other beautiful and intricate designs of Madhubani art. Its videos highlight unique and intricate designs and concepts that are both breathtaking and captivating. Samriddhi Mithila Kala's channel is a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about this traditional form of Indian art.

Mithila Vibes

Channel Views: ~126.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~48

Mithila Vibes Youtube Channel

Mithila Vibes is a YouTube channel that offers tutorials on Madhubani, a traditional Indian folk art. It provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to learn Madhubani painting in an accessible way, perfect for beginners. Viewers will learn techniques to create stunning Madhubani art and craft projects, such as Mithila painting.

Art Thrills Studio

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~23.8k Channel Videos: ~150

Art Thrills Studio Youtube Channel

Art Thrills Studio on YouTube is an inspiring and educational platform to discover Indian folk art and painting. Expert artist and tutor Jaya Shyam showcases Madhubani painting, Gond painting, Warli art, Tribal art, Dot mandala, and more. With tips, tricks, tutorials, and answers to viewers' questions, Art Thrills Studio helps beginners and advanced artists alike in painting material, mandala art, and more.

Roshani arts & vlog

Channel Views: ~754.6k Channel Subscribers: ~5.3k Channel Videos: ~184

Roshani arts & vlog Youtube Channel

Roshani Arts & Vlog is a YouTube channel dedicated to Madhubani and Mithila painting, as well as other forms of fine arts, water colour painting, and vital painting. It also features daily life vlogs where viewers get a unique insight into the vibrant Madhubani and Mithila cultures. The channel serves as a great source for anyone interested in learning more about the traditional Madhubani and Mithila arts.


Channel Views: ~298.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~64

mithila_palette Youtube Channel

Mithila Palette is a YouTube channel that showcases the beautiful art of Madhubani painting. The channel focuses on teaching its viewers how to incorporate this traditional skill as a hobby into their lifestyle. From intricate patterns to unique designs, the channel provides step-by-step tutorials that cover all skill levels. With its upbeat content, Mithila Palette is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the art of Madhubani painting.

smart start with homemaker

Channel Views: ~330.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~93

smart start with homemaker Youtube Channel

The Smart Start with Homemaker YouTube channel is dedicated to Madhubani painting and other forms of Indian folk art such as peacock art, sun drawing, and elephant drawing. It features tutorials and demonstrations on painting traditional Madhubani designs, Indian peacock designs, and many more. With videos covering various topics from basic painting techniques to advanced mithilaart, it?s an amazing resource for anyone interested in learning about the various forms of Indian folk art.

Renugarts kala gallery

Channel Views: ~40k Channel Subscribers: ~318 Channel Videos: ~24

Renugarts kala gallery Youtube Channel

Renugarts Kala Gallery is a YouTube channel that offers an extensive range of Madhubani painting, Painting Vlogs with Trivenika, Mithila Art Gallery, Anushree Dutta, Vanshibha Art, Tejaa Artists, The Art Geek, Soum's Art, Art Avatar, and Goodness in You. Its content includes videos on technique demonstrations, paintings, art interviews, and more. It strives to promote and spread the awareness of Madhubani art around the world by providing a unique platform for creators in the art community.

Wonders Painting

Channel Views: ~193.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~122

Wonders Painting Youtube Channel

Wonders Painting is a popular YouTube channel that showcases traditional Madhubani painting from Bihar in India. The videos include easy-to-follow painting tutorials, painting challenges, and viral shorts from Diet Rambagh. The channel also serves to promote Bihar traditional art and has become a go-to platform for Madhubani and Mithila painting enthusiasts. With its impressive range of viral videos, Wonders Painting continues to amaze viewers around the world.

Artist Arpita Chakraborty

Channel Views: ~40.4k Channel Subscribers: ~207 Channel Videos: ~70

Artist Arpita Chakraborty Youtube Channel

Artist Arpita Chakraborty's YouTube channel features exciting art tutorials on Madhubani painting, painting videos, easy and simple pencil colour drawings, watercolour painting for beginners, step by step pencil sketching for beginners, oil pastel drawing and soft pastel drawing tutorials for artists of all levels. Her videos provide detailed instruction and easy to follow content that make learning fun and inspiring.

kalika mithila art gallery

Channel Views: ~21.8k Channel Subscribers: ~92 Channel Videos: ~45

kalika mithila art gallery Youtube Channel

Kalika Mithila Art Gallery is a YouTube channel that showcases Madhubani painting, a traditional folk art from the Mithila region of India. The channel provides detailed instructions and tips for viewers who want to learn this art form as a lifestyle and hobby. The videos provide inspiring tutorials that will introduce viewers to this beautiful art form.


Channel Views: ~174.4k Channel Subscribers: ~378 Channel Videos: ~164

ingenuitybylakshmi Youtube Channel

The ingenuitybylakshmi YouTube channel is an educational platform that showcases the process of traditional Indian folk art through instructional tutorials for various mediums, such as Madhubani painting, Kerala mural, clay mural, tray painting, wood art, and acrylic painting. Learn the techniques of these beautiful and vibrant styles of art with insight from these video tutorials!

What You Need to Get Started with Madhubani Painting

Madhubani painting is a traditional Indian folk art originating from the Mithila region of India. This type of painting typically features symmetrical patterns filled with vibrant colors and animated figures. Madhubani painting is a truly unique art form that dates back thousands of years and is represented in both fine art galleries and living rooms around the world. If you’re interested in creating your own Madhubani paintings, here’s what you need to get started.

  • First, you’ll need to gather some basic supplies. You’ll need a canvas or art paper, a range of bright colors like red, orange, and yellow, and a few brushes of various sizes. You’ll also need pens with fine tips so that you can draw the intricate details of your painting. Additionally, it will be useful to have easy access to reference pictures of both traditional Madhubani art and contemporary versions.
  • Finally, you’ll need to get familiar with the various techniques used in Madhubani painting. When creating your own masterpiece, you’ll want to use a combination of brush strokes (including circular and curved ones), straight lines, and dots. Animal and plant motifs are also important components of Madhubani art, so be sure to include these when you start creating. 

Once you’ve got all the necessary supplies and a strong understanding of the techniques, you’re ready to bring your ideas to life in the form of a beautiful Madhubani painting. So don’t wait, get those supplies and get started on your very own Madhubani masterpiece today!

Essential Madhubani Painting Techniques and Tips

Madhubani painting is an ancient Indian art form that originated in Bihar. It is a style of painting done with your fingers, brush, and other tools that are made out of natural materials. Madhubani paintings are known for their bold and vivid colors, intricate designs, and complex geometric shapes. Themes of Madhubani paintings are often inspired by Hindu mythology.

The essential techniques used to create Madhubani paintings involve intricate line work, outlining, and dotting. Line work is used to define shapes and create intricate patterns, while outlining brings greater dimension and texture to a painting. Dotting is used to break up sections of the painting and add detail to the overall composition.

For beginners, some tips to keep in mind when creating Madhubani paintings are to start with simple designs and practice with small paintings. It is important to take your time in order to draw precise lines and create balanced compositions. Color selection is also key to creating Madhubani paintings, as vibrant colors bring life and energy to the artwork. 

Finally, practice regularly to build your technique and skill level. With dedication and patience, anyone can learn the art of Madhubani painting.

Choosing Colours and Materials for Madhubani Painting

Madhubani painting is a centuries-old form of Indian painting which has risen in popularity in the past few years. As with any form of art, the colours and materials used in creating a Madhubani artwork can greatly affect the end result. Careful consideration of which colours and materials to choose can lead to the production of a magnificent piece of art.

  • The choice of colours is particularly important for Madhubani painting. Traditionally, it uses five main bright colours such as red, yellow, green, black, and white or off-white paint. However, other hues can also be used, depending on the artist’s preferences. It is important to select the right tones and shades in order to create a visually-appealing artwork. In addition to paint, a variety of natural materials such as rice paste, soot, turmeric, and even cow dung can be used to enhance the colour palette of the painting.
  • The two main materials to use for Madhubani painting are cloth and paper. For traditional pieces, cloth is used as it can be manipulated easily and provides texture to the painting. Natural fabrics such as handmade Khadi, Kora cotton, and unbleached muslin are recommended, as they give a unique look and feel to the painting. For a more minimalistic look, thin, acid-free drawing papers are a good choice. When choosing the paper, be sure to pick one which will not deform when the painting is framed. 

With the right combination of colours and materials, it is possible to create unique, beautiful Madhubani artworks.

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