There are many YouTube channels that can help you learn Quechua, the language of the Incas. You can find channels that focus on teaching Quechua, as well as channels that focus on other languages. There are also channels that focus on travel and polyglotism. These channels can help you learn about the history of Quechua and how it is spoken today.

Learning quechua language: Top Youtube Channels

Edy's voice & willaychakunas

Channel Views: ~9.7k Channel Subscribers: ~316 Channel Videos: ~19

Edy's voice & willaychakunas Youtube Channel

The Edy's voice & willaychakunas YouTube channel started in April 2021. The channel has 19 videos and 316 subscribers. The channel's videos include How To Say I Love You In Quechua Language, How To Say Greetings In Quechua, Quechua The Ancient Language, and Short And Long Answers For Greeting In Quechua. In the Personal Pronouns In Quechua So Good video, Edy interacts with an old native Quechua speaker in Cusco City. In the Verb Have With Personal Pronouns Enjoy video, Edy teaches viewers how to conjugate the verb have with personal pronouns in Quechua.

Elwin Huaman

Channel Views: ~365.6k Channel Subscribers: ~838 Channel Videos: ~179

Elwin Huaman Youtube Channel

Elwin Huaman's channel is all about learning the Quechua language. He has videos on various topics such as knowledge graphs, Quichua, Peru, and Alpacas. He also has a series on Wikipedia and Wikidata.

Benny Lewis

Channel Views: ~13.4m Channel Subscribers: ~117k Channel Videos: ~288

Benny Lewis Youtube Channel

Benny Lewis is a language learner who started his YouTube channel in 2006. The channel has 288 videos and 117,000 subscribers. Benny Lewis' channel features videos on topics such as Quechua, Mission to Hike Machu Picchu...In Quechua, and Professional Language Learner: How to Earn from Your Passion. In addition, the channel has a Book Reading and Q&A segment where Benny Lewis reads from his book, Fluent in 6 Months, and answers questions from viewers.

Rene Hugo

Channel Views: ~105k Channel Subscribers: ~568 Channel Videos: ~205

Rene Hugo Youtube Channel

Rene Hugo's YouTube channel Rene Hugo started in May 2017 and has amassed 205 videos and 568 subscribers. The channel is focused on teaching Quechua, with videos such as Hello And Goodbye In Quechua, How To Say What Language Yo You Speak In Quechua, How To Say Where Are You Going In Quechua, How To Say Where Are You From In Quechua, How To Say What Is You Name In Quechua, and Wayqechay Goyo / Poema De Adios En Quechua /Poem In Quechua, English Translations In Description.

Chef Rafi's Awesome World

Channel Views: ~654.1k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~190

Chef Rafi's Awesome World Youtube Channel

Meet Chef Rafi, a bilingual YouTuber originally from Peru. On his channel, Chef Rafi's Awesome World, he teaches Quechua lessons, cooks traditional Peruvian meals, and shares proverbs from around the world. His channel started in December 2013 and currently has 190 videos, 4,320 subscribers, and growing!

Carlos Molina-Vital

Channel Views: ~12.5k Channel Subscribers: ~169 Channel Videos: ~22

Carlos Molina-Vital Youtube Channel

Carlos Molina-Vital started their YouTube channel in August 2006 and has since uploaded 22 videos. The channel has 169 subscribers and focuses on the Southern Quechua language. In their videos, they cover topics such as how hard Quechua is to learn, the different sounds of the language, the writing system, and various grammar lessons. They also have videos on more specific topics like asking and answering personal questions, expressing possession, and numbers in Quechua. For those interested in linguistics, they also have a lecture on the semantics of the language.

Quechua Inka Language

Channel Views: ~36.1k Channel Subscribers: ~314 Channel Videos: ~39

Quechua Inka Language Youtube Channel

Quechua Inka Language is a YouTube channel that was started in August 2020. The channel has 39 videos and 314 subscribers. The channel covers topics such as adjectives in Quechua English, questioners in Quechua English, and Quechua Inglés Part I Introduce Yourself/Greet People/Say Good Bye.


Channel Views: ~45.7k Channel Subscribers: ~140 Channel Videos: ~402

UWStevensPointCOLS Youtube Channel

The UWStevensPointCOLS YouTube channel is a great resource for learning the Quechua language. The channel is run by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Letters and Science, and features videos on various aspects of the language. In addition to Quechua language lessons, the channel also features videos on the history and culture of the Stevens Point area.

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