Are you looking to stay up to date with the latest economic news and trends? Are you curious about the different branches of the discipline? Do you want to understand more about macroeconomics and microeconomics, finance, history, econ, AP economics, and even GDP? If so, then you should keep reading for the best YouTube channels for all your economic needs! Here is an overview of the top YouTube channels to help you stay informed and get a better understanding of the dynamic and ever-evolving world of economics.

Macroeconomics: Top Youtube Channels

Economics in Many Lessons

Channel Views: ~11.9m Channel Subscribers: ~52.6k Channel Videos: ~970

Economics in Many Lessons Youtube Channel

Economics in Many Lessons is a YouTube channel providing comprehensive tutorials on a wide range of economic topics, from basic micro- and macroeconomics to intermediate and advanced microeconomics, managerial economics, labor economics and more. Such discussions are critical to understanding economics in greater depth and at different levels, from the conceptual to practical.

Brad Cartwright

Channel Views: ~3.5m Channel Subscribers: ~32.1k Channel Videos: ~390

Brad Cartwright Youtube Channel

Brad Cartwright's YouTube channel provides informative content on a variety of economics topics, including macroeconomics, IB Economics, AP Economics, A Level Economics, International Economics, Development Economics, Theory of the Firm, Economics Review and Economics Study Guide. In addition, concise economics summaries are featured to help viewers better understand and apply the material. Ideal for students and professionals alike, the channel has something for everyone!

Wyvern66 Economics

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~14.6k Channel Videos: ~269

Wyvern66 Economics Youtube Channel

Wyvern66 Economics is an educational YouTube channel devoted to teaching viewers about macroeconomics, supply and demand, market structure, and other topics in economics. It provides helpful tutorials on several economic concepts such as the law of demand, law of supply, elasticity of demand, and distinct types of market competition like perfect competition and monopolistic competition.

Bradley Economics

Channel Views: ~48.8k Channel Subscribers: ~488 Channel Videos: ~135

Bradley Economics Youtube Channel

Bradley Economics is a YouTube channel providing educational insights and discussion on macroeconomics, microeconomics and other branches of economics. It covers topics such as GDP, inflation, scarcity, and offers accessible explanations for viewers of all ages and economic backgrounds. By combining theoretical and practical content, Bradley Economics demystifies economic concepts and demonstrates their relevance in the real world.

Jacob Clifford

Channel Views: ~88.1m Channel Subscribers: ~721k Channel Videos: ~420

Jacob Clifford Youtube Channel

Jacob Clifford's YouTube channel is the perfect resource for those taking Advanced Placement Economics, offering a wealth of helpful tutorials and lectures on both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. With expert instruction from Jacob Clifford, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of key economic concepts. Econ students of all levels of experience can benefit from his engaging and informative videos.


Channel Views: ~963.8k Channel Subscribers: ~10.8k Channel Videos: ~109

ReviewEcon Youtube Channel

ReviewEcon is a YouTube channel that includes informative and engaging tutorials in macroeconomics and microeconomics, specifically AP Economics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Microeconomics. The channel is ideal for students and educators looking to master the principles of macro- and microeconomics in an easy to understand and entertaining way. It's the perfect place to get a head start on grasping macro- and microeconomics and preparing for AP exams.

Learning Economics

Channel Views: ~283.7k Channel Subscribers: ~6.2k Channel Videos: ~107

Learning Economics Youtube Channel

The Learning Economics YouTube channel offers a wealth of educational content to those looking to gain insight into macroeconomics. Featuring both lectures and explanations of economics, viewers can gain an introduction to economics, learn the basics, and understand what economics is in relation to classical economists. The Cash Course Economics series is also featured, giving viewers a practical and approachable way to understand economic concepts.

Everything Econ

Channel Views: ~609.8k Channel Subscribers: ~4.5k Channel Videos: ~251

Everything Econ Youtube Channel

Everything Econ is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on macroeconomics and provides useful insights into the Super 6, Sky Sports, Fantasy Football and other Premier League betting options in How To style videos. It covers topics such as the Solow Growth Model and betting strategies like Sky Bet, Paddy Power and others.

Klaus Prettner

Channel Views: ~115.3k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~61

Klaus Prettner Youtube Channel

Klaus Prettner's YouTube channel offers a wealth of educational content about macroeconomics. He covers topics ranging from introductory macroeconomics to advanced macroeconomics, economic growth and economic well-being, dynamic optimization, digitalization and automation. His videos provide a great understanding of macroeconomic principles and concepts.

Socrat Ghadban

Channel Views: ~586.9k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~90

Socrat Ghadban Youtube Channel

Socrat Ghadban's YouTube channel provides insightful macroeconomic coverage, with an emphasis on hotel management and revenue management. He also has tutorials on restaurant management, cost control and Statistics Excel, as well as lectures from Lebanese University on hotel revenue management and Statistics made easy. His comprehensive excel tutorials make it easy to learn this helpful software.


Channel Views: ~22.4k Channel Subscribers: ~153 Channel Videos: ~14

MyGCSErevision Youtube Channel

MyGCSErevision is a YouTube channel that shares helpful resources for people studying macroeconomics, corporate finance, A Level and University level exams. Using video tutorials, detailed notes, and practice questions, viewers can learn the key concepts, improve their exam skills, and ultimately get the best grade possible.


Channel Views: ~247.8k Channel Subscribers: ~5.6k Channel Videos: ~17

INOMICS Youtube Channel

INOMICS is a YouTube channel dedicated to macroeconomics. It offers videos explaining the basics of economics, such as economics terms, job opportunities, and career options. Viewers can gain useful insights into different career paths and gain a better understanding on how to study economics. It is the ideal destination for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on economics and explore the endless possibilities that this field of study has to offer.

Economics Understood

Channel Views: ~114.9k Channel Subscribers: ~3.7k Channel Videos: ~10

Economics Understood Youtube Channel

The Economics Understood YouTube channel helps viewers gain a better understanding of economics by providing educational and entertaining videos related to macroeconomics, microeconomics, modern monetary theory, monetary policy, and bitcoin. The channel offers well-explained answers that help viewers better comprehend economics.

Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Business

The impact of macroeconomic factors on businesses can often be considerable, more so now than ever. In uncertain times, the macroeconomic environment can greatly affect the success or failure of a company. By understanding how macroeconomic factors such as interest rates, unemployment and inflation can affect their operations, business owners and managers can make better decisions to mitigate the effects and enhance the performance of their business.

  • Changes in macroeconomic factors can affect both the supply and demand for a company’s products or services. Low interest rates, for example, encourage people to buy now, but an increase in interest rates could slow down spending from consumers. Similarly, low unemployment can increase consumption and confidence levels, while high unemployment can cause consumers to focus solely on necessities. Inflation is also a major factor for companies to consider, as it can both drive prices up or down, depending on your industry and how it correlates with complimentary industries.
  • Business owners and managers must consider macroeconomic conditions when developing business plans and forecasting future profits. For example, global economic downturns can put a strain on resources, while business booms can provide opportunities for expansion. Strategically evaluating macroeconomic theory in combination with microeconomic factors of the industry and company can help businesses to anticipate the future, plan appropriately and formulate the best strategies for maximizing their success.

As business owners and managers understand the various macroeconomic indicators, they can prepare in advance for any potential changes. Understanding how macroeconomic factors affect businesses can go a long way in ensuring the company’s success.

Macroeconomic Scenarios and Forecasting

Forecasting macroeconomic scenarios is a key tool used by businesses and governments to plan for the future. It allows them to anticipate potential market changes, understand the potential risks and rewards of different economic policies, and quantify the potential impacts of their decisions. As such, it is critical for macroeconomic policy-makers to be able to accurately forecast the future.

  1. In order to accurately forecast macroeconomic scenarios, economic models and data must be used to analyze current economic trends and anticipate future changes. These models allow analysts to identify patterns in historical data that might be indicative of future trends. Economic forecasters also use other tools such as surveys and polls to help anticipate consumer behavior and business investment trends. Additionally, sophisticated algorithms can be used to identify correlations between macroeconomic indicators and apply predictive models to forecast future outcomes.
  2. Forecasting macroeconomic scenarios is an essential tool in ensuring sustainable and prosperous economic growth. Governments and corporations rely on these predictions to plan and make decisions that will help to create a strong and stable economic environment. Accurate forecasting will help to prevent economic crises, expand economic opportunity, and create the foundation for a healthy global economy. It is essential for policymakers and investors to understand and use macroeconomic forecasting when making key economic decisions.
  3. Macroeconomic forecasting can also be applied to financial markets and investments. By understanding the implications of macroeconomic trends, investors and traders can identify the potential risks and rewards associated with different markets and make informed decisions about where to invest their capital. Additionally, asset managers and financial planners use macroeconomic forecasting to assess the risk and return associated with different investments and portfolios. The ability to accurately forecast macroeconomic trends is key to successful financial planning and investing.

Overall, macroeconomic scenarios and forecasting are essential tools for businesses, governments, investors and traders to help them plan for the future and make informed decisions. By analyzing historical data and developing sophisticated predictive models, analysts and economists are able to identify patterns and identify potential risks and rewards of different economic policies and financial markets. This knowledge helps businesses and governments craft policies that will promote economicgrowth, create opportunities for investors, and lead to more profitable investments and businesses. In short, macroeconomic forecasting is a crucial part of the decision-making toolbox for businesses and governments.

Analyzing Macroeconomic Indicators

Macroeconomic indicators are key tools used by economic analysts to determine the overall economic state of a country. These indicators consist of measurable economic terms such as inflation rates, unemployment rates, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Analyzing macroeconomic indicators can help to identify economic trends, learn more about an economy’s fiscal health, and make informed predictions about the future of the market.

  • Inflation is one of the most important macroeconomic indicators to track. It is measured by the rate of change in prices, usually by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). When inflation rises too quickly, it can lead to a decrease in purchasing power, making consumer goods more expensive. Conversely, a smaller rate of inflation can help to maintain consumer demand and contribute to economic growth. Understanding inflation rates is key to predicting economic conditions.
  • Unemployment is another key measure of economic health. When unemployment is high, it creates a ripple effect, with consumer demand decreasing as fewer people have money to spend. When unemployment is low, consumer demand increases and businesses can expand. Likewise, GDP is a comprehensive measure of a country’s economic output, and when GDP is high, it usually means that the country is doing well economically. Analyzing macroeconomic indicators is crucial for any economy, and understanding how these indicators affect one another can help to draw accurate conclusions about the economy’s performance.

By studying and interpreting macroeconomic indicators, analysts can accurately predict upcoming trends and potential disruptions. For investors and business owners, a close eye on macroeconomic indicators can be important for making informed decisions. Similarly, monitoring these indicators can help policy makers make decisions that help maintain economic stability. Analyzing macroeconomic indicators helps to identify economic performance, assess the financial health of an economy, and make predictions about future market conditions. The data collected from these indicators is invaluable to any economic analysis.

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