Welcome to the magical world of horses! If you're a lover of horses, music, and equestrian adventures, you've come to the right place. We've scoured the internet to bring you the best YouTube channels to explore all that the horse world has to offer. So saddle up and get ready for a wild and exciting ride to discover the best horse-related channels that have everything from Kacey Musgraves music to cute animals, horse training tips, and more for kids and adults alike. Read on to find the perfect horse-related YouTube channel for you.

Horse: Top Youtube Channels

Stable Horse Training

Channel Views: ~7.4m Channel Subscribers: ~22.9k Channel Videos: ~1.9k

Stable Horse Training Youtube Channel

The Stable Horse Training YouTube channel is a hub for horse enthusiasts and owners. It covers a wide range of topics including horse training, horse rehabilitation, horse riding, horse health, equine health, equine training, hoof care, hoof trimming, and horse behaviors. The channel offers comprehensive lessons designed to help viewers understand and improve the way they interact with their horses. Whether you're looking to refine existing horsemanship skills or learn new ones, this is a great resource.


Channel Views: ~4.7m Channel Subscribers: ~22.7k Channel Videos: ~316

DiscoverTheHorse Youtube Channel

DiscoverTheHorse is an equestrian YouTube channel that covers a wide variety of topics related to horse ownership, horse riding, horse breeds, and horse education. With a mix of horse vlogs, riding adventures, and best horse videos, this channel is your perfect guide to the equestrian lifestyle. For those looking to learn more about horses, DiscoverTheHorse is the perfect source for all your horse related questions.

We Love Horses

Channel Views: ~23m Channel Subscribers: ~63.8k Channel Videos: ~169

We Love Horses Youtube Channel

The We Love Horses YouTube channel is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn more about owning and caring for their horse companion. From pet care tips to lifestyle suggestions to sports advice, this channel has something for every horse enthusiast. Features include product reviews and discussions, interviews with experts, and tips on how to make the most of your horse-related experience. Great for bonding with your pet and improving your horse-riding skills!

Larry Trocha Horse Training

Channel Views: ~7.2m Channel Subscribers: ~36.9k Channel Videos: ~167

Larry Trocha Horse Training Youtube Channel

Larry Trocha Horse Training is a YouTube channel dedicated to all aspects of horse training, featuring how to's for western riding, ranch cutting, ranch sorting, reining, and cutting horses. The channel is hosted by renowned horse trainer Larry Trocha and is designed to help viewers understand the intricacies of horse training and develop their skills as riders and horse trainers.

Love Horse 3k

Channel Views: ~63.8m Channel Subscribers: ~494k Channel Videos: ~57

Love Horse 3k Youtube Channel

Love Horse 3k is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things horse-related, with content ranging from videos about fast horses and beautiful horses to wild horses and horse failures. They cover lots of topics from horse riding and racing to horse training, and all of their videos are up to date with the latest horse-related trends for 2021.

Joseph Newcomb

Channel Views: ~6m Channel Subscribers: ~29k Channel Videos: ~825

Joseph Newcomb Youtube Channel

Joseph Newcomb's YouTube channel is full of helpful videos related to horsemanship, horse training, and dressage. He covers many topics like piaffe, passage, and groundwork. His videos feature in-depth explanations and demonstrations of techniques to improve the relationship between horse and rider.


Channel Views: ~74.4m Channel Subscribers: ~181k Channel Videos: ~639

Elphick.Event.Ponies Youtube Channel

Elphick.Event.Ponies is a YouTube channel devoted to equestrian eventing and horsemanship. It showcases the talent and capabilities of horses and ponies, with the help of experienced riders performing a variety of impressive maneuvers. Their videos are perfect for those aspiring to become better riders or for those who just want to appreciate the beauty of horses.

Raleigh Link

Channel Views: ~50.3m Channel Subscribers: ~315k Channel Videos: ~403

Raleigh Link Youtube Channel

Raleigh Link is an animal rights activist sharing her passion for horses and other equine animals on her YouTube channel Raleigh Link (raleighlink14). She focuses on vegan equestrian topics, such as everyday care for horses, animal rights, and responsible animal ownership. Raleigh strives to spread awareness about the importance of protecting horses and other animals.

Equine Helper

Channel Views: ~14.6m Channel Subscribers: ~127k Channel Videos: ~218

Equine Helper Youtube Channel

Equine Helper is a YouTube channel that helps horse enthusiasts learn more about horseback riding, training, and care. With horse tutorials, vlogs, and a comprehensive guide to horse keeping, viewers will gain essential knowledge to understand and love these majestic creatures. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned horseback rider, this channel provides everything you need.

Ryan Rose

Channel Views: ~18.9m Channel Subscribers: ~97.7k Channel Videos: ~293

Ryan Rose Youtube Channel

Ryan Rose's YouTube channel is all about horse training with the principles of natural horsemanship. He is an instructor certified by the Pat Parelli program and provides many educational videos about natural horsemanship, along with videos from live events and liberty riding demonstrations. For anyone interested in learning more about horse care, Ryan Rose is a great resource.

Abigail Pinehaven

Channel Views: ~19.7m Channel Subscribers: ~111k Channel Videos: ~215

Abigail Pinehaven Youtube Channel

Abigail Pinehaven's YouTube channel offers a unique and fun insight into the world of horse-related gaming, including Star Stable, Unicorn Forest, SSO Randomness, Voice Over and Star Stable Updates. She also covers the popular game Alicia Online and recently added Red Dead Online to her content. Follow along and get the latest updates in horse-gaming!

Jesse Drent

Channel Views: ~24.4m Channel Subscribers: ~213k Channel Videos: ~194

Jesse Drent Youtube Channel

Jesse Drent's YouTube channel is a great resource for horse riders looking to learn more about horsemanship. Featuring unconventional trick training techniques for horses and many equestrian activities, you'll never be short on something to study at Jesse Drent's channel with topics spanning various disciplines and horse breeds. Whether you're looking for something specific or just to get a better understanding of horse management and horse riding, Jesse Drent's channel is the perfect place.

Animals So Cute

Channel Views: ~83.7m Channel Subscribers: ~439k Channel Videos: ~66

Animals So Cute Youtube Channel

Animals So Cute is a YouTube channel showcasing some of the cutest animals on the planet! They feature funny horse videos, adorable pet moments, and all sorts of animals, from ponies to horses. Whether it's a high-energy race or a silly trick, these charming equines always provide plenty of entertainment! With fun clips and sweet stories, Animals So Cute is the perfect destination for horse lovers everywhere!

Different Breeds of Horses

Horses come in all shapes and sizes, and each has its own unique characteristics. Knowing the different breeds of horses can help you decide which one you want to ride or own. From draft horses to ponies, here are some of the most common breeds of horses.

  • Draft horses like the Clydesdale and Shire are known for their large size and strength. This breed of horse is used for everything from riding to hauling cargo. Although they are a relatively slow breed, they have tremendous pulling power and are perfect for long-distance riding.
  • Ponies are the smaller cousins of horses, and they come in a variety of breeds. These horses are often used to teach children how to ride, as the ponies are smaller and more manageable. Shetland ponies are one of the most popular pony breeds, known for their compact size and friendly disposition. The Welsh pony is another popular breed, and is longer and more elegant than the Shetland. Other breeds include the Hackney, American miniature, and Exmoor.
  • Foxtrotters are a breed of horse known for their distinctive gaits. Known as the “smoothest ride in the world,” they possess the ability to perform a flat-footed four-beat gait. This unique breed is often used in western or trail riding due to their even and rhythmic stride.

No matter which breed you choose, you’re sure to find a horse that fits you and your needs. With an understanding of the different breeds of horses, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect horse for your riding adventures.

The Anatomy and Physiology of a Horse

A horse is one of the most majestic animals in the world. With its grace, beauty, speed and strength, the horse has been a source of fascination for humans for centuries. Horse anatomy and physiology are incredibly intricate and complex, and gaining an understanding of how the horse’s body works is essential for all horse caretakers and riders.

The skeletal system of a horse contains roughly 205 bones and many of these bones are unique to the species. The feet of the horse contain just one bone, in contrast to humans who have more than 5, and the neck has 20 vertebrae while the spine only has 18. Horses also have an incredibly strong skeletal structure, with large and sturdy joints that support the entire body.

The muscular and respiratory systems are also essential to horse anatomy. Muscles provide the power and agility a horse needs to move and perform, while the respiratory system helps move oxygen to the muscles. The average horse has estimated 400 muscles, with the legs containing over 130 of them. Additionally, their chest is larger than any other land mammal, allowing for generous lung capacity.

With a complex system of bones, muscles and organs, the horse is a physically stunning and impressive creature.

Creating a Safe Environment for Your Horse

The safety of your horse is absolutely essential. A safe environment encourages your horse to feel secure and relaxed, taking away their fear and helping them to thrive. This peace of mind that a safe environment can provide is beneficial for every horse, regardless of breed, age, or any other factor. To be sure that your horse is living in a safe and healthy environment, there are a few key steps you can take.

Firstly, it is important to take the time to inspect any stall, paddock, or area that your horse is living in. It is important to look for any potential dangers, such as sharp objects, unstable fences, and excess silt. Additionally, make sure to double-check structural integrity to ensure that your horse is safe. Any issues should be taken care of as soon as possible. 

Secondly, make sure to keep the areas of your horse’s environment clear of any dropped food or waste. Not only for the sake of having a tidier area, but this will ensure that your horse does not run the risk of accidentally eating something that could potentially be toxic or dangerous. 

Lastly, make sure to keep your pasture and paddock regularly maintained. Clear away any overgrown or excess vegetation, and fill in any ruts or holes created by the horses or weather conditions. Doing so will help ensure that your horse isn’t running the risk of tripping or catching their hooves on anything.

By following these guidelines, your horse will be in a much healthier and safer environment. In turn, your horse will be much more content, leading to a happier and healthier horse. Take the time to invest in your horse’s safety and you will reap the rewards!

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