Are you a fan of horror games? Are you looking for the best YouTube channels on the internet that cover horror games and gameplay? Then you have come to the right place! Here you will find top-notch channels with informative and entertaining content on classic and modern horror games. From funny XPS shorts to intense let's plays, these channels offer something for everyone! Whether you're just getting into horror gaming or passionate about the genre, you can't go wrong with these top horror channels. Read on to explore the best horror game YouTubers!

Horror game: Top Youtube Channels

Horror Gameplay

Channel Views: ~231.4m Channel Subscribers: ~709k Channel Videos: ~2.8k

Horror Gameplay Youtube Channel

The Horror Gameplay YouTube channel is dedicated to the horror gaming community and offers reviews, let's plays and playthroughs of popular horror games from platforms such as PC, console, Android, iPhone and iPad. From spooky ghost stories and thrilling jumpscares to gory puzzles, this channel covers all sorts of horror games. Join now for an exciting, exhilarating and hair-raising adventure!


Channel Views: ~18.3b Channel Subscribers: ~32.9m Channel Videos: ~5.1k

Markiplier Youtube Channel

Markiplier's YouTube channel is an entertainment hub for horror game, lets play and challenge videos that are often filled with humorous moments and sketch comedy. He has been playing games and laughing for years, making him a well-known and beloved personality in the world of gaming and comedy. Join in on the fun; subscribe to his channel today!


Channel Views: ~1.3b Channel Subscribers: ~4.2m Channel Videos: ~5.7k

Hollow Youtube Channel

Hollow is a YouTube channel focused on horror game playthroughs, action-packed Call of Duty walkthroughs, and entertaining let's play videos. Led by Hollowpoiint, a professional gaming enthusiast, viewers can expect thrilling story gameplay and extensive gaming walkthroughs. Get ready to experience Hollow Point's electrifying gaming journey.


Channel Views: ~59m Channel Subscribers: ~116k Channel Videos: ~3.4k

CJUGames Youtube Channel

CJUGames is a YouTube channel dedicated to horror games, indie horror games and PC horror games. The channel offers horror game walkthroughs, horror game gameplay and horror gameplay. It also covers classic point and click horror games. Its content ranges from game previews to reviews, and always provides quality entertainment for horror game fans.


Channel Views: ~665.4m Channel Subscribers: ~2.5m Channel Videos: ~1.8k

IGP Youtube Channel

IGP is a YouTube channel focused on horror games, fearsome subnautica creatures such as the Gargantuan Leviathan and horror-themed portrayals of popular games like Choo Choo Charles, The Isle, and Backrooms. Fans of horror thrillers can never go wrong with IGP's Let's Plays featuring classic horror games like Iron Lung and Subnautica's menacing IGP Scorn.


Channel Views: ~64.7m Channel Subscribers: ~568k Channel Videos: ~650

zachbealetv Youtube Channel

Zachbealetv is a popular gaming channel featuring horror games, rage-filled games, and funny moments. The channel provides funny commentary and highlights across various horror game titles and other gaming genres, including lets plays and funny moments. It is an entertaining channel to watch for anyone that enjoys horror games and gaming in general.


Channel Views: ~190.2m Channel Subscribers: ~384k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

TheGameSalmon Youtube Channel

TheGameSalmon is a popular YouTube gaming channel known for its humorous and entertaining horror game playthroughs. The channel has a host, Salmon, who guides viewers through different horror game playthroughs. TheGameSalmon also offers reviews and playthroughs of other funny games, creating an entertaining and engaging gaming experience.

Badshah Gaming 0324

Channel Views: ~724.4k Channel Subscribers: ~28.9k Channel Videos: ~277

Badshah Gaming 0324 Youtube Channel

Badshah Gaming 0324 is a popular YouTube channel that features horror game videos, youtube shorts and game videos from total games such as Free Fire, GTA5 and other top 3 popular games. The channel also creates viral shorts and posts trending videos regularly. It has become a go-to destination for gamers to enjoy their favorite video game titles.

Ultimate Gamerz

Channel Views: ~154.3m Channel Subscribers: ~444k Channel Videos: ~2.7k

Ultimate Gamerz Youtube Channel

The Ultimate Gamerz YouTube channel is a gaming enthusiast's paradise, featuring videos of horror and next gen gaming, such as Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Sony Playstation 5 and PC gaming on a variety of platforms including mobile and indie games. They have a great selection of horror games, as well as a wide collection of other video games. Join in their adventures and have an ultimate gaming experience.

TC Concenity

Channel Views: ~20.6m Channel Subscribers: ~154k Channel Videos: ~494

TC Concenity Youtube Channel

TC Concenity is a horror game YouTuber who specializes in Let's Play horror games and other scary games. With over 700K subscribers and countless videos, TC has made a name for himself as one of the leading horror game YouTubers. From intriguing storylines to jumpscares, TC's videos always guarantee a good scare. Follow TC's adventures today to see some of the best horror gaming content on YouTube.


Channel Views: ~4.3m Channel Subscribers: ~32k Channel Videos: ~2k

Pecan Youtube Channel

Pecan is a YouTube channel dedicated to horror games, best known for its hilarious and entertaining let's play videos of indie horror games and scary games. They feature a mix of classic horror games and indie titles, going in-depth with well-researched analysis of the horror elements in each game and letting viewers get a true glimpse of the horror genre. Pecan also makes funny gaming videos and provides insightful reviews of new horror indie games.

Neco The Sergal

Channel Views: ~48m Channel Subscribers: ~155k Channel Videos: ~4.1k

Neco The Sergal Youtube Channel

Neco The Sergal is a YouTube channel featuring content around horror game playthroughs, with commentary from the channel's furry host, Neco the Sergal. Neco's videos feature videos of Let's Plays and playthroughs of various indie horror games, as well as all the endings for those games and his own segment, Neco the Sergal Chef. This channel provides a unique perspective on gaming and horror, as seen through Neco The Sergal's lens.


Channel Views: ~173.9m Channel Subscribers: ~580k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Insym Youtube Channel

Insym is a horror game YouTube channel that features the series Welcome To The Game 2 as well as titles like Phasmophobia and Scrutinized. Insym provides viewers with thrilling gaming experiences and horror entertainment.


Channel Views: ~3.6m Channel Subscribers: ~14.4k Channel Videos: ~87

KazzaGamesTV Youtube Channel

KazzaGamesTV is a YouTube channel devoted to horror games. It features reviews and playthroughs of some of the best horror games out there, as well as sneak peeks of upcoming scary games. It's a great source of information for horror game enthusiasts, with videos dedicated to the scariest games of 2022 and beyond. Check it out if you're looking for an intense gaming experience!


Channel Views: ~31.6k Channel Subscribers: ~123 Channel Videos: ~81

LiveAGamingLife Youtube Channel

LiveAGamingLife is a popular YouTube channel for horror and indie game aficionados. It features Lets Play videos and horror gameplay for survival, psychological and cozy horror games. They are mostly focused on PC gaming, with a number of videos on other platforms like Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch. With horror games from big and small developers, the channel offers something for every type of horror game fan. Whether you are a long-time horror gamer looking for something new, or a newcomer looking to try something different, LiveAGamingLife is a great source for horror gaming content.

Exploring the UnknownImmersive Narrative Drive in Horror Games

Immersive narrative drives have risen to the forefront of the gaming industry in recent years, especially in horror games. An immersive narrative in gaming is one that seeks to put players in a world where the environment, story, and atmosphere generate a strong feeling of presence for the player. Games that succeed in providing an engaging and immersive narrative environment can truly transport players to another realm of horror and suspense.

  • One of the key elements of a successful immersive narrative in horror games is creating a believable game world. This means creating a believable atmosphere where the players can interact with characters and objects. The game’s environment must place the players in the horror of the world, while opportunities to learn more about the story through negotiations, finding items, and completing objectives should be rewarded.
  • Most importantly, an effective horror game must create a strong sense of dread, and this requires thoughtful level design. Areas in the game that are particularly dark and gloomy should be detailed extensively, and exploration of these areas must have potential consequences. The tension should build for players as the enemies become harder to defeat and the stakes become higher. Players should then be able to make choices that add an element of uncertainty and suspense to the narrative experience. 

By combining immersive narrative elements with powerful visuals and audio, developers can create horror gaming experiences that terrify even the most jaded of gamers.

The Psychological Impact of Horror Games

Since the arrival of horror games in the 1980's, they have become increasingly popular in the gaming world. Games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and BioShock focus on a terrifying this with either supernatural or paranormal elements. These games have become a huge source of entertainment for millions of people.

  • However, it is important to consider the psychological impact these games can have on someone. Research has shown that horror games can cause a variety of negative effects, such as increased anxiety, depression and nightmares. Despite the potential benefits of playing such games, they can also lead to psychological trauma, which can have profound effects on a person's mental health.
  • Playing horror games may also lead to desensitization, where players become increasingly tolerant to violence and more accepting of it as a form of entertainment. Desensitization is particularly concerning in games that contain graphic or extreme violence, and can have a significant impact on a person's psychological state. As such, it is important to consider the potential dangers of playing horror games, and to ensure they are used responsibly.

Overall, horror games bring an enjoyable entertainment experience to millions of people. However, it is important to consider the psychological effects these games can have on a person. It is essential to ensure horror games are played responsibly to ensure long-term mental health.

A Beginner's Guide to Play Horror Games

Horror games can be a great way to get scared and have a great time. If you are a beginner in this genre, it is important to know how to approach such games to ensure maximum enjoyment. This beginner's guide to playing horror games will provide some useful tips to get you started.

  • One of the first things to consider when playing horror games is to be aware of the atmosphere surrounding the game. Make sure you are seated in a comfortable space that is illuminated correctly and has the perfect audio setup. This will ensure that you are able to easily suspend your disbelief while playing the game and get in the perfect mood for the horror that awaits.
  • Finally, make sure you are aware of the jump scares that may be lurking within the game. These can be extremely effective but can also be quite jarring if you are not well-prepared. Be sure to take a few deep breaths before you enter a creepy area and keep an eye on the corner of your screen since that’s where most jump scares are typically located. 

Once you have accustomed yourself to this, you will be well on your way to enjoying some fun and horrifying horror gaming sessions.

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