Looking for the best YouTube channels to help you learn AutoCA? The vast array of videos available online can be overwhelming and time-consuming to sort through them all. Fortunately, we've sorted through the wheat and chaff to identify the best YouTube channels that can help you succeed in your learning. Read on to discover top-notch channels that will accelerate your learning of the design software you need for engineering and other projects.

Learn autodesk autocad mechanical: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~96.9m Channel Subscribers: ~406k Channel Videos: ~4.4k

Autodesk Youtube Channel

Autodesk's YouTube channel is a great resource for learning about its widely used CAD software like AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Maya, and Inventor. There are helpful tutorials that cover topics like 3D design and mechanical engineering, making it a great place to discover more about Autodesk's incredible Autocad functionality.

Autodesk Inventor

Channel Views: ~12.4m Channel Subscribers: ~61.3k Channel Videos: ~784

Autodesk Inventor Youtube Channel

Autodesk Inventor YouTube channel offers tutorials and other helpful resources to learn Autodesk Autocad and Inventor for mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing designs. It includes CAD, product design, Vault, and other related topics. It is a great way to become an expert in Autodesk Inventor software.


Channel Views: ~15.5m Channel Subscribers: ~121k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

AutoCAD Youtube Channel

The AutoCAD YouTube channel is an excellent channel for those interested in learning AutoDesk AutoCAD software and its 2D animation capabilities. The channel offers helpful tutorials on how to use the software, including 3D modeling, CAD design, and modeling tutorials. AutoCAD 2D and computer animation are also covered in this channel, providing insight into AutoCAD and its many functions.

AutoCAD Tutorial By Mehtab

Channel Views: ~8.9k Channel Subscribers: ~909 Channel Videos: ~35

AutoCAD Tutorial By Mehtab Youtube Channel

AutoCAD Tutorial By Mehtab is a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching users how to use Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical. Videos on the channel are tailored to mobile tech, from showing users how to use the software on mobile devices to discussing the prices and specifications of various mobile devices. Users also learn about new mobile technology, such as PUBG Mobile, as well as budget-friendly options for mobile devices under 15000. Finally, the channel provides quizzes and videos about the upcoming 2022 mobile models.

Majenta Solutions

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~5.8k Channel Videos: ~1k

Majenta Solutions Youtube Channel

Majenta Solutions is a YouTube channel that provides videos and tutorials on Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2, Dassault Systemes design and manufacturing software, digital design, data exchange, and supply chain. They also offer advice on how to use various software programs to help improve the design and production processes.

CAD CAM Tutorials

Channel Views: ~51.8m Channel Subscribers: ~393k Channel Videos: ~611

CAD CAM Tutorials Youtube Channel

The CAD CAM Tutorials YouTube channel focuses on providing tutorials on Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD for beginners, AutoCAD 3D, AutoLISP, Delcam PowerMill, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, and AutoCAD VBA. Through these tutorials, viewers can learn valuable knowledge and skills related to CAD and CAM technology.


Channel Views: ~4.6m Channel Subscribers: ~15.7k Channel Videos: ~256

robcohee Youtube Channel

Robcohee is a YouTube channel dedicated to learning Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, as well as related areas including AutoCAD, Autodesk, mechanical design, analysis, CAD, 3D, Inventor, and engineering. The channel contains a range of helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks to help users become proficient in the software. Visit the channel to become an AutoCAD Mechanical expert!

Junior JJL Physica Mechanica Lumbu

Channel Views: ~309.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.6k Channel Videos: ~230

Junior JJL Physica Mechanica Lumbu Youtube Channel

Junior JJL Physica Mechanica Lumbu YouTube channel is a hub for those looking to learn Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, Mechanical Engineering, and Resistance de Materiaux, as well as undertaking Metallurgical Tests, Genie Mecanique and getting an understanding of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Drawing. This channel is definitely a must-watch for anyone looking to think Life Changing with Junior JJL Lumbu.


Channel Views: ~16.7m Channel Subscribers: ~175k Channel Videos: ~213

SabeerCAD Youtube Channel

SabeerCAD is an excellent YouTube channel that contains tutorials, training, and animations on Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk AutoCAD, 3D Modeling, CAD, Civil, and Architectural topics. With its easy-to-follow videos, it makes learning Autodesk AutoCAD easy and fun. It is the perfect place to learn and expand your CAD skills.

Mechanical Freak

Channel Views: ~76.6k Channel Subscribers: ~864 Channel Videos: ~72

Mechanical Freak Youtube Channel

The Mechanical Freak YouTube channel, hosted by Akash Bosu, provides an array of informative and entertaining videos about mechanical engineering, Autodesk AutoCAD, and more. Through insightful content and easy-to-follow tutorials, viewers can learn new skills and gain a greater understanding of mechanical and Autodesk topics. Mechanical Freak serves as a great resource for anyone looking for help with their mechanical and Autodesk endeavors. #mechanical #freak #autocad #autodesk #youtube #mechanicalfreak.

HoW About CAD Drawing with Junior JJL Lumbu

Channel Views: ~46.8k Channel Subscribers: ~800 Channel Videos: ~27

HoW About CAD Drawing with Junior JJL Lumbu Youtube Channel

HoW About CAD Drawing with Junior JJL Lumbu is a YouTube channel comprised of instructional videos and tutorials focused on teaching viewers how to use Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, Inventor, and Solidworks platforms. Covering topics ranging from mechanical engineering and drawing to technology and science, the channel provides viewers from the United States, South Africa, and other countries with valuable resources to learn and refine their CAD skills.


Channel Views: ~161.7k Channel Subscribers: ~633 Channel Videos: ~106

MicroConcepts Youtube Channel

MicroConcepts is a YouTube channel featuring helpful videos and tutorials regarding Autodesk CAD and Autodesk Inventor software. They specialize in providing in-depth tutorials for Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical, Electrical, and MicroTools. It's the perfect channel for beginners and professionals alike who are looking to learn more about Autodesk CAD and Inventor.

Introduction to Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical

Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical is a comprehensive CAD software package designed to simplify the design and documentation of mechanical components. It provides a variety of tools and features to help you create complex parts and assemblies, accurately document designs, and collaborate effectively with other members of the engineering team. AutoCAD Mechanical is an essential part of any engineer's toolbox, and can be used for a wide range of applications.

This software package consists of a variety of features and functions, allowing the user a significant degree of control and flexibility over the design process. Its key features include the ability to create precise 3D models, parametric modeling, associative dimensioning and tolerance, a structural and structural-mechanical library, and photorealistic rendering capabilities. The data can then easily be shared with other parts of the design team.

By taking advantage of the features and tools in AutoCAD Mechanical, engineers can quickly create complex models that are accurate and efficient. With its easy-to-use interface and built-in library of parts and assemblies, users are able to create designs that are ready to be put into production with minimal effort. Whether designing productsively or collaborating with team members, AutoCAD Mechanical can help you take your designs to the next level.

Uncovering Tips for Making the Most of Autodesk Autocad Mechanical

3D design has revolutionized the way that engineers design and create components. Autodesk Autocad Mechanical is an invaluable tool to any engineer looking to let their creativity flow. If you're getting started with Autodesk Autocad Mechanical, there are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of this powerful software.

When working with intricate and complex designs, it pays to organize your workspace. Autocad Mechanical features several powerful productivity tools, allowing you to structure your design for optimal workflow. You can use design libraries to store common components, sketch and layout tools to organize space efficiently, and a Model Browser to quickly locate components.

Autocad Mechanical also features powerful tools for sculpting complex shapes from simpler ones with its 3D modeling capabilities. You can start with 2D objects and use tools like Sweep, Extrude, Revolve, Loft, and Add/Remove Body features to mold the designs as needed. It also supports Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline (NURBS) curves and surfaces to make smooth transitions between edges and surfaces. With these, you can refine and reshape your design to capture the exact look and feel you want.

By properly organizing your workspace and utilizing the powerful 3D modeling capabilities, you'll get the most out of Autodesk Autocad Mechanical. The key to mastering this powerful tool is to experiment and utilize the many features it offers. With practice and time, you'll be creating complex and intricate designs with ease.

Common Mistakes when Learning Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical

Despite its prevalence and long usage, many users are still prone to making common mistakes when using the software. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the most common mistakes seen when using Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical.

  • First, when designing models in AutoCAD Mechanical, it is important to remember that accuracy is key. Oftentimes, users try to rush the design process and fail to properly enter dimensions for their objects. This can lead to serious problems down the line and can cost time and money in the long run. To ensure accuracy and quality, users should be mindful of entering exact dimensions to the appropriate degree of precision.
  • Lastly, while learning AutoCAD Mechanical, users should keep in mind the importance of carefully selecting the right visual styles. Visual styles can make complex designs much more comprehensible and should be used judiciously. Selecting the wrong visual style can cause confusion and lead to inaccurate designs. Understanding which visual styles work best for certain types of models can greatly improve the design process.

In conclusion, Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical is a powerful engineering software with many advantages. However, users should be aware of the common mistakes associated with using the software, such as being lackadaisical with accuracy and failing to choose the correct visual style. By avoiding these common mistakes, users will find AutoCAD to be an invaluable design tool for their projects.

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