Do you love literature, education, and learning? Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to follow that focus on these subjects? Look no further, because we have done the research for you to bring you the top channels related to literature, education, research, news, science, English literature, writing, and college. Keep reading to find the perfect YouTube channels for these topics.

Literature: Top Youtube Channels

Literature Lovers

Channel Views: ~14.2m Channel Subscribers: ~156k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Literature Lovers Youtube Channel

The Literature Lovers YouTube channel is a guide for those interested in studying English Literature. It provides online coaching for UGC NET/JRF English Literature, as well as courses for UPSC English Literature, UP TGT/PGT English, NVS/KVS/DSSSB English Literature, UP LT Grade English Literature, and UP LT English. It is a perfect resource for enthusiastic literature lovers.


Channel Views: ~20.3m Channel Subscribers: ~407k Channel Videos: ~778


The UGC NET JRF English Literature YouTube channel is a great source for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest UGC NET Exams. It offers viewers the latest news and updates regarding UGC NET Exams, along with letting them know about the UGC NET Exam Form Date 2022 and UGC NET 2022 Exam Date Notification. It also has information about the NET JRF Latest and more so viewers can stay on top of everything.

the Literal Heart

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~13.9k Channel Videos: ~142

the Literal Heart Youtube Channel

The Literal Heart YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone studying English literature at any level, from BA English through to MA English, English Honours, and English Major. It offers helpful advice, tips, and reviews on many key topics in the field of English literature.

OSU School of Writing, Literature and Film

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~18.9k Channel Videos: ~96

OSU School of Writing, Literature and Film Youtube Channel

The OSU School of Writing, Literature and Film YouTube channel provides educational content about the English department at Oregon State University. It offers perspectives on the BA, MA, and MFA degrees in English, and provides advice for majors in English, as well as insight about the Oregon State English department. Whether you are just interested in literature and film, or you are looking to further your education, this channel is a great resource.

Literature Shiksha

Channel Views: ~89.1k Channel Subscribers: ~945 Channel Videos: ~71

Literature Shiksha Youtube Channel

Literature Shiksha YouTube channel is a resource for students of English literature. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic English literature to competitive English literature entrance exams. Students at both the high school and college levels can benefit from the channel?s informative tutorials and discussions on topics such as English literature for BA courses. It provides a comprehensive look at the field of English literature for the benefit of students.

David Taylor

Channel Views: ~23.2m Channel Subscribers: ~91.8k Channel Videos: ~726

David Taylor Youtube Channel

David Taylor's YouTube channel is a great resource for literature lovers and those seeking to improve their writing style. On his channel viewers can learn about creative writing techniques for literature reviews and essays, as well as discover how to format citations in both APA and MLA styles. Taylor's educational videos also cover a wide range of topics related to the English language, from powerpoint presentation tips to basic grammar rules.


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~13.5m Channel Videos: ~1.4k

CrashCourse Youtube Channel

CrashCourse is an educational YouTube channel that covers a wide range of topics in literature, world history, biology, and other sciences. With engaging videos and engaging hosts, CrashCourse helps viewers learn about various topics and provides a fun and expansive platform for learning about the humanities, school subjects, and a range of scientific topics. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge base and improve their skills.

Study Lovers

Channel Views: ~163.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Study Lovers Youtube Channel

Study Lovers is a YouTube channel focusing on English literature and the joys of being a study lover. With engaging videos and educational tutorials, the channel offers resources for users looking to expand their knowledge and experience of literature. Whether you?re a literature buff or just getting started, the Study Lovers channel has something for everyone.

Nobel Prize

Channel Views: ~53.8m Channel Subscribers: ~450k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Nobel Prize Youtube Channel

The Nobel Prize YouTube channel shares clips and news related to the prestigious award and its laureates. Featuring topics such as Nobel Prize announcements, literature and peace prize winners, the channel is a great way to learn more about the history of the award and to celebrate this acknowledgement of excellence.


Channel Views: ~3.2b Channel Subscribers: ~17.1m Channel Videos: ~1.9k

TED-Ed Youtube Channel

TED-Ed is an YouTube channel that produces animated videos on a variety of topics, ranging from literature to mental health, history to math, and much more. It is part of the larger TED organization, known for its talks and videos based around innovative ideas and stories. The channel provides interactive, educational material that is engaging and accessible to viewers of all backgrounds. TED-Ed also produces short animated videos focused on mental health and self-care. Its mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of learners and educators around the world, and to inspire a new generation to take action for positive global change.

David Stuckler

Channel Views: ~166.8k Channel Subscribers: ~5.3k Channel Videos: ~107

David Stuckler Youtube Channel

David Stuckler's YouTube channel provides detailed and informative videos covering a range of topics related to academia, including literature, literature review, systematic review, high impact, dissertation, thesis, publishing, research, and phd. His content provides insights into the publishing world, enabling viewers to develop their understanding of the current research and publication landscape.

Be Incredible

Channel Views: ~3m Channel Subscribers: ~48.2k Channel Videos: ~257

Be Incredible Youtube Channel

Be Incredible is a YouTube channel dedicated to English literature. It provides educational videos on a wide range of topics, including literary forms, literary terms, forms of poetry, TGT/PGT English, LT Grade English, and the works of William Shakespeare. The channel provides an enjoyable way to learn about English literature, helping viewers to develop the skills necessary to truly Be Incredible.

Smart Student

Channel Views: ~5.4m Channel Subscribers: ~80.4k Channel Videos: ~86

Smart Student Youtube Channel

The Smart Student YouTube channel provides helpful advice for college and graduate students on a variety of topics, such as literature, writing a research paper, APA paper, Masters online, college student tips, and academic writing in English. With its vast array of helpful content and tips on improving academic writing skills and success, it's an invaluable resource for online college students.

Benjamin McEvoy

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~51.4k Channel Videos: ~142

Benjamin McEvoy Youtube Channel

Benjamin McEvoy's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for those looking to explore topics related to literature, knowledge and lifestyle. He offers an interesting perspective on a variety of topics, from reflections on books and current issues to advice on leading a more fulfilling life. With Benjamin's help, viewers are sure to expand their knowledge and acquire insightful new ideas.

Dakota Warren

Channel Views: ~3.4m Channel Subscribers: ~133k Channel Videos: ~46

Dakota Warren Youtube Channel

Dakota Warren's YouTube channel is a great resource for literature students, English majors, and bookworms alike. Whether you're looking for book recommendations or just want to connect to a fellow booktube, Dakota's videos offer an inside look into the literary world. From discussing his favorite books and authors, to offering poet and writing tips, Dakota is sure to keep any literature, poetry, and writing enthusiast engaged.

According to Alina

Channel Views: ~118.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~7

According to Alina Youtube Channel

According to Alina is a YouTube channel offering viewers an entertaining and educational look into literature and lifestyle topics. With thought-provoking discussions, creative content and inspiring guests, Alina provides viewers with a modern and fresh outlook on life.


Channel Views: ~639.8k Channel Subscribers: ~22.7k Channel Videos: ~42

CloudCuckooCountry Youtube Channel

CloudCuckooCountry is a YouTube channel dedicated to literature, book reviews, and literary analysis. Additionally, some of their videos feature furry characters and stories for added fun! They offer an exploration of books and literature from a unique and creative perspective.

How Authors Translate Life Through Literature

Writing is a powerful form of expression through which authors can paint a vivid picture of everyday life. Literature is an art form that can capture an individual’s triumphs, tragedies and challenges in a way no other medium can. Authors bring everyday life to readers in intriguing ways and use their characters to express truths and noble sentiments.

  • Authenticity is key to effective writing and it comes from the author’s ability to translate life experiences into words. Great authors can take a universal theme and delve deep into it, exploring the intangible aspects of our lives, in an attempt to capture the human experience. An excellent example of this can be seen in J.K Rowling’s, Harry Potter series. Rowling manages to capture the mind of a child who, despite dealing with difficult circumstances, can still find hope, love and courage within.
  • Writing allows authors to immortalize pieces of life in meaningful ways. Authors are able to bring characters to life and create a world of possibilities between the lines. They use language to uncover both subtle and obvious life lessons, which leaves an imprint on the reader. Great literature can be educational as well as entertaining, as studying characters in their respective worlds helps our own imaginative faculties. Through literature, authors can teach us how to process difficult emotions and experiences in life that would otherwise be deemed uncomfortable and unexplainable.

In conclusion, literature is a timeless art form and it can offer readers insight into life in ways that no other medium can. Authors have the power to translate life into compelling stories and the study of such can help all readers gain a better understanding of themselves.

An Overview of the Various Genres of Literature

Literature is an expansive genre with a vast number of categories and subgenres. From the earliest works of antiquity to the modern day, literature has had the power to transport us to other worlds, to distill our passions, and to give form to our hopes and nightmares. There are many different types of literature, each offering a unique window into the imagination.

  • One of the most popular and iconic genres of literature is fiction. Within this broad umbrella, there are a multitude of subsets including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, romance and more. These books offer readers a chance to escape the doldrums of everyday life with grand adventures and daring escapades. Within the pages of these novels and stories, readers can encounter brave heroes, wild villains, and captivating settings.
  • Another widely enjoyed genre of literature is non-fiction. Non-fiction works offer readers a more reality-based look at the many different facets of life. Historical pieces provide a glimpse into the civilizations that have come before us, biographies tell the stories of fascinating individuals, and scientific works study the mysteries of the physical world. These and other types of non-fiction literature give readers the chance to elevate their knowledge and understanding of the world and themselves.

No matter the genre, literature provides a rich tapestry for the mind, with stories that will enlighten, engage, and inspire us. From the profound works of the ancients to the contemporary genres of today, literature is an ever-evolving world of limitless adventures.

Why Reading Literature Makes Us More Empathetic

Reading literature has long been associated with improved empathy and understanding of other people’s lives, and there are plenty of good reasons why. 

  1. Through stories, writers can bring readers into someone else’s world and show them how the characters in their stories connect, interact, and feel about their experiences. Through this connection, readers can start to understand feelings and points of view that may be unfamiliar and outside of their direct experience. Books that are well-written provide readers with an opportunity to explore and imagine a possible reality that is deeply connected to human experience.
  2. When we read literature, we also gain valuable insights into the emotions and motivations of characters and this can help us to understand why people behave the way that they do. By discovering the often complex stories behind characters’ behavior, we can gain a sense of what it is like to be in their shoes which helps us to become more empathetic. In addition, when we read, we often experience a heightened emotional response to what is happening which can further increase our capacity for understanding and connecting with others.
  3. Finally, literature provides an education on morality that can help readers to develop an ethical and compassionate way of looking at the world. Through characters and stories that demonstrate good and bad decisions as well as the consequences of each, readers can see how these decisions and actions can be both helpful or hurtful in different situations. By exploring these scenarios, readers can increase their capacity for understanding how different choices can affect people and consequently become more empathetic.

In conclusion, reading literature is an excellent way to cultivate and nurture empathy because it gives us an opportunity to learn about other people’s lives and imagine ourselves in different situations. In doing so, we gain greater insights into why people act the way that they do, experience heightened emotions, and be educated on morals and ethics. All of these things come together to help us to become more compassionate and better understand the feelings and perspectives of others.

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