10 Best Koala Youtube Channels + videos

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to watch with your koala-loving kids? Look no further! We've done the research and compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for kids featuring animals, nursery rhymes, nature, and, of course, koalas. With the help of our list, you can find age-appropriate, educational, and wild content that's sure to keep the whole family entertained. Read on to find the perfect channel for your little koala enthusiast!

The Koala

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~8.4k Channel Videos: ~198

The Koala Youtube Channel

The Koala YouTube channel is focused on highlighting stories of animal love, rescue, and cuteness featuring cats, dogs, and koalas. It is a whimsical channel devoted to educating viewers on the ways animals interact with each other and the environment. From stories of rescue and adoption to homes for injured koalas, The Koala is sure to bring a smile to any animal lover's face.
Followers can look forward to beautiful videos of nature and love for animals that will both educate and bring joy in every episode. They can experience the joy of sharing the amazing world of animals and the incredible bond between humans and our furry friends. Each episode of The Koala serves to spread awareness and appreciation for the animal kingdom and will leave viewers with the warm feeling of Animal Love.


Channel Views: ~31.1m Channel Subscribers: ~364k Channel Videos: ~192

GravyKoalaMan Youtube Channel

GravyKoalaMan is a YouTube channel featuring a koala playing action-adventure, role-playing, strategy, and action video games. Not only is the channel great entertainment, but it also serves to introduce viewers to the culture and atmosphere of the video game world. With each game, GravyKoalaMan brings a fresh and exciting experience for viewers.

Koala Brothers TV

Channel Views: ~14.3m Channel Subscribers: ~17k Channel Videos: ~93

Koala Brothers TV Youtube Channel

The Koala Brothers TV YouTube channel features the cartoon adventures of the lively crew of koalas living in Outback Australia. Frank and Buster are two kind and helpful koalas who assist the other Outback inhabitants solve their daily problems. Alongside them are their friends salamander Ned, parrot Mitzi, post kangaroo Alice, George the swagman, and little koala Archie. The gang regularly embarks on comical escapades in Outback Australia.

Koala & Giraffe - Official Channel

Channel Views: ~150.7m Channel Subscribers: ~120k Channel Videos: ~90

Koala & Giraffe - Official Channel Youtube Channel

Koala & Giraffe - Official Channel is an educational YouTube channel which provides fun content for kids, featuring playful koala and giraffe characters. Kids can watch entertaining videos starring Blippi toys or enjoy nursery rhymes and kid songs. The channel also offers learning series on colors, shapes, and numbers. Other popular videos include fire trucks, garbage trucks, and monster trucks!

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Channel Views: ~271.3k Channel Subscribers: ~3.1k Channel Videos: ~98

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie Youtube Channel

The Koala Hospital Port Macquarie YouTube channel is dedicated to raising awareness about the Australian koala lifestyle. Through informative and engaging videos, viewers will learn more about these amazing creatures and how to properly help maintain and protect their habitat. With behind-the-scenes content and adorable koala closeups, this YouTube channel is a great source of entertainment and knowledge.


Channel Views: ~56.7m Channel Subscribers: ~96.6k Channel Videos: ~89

Koalafication Youtube Channel

Koalafication is a YouTube channel featuring a cute koala bear from Australia who gets into funny adventures, from fighting to crying and giving kisses. Follow the adventures of this adorable koala and get your daily dose of cuteness!

Port Stephens Koala Hospital

Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~5.7k Channel Videos: ~89

Port Stephens Koala Hospital Youtube Channel

Port Stephens Koala Hospital's YouTube channel is an ongoing journey showcasing the rescue and rehabilitation of Australia's beloved marsupial, the koala. It provides an inside look into the volunteers' dedicated work and lifestyle of providing care and safety for these iconic animals. Viewers will enjoy watching koalas being released back into their wild habitats and see the volunteers doing their best to ensure the future of this species.

Friends of the Koala

Channel Views: ~27.8k Channel Subscribers: ~223 Channel Videos: ~26

Friends of the Koala Youtube Channel

Friends of the Koala is a YouTube channel that focuses on the conservation and protection of koalas through videos, pictures, and stories. It is a great source of information for anyone interested in learning more about the plight of koalas in the wild and what can be done to help them. It also has many uplifting stories of the bond between humans and koalas, and how efforts to protect these iconic Australian marsupials can make a difference in the world.

Dee Koala

Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~34.5k Channel Videos: ~18

Dee Koala Youtube Channel

Dee Koala's YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing the daily life of a wild koala. From cutesy videos documenting a koala's playtime to educational clips about the animal's conservation, Dee Koala's content is sure to delight nature-lovers from all walks of life. Join the community and explore the fascinating life of Australia's most iconic marsupial!


Channel Views: ~17 Channel Subscribers: ~2 Channel Videos: ~2

Koala Youtube Channel

The Koala YouTube channel features funny and lighthearted content that has a focus on Australian culture and lifestyle. A variety of skits, sketches, and other creative pieces can be found on the channel, with a strong emphasis on lighthearted humor and positive vibes. Showcasing a unique and entertaining take on Australian life, Koala is sure to make you laugh and smile.

Fascinating Facts About Koalas

Koalas are one of the world’s most iconic animals. These furry bundles of cuteness have captivated the hearts of many, and with good reason. Besides being adorable, they have some fascinating facts that will make any nature lover sit up and take notice! Aside from their cuddly looks, here are some of the most interesting Koala facts:

  • One of the biggest facts about Koalas is that they get almost all of their water from the leaves they eat. Unlike most animals, they rarely drink from any sources of water - their moisture needs are supplied by the moisture in their diet. Koalas have a diet that consists mostly of eucalyptus leaves, but they do occasionally feed on other leaves and grasses. They also tend to feast on more than 500 distinct types of eucalyptus varieties.
  • Another interesting trait of Koalas is their sleep pattern. They tend to sleep up to 18 hours in a day, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that they are actually quite good climbers! They get most of their sleep during the day and become more active during the evenings. That’s why Koalas are mostly active at night when they look for new eucalyptus trees and forage for food.

These peculiar facts about Koalas make them even more endearing and fascinating. Though their lifestyle has been significantly impacted by habitat destruction, there are still many groups fighting for the conservation of these iconic animals. A great way we can help in their conservation is by being aware of their fascinating characteristics and doing our part to protect their habitats.

Human Interaction with Koalas

Humans have long been fascinated by koalas. These furry, sleepy marsupials have captured our hearts ever since they were first encountered by European settlers in Australia. The creatures have undoubtedly sparked a lot of wonder and curiosity in us humans, to the point that human interaction with koalas is now an accepted part of both the culture and tourism in Australia.

Koalas can be found at protected sanctuaries in many parts of Australia and are also provided food and shelter at many wildlife parks. People can observe koalas in their natural environment or even pet them gently. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that koalas are wild animals and should be treated with respect. It isn't recommended to try to pick them up or chase them as this can cause a lot of stress and fear and can be unsafe for both humans and koalas.

Rather, it is far better to watch koalas from a respectful distance, take pictures and learn about their unique behaviours and features from sources that are provided at areas such as parks and sanctuaries. This unique experience of being able to interact with koalas in their natural environment is something that should be cherished as it can tell us a lot about the complex interaction between humans and animals. To remember the adventure, people can purchase merchandise that is sold at many of these areas so that they can take a piece of their koala experience home with them.

Where Can I See Koalas in the Wild

Koalas are one of the most beloved animals in the world, with their iconic soft fur and signature sleepy eyes. However, several factors have led to a rapid decline in their population, making it difficult for many people to see them in the wild. Fortunately, there are still some places in Australia accessible to the public where you can spot these cuddly critters in their natural habitat.

Koalas are native to the southeastern and eastern portions of Australia and both Queensland and New South Wales have healthy populations with accessible viewing locations. Queensland’s Lamington National Park and Springbrook National Park are good places to start. All the parks are home to a range of other wildlife in addition to the koalas, so be sure to keep an eye out!

The Margaret River region of Western Australia is another spot to look out for koalas. Here you can find the Fitzgerald River National Park or The Chimeney National Park, both great spots to catch a glimpse of a koala in the wild. However, the koalas in this area have been classified as chlamydia positive, and therefore the koalas must not be touched. As such, please observe from a safe distance and keep an eye out for any signs that may be posted along the trails. With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to spot koalas living in their natural environment.

Finding koalas in the wild can be rewarding, but it’s important to remember to be respectful. You must not touch the koalas or disturb their natural habitat; instead, take the time to just appreciate them. You might even have the privilege of watching them climb trees, eat eucalyptus leaves, and sleep for hours! Who knows, you could even come across a baby koala with its adorably big ears and tiny nose. Remember, the most important thing is to observe, enjoy as much as you can, and leave nothing but footprints.

Whether you are located in the eastern or western portion of Australia, there is sure to be someplace for you to see koalas in their natural environment. So if you’re looking to spot some of these furry friends, take the time to explore the stunning parks and nature reserves across the country. With a little bit of patience and some luck, you could soon have a memorable koala spotting experience all to yourself!

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