Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Chinese is a great language to learn, and it has a fascinating history. The Hakka people are a significant group within Chinese culture, and their language is unique and interesting. If you're looking for the best YouTube channels to help you learn Hakka, look no further! In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best channels out there for learning this fascinating language.

Learning hakka language: Best Youtube Channels

Arista C

Channel Views: ~166.9k Channel Subscribers: ~ Channel Videos: ~27

Arista C Youtube Channel

Arista C is a YouTube channel started in May 2011. The channel has 27 videos and Many subscribers. The channel is about Free Talk In Hakka Dialect, Teaching Hakka (), and Chinese Learning Jamaican Language. The channel has been active for 9 years and 2 months.
The most recent video on the channel is Teaching Hakka : Mid Autumn Festival, which was uploaded 9 months ago. In this video, Arista C teaches viewers about the Mid Autumn Festival. The video has received Many views and Many likes.
Other popular videos on the channel include Teaching Hakka : Words In Daily Life, Teaching Hakka - Numbers, and Teaching Hakka (): Members Of The Family. These videos have received Many views and Many likes.
Arista C is a popular YouTube channel for those interested in Hakka Dialect and Chinese Language.

SuperHK妹 HakkaMoi

Channel Views: ~30.8k Channel Subscribers: ~828 Channel Videos: ~19

SuperHK妹 HakkaMoi Youtube Channel

SuperHK妹 HakkaMoi is a YouTube channel created by a girl who goes by the Super Hakka Moi. The channel is dedicated to helping others learn to speak Hakka, and features videos on topics such as greeting, counting, and measuring. The channel also features videos on more advanced topics such as family hierarchy and various idioms. In addition to teaching others how to speak Hakka, the channel also features videos of Super Hakka Moi cooking various dishes while speaking Hakka.


Channel Views: ~358.7k Channel Subscribers: ~5.2k Channel Videos: ~300

inmimisbowl Youtube Channel

The inmimisbowl YouTube channel started in March 2016 and has since amassed 300 videos and 5,200 subscribers. The channel is run by two sisters who aim to teach Hakka, a Chinese dialect, to Mandarin speakers. The videos are a mix of educational content, such as counting in Hakka and common phrases, and more light-hearted fare, such as a day in the life of speaking Hakka or Hakka phrases to impress your mother. There is also a series called Things in Hakka where the sisters show viewers Hakka words for various objects. In addition to Hakka content, the channel also has a series called Learn Chinese with Me which teaches Mandarin to speakers of other languages.

Lin Tan 陈慧菱

Channel Views: ~199.1k Channel Subscribers: ~776 Channel Videos: ~219

Lin Tan 陈慧菱 Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel features a woman named Lin Tan who teaches viewers how to speak Hakka, a Chinese dialect. The channel contains 219 videos and has 776 subscribers. Lin Tan started the channel in January 2015. Hakka is spoken by many people in southern China, Taiwan, and southeast Asia. The channel's videos feature Lin Tan speaking Hakka and providing translations into English and Mandarin Chinese.Lin Tan also teaches viewers how to write Chinese characters. Thechannel's videos also feature Lin Tan visiting different places in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is a city with a large Chinese population. Lin Tan's videos are intended for people who want to learn Hakka or Mandarin Chinese, as well as people who are interested in Chinese culture.

Eric Chen

Channel Views: ~267k Channel Subscribers: ~737 Channel Videos: ~22

Eric Chen Youtube Channel

Eric Chen created his YouTube channel in May of 2006. Since then, he has uploaded 22 videos and amassed 737 subscribers. The content of his videos reflect his focus on teaching viewers Basic Hakka Chinese, with topics ranging from Moiyan Dialect toUseful Phrases Con&#;T. He seems to upload semi-regularly, with his most recent video being from 2 months ago. His videos are all under 10 minutes long.


Channel Views: ~112.9k Channel Subscribers: ~636 Channel Videos: ~73

Nackeita1 Youtube Channel

Nackeita1 has been creating videos since November of 2010 and has amassed over 73 videos with 636 subscribers. The content revolves around learning Hakka Chinese and features lessons on a variety of topics such as animals, numbers, colors, personal pronouns, and even visiting the doctor. Each video is around 10 minutes long and is filmed in a simple style with Nackeita1 standing in front of a white wall. Viewers can expect to see a new video from Nackeita1 every other day.

Joachim Then

Channel Views: ~10k Channel Subscribers: ~523 Channel Videos: ~71

Joachim Then Youtube Channel

Joachim Then's channel started in October of 2012 and boasts 71 videos with 523 subscribers. Joachim's videos are all about Hakka, a Chinese dialect, and primarily teach lessons on the language. Some Hakka lessons featured on the channel are learning simple phrases, Hakka Style cussing without using dirty words, Pronouns in Hakka, and more. Additionally, there are videos on more general topics such as every Kuchingnite's story after PKPB was lifted in November, animals in Hakka, Sarawak dishes in Hakka, and more. Joachim's videos are high quality and provide valuable information for anyone looking to learn Hakka.

yk foo

Channel Views: ~68.2k Channel Subscribers: ~534 Channel Videos: ~17

yk foo Youtube Channel

The yk foo channel is all about learning Malaysian Hakka. The channel has been around since August 2014 and has uploaded a total of 17 videos. It currently has 534 subscribers. The channel's videos cover topics such as Hakka Dialect, Hakka lessons, and Hakka Folk Songs.

Papa Hakka

Channel Views: ~7.9k Channel Subscribers: ~74 Channel Videos: ~24

Papa Hakka Youtube Channel

In 2016, Papa Hakka started a YouTube channel with the goal of teaching Hakka Chinese to kids. The channel has over 24 videos and 74 subscribers. Papa Hakka covers topics such as learning animals, counting, colors, and fruits in Hakka Chinese. The channel also features a variety of fun Hakka Chinese learning songs for kids.

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