20 Best Linguistics Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels related to linguistics and language learning? With the plethora of languages and numerous studies and theories in the field, finding the best YouTube channels can be quite daunting. However, you've come to the right place, for here we will present some of the best YouTube channels available, focusing on topics such as linguistics, education, English, university and language learning, science, literature, and more. Read on to find out more!

The Virtual Linguistics Campus

Channel Views: ~8.5m Channel Subscribers: ~106k Channel Videos: ~685

The Virtual Linguistics Campus Youtube Channel

The Virtual Linguistics Campus YouTube channel by Jürgen Handke provides an online platform for learning and teaching linguistics. Through an inverted or flipped classroom approach, viewers can access lectures, workshops, and tutorials through their mobile device and learn at their own pace. The channel is part of the University of Marburg's Linguistics program, giving viewers access to the same high quality linguistics education. Jürgen Handke's expertise makes The Virtual Linguistics Campus YouTube channel a valuable resource for anyone interested in linguistics.

Linguistic Discovery

Channel Views: ~107.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~267

Linguistic Discovery Youtube Channel

The Linguistic Discovery YouTube channel is a hub for anyone interested in linguistics and language. It offers informative videos on the history and science of various languages, providing insight into the fascinating and diverse world of linguistics. Perfect for language learners or those just curious about the science of language!

Muhammad Tayyab - Linguistics

Channel Views: ~923.7k Channel Subscribers: ~22.7k Channel Videos: ~98

Muhammad Tayyab - Linguistics Youtube Channel

Muhammad Tayyab's YouTube channel is a great resource for those interested in linguistics or English grammar. It features lectures and tutorials by Muhammad Tayyab, covering topics like tenses in Hindi and Urdu, grammar in Urdu and Hindi, and more. His videos also explain complex linguistic concepts in both Urdu and Hindi. All in all, it provides a great way to learn and understand English linguistics.


Channel Views: ~87.7m Channel Subscribers: ~975k Channel Videos: ~198

NativLang Youtube Channel

NativLang is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people learn and understand the fascinating world of linguistics and writing systems. It focuses on teaching viewers the basics of language, exploring different types of languages, and breaking down the linguistics of different writing systems. It is a great resource for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of linguistics, language, and writing systems.

Fingtam Languages

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~37k Channel Videos: ~386

Fingtam Languages Youtube Channel

Fingtam Languages is a YouTube channel where you can learn about linguistics, different languages, and language learning. It is full of informative tutorials and educational videos covering a wide range of topics in linguistics and language learning. Whether you want to learn a new language or simply want to discover more about language and linguistics, Fingtam Languages has something for everyone.

Martin Hilpert

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~27k Channel Videos: ~121

Martin Hilpert Youtube Channel

Martin Hilpert's YouTube channel is dedicated to exploring the world of linguistics, providing viewers with a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to improve their lifestyle. His videos delve into topics ranging from academic research to language-learning hacks, making it an excellent resource for language enthusiasts.

khursheed Ujan

Channel Views: ~638.5k Channel Subscribers: ~8.8k Channel Videos: ~283

khursheed Ujan Youtube Channel

Khursheed Ujan's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for those looking to learn linguistics and English grammar. He provides simple lectures in English and Urdu, motivational lectures, an introduction to linguistics, and complete studies on English literature and linguistics. This channel is perfect for those who want to learn basic English grammar and increase their English language skills.


Channel Views: ~25.8m Channel Subscribers: ~266k Channel Videos: ~43

Xidnaf Youtube Channel

Xidnaf is a YouTube channel focused on linguistic knowledge and lifestyle. The channel covers topics such as language learning tips and advice, writing, public speaking, and more. Presenting these topics with an engaging and entertaining approach, Xidnaf aims to help viewers gain a deep understanding of language and culture.


Channel Views: ~533.8k Channel Subscribers: ~14.6k Channel Videos: ~22

languagejones Youtube Channel

Languagejones is a YouTube channel that dives deep into linguistics by teaching about African American English, African American Vernacular English, and language learning. They are passionate about all aspects of language, from linguistics to polyglot and hyperpolyglot. It's a great resource for learning more about African American English, African American Vernacular English, and other aspects of language and linguistics.

Sunn m'Cheaux

Channel Views: ~41.6m Channel Subscribers: ~144k Channel Videos: ~549

Sunn m'Cheaux Youtube Channel

Sunn m'Cheaux is a YouTube channel devoted to researching and learning about the multicultural and linguistic heritage of the Gullah and Geechee people. Through their videos, Sunn m'Cheaux explore the various facets of Black English, African American Vernacular and other non-standard English varieties, with the goal of contributing to a greater understanding of the importance of language in our effort to end racism. They also provide a host of resources to help people understand the history, structure, and practice of these language varieties and the communities they represent.

Dr Adnan Academy

Channel Views: ~18k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~24

Dr Adnan Academy Youtube Channel

Dr Adnan Academy is a YouTube channel focusing on linguistics and social science research in Urdu. Dr Adnan's videos cover topics such as What is Research?, Research Questions and Qualitative or Quantitative or Mixed Research. He provides helpful information for viewers looking to gain a better understanding of the various aspects of research.


Channel Views: ~28m Channel Subscribers: ~221k Channel Videos: ~451

TrevTutor Youtube Channel

TrevTutor is a popular YouTube channel focused on providing helpful tutorials related to linguistics and the acquisition of knowledge. It provides a range of topics from beginner to advanced levels. It is a great resource for anyone interested in exploring the world of linguistics and building up their knowledge.


Channel Views: ~748.9k Channel Subscribers: ~9k Channel Videos: ~13

Phloneme Youtube Channel

Phloneme is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring linguistics and the English language. It covers topics ranging from Middle English to topics like phonology and phonetics in modern English. Through its videos, Phloneme provides viewers with an understanding of the structure of the language, using examples from The Canterbury Tales and other ancient texts. It's a great resource for those looking to learn more about the science of linguistics and the history of words.

LeMMe TeaCh Ya!

Channel Views: ~32.9k Channel Subscribers: ~896 Channel Videos: ~19

LeMMe TeaCh Ya! Youtube Channel

LeMMe TeaCh Ya! is a YouTube channel that focuses on the study of linguistics. It explores topics such as the First Consonant Shift, Grimm's law, Verner's law, Jakob Grimm, Karl Verner, Filologia Germanica, and Linguistica. Each educational video is presented in an engaging, interactive format, making learning fun and easy!

World of English

Channel Views: ~109.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~80

World of English Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel World of English by Saleem Rana focuses on the wonderful world of linguistics, language and literature. He teaches English grammar and spoken pragmatics, making it a great resource for anyone looking to improve their language skills.

Brock University

Channel Views: ~13k Channel Subscribers: ~174 Channel Videos: ~30

Brock University Youtube Channel

The Brock University YouTube channel is a great platform to gain knowledge and insight into the field of linguistics. The channel covers various topics, ranging from tips and tricks to improve your language skills to showcasing the exciting lifestyle of Brock University students. This channel is truly a great platform for learning about languages and enriching your lifestyle.


Channel Views: ~16.9k Channel Subscribers: ~70 Channel Videos: ~5

CarletonSLALS Youtube Channel

CarletonSLALS is a YouTube channel from Carleton University's School of Linguistics and Language Studies. The channel covers topics related to modern languages, applied linguistics, and linguistics. It features videos with expert advice and insights, interactive lectures, and behind-the-scenes looks at the school and its faculty. Through this channel, users can gain a better understanding of the fascinating world of linguistics.

Connor Quimby

Channel Views: ~613.8k Channel Subscribers: ~10.9k Channel Videos: ~45

Connor Quimby Youtube Channel

Connor Quimby's YouTube channel is an engaging and informative source of knowledge on linguistics and lifestyle topics. With entertaining and educational videos, Connor provides valuable information and insights into the complexities of language and communication. He also shares helpful tips to lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

David Tuggy T.

Channel Views: ~589k Channel Subscribers: ~63.2k Channel Videos: ~49

David Tuggy T. Youtube Channel

David Tuggy T.'s YouTube channel provides an educational exploration of linguistics and languages, with a focus on Nahuatl, Spanish, and English. He discusses topics such as grammar, pronunciation, and regional dialects. His videos offer viewers a deep dive into the fascinating world of linguistics.


Channel Views: ~46.8k Channel Subscribers: ~440 Channel Videos: ~7

UBC SALSA Youtube Channel

UBC SALSA is a YouTube channel created by the Speech & Linguistic Student Association at the University of British Columbia. The channel showcases linguistic topics and events, as well as salsa dancing for those who are interested in learning more about various languages and linguistics. The diverse range of topics makes the channel an entertaining and educational experience for any enthusiast of linguistics and salsa.

Getting Started with the Basics of Linguistics

The word ‘Linguistics’ encompasses the scientific study of languages, or the structure and development of language. Whether you are an aspiring writer, a student of a different language, or just curious, getting started with the basics of linguistics is an exciting and rewarding journey. Exploring the many different aspects of linguistics has the potential to help any learner gain a better understanding of language.

  • The first step in understanding linguistics is to learn about the various language components and rules. This includes phonology which looks at the sounds of the language; syntax which explains the arrangement of the words in phrases and sentences; morphology which explores the elements of words in a language; semantics which focuses on the meaning of words; and pragmatics which studies the meaning of utterances and text in a broader context. Knowing the inner workings of language and what sets it apart from other types of communication will further your knowledge of linguistics.
  • Analyzing the structure of language helps us build connections between the written and spoken word. Understanding the difference between language and dialect, as well as developing an understanding of language and cognition, helps to further our ability to communicate effectively with others. Exploring the various approaches to linguistic inquiry, and discovering the different ways to interpret and analyze language, will benefit any learner who is just starting out in the basics of linguistics. 

Taking the time to first become familiar with the fundamentals of the subject matter will help to start the journey of understanding how language shapes our everyday lives.

The Future of Linguistic Studies and Research.

In the age of advanced technology, vast amounts of information are available at our fingertips which can be used as a tool to develop more effective methods of communication. This is where the field of linguistic research comes in. As advancements are made in the field of technology, so too will linguistic studies be able to make an impact on more than just conventional methods of communication.

  • Linguistic studies and research are set to be greatly impacted by the advancement of technology. In the not so distant future, language processing and understanding is expected to be dramatically improved with the development of artificial intelligence. This AI would be capable of interpreting spoken language as well as written with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, new forms of expression, such as gesture and facial recognition, may be implemented to communicate in a more efficient manner.
  • The advancements in linguistics that technology will bring us strive to make communication accessible for all; no matter their level of education or background. By creating a platform in which everyone is able to express their thoughts and ideas in a clean, open and unbiased manner, linguistics studies and research will be able to make true progress in the social field. Linguistics not only looks to the past to explore language and its evolution, but also looks to the future and what may be possible in terms of communication, understanding and expression. By continuing to research and develop new methods of language, linguistics is set to shape the future of communication.

Ultimately, the goal of linguistics studies and research is to bring people closer together. As technology is enhanced, linguistics studies and research will enable more people to effectively communicate, providing a more efficient way of exchanging thoughts and ideas. This not only has implications for individuals, but also the economy and global society. In order to stay competitive, researchers in the field of linguistics must continue to stay abreast of the latest advances in technology and apply them to the study of language. Technology is undoubtedly impacting the future of linguistic studies and research, and there’s no telling what new breakthroughs will be discovered.

The Essential Components of Linguistics

Linguistics is the scientific study of language, focusing on its many different components. An understanding of all the elements in linguistics is important to assess, maintain and master language. There are four essential components necessary to cover the range of linguistics topics: phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

  1. Phonology is the study of sound in language, examining the structure behind the sound systems of languages. The sounds in language are produced by configurations of the vocal tract. It's also concerned with how and why those sounds differ between languages. Phonology defines and attempts to explain the abstract categories of sound and their relationships.
  2. Morphology is a branch of linguistics dealing with the form and structure of words. It focuses on the smaller parts of words that make up language, such as affixes and stems. It examines how various morphemes blend together to create different combinations of sounds and syllables and their meanings.
  3. Syntax is the part of linguistics that deals with the rules for combining words and phrases to form sentences. It looks at the way words and phrases are constructed, their most accurate order and their specific role in a sentence. The rules followed in this combination are known as syntax rules and they are crucial in determining the meaning of sentences.
  4. Semantics is the study of meaning in language. It examines how words and phrases acquire their meaning and how they relate to each other within a sentence. Semantics is closely related to grammar and logic and is used to understand how language communicates meaning. It applies logical principles to the use of words and their association in order to get an understanding of their meaning in a given sentence.

These four components are essential to the field of linguistics and they all play a part to capture the complexity of language. They can help to provide an insight into how language works, how it is formed and the meanings behind words. Through a combination of these components, linguistics offers a comprehensive understanding of language and its structure.

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