Looking for some good industrial hip hop music to listen to? Look no further than these 10 YouTube channels. From Music to rap to beats to hip hop, these channels have it all. And best of all, they're all free to listen to. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring and find your new favorite industrial hip hop channel today.

Industrial hip hop music: Top Youtube Channels

Seoul Community Radio

Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~12k Channel Videos: ~2k

Seoul Community Radio Youtube Channel

Seoul Community Radio is an online YouTube channel that curates industrial hip hop music, Boiler Room DJ sets, and mixes from Korea's underground DJs and producers. Their channel features recordings from artists such as Radio Seoul Community, Soap Seoul, and Korean underground DJs. Their mission is to introduce listeners to a world of music from around the globe, and to celebrate the talent of Korean DJs and producers.

Aim To Head Official

Channel Views: ~34.3m Channel Subscribers: ~175k Channel Videos: ~1k

Aim To Head Official Youtube Channel

The Aim To Head Official YouTube channel Is a perfect place to find industrial hip hop music. The duo produces a unique sound that combines industrial metal with alternative metal, electronic metal, and hip hop. If you're a fan of industrial music, this channel is definitely worth checking out!

Ill-Advised Records

Channel Views: ~6.4m Channel Subscribers: ~38.6k Channel Videos: ~434

Ill-Advised Records Youtube Channel

Ill-Advised Records is an YouTube channel that specializes in industrial hip hop music. The channel has a lo-fi aesthetic and often uses hip hop beats made with an MPC 2000. In addition to hip hop, the channel also features chill hop and future funk genres. All of the music on the channel is produced by Ill-Advised Records.

Tha Venom Musik

Channel Views: ~12.8m Channel Subscribers: ~35.9k Channel Videos: ~232

Tha Venom Musik Youtube Channel

The Tha Venom Musik channel on YouTube is devoted to industrial hip hop music. They have a wide variety of types of beats, hip hop, and fl studio beats. They also offer aggressive beats, free beats, and old-school beats. Their beats are perfect fortrap and hard music lovers.

Damas BeatsTV

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~8.1k Channel Videos: ~330

Damas BeatsTV Youtube Channel

The Damas BeatsTV channel on YouTube is all about industrial hip hop music. The Passionate and cinematic approach to underground hip hop production is what makes this channel stand out. If you're a fan of hip hop music, then you'll definitely want to check out Damas BeatsTV.

A-Fi Beats

Channel Views: ~6.8m Channel Subscribers: ~22.1k Channel Videos: ~191

A-Fi Beats Youtube Channel

A-Fi Beats is a YouTube channel featuring industrial hip hop music, trap beats, trap instrumentals, Eminem beats, Eminem instrumentals, type beats, hard trap beats, free type beats, free beats, and free instrumentals. It showcases the best beats and quality music production to please any hip hop and rap music fan.

Yippie The Producer

Channel Views: ~564.3k Channel Subscribers: ~3.1k Channel Videos: ~292

Yippie The Producer Youtube Channel

Yippie The Producer YouTube channel showcases an array of industrial hip hop music, free for profit beats, and Freddie gibbs type beat free for profit. He also offers free beats, including Mavi and Navy Blue type beats free for profit, as well as Mf Doom type beat. All of this is available at Prod Yippie and makes Yippie The Producer the perfect one-stop shop for all your hip hop production needs.


Channel Views: ~862.5k Channel Subscribers: ~5.5k Channel Videos: ~113

Beatubeats Youtube Channel

Beatubeats is a YouTube channel dedicated to hip hop music, offering beats and instrumentals in industrial hip hop, old school, boom bap, and underground beat styles. Their beats are available for free or commercial use, and many include lyric beats perfect for rapping over.

Dha Beatmaker ProductionsTV

Channel Views: ~11.3m Channel Subscribers: ~37.2k Channel Videos: ~118

Dha Beatmaker ProductionsTV Youtube Channel

Dha Beatmaker ProductionsTV is a YouTube channel devoted to providing viewers with an array of industrial hip hop music, rap baselines, hip hop instrumentals, rap beats, trap beats, old school beats, R&B beats, type beats, and dark beats. With over 100k subscribers and an impressive selection of beats, the channel provides an impressive selection of beats for anybody looking to express their musical creativity.


Channel Views: ~72.4m Channel Subscribers: ~475k Channel Videos: ~704

Crossfader Youtube Channel

The Crossfader YouTube channel is an excellent resource for learning how to DJ and mix industrial hip hop music. With videos on mastering the crossfader and DJ mixes from experts in the industry, Crossfader is the perfect channel for DJs of all levels.


Channel Views: ~10.9m Channel Subscribers: ~52.1k Channel Videos: ~803

88BeatsProductions Youtube Channel

88BeatsProductions is a YouTube channel that produces high-quality industrial hip hop music, rap beats, rap instrumentals, trap beats, trap instrumentals, hip hop beats, hip hop instrumentals, hard rap instrumentals, emotional rap instrumentals, and sad rap instrumentals. It specializes in creating creative, unique, and professional hip hop beats for rappers and musicians alike to use for their projects. You'll find a variety of banging beats, perfect for all types of rap, trap, and hip-hop genres. Tune in and get some inspiration for your next hits!

Antidote Beats

Channel Views: ~48.4m Channel Subscribers: ~143k Channel Videos: ~699

Antidote Beats Youtube Channel

Antidote Beats is a YouTube channel offering industrial hip hop music, old school beats, freestyles, and beats from the 90s. Their content is a mix of old school and boom bap beats, all for free! Explore their library for a variety of sounds to get your head nodding. Whether you prefer an old school beat or a boom bap beat from the 90s, Antidote Beats has you covered.

A Bucket of Jake

Channel Views: ~6m Channel Subscribers: ~83.1k Channel Videos: ~78

A Bucket of Jake Youtube Channel

A Bucket of Jake is an industrial hip hop music channel on YouTube created by Jake Joseph. You can find a variety of original music, including samples and remixing, as well as performances of songs from various genres. The channel features unique content and exclusive features, so make sure to check out A Bucket of Jake today!

Chilli Music

Channel Views: ~16.1m Channel Subscribers: ~105k Channel Videos: ~50

Chilli Music Youtube Channel

Chilli Music is a YouTube channel that provides industrial hip hop, chill deep, lo-fi simpson, lofi hip hop, chill beats, lofi radio chill study beats, and lo-fi beats. It provides a great avenue to explore a wide variety of music styles and genres to enjoy. With its diverse library of chill tunes, there is something for everyone!

Nicola Armellin

Channel Views: ~40.3m Channel Subscribers: ~198k Channel Videos: ~43

Nicola Armellin Youtube Channel

Nicola Armellin's YouTube channel is a go-to for industrial hip hop music & 90's underground hip hop. It features a mix of old school hip hop tracks and classic hip hop radio & playlists, as well as a selection of underground hip hop songs and mixes. It's perfect for the 90's hip hop aficionado!

Derelict State Records

Channel Views: ~13.6m Channel Subscribers: ~10.1k Channel Videos: ~24

Derelict State Records Youtube Channel

Derelict State Records is a YouTube channel that specializes in underground industrial hip hop music, as well as Pop, Electronic, and other Hip hop genres. They feature a diverse selection of music from independent artists and up-and-coming acts. Whether you're looking for something gritty and dark or a chill and relaxed track, Derelict State Records has something for every music fan.


Channel Views: ~68.2k Channel Subscribers: ~292 Channel Videos: ~31

Beeny Youtube Channel

The Beeny channel on YouTube is devoted to the industrial hip hop music of the same-named artist. Beeny's music is a mix of hip hop and rock, with industrial and metal elements. His music often features heavy guitar and bass, and he is known for his creative use of samples.

The Best Industrial Hip Hop Producers of All Time

When you think of industrial hip hop producers, it’s likely some of the genre's biggest names come to mind. From the early days of Grandmaster Flash and DJ Jazzy Jeff to Run the Jewels’ El-P and the modern likes of Flying Lotus, there are dozens of producers who shaped the sound of this specific branch of hip hop. Here are some of the best industrial hip hop producers of all time.

  1. Grandmaster Flash established himself as one of the pioneers of hip hop in the late 1970s. He was a trend-setter as far as production techniques go, employing new methods such as DJ scratching and backspinning on records. In addition to producing some of the earliest classic hip hop cuts, Grandmaster Flash also had a hand in shaping today’s mainstream hip hop production.
  2. El-P’s influence in the world of hip hop production was undeniable. He began crafting hip hop beats in the mid-1990s and has remained a mainstay in the genre ever since. El-P has been producing for artists including Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox and Cage, and famously teamed up with Killer Mike to form Run the Jewels in 2013. His production is a finely-honed combination of rock and hip hop, film score and noise. His unmistakable sound has been imitated but never duplicated.
  3. Flying Lotus is a multi-talented musician and producer who has made a name for himself as one of the most innovative producers in the world of electronic music. His productions often fuse hip hop with futuristic sounds and samples, creating an intensely unique sonic environment. He’s worked with a wide range of well-known hip hop and R&B artists such as Erykah Badu and Earl Sweatshirt, as well as underground acts such as Shabazz Palaces. Flying Lotus is one of the most influential producers in the world today.

Understanding the Origins of Industrial Hip Hop

Industrial Hip Hop is a style of hip hop music, first established in the late 1980s, that combines elements of industrial Dance and Hip Hop. It has its roots in the industrial Dance music scene, which emerged in Europe in the early 1980s, as well as in Hip Hop, a genre of music that was born in the African American communities of the United States in the early 1970s. Industrial Hip Hop is characterized by its aggressive, dark sound, which fuses the sound of industrial music with the stylings of hip hop.

  • The origins of the genre can be traced to the early 1980s, when pioneering industrial music acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, and later early industrial hip hop artists such as Big Black and The Art of Noise, began to blend elements of hip hop into their music. This blend continued to evolve and Industrial Hip Hop as a distinct genre began to take shape in the late 1980s with the recordings of acts such as Ministry, and Einstürzende Neubauten. The fusion of the two genres has since risen in popularity and the genre has gained mainstream appeal.
  • Industrial Hip Hop has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with many young artists embracing the genre and putting their own twist on it. Artists such as Death Grips, Clipping, and JPEGMAFIA have pioneered a new wave of industrial hip hop, that combines elements of noise, experimental electronic music, punk and industrial music. This new development of Industrial Hip Hop can be seen as a part of a larger trend of music merging different styles, pushing the boundaries of what can be considered Hip Hop. While still maintaining it's roots in both industrial music and hip hop, this new wave of industrial hip hop is pushing the sound into some intriguingly unique directions.

A Guide To Shopping For Industrial Hip Hop Albums

Industrial hip hop is a dark offshoot of rap music that has its roots in a variety of genres, including punk, noise, classical-modern, spoken word, and other experimental styles. It is characterized by heavy drums, distorted synths, harsh percussion, and a plethora of samples from a variety of sources. So, where do you start if you’re looking for some industrial hip hop albums?

  • The best place for discovering new industrial hip hop artists or albums is online, as there are plenty of websites and blogs dedicated to the genre. A great place to start is Bandcamp, which has a wide variety of albums from established and up-and-coming artists. Bandcamp also has genre tags for industrial hip hop and you can find some great albums to sample. From there, you can narrow down your search to a specific artist or crew and find plenty of albums to listen to.
  • Another great way to discover new industrial hip hop albums is to visit record stores, where there is usually an entire section devoted to the genre. There is nothing quite like sifting through the racks of vinyl and CDs to find something you love. Be sure to ask the staff for suggestions, too - they may be able to point you in the right direction and give you more insight into the music you’re looking for. Once you’ve located an album that you’re interested in, you can take it home and spend some time getting to know it. With a bit of exploration, you’ll be finding your new favorite industrial hip hop artists in no time.

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