14 Best Indian Fashion Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends in India? Or, maybe you want to explore Indian beauty and style? Or, keep up to date with the latest lifestyle, news, and world news in both English and Indian languages? If so, you've come to the right place! Keep reading to find out more about the best YouTube channels to stay informed and entertained.

Indian Fashion Trends

Channel Views: ~53.5m Channel Subscribers: ~200k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Indian Fashion Trends Youtube Channel

The Indian Fashion Trends YouTube channel is a great source to check out the latest fashion trends in India. It offers daily wear lookbook videos, haul videos, unboxing videos, vlogs, and reviews of various collections. It is the go-to destination to stay ahead of the fashion trends in India.


Channel Views: ~33.6m Channel Subscribers: ~164k Channel Videos: ~481

G3Fashion.com Youtube Channel

G3Fashion.com is an Indian fashion YouTube channel that offers a variety of traditional outfits such as salwar kameez, sarees, and much more. It's associated with G3 Surat, a renowned fashion house that's been in continuous production since the early 2000s, widely popular for its fashionable products. G3Fashion.com is widely known for its stylish and modern take on traditional clothing. With a large selection of G3 and G3Fashions items to choose from, they offer something for everyone.

Samyakk Clothing

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~5k Channel Videos: ~2k

Samyakk Clothing Youtube Channel

Samyakk Clothing is a YouTube channel dedicated to Indian fashion. It showcases designer sarees, lehenga sarees, menswear, sherwanis, kurtis, kurtas, fabrics, and other apparel for online shopping. It also features traditional Banarasi sarees, giving viewers a glimpse into Indian culture and heritage.

Simran Nikky

Channel Views: ~431.4m Channel Subscribers: ~547k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Simran Nikky Youtube Channel

Simran Nikky is a growing YouTube channel from India, run by the fashion influencer Simran Chaudhary. Simran offers a selection of hauls covering a range of items including Indian fashion and online shopping items. She demonstrates how to style her featured items and shares her take on fashion with her audience, making her channel a vibrant source of ideas for fashionistas with an Indian aesthetic. From Kurtis and sarees to tips on styling and makeup, Simran Nikky is the perfect place to find inspiration and learn more about Indian fashion.

Praveen Bhat Photography

Channel Views: ~37.3m Channel Subscribers: ~331k Channel Videos: ~1k

Praveen Bhat Photography Youtube Channel

Praveen Bhat Photography is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing expert advice and tips on how to become a successful model and photographer. Indian fashion and how to successfully navigate your modeling career are two topics regularly covered on their channel, as well as photography tips, tricks, and techniques for beginners. Praveen Bhat also offers advice on how to find and work with a good modeling agency.

The Formal Edit

Channel Views: ~2.1b Channel Subscribers: ~4.4m Channel Videos: ~730

The Formal Edit Youtube Channel

The Formal Edit is an Indian fashion and lifestyle YouTube channel targeted towards Indian men and their fashion and grooming needs. The channel offers advice on how to grow a beard faster, men's skin care routines for Indian skin types, how to get glowing and clear skin, how to treat dark spots, and more.

IMPRESSIONS designstudios

Channel Views: ~52.2m Channel Subscribers: ~544k Channel Videos: ~542

IMPRESSIONS designstudios Youtube Channel

IMPRESSIONS designstudios is an Indian fashion YouTube channel offering helpful how-to videos, style and fashion tips, dress ideas, and on-trend styling advice - all in both Hindi and English. Tune in for quick fashion fixes and outfit inspiration!

Masoom Minawala

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~55.9k Channel Videos: ~354

Masoom Minawala Youtube Channel

Masoom Minawala is an Indian fashion YouTube channel featuring fashion, style, beauty, and lifestyle advice. The channel focuses on weddings and other special occasions but also shares reviews and opinions on a wide variety of topics in their YouTube Shorts. You'll find everything from dressing ideas to beauty routines and more!


Channel Views: ~54.6m Channel Subscribers: ~482k Channel Videos: ~294

Perkymegs Youtube Channel

Perkymegs is a YouTube channel devoted to Indian fashion and beauty. They provide product reviews, tutorials, and advice on items ranging from Indian ethnic wear, beauty products, and eye makeup to Indian wedding jewelry and Anarkalis. Their aim is to make Indian beauty accessible to everyone, making them the go-to channel for all your Indian fashion needs.

Hunk Harsh

Channel Views: ~96.5m Channel Subscribers: ~797k Channel Videos: ~268

Hunk Harsh Youtube Channel

Hunk Harsh is a top fashion channel on YouTube with a focus on Indian men's fashion, lifestyle, and grooming. From trending men's clothing and hair care to skin care and style tips, viewers can find all the latest advice from the channel's fashion model and blogger. With the most up-to-date tips and trends, Hunk Harsh is the premiere destination for Indian male fashionistas.

Shimmer and Muse

Channel Views: ~10.3m Channel Subscribers: ~80.8k Channel Videos: ~532

Shimmer and Muse Youtube Channel

Shimmer and Muse is an Indian fashion and beauty YouTube channel. It offers tips for Indian makeup and dressing, along with ideas for decorating beautiful Indian homes. It covers topics such as ethnic fashion, home styling tips, and how to decorate and style your home using traditional Indian décor. It's the perfect source of inspiration and tips for styling beautiful Indian homes.

Espanio Events

Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~6.9k Channel Videos: ~387

Espanio Events Youtube Channel

Espanio Events is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the best of Indian fashion. It features a variety of content from the Indian Fashion League, Mrs Kerala, and Mrs Global events. This channel gives viewers an insight into what is trending in Indian fashion, including designer collaborations, fashion launches, and more. With creative content and high-quality videos, Espanio Events is a great resource for anyone interested in Indian fashion.

PSR Films

Channel Views: ~135.6k Channel Subscribers: ~858 Channel Videos: ~84

PSR Films Youtube Channel

PSR Films is an outstanding YouTube channel that features Indian fashion with amazing short films and fashion videos, commercial videos, and video editing. They also offer some of the best fashion and Indian wedding videos, 3D videos, and wedding invitation videos. Their content is high-quality and absolutely stunning, making them one of the top YouTube channels for Indian fashion.

Manisha Malik

Channel Views: ~14.9m Channel Subscribers: ~56.6k Channel Videos: ~61

Manisha Malik Youtube Channel

Manisha Malik's YouTube channel is a great resource for Indian fashion. She provides tips and advice on styling curly hair and shares her latest shopping hauls. Karl Rock, the Indian fashion specialist, is also featured on her channel for fans to learn about the latest trends. Make sure to visit her channel, iammanishamalik, to get inspired.

Showcasing Different Types Of Indian Fashion

India is known for its diversity in culture and, this is also reflected in clothing. Indian fashion has evolved over time, incorporating modern trends with ancient traditions. From the most vivacious forms of traditional garments to the most opulent forms of couture, Indian fashion has something for everyone.

  • Traditional Indian fashion encompasses a wide range of vibrant colors, traditional prints and complex embroidery. Many saris, lehengas and anarkalis are designed with intricate zardozi and kamchi work. These garments are usually worn for special occasions like weddings. Indian salwar suits have been popular for centuries and have been updated with modern cuts and designs for a contemporary look.
  • Modern Indian fashion trends are inspired by popular international styles, but with a more indigenous twist. India has its own street style, which combines bright colors, bold patterns, and chic silhouettes. These trends are often seen on the runways and are accessible even to the everyday consumer. Bollywood is also a major influencer when it comes to Indian fashion, setting some of the key trends in the industry. Apart from clothing, accessories like jewelry and shoes often complete an Indian look. From delicate kundan necklaces to statement footwear, modern Indian fashion can easily be complete with a few well-chosen pieces.

Overall, Indian fashion has something to offer everyone, through an amalgamation of modern cuts and traditional moorings. Whether it is traditional couture or modern street style, Indian fashion has many different looks and styles to choose from.

The Art Of Accessorizing Indian Fashion

The traditional Indian fashion has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years and has taken the world over by storm. With ethnic Indian dresses such as sarees, salwar suits and lehengas gaining favor in international fashion houses, the art of accessorizing Indian fashion appropriately has become an integral part of completing the look. Accessorizing your Indian outfits could be a tricky affair and requires an artistic mastery to complete and fine-tune your style. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to accessorizing Indian fashion aptly.

  • The first element to consider while accessorizing is jewellery. Accessories like necklaces, bangles and earrings are essential to complete the look. Depending on the occasion and dress, they must be chosen diligently. Embellishments and detailing on the dress will automatically dictate the kind of jewellery to be worn. Jhumkis, maang teekas, neck pieces and haath phools, when teamed accordingly with a beautiful Indian wear can take the look to a whole new level. Shoes, both ethnic and Western, also form a major part of accessorizing. Clutches, potlis or envelope purses and muffs further add to the glam quotient of an Indian wear, provided they are in sync with the dress.
  • Finally, the hairstyle and makeup, too, lend unique charm to an Indian look. Hairstyles for sarees and lehengas should be low-key, allowing the dress to take precedence. Traditional Indian hairstyles such as bun, French braid or a low ponytail accessorized with gajra or maang tikka add a graceful touch. Similarly, makeup should be minimal, with highlighting on the eyes being the sole focus to bring out the beauty of the garment. Thus, with the right balance between accessories, hairstyle and makeup, one can adorn a perfect ensemble and look their best with the right amount of grace and modesty.

We hope that this comprehensive guide aids you to accessorize Indian fashion appropriately and strike the perfect balance between subtlety and glamour. Wear the right accessory in the right manner and watch the compliments pour in. Now, go ahead and garner the best of both western and traditional styles and look stunningly stylish!

The Rise And Popularity Of Indian Fashion Globally

India is no longer just known for its spicy cuisine and diverse culture. India’s fashion industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few decades which has made Indian fashion ever-popular around the globe. It has become an ideal blend of modern and traditional clothing styles. The bright colours, intricate embroidery, and exquisite craftsmanship each have its own appeal. From modest sarees to grandiose lehengas, an array of clothing options are now available from all parts of the Indian subcontinent.

  • The growing demand for Indian fashion is a direct result of the rise of the Indian diaspora or Indian immigrants around the world who express their culture and heritage through their clothes. Ethnic Indian garments are now being exported far and wide, with many designers working hard to create unique designs in an effort to make Indian fashion more accessible. This has allowed Indian fashion to make its way into the wardrobes of the fashion-forward population who appreciate the quality craftsmanship and bright colours the clothing offers.
  • The demand for Indian fashion is also pushing the fashion industry to new heights. This has seen the emergence of many small-scale Indian designers who are introducing more modern, cutting-edge styles to the traditional pieces. These forward-thinking styles are slowly being embraced by fashion savvy individuals and inspiring many more to explore India’s fashion heritage. Indian fashion is not only popular among women but is gradually being embraced by men too. This is a sign that India’s fashion is here to stay and will continue to dominate the global fashion scene in the years to come.

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