Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that offer teachings on kundalini yoga, meditation, spirituality, and enlightenment? Are you interested in learning about Hinduism and Hindu philosophy? Do you want to learn about Pranayama, health and Sadhguru? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of YouTube channels that offer information about the topics of Kundalini Yoga, yoga, meditation, spirituality, enlightenment, Hinduism, Sadhguru, Pranayama, and health. Keep reading to learn more!

Kundalini yoga: Top Youtube Channels

Kundalini Yoga with Yogigems

Channel Views: ~85.9k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~50

Kundalini Yoga with Yogigems Youtube Channel

Yogigems' YouTube channel offers expert Kundalini yoga instruction with 45 and 30 minute sessions. Each session offers powerful teachings to elevate spiritual development and inner peace, focusing on breath work, mantras, and kriyas. Whether you are a beginner or experienced Kundalini yoga practitioner, this channel provides guidance and support with the latest kundalini yoga practices.

Refeel Yoga

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~33.4k Channel Videos: ~508

Refeel Yoga Youtube Channel

Reefel Yoga is a YouTube channel dedicated to Kundalini yoga, traditional Hatha yoga, Yogi Bhajan's teachings, and chakra activation, as well as inspiring free yoga videos for home yoga practice. Practitioners of all levels can benefit from Refeel Yoga's accessible yet powerful yoga instructions. Get ready to Refeel your body, mind and spirit with Refeel Yoga!

YogaVision Online

Channel Views: ~3.4m Channel Subscribers: ~38.5k Channel Videos: ~439

YogaVision Online Youtube Channel

YogaVision Online is a YouTube channel devoted to Kundalini yoga, meditation, and healing. They provide tutorials on Kundalini yoga, meditation, and new videos on yoga teacher training, adjustments and modifications for beginners of all levels, as well as informative videos on the philosophy of Kundalini yoga and how to practice it properly, as well as kundalini yoga breathing techniques.

Gloria Latham Yoga

Channel Views: ~154.5k Channel Subscribers: ~5.5k Channel Videos: ~159

Gloria Latham Yoga Youtube Channel

Gloria Latham Yoga is a YouTube channel dedicated to empowering individuals through personal development, kundalini yoga, and meditation. From online yoga videos to teacher training, Gloria provides a variety of resources to help people unlock their highest potential through chakra activation and self-exploration. With over a decade of kundalini yoga teaching experience and a passion for life coaching, it's no wonder why Gloria Latham Yoga is a top source for holistic guidance and healing.

Lisa Grail

Channel Views: ~497.7k Channel Subscribers: ~5.3k Channel Videos: ~306

Lisa Grail Youtube Channel

Lisa Grail's YouTube channel is devoted to providing a unique mix of Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Kriyas, Kundalini Classes and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Lessons that promote mental and physical health, Kundalini Awakening, Spiritual Awakening, Psyche Balance and Body Training. Her experienced and professional approach assures the best experience for her viewers.

3HO International

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~19.2k Channel Videos: ~143

3HO International Youtube Channel

3HO International is a YouTube channel showcasing videos related to kundalini yoga and lifestyle inspired by the Sikh religion. It offers a variety of content including discussions on yogic lifestyle tips and kirtans. The channel features sessions led by trainers from around the world to inspire and motivate viewers. Subscribe to the channel to boost your spirit and learn more about kundalini yoga.


Channel Views: ~5.6m Channel Subscribers: ~60.6k Channel Videos: ~124

KIMILLA Youtube Channel

Kimilla's YouTube channel is a resource for people interested in kundalini yoga for health and beauty, fitness, and meditation. She has a wide selection of videos offering instruction on kundalini yoga poses and yogic techniques to help her followers reach their wellness goals. With tips on lifestyle changes and positive messages, Kimilla is an asset to the kundalini yoga community.

Jai Dev Singh

Channel Views: ~383.1k Channel Subscribers: ~26.5k Channel Videos: ~109

Jai Dev Singh Youtube Channel

Jai Dev Singh's YouTube channel is focused on spreading the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine, Astrology, Dharma, and Prosperity. He offers tutorials and guided sessions on Yoga and Meditation practices to create balance, harmony, and abundance in life. He also provides advice and knowledge about Ayurveda, to enhance overall health and wellness.


Channel Views: ~855.3k Channel Subscribers: ~15.6k Channel Videos: ~43

RA MA TV Youtube Channel

RA MA TV is a YouTube channel that shares content focused on kundalini yoga, lifestyle, religion, and society. It provides videos designed to help viewers explore embodied spiritual practices ranging from traditional kundalini yoga to more creative and modern approaches. The channel also features interviews with spiritual teachers, meditations, and other wellness-based content. RA MA TV is a great source for those seeking to learn more about integrating yogic teachings and theory into their lives.


Channel Views: ~117.8k Channel Subscribers: ~3.5k Channel Videos: ~8

Merit Youtube Channel

Merit is a YouTube channel focused on helping people with their mental health and physical wellbeing. It offers a variety of yoga practices, such as kundalini yoga, holotropic breathwork, shamanic breathwork and guided breathwork ranging from breathwork for beginners to advanced practitioners. Additionally, Merit provides useful tips and guidance for those suffering from panic attacks and guided meditations to help relax both the mind and body. Finally, it also provides informative videos about breathing techniques and advice to help people take better care of their physical and mental health.

Nirvana Laya Noy

Channel Views: ~173.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~7

Nirvana Laya Noy Youtube Channel

Nirvana Laya Noy is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on kundalini yoga, lifestyle, and physical fitness. It provides inspiring video tutorials on yoga, meditation, personal development, and nutrition for all levels of practitioners. Led by experienced instructors, the channel serves as a great source of guidance and motivation for anyone looking to improve their wellbeing.

The Different Types of Kundalini Yoga Practices

Kundalini yoga is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on meditation and breathing techniques to unlock the spiritual energy within a person. Kundalini is often referred to as the “serpent power” because it is thought to awaken the latent spiritual power coiled at the base of the spine. In order to tap into this power, yogis use various Kundalini yoga practices to awaken their inner wisdom and attain spiritual enlightenment.

  1. One popular Kundalini yoga practice is kriya yoga. This type of yoga is focused on physical movements and asanas, or postures, combined with deeply rooted breathing techniques. These poses aid in the awakening of the kundalini energy and help a yogi to release their energy and tension while reaching spiritual enlightenment. 
  2. Another practice is mantra chanting, in which a yogi chants a specific mantra that focuses on letting go of material possessions and focusing on higher forms of existence.
  3. The third type is meditation. Through this practice, a yogi will practice intense contemplation and deeply rooted concentration. This helps to guide the individual's energy through their seven chakras in order to experience a heightened level of spiritual awareness. Through these three types of practices, a dedicated yogi can become connected to their inner self and reach spiritual oneness with the universe. In this state, they may then tap into the hidden knowledge and power of the kundalini.  

Whether it is through physical poses, chanting, or meditation, one can practice Kundalini yoga to unlock their mystical energy and reach spiritual awakening.  With dedication and hard work, anyone can explore the world of Kundalini to become spiritually fulfilled.  It is the key to self-discovery that will ultimately lead to enlightenment.

How to Prepare for a Kundalini Yoga Class

Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga that awakens the body's potential for spiritual growth and healing. It is a powerful practice that can help to increase energy levels, reduce stress, and improve overall wellbeing. Preparing for a Kundalini yoga class can be an important part of making the most of the experience.

  • Before attending a class, it is helpful to spend some time reflecting on why you are seeking out a Kundalini yoga class and what you are hoping to accomplish. Visualizing the positive outcomes of the practice can help to set intentions and create the right mindset for the experience. Additionally, it is essential to familiarize yourself with common Kundalini yoga poses and understand the importance of the breathwork used in the practice.
  • It can be beneficial to have a few props handy to make the poses easier and more comfortable. A mat, cushion, bolster, and blankets can all be useful to keep the body comfortable during the poses. Additionally, wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing is important for safety and movement. Finally, to get the most out of the experience it is essential to arrive to the class well-hydrated and mentally focused. 

With the right preparation and attitude, you will be ready to take on the challenge of Kundalini yoga and reap the positive rewards it has to offer.

Developing Body Awareness with Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice steeped in tradition that has roots in Hinduism and Sikhism. It is focused on awakening the creative spirit and energy of the individual and is known for its tremendous healing potential. For those looking to reconnect with their body and create a sense of balance, Kundalini yoga can be a powerful practice.

  • Developing body awareness with Kundalini yoga emphasizes the importance of breath work and chanting. Pranayama (breath exercises) and chanting are integral components of this practice as they are used to help cultivate energy, cultivate balance, and support a person on their journey towards spiritual growth. When one develops awareness of their breath, they can use it to tune into their body and more deeply connect with their physical self. Additionally, chanting helps to tap into the energies of the body and create a sense of harmony and oneness within the mind and spirit.
  • Kundalini yoga also involves utilizing the power of breath and meditation to create a sense of body awareness. Focusing on the breath can help to reduce stress, improve the individual’s state of mind, and bring about a sense of wellbeing. Additionally, in kundalini yoga meditation is used to create a strong connection with the body and bring the body and mind in balance. 

Through developing body awareness with Kundalini yoga, one is offered the opportunity to strengthen and deepen their connection with their body and tap into the healing power of this ancient practice.

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