Are you looking for ways to learn more about hospice, health, dying, death, palliative care, and other topics related to mourning and grief? If so, this article is for you! Here, we'll provide you with information on the best YouTube channels in Michigan offering great insight into hospice, wellness, and palliative care. Read on to find the best resources to keep you informed and help you find what you need.

Hospice: Top Youtube Channels

Hospice Nurse Penny

Channel Views: ~48.2m Channel Subscribers: ~89.9k Channel Videos: ~417

Hospice Nurse Penny Youtube Channel

Hospice Nurse Penny is a YouTube channel specializing in helping viewers understand different aspects of the hospice lifestyle. Through videos about various topics like end-of-life care, self-care for health care professionals, and surviving grief, viewers can gain valuable insight into the world of hospice care. The goal of this channel is to provide an insider look at the hospice and equip viewers with the resources necessary to support themselves and those working in the field.

Hospice Nurse Julie

Channel Views: ~35.3m Channel Subscribers: ~207k Channel Videos: ~304

Hospice Nurse Julie Youtube Channel

Hospice Nurse Julie is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing helpful information about hospice care and lifestyle tips. The channel provides educational videos and resources related to end-of-life care and support. Additionally, Julie offers tips and advice on how to make the most of life's journey. This YouTube channel is a great source of support for those looking for guidance on hospice care and lifestyle challenges.

Hospice of the Chesapeake

Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~13.7k Channel Videos: ~137

Hospice of the Chesapeake Youtube Channel

The Hospice of the Chesapeake YouTube channel offers resources and assistance to those grappling with hospice and end-of-life care needs. As a non-profit, the Society shares educational and fundraising-related activities, providing families with the support and resources they need to make the best decisions during this difficult time.

Hospice Learning Center - Nathan Adelson Hospice

Channel Views: ~111.3k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~71

Hospice Learning Center - Nathan Adelson Hospice Youtube Channel

The Hospice Learning Center - Nathan Adelson Hospice YouTube channel is a great resource for gaining a better understanding of hospice, hospice care, and palliative care. It provides videos on a wide variety of topics such as Hospice 101, Stories of Hospice Care, and learning more about Hospice Education. making it an invaluable resource for those wishing to further their knowledge of hospice.


Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~4.9k Channel Videos: ~795

Axxess Youtube Channel

Axxess is a YouTube channel that provides videos related to home health software, home healthcare software, hospice software, home care software, homecare software, and home health agency software to assist organizations in the delivery of hospice and home care services. Axxess offers videos that focus on how to use the software, set up accounts, and more, providing the necessary information for healthcare organizations to succeed.


Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~210

NHPCO Youtube Channel

NHPCO is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing hospice and palliative care to those facing death, dying, grief, and mourning. Its YouTube channel publishes videos to inform and educate the public about these areas of care and the services offered by hospice and palliative care organizations.

Chapters Health

Channel Views: ~85.3k Channel Subscribers: ~381 Channel Videos: ~121

Chapters Health Youtube Channel

Chapters Health is a YouTube channel that provides valuable insight into hospice and Society, Health, and Lifestyle for people of all ages. Through educational videos, inspirational stories, and stories of hope, Chapters Health educates and empowers viewers to live their best lives. Its wide range of content covers topics like family caregiving, advanced illness, pain management, grief counseling, and many other health-related topics. By providing a platform to explore and discuss end-of-life care, Chapters Health is dedicated to changing the way people think about health and wellness.

The Care Plan

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~13.4k Channel Videos: ~42

The Care Plan Youtube Channel

The Care Plan YouTube channel focuses on providing comprehensive teaching resources for offering comprehensive hospice and palliative care to bedbound patients. Its topics range from changing a brief to end of life and hospice care, to oral care, catheter care, symptom management, and skin care. It offers valuable information about caring for those with limited mobility.

Choosing the Right Hospice Care Facility

When deciding on the right hospice care facility for a loved one, it's important to consider the needs and wishes of the individual.

  • First, identify the type of care that is needed - long-term care or short-term care. Talk to staff members at different facilities to determine the best fit for the patient's needs and comfort level. Get their opinions and referrals from trusted medical professionals.
  • Make sure the facility is properly licensed and meets regulations as set forth by the state. Ensure that staff members are properly trained and knowledgeable in providing comprehensive hospice care. Find out if volunteers and chaplains provide additional personalized attention, which can be an invaluable part of the patient's healing and comfort. Gather information on possible payment options and find out if there are any additional medical services they provide.
  • Take time to visit the facility and talk to staff members, if possible. This allows you to get a better idea of what kind of hospice care services the facility provides and if it's right for the patient. Be sure to ask questions about the necessary support services for family members as well. Check out the facility's cleanliness and the environment to get a feel for the overall atmosphere. Above all, ask yourself if the facility truly provides the environment and support needed for your loved one to make a comfortable transition.

Exploring the Role of Hospice in Grief and Loss

Hospice plays an important role in helping people deal with grief and loss. This is especially true during end-of-life care, when a person is approaching death. Working with hospice care professionals can help individuals and families accept their realities, come to terms with the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the loss, and work through their grief. Hospice also helps families process their grief and make sense of what has happened.

Hospice care is about providing a safe supportive environment for both the patient and their family during the last days of life. Hospice professionals such as nurses, counselors, and social workers are available to provide grief and loss care, such as helping with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the transition. They are also there to provide comfort, care, and assistance with understanding and coping with the loss. They can offer advice and support to help families come to terms with their loved one’s death.

Hospice also provides bereavement services to help those who have experienced a loss. These services typically consist of counseling and support groups, which can help with the practical issues of dealing with the loss, such as funeral planning, creating memorials, and grieving with others who have been through similar experiences. All of these services can help individuals and families cope and find meaningful ways to move forward in the healing process, honoring their loved one’s life and memory.

Hospice care is an invaluable resource in helping individuals and families cope with the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of grief and loss. By offering emotionally supportive environments and bereavement services, such as counseling and support groups, hospice can help people take the necessary steps toward a healthier, more meaningful life after loss. By providing comfort and care during end-of-life, hospice can also help families process their grief and honor their loved one in meaningful ways as they remember their life. With the help of hospice care, people can move forward in the healing process.

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