Are you looking for fun and educational YouTube channels, especially for kids? Look no further! We've curated the 11 best YouTube channels for kindergarten, funny videos, gaming, songs and cartoons. Whether you're looking for kids' songs, fun gaming walkthroughs, or just some good old fashioned cartoon fun, we've got you covered! Read on to find the perfect YouTube channel for your kids or yourself!

Kindergarten: Top Youtube Channels

Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs

Channel Views: ~11.8b Channel Subscribers: ~20.5m Channel Videos: ~3.3k

Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs Youtube Channel

Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs is a popular YouTube channel that features delightful kindergarten-level videos your kids will love. With classic nursery rhymes like Wheels on the Bus, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, and Boo Boo Song, as well as cute baby songs like Baby Shark your kids will be entertained for hours. They'll never tire of these fun and colorful kids videos!

Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

Channel Views: ~1.5b Channel Subscribers: ~3.1m Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel Youtube Channel

Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel is an educational YouTube channel featuring exciting kids music videos, brain breaks and educational songs that help children learn counting to 100, the alphabet song and more. Featuring the iconic Jack Hartmann as the host, this channel is an ideal resource for kindergarten and elementary school teachers who want an effective way to introduce kids music into the classroom. Kids can enjoy the fun and interactive videos while they learn.

The Soft Roots

Channel Views: ~41.8m Channel Subscribers: ~131k Channel Videos: ~995

The Soft Roots Youtube Channel

The Soft Roots YouTube channel offers fun and educational videos for children on topics such as learning the alphabet, numbers and colors, vocabulary and preschool topics. Kids can also watch kids videos and learn through educational activities suited to kindergarten aged children. It provides a great opportunity for your kids to learn in a way that is fun and engaging.

Kartoon Channel!

Channel Views: ~127.6m Channel Subscribers: ~153k Channel Videos: ~528

Kartoon Channel! Youtube Channel

Kartoon Channel! YouTube channel offers an array of cartoons and entertainment for kids, including Rainbow Rangers and Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten. Children can explore this educational and fun cartoon channel featuring cartoons created by the legend, Stan Lee. With Kartoon Channel!, kids can embark on an immersive journey and enjoy cartoons from superhero kindergarten!

Fun Kids English

Channel Views: ~92.6m Channel Subscribers: ~258k Channel Videos: ~310

Fun Kids English Youtube Channel

Fun Kids English is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of kids' songs and English videos for preschoolers and kindergarteners. With a range of fun and catchy music, kids can learn English and have fun at the same time. Through their videos, children can be exposed easily to simple songs and music for kids that can well help promote language and literacy development.

ELF Kids Videos

Channel Views: ~511.5m Channel Subscribers: ~756k Channel Videos: ~336

ELF Kids Videos Youtube Channel

ELF Kids Videos is a popular YouTube channel for children. It features nursery rhymes, kids songs, kids music, baby rhymes, baby songs, and other entertaining yet educational content for preschool and kindergarten children. It has tons of fun and interactive videos that are sure to capture the attention and enthusiasm of kids. The channel is perfect for developing early childhood language, literacy, and math skills.

SandZ Academy

Channel Views: ~25.3m Channel Subscribers: ~80.6k Channel Videos: ~185

SandZ Academy Youtube Channel

SandZ Academy is a YouTube Channel focused on providing entertaining educational activities and content to help kindergarten kids learn and grow. Naiah and Elli, two young homeschooled sisters, were the original hosts of SandZ Academy and have since been joined by special guest hosts like Jack Hartmann, Have Fun Teaching, Harry Kindergarten and Kids Affirmations. Each day, the channel features educational videos designed to teach skills in a fun and engaging way.

The Singing Walrus - English Songs For Kids

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~140

The Singing Walrus - English Songs For Kids Youtube Channel

The Singing Walrus - English Songs For Kids is a YouTube channel with a variety of fun and educational songs and videos for kids. Featuring nursery rhymes, ESL for kids, preschool songs, kindergarten songs, children's songs, and songs for kindergarten and preschool, this channel is perfect for introducing young kids to the English language through music.

Danny Go!

Channel Views: ~13.8m Channel Subscribers: ~25k Channel Videos: ~50

Danny Go! Youtube Channel

Danny Go! is a YouTube channel for kids featuring fun and entertaining kids songs and silly songs from Danny Go Go and from the hit kids show KIDZ BOP. With all the best children's songs and music, Danny Go is the perfect place for kids to be delighted and to learn.

Reading is

Channel Views: ~698.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~57

Reading is Youtube Channel

Reading is is an educational YouTube channel for kids of all ages. It features kindergarten-level read alouds with funny voices, helping young viewers to learn English. In addition to bedtime stories, the channel has a variety of kids stories and books, as well as interactive kids videos. It provides an entertaining and educational way for children to develop their reading and literacy skills.


Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~7

Tr. BLESSED Youtube Channel

Tr. BLESSED's YouTube channel offers an entertaining mix of kindergarten-level learning and pop music to help make learning fun. From stories and songs to educational lessons and games, their videos use music to keep kids engaged while they learn. With a selection of upbeat pop music and creative teaching techniques, this channel is sure to keep young learners engaged and having fun.

The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an important time for both children and parents. It marks the start of a child's formal education, and it provides many benefits that will prepare your child for the future. Studies have shown that children who attend kindergarten have improved academic and social skills, as well as a better sense of self-confidence.

  • For parents, kindergarten is an opportunity to help their child develop valuable skills and prepare them for success in school. Children in kindergarten are exposed to a variety of topics, and they receive instructions in the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Kindergarten also provides a chance for children to Interact with other children and develop their socialization skills. Kids learn to be part of a group, share, work together and show kindness — important lessons for their future.
  • Finally, kindergarten allows children to develop their creative abilities. Art, music, and drama are offered in most kindergarten classrooms, and they provide a freeing environment where children can express themselves and develop their individuality. 

Overall, the skills and experiences your child will gain in kindergarten will help them succeed in school and in life. Investing in their education today by sending them to kindergarten will reap lifelong rewards.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Kindergarten

When it comes to planning for kindergarten, many parents feel overwhelmed with all of the choices available. It’s normal to feel anxious about giving your child a solid educational foundation. To help alleviate some of the stress, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes when preparing your little one for kindergarten.

  1. One of the most common mistakes is rushing through the enrollment process. Many schools have an online application, which can be completed within minutes, but parents should also take the time for research. Read up on the curriculum and school ratings, take a tour to get an accurate understanding of the atmosphere, and have a conversation with a school administrator to better understand the philosophical and educational framework. Taking the time to do this will ensure that your child will be attending a school with ample resources, engaged teachers, and an appropriate learning experience.
  2. Another mistake to avoid is not preparing your child properly.Starting early with reading and writing skills can give your child a very strong base for their kindergarten experience. Take the time to work on essential skills like recognizing their ABCs, counting numbers, and learning their shapes and colors. Getting familiar with their environment and the people around them, like teachers and other students, can also be extremely beneficial. The more your child is comfortable with their transition to kindergarten, the smoother their first year experience will be.

By doing your diligence, researching and preparing your child, you can ensure that they enter kindergarten with plenty of confidence. Avoiding these common mistakes can help you eliminate excess stress and jumpstart your child in their academic journey.

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Preparing your child for kindergarten can be both exciting and challenging. As a parent, it is important to help your child be emotionally and socially prepared for the upcoming transition. Here are some steps you can take to facilitate your child's journey into kindergarten.

  1. First, familiarize your child with the kindergarten environment by visiting the school prior to the start of the school year. Make sure your child knows where the cafeteria, bathroom and playground are located. This can provide comfort and familiarity to him or her on the first day of school. Additionally, if possible, arrange play dates with classmates to get your child comfortable with new faces.
  2. Secondly, acquaint your child with the important school-related details. Work together on addressing letters and fill out forms to the best of your ability. Read books related to school such as ‘The Kissing Hand’ or ‘First Day Jitters’. This can provide children insight on what to expect in a kind and relatable way. Additionally, role play a school situation to help your child get prepared.
  3. Lastly, provide a healthy routine to help children transition into the school year. Maintain consistent bedtimes and wake-up times, and make sure children are nourished and hydrated for each school day in order to foster concentration and alertness. Reassure them by sharing fun stories of your childhood experiences in school. Let your child know he or she can always come to you in case of need. Make his transition into kindergarten an exciting and meaningful experience!

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