Do you want to learn how to flip houses, invest in real estate, or craft your own home renovations? Making the right decisions requires a lot of knowledge. With the right advice and professional guidance, you can become a successful real estate investor or house flipper. Finding the best YouTube channels in the area of house flipping, real estate investing, real estate, wholesaling real estate, DIY, and home renovation can be a great help in your journey. Read on to learn more about the best YouTube channels to follow when it comes to house flipping, real estate investing, and more!

House flipping: Top Youtube Channels

Flipping Mastery TV

Channel Views: ~42.2m Channel Subscribers: ~423k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Flipping Mastery TV Youtube Channel

Flipping Mastery TV is a YouTube channel specializing in helping real estate investors. It covers topics such as house flipping, wholesaling houses, fix and flip real estate, rehabbing houses, and flipping houses with no money. Whether you're an experienced real estate investor, or just getting started, there's something for everyone interested in flipping and real estate investing. Join the Flipping Mastery TV community and learn how to make the most out of your investments!

What The Flip

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~33.7k Channel Videos: ~39

What The Flip Youtube Channel

What The Flip is a dynamic YouTube channel following the house-flipping journey of a married couple. They tackle fixer-uppers, utilize real estate investments, and provide home renovation DIY ideas while competing with other home renovating reality shows like Flip or Flop. This channel will give viewers an insightful look into house flipping and the fun of husband-wife home renovations.

King Khang

Channel Views: ~76.7m Channel Subscribers: ~443k Channel Videos: ~2.5k

King Khang Youtube Channel

King Khang's YouTube channel is an informative platform for those interested in making money from real estate. He provides helpful advice and tips on topics such as house flipping, real estate investing, wholesaling houses, fix and flip real estate, fixing and flipping houses, and flipping houses with no money. With his expertise, viewers can gain valuable insights into making money with real estate.

Troy Kearns

Channel Views: ~54.3m Channel Subscribers: ~54k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Troy Kearns Youtube Channel

Troy Kearns' YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in house flipping, real estate investing, and financial freedom. It offers advice and tips on topics such as wholesaling real estate, investing for beginners, cash flow, and house flipping. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, the channel provides useful information to get you started on your real estate investing journey. It's a great source of knowledge for those looking to achieve financial freedom through real estate investments.

Ryan Pineda

Channel Views: ~51.6m Channel Subscribers: ~287k Channel Videos: ~756

Ryan Pineda Youtube Channel

Ryan Pineda's YouTube channel provides helpful and informative tutorials on house flipping, wholesaling real estate, and passive income. Ryan, who is a real estate entrepreneur, dives deep into topics such as negotiations, marketing, and goal setting with guest appearances from bigger pockets, kris krohn, grant cardone, and max maxwell. With a knowledgeable, yet humble approach, Ryan Pineda offers viewers useful insight into how to excel in the real estate world.

Austin Rutherford

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~43.2k Channel Videos: ~674

Austin Rutherford Youtube Channel

Austin Rutherford's YouTube channel offers informational advice for aspiring real estate investors. He covers topics such as house flipping, wholesaling houses, evaluating deals, private money lending, and fix and flip. His channel seeks to help viewers achieve financial freedom by exploring real estate investing. With videos about lifestyle and other tools, viewers can learn key insights about real estate investing as a means for gaining true wealth.

Charles Weinraub

Channel Views: ~829.2k Channel Subscribers: ~6.6k Channel Videos: ~566

Charles Weinraub Youtube Channel

Charles Weinraub's YouTube channel uploads educational content on all things related to real estate including house flipping, long island commercial real estate, long island residential development, fixer-upper projects, and new york real estate topics. He discusses his own experiences as a Handsome Homebuyer and real estate investor, delivering practical advice for those looking to make profitable investments in the competitive Long Island market. Join Charles on his channel for an inside look into the world of house flipping, property development, and real estate investing.

Short Sale Queen TV

Channel Views: ~356.7k Channel Subscribers: ~13.9k Channel Videos: ~309

Short Sale Queen TV Youtube Channel

Short Sale Queen TV is a popular YouTube channel featuring real estate investor and real estate agent, Nicole Espinosa and Max Maxwell. The channel includes house flipping, real estate market, pre-foreclosures, and real estate coaching tips to educate and empower viewers to confidently invest in real estate. Tune in today and become a successful flipping house.

Transform Real Estate

Channel Views: ~5.3m Channel Subscribers: ~67.4k Channel Videos: ~247

Transform Real Estate Youtube Channel

Transform Real Estate YouTube channel is a great resource for beginner house flippers and experienced real estate investors. It offers detailed house flipping tutorials and tips, as well as useful real estate coaching and training. The channel will give viewers everything they need to know about how to flip houses, from beginner's guides to advanced techniques. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get started in or expand their knowledge of real estate investing.

Phil Pustejovsky

Channel Views: ~116.1m Channel Subscribers: ~325k Channel Videos: ~265

Phil Pustejovsky Youtube Channel

Phil Pustejovsky's YouTube channel helps anyone interested in real estate investing and house flipping. He shares his extensive knowledge as a Freedom Mentor, Real Estate Mentor, and Real Estate Coach, covering topics like real estate investment, flips, flipping houses, and more. Whether you're learning the basics or an experienced investor, his how-to videos will help you achieve success in real estate.


Channel Views: ~15m Channel Subscribers: ~122k Channel Videos: ~167

JAMIE AND SARAH Youtube Channel

Jamie and Sarah's YouTube channel is all about helping people get started with house flipping and furniture flipping as a side hustle or for achieving financial freedom. They offer tutorials, tips, and ideas for mastering the art of flipping furniture for profit, and provide advice for jumpstarting your own side hustles. Their channel is perfect for anyone who's looking for extra income ideas or to start a side hustle.

Understanding the Real Estate Market for House Flipping

Flipping houses has been a popular way to make money lately, yet understanding the real estate market is an important prerequisite for success. House flipping involves buying a property, making improvements, and then reselling it for a higher price. Knowing what is going on in the market can make or break your success as a flipper.

  1. The first step to understanding the real estate market is to research the current trends and prices. This involves researching the average home prices in the area and the current median sale price. It's also important to make sure what you’re paying for a home is in line with the prices of similar properties in the area. Knowing the market conditions can help you to determine how much money you’d make by flipping a property.
  2. It’s also important to analyze the competition in the area. Not only do you want to know what the market conditions are like, but you want to know who’s buying and selling. Doing some research into which buyers are active in the area will help you come up with a strategy for success. Once you know the competition, you’ll have a better idea of what investments are worth pursuing.

Understanding the real estate market can help you to make informed decisions and increase your chance of success with house flipping. Researching current trends and prices, analyzing the competition and forecasting future trends can all help you to succeed in house flipping and make the most of your investment.

Calculating Capital Gains When Flipping a Home

For real estate investors, calculating capital gains when flipping a home can be a daunting task since there are many variables and tax regulations to consider.

First, investors must consider the costs associated with the purchase of the property; this includes the purchase price and any fees or closing costs that were paid. For capital gains purposes, the investor must determine the adjusted basis which is equal to the purchase price plus any renovation costs and closing costs associated with acquiring the property. In addition, real estate investors should also factor in depreciation deductions associated with the home over the course of ownership.

Once an investor sells a home for a profit, the next step is to calculate the capital gains. Capital gains are equal to the selling price minus the adjusted basis. After this is calculated, investors will need to decide whether the gain from the sale is classified as a long-term or short-term gain. Short-term capital gains, which are gains that are taxed as regular, currently taxable income and taxed at a higher rate than long-term capital gains. 

Lastly, any capital gain that results from the sale of a primary residence that has been owned and used as a primary residence for at least two years can be excluded from taxable income up to $250,000 for single filers and $500,000 for married couples filing jointly.

All in all, flipping a home can be a lucrative endeavor for investors, especially given the current buyer’s market. However, investors who wish to maximize their profits must carefully consider all of the tax implications associated with flipping a home. Taking into account purchase costs and renovation costs, as well as determining the duration of ownership and capital gains, can help investors reduce their overall tax burden and increase their returns. By understanding the process and consulting with a qualified tax advisor, real estate investors can optimize their tax strategy when flipping a property.

Essential Tips For Flipping Homes Successfully

Flipping homes is a great way to make a profit in real estate, but it’s also a process that requires careful planning, research, and analysis. To help you maximize your earnings, here are some essential tips to help you flip homes successfully.

  • First, you should take the time to thoroughly research the local real estate market. Consider the supply and demand of the area, employment trends, and the state of the local housing market. Doing this type of research can give you insight into the types of properties that will be most profitable to flip. You'll also want to check out the local zoning regulations to ensure your project meets all requirements.
  • Also, make sure you create a solid budget for your flipping project. Decide how much you can realistically spend on the renovation process, occupancy costs while the renovation is being completed, and other related expenses.
  • Finally, establish a realistic timeline for the renovation and keep to it. Knowing how much time you have to complete this project can help keep you and your team on track to a successful flip.

With these essential tips in mind, you’re sure to have a successful experience when flipping homes.

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