14 Hotel Design Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you someone who appreciates creativity, elegance, and the beauty of design? Whether you have a passion for hotel design, interior design, home design, or architecture, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore some of the best YouTube channels that cater to these interests. From stunning house designs to luxurious travel experiences, these channels offer a wealth of inspiration and knowledge for design enthusiasts like yourself. So, if you are looking to explore the world of design, discover new architectural marvels, or simply indulge in the art of creating beautiful spaces, keep reading to find your next favorite YouTube channel.

Top World Hotel

Channel Views: ~289k Channel Subscribers: ~965 Channel Videos: ~744

Top World Hotel Youtube Channel

The Top World Hotel YouTube channel showcases stunning hotel designs from around the globe, providing viewers with a visually captivating and inspiring experience. With a focus on lifestyle and luxury, the channel offers a glimpse into the world of high-end accommodations and the latest trends in hotel design. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or simply appreciate exceptional architecture, this channel is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of tourism and stunning hospitality experiences.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~7.5k Channel Videos: ~376

Small Luxury Hotels of the World Youtube Channel

The Small Luxury Hotels of the World YouTube channel showcases the finest boutique hotels with stunning hotel designs and luxurious features. It focuses on small, exclusive establishments that offer unparalleled hospitality and unique experiences. With a diverse collection of upscale hotels, SLH presents the epitome of luxury for those seeking intimate and personalized stays.

starmax hotel

Channel Views: ~222.7k Channel Subscribers: ~177 Channel Videos: ~197

starmax hotel Youtube Channel

The starmax hotel YouTube channel focuses on showcasing hotel design and providing insights into the world of hospitality. With a hobbyist approach, the channel explores various aspects of the hotel lifestyle, offering viewers a glimpse into the unique experiences and trends within the industry.

Design Seed

Channel Views: ~26.8m Channel Subscribers: ~405k Channel Videos: ~168

Design Seed Youtube Channel

Design Seed is a captivating YouTube channel that specializes in showcasing the transformation of hotels, houses, and local projects through mesmerizing before and after house tours. With a focus on minimalist and tropical designs, this channel provides viewers with the best interior design inspiration and a glimpse into the new age of interior design.

Exoticplans Design

Channel Views: ~137.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~47

Exoticplans Design Youtube Channel

Exoticplans Design is a captivating YouTube channel focused on hotel design and various architecture-building plans. The channel offers a wide range of design ideas and insights, including duplex, bungalow, 4 flats, 6 flats, and hotel plans. It is an ideal destination for those seeking inspiration and guidance in creating unique and innovative building designs.

Cartoon Universe

Channel Views: ~193.6m Channel Subscribers: ~657k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Cartoon Universe Youtube Channel

Cartoon Universe is a captivating YouTube channel that explores the fascinating world of cartoons. With a focus on animation theory and analysis, the channel delves deep into the secrets and intricacies of popular animated shows. Additionally, it showcases unique and imaginative designs, including hotel concepts inspired by beloved cartoon characters. Overall, Cartoon Universe offers an engaging and educational experience for cartoon enthusiasts and animation lovers alike.

Ayy Lmao

Channel Views: ~124.5m Channel Subscribers: ~194k Channel Videos: ~478

Ayy Lmao Youtube Channel

The Ayy Lmao YouTube channel is a verified account that primarily focuses on hotel design. They often feature content related to popular animated series such as Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. With their signature catchphrase Ayy Lmao, this verified channel creates unique and entertaining videos that showcase innovative hotel design concepts.

the Luxury Travel Expert

Channel Views: ~219.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~426

the Luxury Travel Expert Youtube Channel

The Luxury Travel Expert YouTube channel offers a comprehensive exploration of luxury travel experiences, focusing on hotel design, business-class and first-class travel, and exquisite holiday destinations. With a keen eye for luxury, the channel showcases the finest aspects of travel, including aviation, top-notch hotels, and a range of extraordinary destinations. Whether you seek inspiration or detailed reviews, this channel provides a wealth of information to elevate your travel experiences to new heights.

vanjoin build

Channel Views: ~363.5k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~395

vanjoin build Youtube Channel

The Vanjoin Build YouTube channel specializes in showcasing hotel design concepts and providing lifestyle inspiration for viewers. This channel is perfect for those who have a hobby in interior design and enjoy exploring creative ideas and concepts related to hotels. With their engaging content, viewers can discover innovative design trends and gain valuable insights into the world of hotel design and lifestyle.


Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~27.2k Channel Videos: ~362

CIVIL CYANIDE Youtube Channel

CIVIL CYANIDE is a YouTube channel that focuses on various aspects of architectural and interior design. The channel offers content related to hotel design, home design, and house plans including modern house plans, duplex house plans, and single-story house plans. It also provides insights into house elevations, with a particular emphasis on modern house elevations and front elevations. Additionally, the channel covers topics such as 2bhk house plans, catering to viewers interested in designing their own homes.

Arcmax Architects

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~9.1k Channel Videos: ~159

Arcmax Architects Youtube Channel

Arcmax Architects is a YouTube channel that showcases their expertise in various aspects of architectural design. They specialize in hotel design, resort design, and planning, as well as school, villa, and hospital design. As leading resort design architects in India, they also provide resort layout plans, offering valuable insights and ideas for creating stunning and functional resort spaces.

Kevin Siyuan

Channel Views: ~778.6k Channel Subscribers: ~6.3k Channel Videos: ~86

Kevin Siyuan Youtube Channel

Kevin Siyuan's YouTube channel showcases his incredible talent in hotel design and architectural photography. He takes viewers on breathtaking journeys through cinematic travel films, particularly focusing on his experiences in Japan and Singapore. With a unique POV photography style and a passion for street photography, Kevin captures the essence of each location he visits. As a talented cinematographer, he continues to explore new places and share his stunning visuals with his audience.

Archsesmo Studio House

Channel Views: ~49.7k Channel Subscribers: ~473 Channel Videos: ~79

Archsesmo Studio House Youtube Channel

Archsesmo Studio House is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the world of hotel design and interior design. With a focus on concept development and urban management, the channel takes viewers on a journey through various real estate projects and provides insights into the intricacies of project management in the field of architecture.

Fulgar Architects

Channel Views: ~140.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~13

Fulgar Architects Youtube Channel

Fulgar Architects YouTube channel showcases the work of a renowned Philippine architect specializing in hotel and house design. With a focus on modern architecture, the channel offers valuable insights into their architectural services and expertise. Whether you are interested in hotel design or house design, Fulgar Architects is a must-follow channel for those seeking inspiration and guidance in the world of contemporary architecture.

Innovations in Sustainable Hotel Design

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainability in various industries, including the hospitality sector. Hotels around the world are now incorporating innovative design strategies to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. These innovations not only benefit the planet but also enhance the overall guest experience. Let's explore some of the exciting advancements in sustainable hotel design.

One of the key innovations in sustainable hotel design is the implementation of energy-efficient systems. Hotels are now incorporating advanced technologies such as smart thermostats, motion-sensor lighting, and solar panels to reduce energy consumption. These systems not only help hotels lower their carbon footprint but also contribute to significant cost savings. Guests can now enjoy comfortable stays without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Another notable innovation is the integration of green spaces within hotel premises. Many hotels are now incorporating rooftop gardens, vertical gardens, and even indoor green walls to improve air quality, provide insulation, and create a serene ambiance. These green spaces also serve as a visual reminder of the hotel's commitment to sustainability, and guests can relax amidst nature while staying in the heart of a bustling city.

Furthermore, sustainable hotel design is increasingly focusing on the use of eco-friendly materials and construction techniques. Hotels are now opting for renewable and recycled materials, as well as incorporating energy-efficient insulation and water-saving fixtures. Additionally, some hotels are even adopting innovative construction methods such as modular construction, which reduces waste and minimizes construction time. These sustainable design choices not only reduce the environmental impact of hotels but also create aesthetically pleasing spaces for guests to enjoy.

In conclusion, the hospitality industry is making great strides in sustainable hotel design. With the integration of energy-efficient systems, green spaces, and eco-friendly materials, hotels are redefining the guest experience while prioritizing environmental responsibility. These innovations not only benefit the planet but also showcase the industry's commitment to sustainability. As travelers become increasingly conscious of their ecological footprint, sustainable hotel design will continue to evolve and pave the way for a greener future in the hospitality sector.

Color PsychologySelecting the Right Palette for Your Hotel's Design

When it comes to designing the interiors of your hotel, color plays a significant role in setting the mood and creating the desired atmosphere for your guests. The psychology of color is a fascinating subject that explores how different hues can evoke various emotions and influence human behavior. By understanding color psychology, you can carefully select the right palette for your hotel's design, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests.

In the hospitality industry, it is essential to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for guests. Warm colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows are known to stimulate energy and create a cozy ambiance. These colors are perfect for common areas like lobbies and restaurants, where you want guests to feel invited and relaxed. On the other hand, cool colors like blues and greens are known to promote calmness and tranquility, making them ideal for hotel rooms where guests seek rest and rejuvenation.

However, it's crucial to strike a balance and not overwhelm your guests with too much color. The use of neutral tones such as whites, grays, and beiges can help create a sense of sophistication and elegance. These colors work well as a backdrop for artwork, furniture, and other decorative elements, allowing them to take center stage. By incorporating pops of vibrant colors as accents, you can add visual interest and create a modern and trendy ambiance that appeals to a wide range of guests.

In conclusion, understanding color psychology can greatly impact the overall design and ambiance of your hotel. By carefully selecting the right palette, you can create an environment that aligns with your brand image and appeals to your target audience. Whether you aim for a warm and cozy atmosphere or a calm and relaxing one, utilizing the power of color can help you achieve the desired effect. So, take the time to explore the psychology of color and select a palette that best represents your hotel's unique identity.

Incorporating TechnologyInnovations to Enhance Guest Comfort and Convenience in Hotel Design

In today's fast-paced world, technology plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience of hotel guests. From the moment they step foot inside the lobby to the time they check out, incorporating technological innovations into hotel design can significantly enhance guest comfort and convenience.

  • One way hotels are leveraging technology is through the use of smart room systems. These systems allow guests to control various aspects of their room, such as lighting, temperature, and entertainment, with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. By giving guests control over their environment, hotels are creating a sense of comfort and personalization that goes beyond traditional amenities.
  • Additionally, the use of mobile apps has revolutionized the hotel experience. Guests can now check-in and check-out using their smartphones, eliminating the need to wait in long queues at the front desk. Mobile apps also allow guests to request room service, make restaurant reservations, and access information about hotel amenities and local attractions. This level of convenience not only saves time but also enhances the overall guest experience.
  • Furthermore, hotels are embracing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to further enhance guest comfort and convenience. AI-powered virtual assistants can provide instant responses to guests' inquiries, offer personalized recommendations, and even provide language translation services. This technology allows hotels to provide 24/7 assistance, ensuring that guests' needs are always met.

Incorporating technology innovations into hotel design is not just about embracing the latest trends; it is about creating a seamless and personalized experience for guests. By giving guests control over their environment, leveraging mobile apps, and utilizing AI-powered virtual assistants, hotels can enhance guest comfort and convenience, setting themselves apart in a competitive industry.

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