7 Best Korean Housewife Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best Korean vlogs and mukbangs? We've got you covered! There are so many amazing Korean housewife vlogs and cooking channels out there, but how do you find the best ones? Keep reading to discover the top 10 Korean vlogs and mukbang channels to give you insight into everyday life in Korea.


Channel Views: ~7m Channel Subscribers: ~33.8k Channel Videos: ~378

inKorea Youtube Channel

The popular YouTube channel inKorea hosts a variety of Korean vlogs from everyday life, celebrity interviews, and beauty trends. The channel features famed Korean housewife Jennvely and her daily vlogs as well as other Korean celebrites such as Jenny of ItsJudy'sLife. Offering unique glimpses into Korean culture and beauty, inKorea is your go-to destination for daily Korean vlogs and entertainment.

미국새댁 우하루 Wooharu_ korean housewife

Channel Views: ~8.7m Channel Subscribers: ~25.7k Channel Videos: ~248

미국새댁 우하루 Wooharu_ korean housewife Youtube Channel

'미국새댁 우하루 Wooharu_ korean housewife' YouTube channel is a great portal for anyone curious to explore the everyday life of a Korean housewife in America. From 미국새댁' vlogs, to hometours and '미국일상' cooking shows, Wooharu shares her homely experiences and activities

nelheehouse 낼희

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~13.6k Channel Videos: ~49

nelheehouse 낼희 Youtube Channel

The Nelheehouse 낼희 YouTube channel is run by a Korean housewife who shares her tips and tricks for home, cooking and recipes. She also talks about Villeroy & Boch products and how she organizes her home to maintain her life. It's an indispensable resource for anyone trying to lead a more organized lifestyle!

Aye Rose Lee 이아이로즈

Channel Views: ~102.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1.7k Channel Videos: ~284

Aye Rose Lee 이아이로즈 Youtube Channel

Aye Rose Lee 이아이로즈 is a YouTube channel created by a Korean housewife in a Filipino-Korean intercultural marriage. It features fun and entertaining vlogs about the couple's everyday life and provides an interesting insight into Ayerose's culture and daily activities.

curisoo lee

Channel Views: ~53.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~91

curisoo lee Youtube Channel

Curisoo Lee's YouTube channel offers a unique glimpse into the life of a Korean housewife. Through silent vlogs and cooking shows, viewers can learn about different Korean recipes, visit popular sites in South Korea, and get a rare look at what it's like to be a Pinay mom in South Korea. For a special treat, Curisoo Lee often features Kpop idols and shares her insights on Korean cuisine. Seonkyoung Longest rounds out the content by providing entertaining reviews and tutorials.

J's Home

Channel Views: ~38.9k Channel Subscribers: ~502 Channel Videos: ~21

J's Home Youtube Channel

J's Home is a popular Korean YouTube channel that specializes in vlogs about a Korean housewife's day-to-day life. The content often includes cozy house tour videos, cleaning and organizing tips, and other housework tips. With its relatable and easy-going messages, the channel has become a hit with its audience of 주부 and fans looking for some inspiration in their own lives.

Kyu in Seoul

Channel Views: ~48k Channel Subscribers: ~688 Channel Videos: ~8

Kyu in Seoul Youtube Channel

Kyu in Seoul is a popular YouTube channel run by a Korean housewife who explores food and lifestyle in Seoul. Through her vlogs, she provides viewers with recipes, travel tips, and cultural insights into the vibrant city.

Common Habits of a Korean Housewife to Adopt

Housewives in South Korea, just like other mothers around the world, face the daily tasks and responsibilities of balancing household and family management while also often working full-time. With a culture built around health, cleanliness, and good household management, there are a few habits that many Korean housewives have adopted to help them stay on top of all their duties.

  • A common habit of Korean housewives is an emphasis on order and cleanliness. They strive to keep their homes neat and tidy and always make sure their areas are neat and organized. This habit not only promotes a sense of order and peace but it also helps the housewife to be more efficient and organized.
  • Korean housewives also value the importance of healthy eating and nutrition. Korean cuisine is generally made with fresh and natural ingredients that provide the body with the nourishment it needs. Korean housewives create meals with fresh vegetables and grains and use no preservatives or added sugars. They focus on balancing meals for their families and providing them with wholesome, nutritious dishes. This not only helps them to stay healthy but also helps promote a sense of discipline within their families.

By adopting these habits, Korean housewives are able to keep their families happy and healthy and their households in balanced order for years to come. It is no wonder why Korean culture is often associated with cleanliness, efficiency, and good nutrition.

Benefits of Embracing the Korean Housewife Lifestyle

Korean housewife lifestyle is the traditional way of life that Korean housewives have followed and practiced for many centuries. It is a lifestyle that emphasizes cleanliness, organization, and self-sufficiency. Embracing such a lifestyle is beneficial for anyone who wishes to lead a simpler, more traditional life.

  • A Korean housewife lifestyle involves focusing on taking care of the home and family. This includes home maintenance and upkeep, cleaning, meal preparation, budgeting, and domestic chores. Modern lifestyle changes have caused many people to feel stressed and overwhelmed, but living the Korean housewife lifestyle offers several benefits that may help alleviate the stress and provide more time for self-care and leisure activities.
  • One of the biggest benefits of living a Korean housewife lifestyle is that it promotes a sense of self-sufficiency. By taking care of the home and providing for the family, Korean housewives are able to produce food, laundry, and other household items with relative ease, which helps to reduce the need for outside assistance. Additionally, Korean housewives typically focus on preventive health measures, such as engaging in regular exercise, eating nutritious meals, and getting plenty of rest. By engaging in these activities and taking the time to tend to their homes, Korean housewives can maintain a healthier lifestyle which can result in improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Korean housewife lifestyle is a cultural lifestyle that emphasizes order, balance, and self-sufficiency. While the demands of modern life can be contradictory to this lifestyle, embracing it can offer many benefits that can promote physical and mental wellbeing. For those who are looking to lead a simpler, more traditional life, Korean housewife lifestyle may be an ideal path to follow.

Examining the Cultural Significance of the Korean Housewife

The Korean housewife has been a long-time symbol of the home, modeling both traditional and modern practices that remain culturally significant today. As the traditional role of the housewife stretches back within the various subcultures of Korea, from Confucianism to present-day values, the cultural practices of the housewife offer a valuable lens for understanding the development of Korean culture itself.

  • At the heart of the traditional role of the Korean housewife lies the concept of filial piety, entrusting the female to be the caretaker of the home and family. Here, the housewife assumes a significant responsibility as the primary and often sole provider for the household, organizing the household duties and working hard to fulfill her own moral obligations. Meanwhile, the housewife is also responsible for providing a moral and ethical model for the rest of the family, including the next generation.
  • In today's Korea, the traditional values of filial piety remain, while changing cultural norms and demands on modern lifestyles have subtly reshaped the role of the housewife. Intellectually, housewives have gained a new strength as they become educated, empowered and supported by the modern Korean education system. Likewise, the role of the housewife has become further defined by the recognition of her professional and independent contributions to the home and to the wider Korean culture.

The Korean housewife has been a central cultural figure in Korea for centuries and remains an integral part of the culture today. This ongoing study of the housewife's cultural practices and values offers an insight into the development of the Korean culture and its continuing cultural significance.

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