9 Best Lake District Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you looking to explore the beautiful Lake District in the UK and all its wonder? Then you've come to the right place! This article will help you find the best YouTube channels to get an insight into the adventure of camping, hiking, wild camping, and van life in the Lake District. We are sure you'll find the perfect channel to motivate and inspire you to explore the wild outdoors of the UK. Read on to start your journey of discovering the best YouTube channels for Lake District travel and adventure!

Lake District Films

Channel Views: ~212.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~134

Lake District Films Youtube Channel

Lake District Films is a YouTube channel devoted to exploring the Lake District in North West England. From route finding with OS Maps to navigating Great Langdale and The Old Man of Coniston, followers can discover the area with videos shot in stunning detail and using Ordnance Survey data. Join the channel for an unforgettable exploration of The Lakes.

Parkdean Resorts

Channel Views: ~7.1m Channel Subscribers: ~6.6k Channel Videos: ~436

Parkdean Resorts Youtube Channel

Parkdean Resorts YouTube channel offers a range of stunning holiday locations, including the Lake District, Isle of Wight, Kent & Sussex, East Anglia, and County Durham. Through captivating videos, viewers will be able to explore everything from the most enticing caravan parks to the perfect lodge holidays in the area. Parkdean Resorts YouTube channel is the ideal place to start planning your next holiday getaway.

Adventure Fishing UK

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~19.8k Channel Videos: ~189

Adventure Fishing UK Youtube Channel

Adventure Fishing UK is a YouTube channel that documents the fishing journeys of a group of dedicated anglers in the UK's beautiful Lake District. The channel covers a variety of freshwater fishing styles, such as lure fishing, trout fishing, pike fishing, and perch fishing, as well as fly fishing for wild trout. Join the adventurers of Adventure Fishing UK and explore the beauty of the Lake District!


Channel Views: ~4.8m Channel Subscribers: ~45.4k Channel Videos: ~113

BUSHMAN and BLUE Youtube Channel

The BUSHMAN and BLUE YouTube channel is focused on exploring the beautiful Lake District area and wild camping in the UK. They advise on what the best one-man tent, wild camping tent, wild camping kit, wild camping gear, best camping mattress, best campsites, and camping in a storm are. They help viewers get the most out of their wild camping experiences in the Lake District.

Tea In Valhalla

Channel Views: ~198.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~97

Tea In Valhalla Youtube Channel

Tea In Valhalla is a popular YouTube channel based in the Lake District, North Wales, and Coast Walks of the UK. It discusses topics related to mental health, and wild camping, as well as provides information and reviews on hiking and walking gear. It also features stunning visuals from numerous National Parks and other green spaces in the region.

Black Crag

Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~33.8k Channel Videos: ~95

Black Crag Youtube Channel

Black Crag is a YouTube channel created by a passionate vlogger and Lake District photographer. They capture stunning adventures in the English Lake District by combining hiking and photography. They explore the majestic mountains of Lakeland and share their experiences through videos and photos. They also offer tips on the best locations to take photos and how to get the perfect shot.

54 Degrees North

Channel Views: ~51.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~56

54 Degrees North Youtube Channel

54 Degrees North is a YouTube channel showcasing the breathtaking natural beauty of the Lake District. With videos of wild camping, solo hiking, 4K vlogging, mini 2-person trips, and reviews of the best gear available, this channel lets you enjoy the unique experiences of trekking through England and Scotland. Experience all that Lake District hiking has to offer with this channel!

John Miles | Lakeland Trail Runner

Channel Views: ~195.1k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~33

John Miles | Lakeland Trail Runner Youtube Channel

John Miles | Lakeland Trail Runner YouTube channel is a must-watch for all outdoor enthusiasts! From its stunning Lake District vistas to its vlog-style approach, this channel covers topics related to trail running, lifestyle, and hobbies in a captivating and inspirational way. Tune in for an adventure you won't forget!

Fables & Fells

Channel Views: ~476.1k Channel Subscribers: ~18.5k Channel Videos: ~14

Fables & Fells Youtube Channel

Fables & Fells is a YouTube channel that focuses on life in the Lake District, UK. Shaun and Angel share their hobby-filled lifestyle with viewers, from exploring great outdoors to cozy home-cooked meals. Follow them on their journey to discover the beauty of the Lake District.

Getting to Know the Local Culture of the Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful part of England that is known for its stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Aside from its natural beauty, the area is also home to a rich and vibrant culture that is often overlooked. From the local cuisine to the music and traditions, getting to know the local culture of the Lake District is a great way to deepen your understanding of the area and its people.

If you’re looking for a place to start exploring the Lake District’s culture, one of the first places to check out is the area’s local festivals. From the annual arts festival in Kendal to the music festivals in Ambleside, there’s plenty of opportunities to experience the traditional entertainment of the region. And, of course, you’ll find that local pubs, restaurants, and shops are filled with people engaging in lively conversations and sharing stories about their lives.

Another great way to familiarize yourself with the culture of the Lake District is to take part in some of its outdoor activities. From classic walking routes to canoeing and even pony trekking, there are so many outdoor activities to take part in and help you stay active as you explore the area. And it’s worth noting that the local food scene is certainly worth checking out while you’re here. From traditional farm-to-table dishes made with fresh ingredients to delightful desserts, there are plenty of delicious local delicacies worth discovering.

Planning the Perfect Trip to the Lake District

Planning the perfect trip to the Lake District couldn’t be easier! This beautiful area in northwest England is one of the most visited regions in the United Kingdom. Every year the Lakes attract thousands of visitors who come here to bask in the natural beauty of the area. Whether you’re looking for a romantic break or an action-packed family vacation, the Lake District is the ideal destination for your next getaway.

  • The Lake District is the perfect place to explore stunning views, take in the fresh air, and participate in a range of exciting activities. From cycling and hiking to paddle sports and sailing, the area is full of outdoor adventures to keep you occupied. There are also plenty of the area’s attractions to entertain all ages. The World of Beatrix Potter is a popular choice, as is the Rheged visitor centre.
  • To make the most of your trip to the Lake District, research accommodation options that suit your style and budget ahead of your stay. From charming guesthouses to rustic bunkhouses and stunning luxury cottages, there’s something for everyone. There is also a range of pubs, restaurants, cafes and takeaways available throughout the region. Additionally, don't forget to visit the National Park Centres in Ambleside and Keswick in order to receive information on the area's attractions. With a little bit of planning, you’re sure to have a brilliant vacation to the stunning Lake District.

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