6 Best Hinduism Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you curious to find the best YouTube channels for Hinduism, history, education, India and Hindu Edit? Or, may be you are looking for an Indian podcast or The Ranveer Show? Look no further, as we have compiled the list of top YouTube channels which are your one-stop solutions for each category! Dive in to explore some of the best content which will help broaden your knowledge. Enjoy the journey!

The Festival of Bharat

Channel Views: ~53.2m Channel Subscribers: ~266k Channel Videos: ~2.7k

The Festival of Bharat Youtube Channel

The Festival of Bharat YouTube channel is an informative platform dedicated to providing Hinduism-related content, Upsc preparation materials, and Upsc explainer videos. Critics and viewers alike often praise the channel?s high-quality content and Indian podcast episodes. The channel also offers Upsc free study materials and videos to help viewers explore the subjects in greater depth.

Ranveer Allahbadia

Channel Views: ~335m Channel Subscribers: ~4m Channel Videos: ~400

Ranveer Allahbadia Youtube Channel

Ranveer Allahbadia's YouTube channel, The Ranveer Show हिंदी and Beerbiceps Hindi consists of educational and entertainment content about Hinduism & Indian culture. Videos focus primarily on food, nutrition, health & fitness, youth & culture, and lifestyle. It also features the Hindi podcast, The Ranveer Show Podcast, dedicated to enabling interesting conversations on Indian lifestyle topics.

Sanatmak hindutwa

Channel Views: ~177.1m Channel Subscribers: ~466k Channel Videos: ~168

Sanatmak hindutwa Youtube Channel

Sanatmak Hindutva is a YouTube channel dedicated to spreading awareness of Hinduism and its traditions. Through videos addressing the Hindutva status of India, historical accounts of Hinduism, and Dharma Return, the Hindutva Sanatmak channel aims to provide an educational insight into the teachings of Sanatan Hinduism. Additionally, the channel also provides news and updates regarding the ongoing Hindutva movement.

Swabhiman Bharat

Channel Views: ~222.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.3m Channel Videos: ~179

Swabhiman Bharat Youtube Channel

Swabhiman Bharat is a YouTube channel that provides an entertaining platform to connect people to India's rich culture, religion and society with a focus on Hinduism. It is an interactive online space that shares stories, music, videos, and information about Hinduism and India's diverse culture. With Swabhiman Bharat, you can explore the depth of knowledge, connect with a diverse social landscape, and enjoy content that uplifts, informs, and entertains.

संस्कारी POWER

Channel Views: ~227.1m Channel Subscribers: ~483k Channel Videos: ~146

संस्कारी POWER Youtube Channel

संस्कारी POWER YouTube channel is about Hinduism and connects stories from the Mahabharat and Shree Krishna to give viewers powerful #status messages. It shares #shorts videos of characters such as Karn and provides new perspectives on Hinduism and its #power. It is a great source for those wanting to learn more about #hinduism.

Hyper Quest

Channel Views: ~125.7m Channel Subscribers: ~661k Channel Videos: ~159

Hyper Quest Youtube Channel

Hyper Quest is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to discussing spiritual and scientific topics ranging from Hinduism and Vedic scriptures to quantum physics, computer science, and the Big Bang Theory. With a focus on reconciling ancient knowledge and modern technologies, Hyper Quest strives to explore the mysteries of the universe and discover the revelations hidden within Hindu scriptures and its doctrine of the black hole.

The Many Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism

Hinduism is one of the oldest and most diverse religions in the world and it teaches the cause of existence, the path to liberation of the soul, and the body of sacred teachings. A major part of Hinduism is its pantheon of gods and goddesses, who each have distinct personalities and represent different aspects of life and human experience. Over the centuries, millions of Hindus around the world have worshipped a multitude of divine entities.

  1. One of the most widely worshipped gods is Brahman, a primal power of energy and cosmic order. 
  2. Vishnu is another major god who is described as the protector and maintainer of the universe. 
  3. Shiva is a cosmic force known as the destroyer and is associated with power and transformation. 
  4. The popular divine figure of Rama is another incarnation of Vishnu who is revered for his bravery and righteousness.
  5. The powerful Goddess Shakti also appears in Hinduism. She is the embodiment of feminine energy, and is seen as the source of life. 
  6. Other well-known goddesses like Lakshmi bring prosperity and wealth; Saraswati is associated with knowledge and wisdom; and Durga is a warrior goddess who is worshipped for her strength and courage. 

In addition, Hindus worship dozens of other gods and goddesses who are known for being protectors, benefactors, or simply beloved figures. The sheer range and diversity of the gods and goddesses celebrate the many facets of human experience and offer a complex interpretation of the divine. Each deity is revered for its special characteristics and qualities. By worshipping these gods and goddesses, Hindus are able to approach the divine through multi-dimensional forms. They also gain more insight into their lives and the natural world.

Hinduism and Social Reality Today

Hinduism and its role in social reality today is an important topic to explore and understand. Hinduism is the world’s third-largest religion with around a billion followers, making it one of the oldest and most influential religions that still exists. As a result, it is important to consider how Hinduism has impacted our social reality today.

  • One way in which Hinduism influences social reality today is through its ancient practices and rituals. Many of these traditions are still observed in modern day Hinduism, which helps to bridge gaps and foster connections between the past and present. On top of this, it also helps create a sense of communal identity that binds people together. Moreover, Hinduism’s vast range of philosophical texts, which provide guidance on morality, values, and ethics, often influence social behavior and attitudes.
  • Furthermore, Hinduism also includes beliefs that are applicable to our social world today. From notions of karma and division of labor to world peace and environmental sustainability, there are numerous aspects of the faith that can be used to inform our social reality. Additionally, Hinduism offers a unique perspective on attitudes towards gender, caste, and religion, topics which have all become increasingly important in modern times. All of these facets of Hinduism are core to its role in social reality today.

Ultimately, Hinduism’s vast and ancient history should not be overlooked in our social reality today and it is important to take into account the multiple ways in which it can help shape our shared experience.

Exploring the Impact of Hinduism on Indian Culture

Hinduism is the primary religion practiced in India and has had an immense impact on India's culture, art, and literature. 

  1. The Sanskrit language, the most ancient language in the world, originates with Hindu scriptures. Daily rituals such as yoga, rituals meant to bring about peace of mind, and honoring deities, form the backbone of Hindu practice and have become a part of everyday life in India. Additionally, the celebration of festivals such as Diwali, Holi, and other holidays which mark important moments in Hindu mythology, are public holidays in India and are celebrated throughout the country.
  2. India's art, architecture, and literature are also heavily informed by Hinduism, as many of the foundational texts of Hinduism are viewed as works of art in and of themselves. Hindu sculptures and paintings depicting deities in temples, palaces, and other public buildings are iconic of Indian culture and architecture, and Hindu stories are often told in temples to impart lessons to devotees. Moreover, the various practice of yoga, which encompasses essential principles such as concentration, discipline, and meditation, has spread widely throughout the world and is embraced by people of all cultures.
  3. Finally, Hinduism has had an international impact on how religion is viewed and practiced throughout the world. India is home to numerous spiritual teachers, such as Mahatma Gandhi, who incorporated principles of nonviolence, love, and truth into their teachin, and whose teachings have had a lasting impact on humankind. The idea of Karma, which dictates that one's actions will influence their future, is widely accepted throughout the world. The Dharma, or the religious and moral law of life according to Hinduism, is also a prominent concept to many different religious traditions as it represents a moral code or senses of right and wrong. Through these teachings, Hinduism has had a far-reaching impact beyond the Indian subcontinent, demonstrating the universal appeal of its principles.

In conclusion, Hinduism is a fundamental part of Indian culture, and its influence can be felt in India's art, literature, and architecture. Furthermore, Hinduism has had a tremendous impact on the global spiritual community as many of its teachings have become widely accepted throughout the world. As such, it is an important religion to consider when exploring the impact of religion on Indian culture.

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