15 Best Last Minute Asmr Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you looking for some extra relaxation and help with those sleepless nights? Look no further! In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the best YouTube channels for ASMR. From Last Minute ASMR, ASMR Sleep, and ASMR Tingles to ASMR No Talking, Relaxing, and ASMR Roleplay, we'll help you find the perfect mix of ASMR videos to get you feeling calmer and more relaxed. Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for ASMR!

ASMR Power Of Sound

Channel Views: ~36.9m Channel Subscribers: ~223k Channel Videos: ~387

ASMR Power Of Sound Youtube Channel

The ASMR Power Of Sound YouTube channel is a great resource for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) content. It includes a wide variety of ASMR-oriented content, such as last-minute ASMR, ASMR roleplay, ASMR doctor scenarios, binaural ASMR, ASMR relaxation, ASMR sleep aid, and ASMR haircut videos. All of these are meant to help you relax and enjoy the soothing power of sound. If you're looking for an alternative way to destress, this channel is worth checking out.

AlexOplex ASMR

Channel Views: ~647.2k Channel Subscribers: ~5.4k Channel Videos: ~80

AlexOplex ASMR Youtube Channel

AlexOplex ASMR is a YouTube channel that focuses on providing last-minute ASMR to decrease stress and improve overall health and lifestyle. It offers a wide range of relaxation content, including ASMR videos with intense visuals and sound. Additionally, it offers tips and tricks for self-care and wellness. It is quickly becoming a go-to source for relaxation and stress relief.

Maddie Leigh ASMR

Channel Views: ~21.4m Channel Subscribers: ~210k Channel Videos: ~386

Maddie Leigh ASMR Youtube Channel

Maddie Leigh ASMR is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing immediate access to relaxing ASMR content. Last-minute ASMR videos are available to help viewers de-stress and unwind. It also offers lifestyle advice to help improve overall well-being. With a diverse selection of ASMR triggers and lifestyle tips, Maddie Leigh ASMR is sure to provide subscribers with a peaceful yet fulfilling experience.

No Headphones ASMR

Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~28.5k Channel Videos: ~118

No Headphones ASMR Youtube Channel

No Headphones ASMR is a YouTube channel focused on providing chaotic, unpredictable ASMR videos done in a fast, last-minute way that is aggressive yet calming at the same time. From tapping different surfaces to whispering, the channel provides a unique ASMR experience.

Coromo Sara. ASMR

Channel Views: ~403.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~380

Coromo Sara. ASMR Youtube Channel

Coromo Sara ASMR is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with relaxation and tingling ASMR experiences through various techniques, including tapping, whispering, and other auditory triggers. With its variety of video topics ranging from last-minute ASMRs to sleep-centric ASMR, Coromo Sara ASMR has something to offer for everyone who is looking for an ASMR experience to sink into.

Till You Sleep ASMR

Channel Views: ~7.9m Channel Subscribers: ~49.7k Channel Videos: ~333

Till You Sleep ASMR Youtube Channel

Till You Sleep ASMR is a YouTube channel that focuses on last-minute ASMR, no-talking ASMR hand sounds and movements, ASMR month sounds, ASMR plucking and pulling, and ASMR relaxation. All content is designed to bring a sense of calmness and relaxation with the use of sounds and movements from hands.

SassySounds ASMR

Channel Views: ~117.5m Channel Subscribers: ~748k Channel Videos: ~343

SassySounds ASMR Youtube Channel

SassySounds ASMR is a last-minute ASMR YouTube channel providing viewers with ASMR sounds, videos, and illustrations to help them relax and get the best sleep ever. With over two million subscribers and counting, SassySounds ASMR is the perfect destination on YouTube for those seeking out soothing ASMR sounds. From rain and nature to gentle whispers, it's all here at SassySounds ASMR! Enjoy!

Jojo's ASMR

Channel Views: ~779.9m Channel Subscribers: ~2.5m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Jojo's ASMR Youtube Channel

Jojo's ASMR YouTube channel is a unique destination for those seeking immersive, last-minute ASMR experiences to help with relaxation and sleep. Featuring a male ASMR artist, the channel offers a wide range of triggers and sensory experiences to help viewers find their ultimate tingle! With the wide variety of content, Jojo's ASMR is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a deep slumber.

Lyssie ASMR

Channel Views: ~15.3m Channel Subscribers: ~116k Channel Videos: ~174

Lyssie ASMR Youtube Channel

Lyssie ASMR is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing last-minute ASMR content in various languages. Featuring fast and aggressive ASMR, whispering, and subtitles in English,and Español, everyone can enjoy the tingly relaxing experience Lyssie has to offer!

Makayla ASMR

Channel Views: ~117.7m Channel Subscribers: ~717k Channel Videos: ~422

Makayla ASMR Youtube Channel

Makayla ASMR is a popular YouTube channel that features entertaining ASMR content, primarily last-minute ASMR and girlfriend role-play ASMR. Her videos include both fast and aggressive role-plays, as well as soothing ASMR for sleep. With her unique and endearing take on role-play ASMR, Makayla offers an exciting and unexpected experience.


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~4.4m Channel Videos: ~961

Gibi ASMR Youtube Channel

Gibi ASMR is a popular YouTube channel that features last-minute ASMR videos. The channel consists of ASMR content designed to relax viewers, such as whispering, tapping, and role-playing. Gibi ASMR has something for everyone, from chill background sounds too long stories. Followers of the channel can enjoy a calming and soothing experience.


Channel Views: ~145.1m Channel Subscribers: ~584k Channel Videos: ~577

Lizi ASMR Youtube Channel

Lizi ASMR is a YouTube channel that offers a wide variety of ASMR videos featuring a variety of role-play scenarios, medical ASMR, ASMR haircuts, makeup tutorials, ear cleaning, scalp massage, and both subtle and intense ASMR sounds. All of the videos are produced with the highest standards of quality so that viewers can experience the ultimate ASMR relaxation experience. Lizi ASMR is perfect for those who need a last-minute ASMR hit for daily stress relief.

Foxhavens ASMR

Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~17.6k Channel Videos: ~165

Foxhavens ASMR Youtube Channel

Foxhavens ASMR is a YouTube channel full of last-minute ASMR videos, providing personal attention and helping viewers to relax, unwind and find relief from stress. The videos range from soft-spoken, calming ASMR to ASMR funny roleplays and make for the perfect sleep aid. With [ASMR], viewers can experience the joy of relaxation while enjoying the channel.

ASMR Dream More

Channel Views: ~39.5m Channel Subscribers: ~208k Channel Videos: ~189

ASMR Dream More Youtube Channel

ASMR Dream More is an ideal YouTube channel for those seeking last-minute relaxation. It offers a variety of no-talking ambient soundscapes, binaural relaxation pieces, and female ASMR to help listeners relax and find restful sleep. With a library of satisfying content, it is the perfect way to wind down and dream more.

ASMR Sita Sofia

Channel Views: ~58m Channel Subscribers: ~241k Channel Videos: ~132

ASMR Sita Sofia Youtube Channel

ASMR Sita Sofia is a YouTube channel featuring a range of soothing ASMR videos in both English and Finnish. These include last-minute ASMR, ASMR Suomi, and tapping ASMR. Sita Salminen is the creator and main star, providing calming mouth sounds, ASMR mukbang, ASMR sleep, and much more. This channel is perfect for anyone looking for relaxing Finnish ASMR content.

The Power of Last Minute ASMR for Stress-relief and Relaxation

The power of last minute ASMR for stress-relief and relaxation is something that’s becoming increasingly popular. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which helps your body relax by providing soothing sounds that stimulate the senses. While ASMR videos and audio have been around for a while, the “Last Minute ASMR” trend is gaining traction. It’s perfect for people who don’t have the time or inclination to research and watch a long ASMR video.

  • Last Minute ASMR offers short, quick videos or audio snippets designed to take the listener from stress and worry to relaxation in less than 10 minutes. They often use simple binaural beats, gentle music, and a narrator talking to you as you drift off. Unlike a traditional ASMR video, you don’t need to watch the entire video or invest a lot of time in finding the perfect video. Last Minute ASMR cuts out unnecessary elements and focuses on providing a quick and enjoyable experience.
  • One of the key reasons why Last Minute ASMR has become so popular is its accessibility and versatility. Those with limited time can enjoy instant relaxation in their hectic lives. And, those with more time can use it as an additive to their long ASMR videos. Last Minute ASMR also works on a variety of devices, from smartphones to laptops. This allows people to access it whenever they need it - at their desk during lunch break, during a commute, or just before bed. No matter where you are, you can fit in some ASMR relaxation. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised just how relaxing it can be.

How to Find the Right Last Minute ASMR for You?

When it comes to finding a last minute ASMR video, it can be a little overwhelming due to the sheer variety in types and lengths. From triggers to soothing voices, there’s something for everyone and it can be hard to decide where to start your exploration. Here are some tips for finding the right ASMR video for you.

  1. First, take a look at the type of ASMR video you’re after. The three main types are: visual, auditory, and chemical. Visual ASMRs tend to be more focused on images like a camera sweeping through a beautiful landscape. Auditory ASMRs are often more ambient sounds like wind chimes or water flowing. Chemical ASMRs are often scents and tastes like essential oils or eating sounds. Knowing which type of video you want can help you narrow down your choices.
  2. Finally, before you settle on a video, be sure to check the length and read the description. Many ASMR videos are long, but if you’re looking for something quick, chose a shorter video. And, don’t be afraid to try something new! Read up on how the video is made and what kind of effects you can expect. With a little guidance, you can find the perfect ASMR video for you!

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