If you love to watch cooking and DIY videos and are looking for the best YouTube channels to keep you entertained and informed, look no further! Whether you're looking for kitchen hacks, recipes, toy play, or even fun videos for kids, you'll find the right channel for you. Even if you just want to watch Gordon Ramsay in action, you'll find what you're looking for. Read on to find out the best YouTube channels that cover all of these topics and more!

Kitchen: Top Youtube Channels

America's Test Kitchen

Channel Views: ~318.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

America's Test Kitchen Youtube Channel

America's Test Kitchen is a YouTube channel that provides insight into the world of cooking and food science. They offer cooking videos, cooking shows, and cooking TV shows for viewers to learn to cook with ease. Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country are magazines owned by America's Test Kitchen, and follow the adventures of What's Eating Dan as he discovers the best of home tested recipes.

The Kitchen & Jorn Show

Channel Views: ~32.5m Channel Subscribers: ~508k Channel Videos: ~102

The Kitchen & Jorn Show Youtube Channel

The Kitchen & Jorn Show is a YouTube channel that aims to share a positive and laid-back lifestyle through food. Hosts Jorn and Kitchen provide helpful kitchen tips and recipes while also entertaining viewers with entertaining and informative videos. From everyday cooking tips to delicious meals, The Kitchen & Jorn Show is a great source for anyone looking to learn new recipes and explore the kitchen!

Zo Kitchen

Channel Views: ~141.1m Channel Subscribers: ~516k Channel Videos: ~245

Zo Kitchen Youtube Channel

Zo Kitchen is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things food and lifestyle related. With commentary from Zo, a passionate home chef, and her companion, viewers can get helpful tips, recipes, and product recommendations to help them create delicious meals in the comfort of their own kitchen. With an upbeat and often humorous approach, Zo Kitchen promises to make cooking enjoyable, informative, and accessible for everyone.

The Kitchen

Channel Views: ~58.7m Channel Subscribers: ~354k Channel Videos: ~83

The Kitchen Youtube Channel

The Kitchen is a YouTube channel devoted to all things cooking. It features inspiring recipes, cooking tips and tricks, engaging video tutorials, and more. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced home cook, you'll find something helpful and inspiring on The Kitchen. With a wide array of content, The Kitchen is a great source for anyone looking to improve their cooking skills and become a better at-home chef.

Bon Appétit

Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~6m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Bon Appétit Youtube Channel

The Bon Appétit YouTube channel offers fun and easy-to-follow recipes, as well as videos from the resident test kitchen. With talented chefs such as Brad Leone and Claire Saffitz, viewers can explore everything from quick and simple dishes to complex, delicious meals. Parents and kids alike can also enjoy the popular Kids Try series, as well as the chemistry-focused series It's Alive. With inspirational, creative recipes, the Bon Appétit YouTube channel is a must-watch destination for foodies.

Home HashTag Life by Jaya

Channel Views: ~86.7m Channel Subscribers: ~600k Channel Videos: ~236

Home HashTag Life by Jaya Youtube Channel

Home HashTag Life by Jaya is a YouTube channel created by an Indian YouTuber centered around home organization, kitchen, home decor and cleaning. From decluttering tips and ideas to building a cleaning routine, Home HashTag Life by Jaya provides helpful guidance for anyone looking for home organization and household tips.

Tool Items

Channel Views: ~8.9b Channel Subscribers: ~6.4m Channel Videos: ~273

Tool Items Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel Tool Items provides informative reviews about versatile utensils and new gadgets for the kitchen. It also hosts creative tutorials about different uses of smart inventions, smart gadgets, and smart appliances. Every week, viewers can learn about new tool items and experience the convenience of smart kitchen tools.

Mini Yummy

Channel Views: ~356.4m Channel Subscribers: ~998k Channel Videos: ~151

Mini Yummy Youtube Channel

Mini Yummy is a popular YouTube channel showcasing miniature food creations. Hosted by experienced miniaturist Hoang, the channel offers entertaining DIY miniature food tutorials, tasty tiny food recipes and ASMR cooking videos. From miniature kitchen utensils, to DIY miniature food replicas, Mini Yummy is a great source of inspiration for miniature food enthusiasts. With its content firmly rooted in ASMR principles, Mini Yummy creates extraordinary pieces of edible miniature art.

Henry Phillips

Channel Views: ~6.5m Channel Subscribers: ~79.2k Channel Videos: ~104

Henry Phillips Youtube Channel

Henry Phillips' YouTube channel is a unique blend of comedy and music. He creates instructional cooking videos in his own kitchen, while also providing comedic relief and musical performances. If you're looking for an entertaining way to learn how to cook while being serenaded by Henry, his YouTube channel is the perfect place for you.

Managing Kitchen Messes and Emergencies

Kitchens are notorious for getting messier faster than any other room in the house. Whether it's caused by your own cooking explorations or your family members' interference, managing the mess can sometimes seem overwhelming. But with a few easy tips, you can keep life more orderly in the kitchen.

  • The first step to keeping your kitchen clean and organized is taking preventative measures to avoid mess and spills in the first place. This may include reminding others to clean up after themselves, investing in an attractive yet durable kitchen mat to catch spills and crumbs, and dedicating a specific kitchen cabinet or shelf for items that tend to cause mess. Doing this will help minimize the mess when it comes to kitchen emergencies.
  • In the event of kitchen messes or emergencies, the best approach is to always have a game plan. Prepare supplies in advance so you are ready for any situation. Keep a large roll of paper towels, an absorbent rug for quick pick up, and all-purpose kitchen cleaner on hand to tackle messes when they happen. Additionally, you may want to invest in a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, which is great for taking care of crumbs fast. 

By using these simple tips, it's possible to stay on top of kitchen messes and emergencies.

Clever Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen

If you’re like most people, your kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house. With so much activity, having clever storage solutions is essential. There are several ways you can maximize storage in your kitchen to maximize the potential of the space you have.

  • One of the simplest ways to maximize kitchen storage is to make the most of your existing solutions. For instance, wall shelves and hooks can provide accessible but out-of-the way storage for items like cooking utensils or pantry items. You can also hang spice racks inside your cupboard doors to keep your spices tucked away but still easily accessible. Additionally, baskets are an excellent option for both storing and organizing items, from pantry staples to bakeware.
  • For areas that don’t have built-in storage, you can get creative with stacking shelves and shelves with drawers. These can be placed nearly anywhere, from unused wall space to even the tops of cabinets. For organizing smaller items, consider mason jars, which can double up as kitchen decorations and storage for small items like dried herbs. 

With these solutions, you’ll have everything in its place and make the most of the available storage space.

Power Up Your Kitchen with These Smart Appliances

Saving time in the kitchen is a priority for many of us. To do this, we can turn to the world of smart appliances. Smart appliances use the latest technology, making life in the kitchen easier. These include voice-controlled refrigerators, ovens that can record our favorite recipes and voice-controlled blenders.

  • Whether you’re a gourmet chef or just starting out in the kitchen, smart appliances can improve the overall experience. For example, refrigerators with voice command technology can suggest recipes and allow you to easily check what’s inside without ever opening the door. Ovens with features like programmed recipes and digital temperature control, along with voice command-enabled blenders, can speed up the cooking process and save you time.
  • When researching which smart appliances to invest in, look for ones that integrate easily with your current items, such as connecting appliances to skill apps, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, for hands-free control. You’ll also want to consider the energy efficiency of the appliances, in order to stay eco-friendly and lower your energy bills. 

With the right smart appliances, you can power up your kitchen and make cooking and baking easier than ever. Check out the latest options today.

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