3 Best Impasto Painting Youtube Channels

Are you looking to find the best YouTube channels for watching impasto painting, art, how to paint, painting, acrylic painting, artist, drawing, abstract art, paint, and diy tutorials? Well, you are in the right place! In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and highly recommended channels for all your artistic needs. Whether you want advice on which tools and materials to use or you're just looking to satisfy your curiosity, our top picks are sure to put a smile on your face. So, keep reading to find the best YouTube channels for impasto painting, art, how to paint, painting, acrylic painting, artist, drawing, abstract art, paint, and diy.


Channel Views: ~4.7m Channel Subscribers: ~57.2k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

primamarketinginc Youtube Channel

The primamarketinginc YouTube channel is a great resource for mixed media and paper craft enthusiasts. From impasto painting to Prima flowers, it offers tutorials on art techniques and projects from renowned crafters such as Julie Nutting and Frank Garcia. Additionally, it also has videos related to altered projects and Art Alchemy, as well as tutorials on how to properly use acrylic paints.

Debasree Dey Art

Channel Views: ~422.7k Channel Subscribers: ~5.8k Channel Videos: ~208

Debasree Dey Art Youtube Channel

Debasree Dey Art is a popular YouTube art channel that covers a wide range of painting techniques, such as impasto painting, palette knife painting, canvas painting, acrylic painting, finger painting, and more. On her channel, you can find step-by-step tutorials, painting for beginners, and stunning landscape painting. With her easy to follow instructions, Debasree Dey's art channel is the perfect place to start your creative journey!


Channel Views: ~390.8k Channel Subscribers: ~8.6k Channel Videos: ~55

SHADOW ARTZ Youtube Channel

Shadow Artz YouTube channel features a variety of exciting and unique art projects on canvas. From impasto painting, to palette knife painting, to textured art on canvas, Shadow Artz has something for everyone! You can dive into the world of texture painting, knife painting and palette knife painting flowers, as well as learning how to master the use of modeling paste to create abstract paintings and acrylic palette knife painting. Let Shadow Artz help you unlock the creative depths of your art journey.

What You Need to Get Started With Impasto Painting

Impasto painting is an interesting and unique way to create art. Impasto painting uses thick layers of paint to create dramatic and vivid artworks. If you're looking to get started, there are a few things you'll want to have on hand.

  • Firstly, you'll need thickly-textured paint in order to be able to create a suitable impasto texture. Oil paints are usually preferred for this, as they can be used directly from the tube for thick layers. You'll also need canvas which can handle the weight of the oil paint and a suitable painting surface. Other supplies you'll need include thick-bristled brushes, solvents, and palette knives.
  • Finally, for best results, you'll want to ensure you have a good lighting setup in place. Bright and even lighting is key, as it'll help you to decide how light or heavy to use the paint and to judge the final result. Whether you use natural sunlight or indoor LED lighting, make sure you have enough room to move when you're painting to help you better evaluate your work. 

With the right supplies and setup, you should be able to unleash your creativity and have fun creating unique impasto paintings.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Impasto Paintings

Impasto painting is a fun and popular medium for creating vibrant and textured works of art. If you’re a beginner to painting and are interested in exploring this medium, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

  1. Firstly, be sure to use a thick paint such as acrylic or oil paint. Acrylic paint is a good choice for paint beginners because the paint dries quickly and is easily cleanable. Be sure to select your brushes and canvas wisely. Choose brushes with long and soft bristles for impasto painting and a thicker canvas for a strong base.
  2. Secondly, decide on the colors of your painting and apply a thick base layer of paint. Once the initial layer of paint has dried, start following the layer effect by gradually adding more paint to create texture and depth. It's important to use your best judgment to decide how thickly you should apply the paint as you go, as there isn't a specific formula for the perfect impasto painting.
  3. Finally, to finish your painting, keep in mind that the texture of the paint is as important as the color. You can easily create texture using different tools such as a toothbrush, palette knife, or a sponge. Remember to stand back frequently to get a better view of your painting and keep adding extra texture and depth until you’re satisfied with the results.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you'll have plenty of materials and techniques to help you create your own unique and vibrant impasto paintings.

Famous Impasto Paintings Artists

Impasto painting is an art technique that has been used since the Renaissance, where paint is applied thickly with the use of a palette knife, brush or other object. This style of painting gives a textured and 3D look to artwork, making it appear to be almost sculpted out of the canvas. Throughout the years, a number of famous artists have employed this technique.

  1. One of the most renowned impasto painters was Rembrandt van Rijn, a Dutch master, known for his innovative abilities and dynamic use of light. His works, such as 'The Night Watch' and 'The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp', feature heavy-handed brush strokes along with thick layers of paint. 
  2. Another famous artist to use this technique is the Post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh, who is known for his bold and vivid use of colors. His most famous painting, ‘The Starry Night’, features a range of colors built up of the impasto technique.
  3. More recently, the contemporary American artist Cy Twombly also employed this technique in almost all of his works. His works have a distinct style with large and abstract shapes often interrupted with scribbled lines and contours of paint. He was known for his use of the palette knife, often adding thick and vivid color to his pieces. 

All of these impressive impasto artists have ensured that the technique continues to make an impact on the world of art. Whether it’s the Renaissance old master or the modern day painter, it is clear that impasto painting has a unique aesthetic. Without these famous artists, the technique may have never gained the recognition it deserved.

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