Are you someone who loves food? Are you someone who enjoys trying out new cuisine and exploring the endless possibilities of what food can offer? If so, then this is your chance to explore the world of Kashmiri food, Indian food, and Indian street food. With so many great food channels and challenges out there, it can be hard to decide which ones to follow - but you don't have to worry anymore! Read on to discover the best YouTube channels that bring a culinary adventure right to your fingertips. You won't be disappointed!

Kashmiri food: Top Youtube Channels

Kashmir Food Fusion

Channel Views: ~27.7m Channel Subscribers: ~286k Channel Videos: ~499

Kashmir Food Fusion Youtube Channel

Kashmir Food Fusion is a YouTube channel that offers easy-to-follow recipes for the best in Kashmiri cuisine. With step by step videos, the channel simplifies cooking authentic Kashmiri dishes, making it both a delight for the seasoned cook, as well as an invaluable resource for the beginning chef. From creative fusion recipes to traditional favorites, Kashmir Food Fusion helps make savoring the flavors of Kashmir easier than ever before.

Kashmir Tasty Treats

Channel Views: ~19.2m Channel Subscribers: ~149k Channel Videos: ~153

Kashmir Tasty Treats Youtube Channel

Kashmir Tasty Treats is a YouTube channel dedicated to delicious Kashmiri food. On this channel you will find traditional delicacies like wazwaan, gushtaab, and rista, and creative food fusion dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. With Kashmir Tasty Treats, you can discover yummy and flavorful food from the beautiful Kashmir region.

Kashmiri food Challenge

Channel Views: ~770.9k Channel Subscribers: ~6.2k Channel Videos: ~99

Kashmiri food Challenge Youtube Channel

The Kashmiri Food Challenge YouTube channel offers a wide selection of food-related content, from traditional Kashmiri dishes to food challenges in both Hindi and English. The channel also includes comedy and entertaining videos from the region, giving viewers a culturally enriched experience of both the cuisine and the humor of Kashmir.

Zaika's Kashmiri Kitchen

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~16.4k Channel Videos: ~73

Zaika's Kashmiri Kitchen Youtube Channel

Zaika's Kashmiri Kitchen is a YouTube channel that presents viewers with the traditional flavors of Kashmiri cooking. The channel is dedicated to sharing recipes from all over the region in order to bring the best of Kashmiri food into viewers' homes. The chef offers tips and tricks on how to prepare the dish in addition to providing step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations. Whether you're looking to try something new or revive an old favorite, Zaika's Kashmiri Kitchen is the perfect place to get inspired.

Fozia Rasool

Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~14.5k Channel Videos: ~375

Fozia Rasool Youtube Channel

Fozia Rasool's YouTube channel is a great source for learning to cook authentic Kashmiri food. She shares a variety of recipes including the traditional Kashmiri Wazwan, as well as recipes for traditional snacks and sweets. Fozia is passionate about preserving the culture of her homeland, and her videos are a great place to get an introduction to the unique flavours of Kashmiri cuisine. For those who are unfamiliar with Kashmiri food, Fozia's channel is a great starting point and full of helpful tips for trying your hand at cooking like a Kashmiri girl.

Kalpana Fotedar's Kitchen

Channel Views: ~227.9k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~251

Kalpana Fotedar's Kitchen Youtube Channel

Kalpana Fotedar's Kitchen is a popular YouTube channel showcasing delicious Kashmiri recipes. From traditional dishes to vegeterian and vegan meals, her channel offers viewers the opportunity to explore the rich and flavorful cuisine of the region. With her vibrant personality and easy-to-follow steps, Kalpana shares her expertise, knowledge, and love of food in a lifestyle setting.

Learning How to Make Traditional Kashmiri Dishes

Kashmiri cuisine is a beautiful, vibrant form of cooking that utilizes a broad range of diverse ingredients and flavors. One of the most fundamental aspects of Kashmiri cooking is learning how to make traditional Kashmiri dishes. While it may seem daunting at first, learning the techniques of preparing Kashmiri cuisine is an incredibly rewarding experience. Here is a guide to getting started.

  • The first step is to determine which type of Kashmiri dish you would like to make. Traditional Kashmiri dishes vary greatly and may include dishes like eddy, tabak maaz, and ruwangan as well as more exotic creations like shammi kebab, rogan josh, and rogan-thod. Examining cookbooks and recipes online can help you get a better understanding of the various options available.
  • Once you have determined which dish you'd like to prepare, it's time to buy the necessary ingredients and start cooking. Different dishes will require a variety of fresh spices, herbs, vegetables, legumes, meats, and dairy products. In addition, specific cooking techniques must be utilized and adhered to in order to accurately prepare a dish. Taking the time to learn the proper methods for cutting vegetables, marinating meats, and simmering sauces for the right amount of time are essential steps for creating an authentic and delicious Kashmiri dish. 

With some patience and practice, you'll be able to cook up some delicious traditional Kashmiri dishes.

Exploring the Health Benefits of Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmiri cuisine is an Indian food style which is renowned for its flavor and aroma. It typically involves the use of freshly ground spices and ingredients, including cumin, cinnamon, and cardamom. These fragrant ingredients bring out the distinctive flavor of this cuisine, which has become popular in many of India's diverse regions.

  • Kashmiri cuisine is also well-known for its many health benefits. There is increasing evidence to suggest that it helps improve the immune system, reduce inflammation, and protect against chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. This is due to its abundance of fresh vegetables, spices, and herbs, which are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Additionally, Kashmiri dishes typically make use of healthy cooking methods such as steaming and cooking with minimal oil.
  • In addition to the nutritional benefits, Kashmiri cuisine is also believed to aid in digestion, improve digestion, and boost energy levels. This is because its traditional ingredients like curries, dals, and chutneys are usually made from a combination of several herbs, spices and other natural sources, which together work to provide a balanced and healthy diet. For example, the traditional Kashmiri dish known as 'dum aloo' is a potato-based curry that is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, and copper. 

All of these nutrients, along with some essential fats, help to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Popular Varieties of Kashmiri Dishes

The Kashmiri cuisine offers a variety of delicious dishes, from traditional savory staples to sweet traditional desserts. Among the most popular varieties of Kashmiri dishes are Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Dum Aloo. 

  1. Rogan Josh is a popular curry made from lamb, cardamom, ginger, coriander, and a few other spices. It is a very flavorful dish and perfect for a party. 
  2. Yakhni is a Kashmiri version of an Indian shahi paneer dish, using the same spices and cream but cooked in a shallow stock prepared using a slow heat. It is a perfect accompaniment to rice or roti. 
  3. Lastly, Dum Aloo is a potato curry dish that features boiled potatoes cooked in a variety of spices, such as cardamom, black pepper, bay leaf, and more. This dish is very popular and always a hit with party guests.

Kashmiri dishes vary from region to region and are traditionally prepared with heavy spices and herbs. Depending on the occasion and palate preference, the heat level of these dishes can vary. The use of healthy, natural ingredients makes Kashmiri cuisine a delight to indulge in and a healthy option to consider for any meal. Whether trying traditional stir-fry recipes or more elaborate dishes, there are many varieties of flavors and textures that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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