If you love music from Africa, then you should definitely check out the best YouTube channels for kwaito music. You'll find new music from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and other African countries that you'll love. So what are you waiting for? Start watching and listening to the best African music on YouTube today!

Kwaito music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~289k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~322

kwaito Youtube Channel

The kwaito YouTube channel specializes in kwaito music, a genre that originated in South Africa in the 1990s. The channel features music videos by artists such as Arthur Mafokate, as well as interviews and live performances. The channel also showcases the use of kwaito in house music, deep house, and other genres.


Channel Views: ~111.3k Channel Subscribers: ~194 Channel Videos: ~30

NAM-KwaitoMusic Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel NAM-KwaitoMusic is a channel dedicated to the kwaito music genre from the country of Namibia. The channel's owner is a huge fan and supporter of the music and regularly posts videos of live performances, music videos, and more.

DJ Vybe Entertainment

Channel Views: ~3m Channel Subscribers: ~3.6k Channel Videos: ~52

DJ Vybe Entertainment Youtube Channel

The DJ Vybe Entertainment YouTube channel is dedicated to kwaito music, a subgenre of house music that emerged in South Africa in the early 1990s. The channel features a wide variety of kwaito tracks, both old and new, as well as skool kwaito tracks, which are influenced by traditional African music.


Channel Views: ~188.4m Channel Subscribers: ~856k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

RICHY HANIEL Youtube Channel

Richy Haniel's YouTube channel is all about South African music, with a focus on kwaito, hip hop, pop, and reggae. He also covers electronic music from time to time. If you're looking for some great South African tunes, Richy Haniel is the channel for you!


Channel Views: ~13.5m Channel Subscribers: ~98.6k Channel Videos: ~92

CHILL GANG Youtube Channel

The CHILL GANG channel on YouTube is a great place to listen to kwaito music, Soul music, and other popular genres. They have a wide variety of music to choose from, and their videos are high quality and professionally edited. If you're looking for a great place to find new music, or just to listen to your favorite tunes, the CHILL GANG channel is a great choice.


Channel Views: ~584.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.3k Channel Videos: ~74

MR_LYF Youtube Channel

The MR_LYF YouTube channel Is a amazing place to find a variety of kwaito music. You can also find music from a variety of other genres, including Electronic music, Pop music, and Hip hop music. Whether you're looking for something to relax to or something to get your groove on, you're sure to find it on MR_LYF.

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