Are you searching for the best YouTube channels that showcase unique and creative henna art and lifestyle? Look no further! This article will bring you a hand-picked selection of the most inspiring and engaging YouTube channels that cover topics such as henna, mehndi, lifestyle, beauty, social art studio, tutorial, DIY, Ayurveda, and much more. Take some time to explore each channel and find the one that best speaks to your interests and needs. Happy exploring!

Henna: Top Youtube Channels

Gopi Henna

Channel Views: ~79.3m Channel Subscribers: ~192k Channel Videos: ~152

Gopi Henna Youtube Channel

Gopi Henna is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching henna application techniques, from easy simple designs for beginners to intricate henna patterns for experienced artists. The channel also features tutorials on how to mix henna paste, store it properly, and troubleshoot common henna problems. The channel is great for novice or advanced henna artists, providing them with quality content, tips, and tricks.

thouseens henna

Channel Views: ~70.4m Channel Subscribers: ~698k Channel Videos: ~401

thouseens henna Youtube Channel

Thouseen henna is a YouTube channel that offers a wide range of henna related tutorials from basic to advanced mehndi designs, along with do's and don'ts for henna application, simple mehndi designs, henna tattoo designs, and henna classes. The channel provides an easy-to-follow guide to mastering henna design techniques and inspiring viewers to explore their creativity.


Channel Views: ~9.9m Channel Subscribers: ~75k Channel Videos: ~428

HennaSooq Youtube Channel

HennaSooq is a YouTube channel that focuses on henna tattoos, body art, and natural hair dye. They also provide helpful tutorials on natural hair growth, hair strengthening and hair care. The channel promotes safe and natural ways of enhancing beauty and helping viewers look their best. With its helpful videos, HennaSooq is the go-to destination for discovering natural beauty solutions.

The Henna Guys

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~3.8k Channel Videos: ~421

The Henna Guys Youtube Channel

The Henna Guys YouTube channel is an excellent resource for anyone interested in using natural henna as an alternative to chemical hair dyes. It features informational videos and tutorials on using henna to cover gray hair, promote hair regrowth, and prevent hair loss and fall. They provide expert advice and product reviews to ensure you make the best decisions when choosing a henna hair dye. With their help, you can start enjoying your new, luscious locks without worrying about the damage chemical hair dyes can cause.

Taec Henna & Handmade

Channel Views: ~951.6k Channel Subscribers: ~14.5k Channel Videos: ~143

Taec Henna & Handmade Youtube Channel

Taec Henna & Handmade is a YouTube channel devoted to introducing viewers to the art of henna, as well as a variety of other crafts, as a hobby and a lifestyle. Creator Taec teaches viewers how to do henna designs step-by-step and provides helpful tips and tricks for getting started with other creative projects too. Watch this channel to add some fun and creativity to your life!

New Henna Marocain kaouter

Channel Views: ~95.2m Channel Subscribers: ~380k Channel Videos: ~411

New Henna Marocain kaouter Youtube Channel

New Henna Marocain kaouter is a YouTube channel that explores the hobby of henna art through the lens of Marocain lifestyle and culture. The channel provides viewers with in-depth tutorials and engaging content to help them learn the craft of henna, from beginners to experts.

Mehsooq Henna

Channel Views: ~11.9m Channel Subscribers: ~125k Channel Videos: ~145

Mehsooq Henna Youtube Channel

Mehsooq Henna is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on the art of henna. It provides viewers with informative tutorials on different henna designs and styles, as well as an insight into the associated cultural and lifestyle aspects. If you're looking for an inspiring hobby, be sure to check out Mehsooq Henna!

Henna Styles

Channel Views: ~2.1m Channel Subscribers: ~11.9k Channel Videos: ~107

Henna Styles Youtube Channel

Henna Styles is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with step by step tutorials on applying traditional and contemporary henna designs. Followers can also learn how to make romantic henna candles at home with diy henna candle tutorials, as well as acrylic and red candle decorations. From learning new techniques to creating beautiful pieces of art, Henna Styles helps everyone from beginners to professionals with the perfect henna experience.

FamShii Henna Designs.

Channel Views: ~38m Channel Subscribers: ~273k Channel Videos: ~209

FamShii Henna Designs. Youtube Channel

FamShii Henna Designs is a YouTube channel offering beautiful mehendi designs, both traditional and modern, for weddings, special occasions, and every day wear. Content includes bridal mehendi as well as videos featuring detailed step-by-step tutorials to guide viewers in how to apply their own stunning henna.

Fatiha Henna création

Channel Views: ~115.3k Channel Subscribers: ~317 Channel Videos: ~84

Fatiha Henna création Youtube Channel

Fatiha Henna création is a YouTube channel that showcases a vibrant hobby and lifestyle involving henna. The videos provide educational tutorials and inspirational ideas for anyone interested in discovering or developing new henna skills. Offering a treasure trove of ideas and designs, it is the perfect resource for both experienced and novice henna enthusiasts.

Henna Essence By Yousra

Channel Views: ~71.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~48

Henna Essence By Yousra Youtube Channel

Henna Essence By Yousra is a YouTube channel that focuses on henna and mehndi designs. It offers tutorials on how to create simple, pure Arabic, and latest Mehndi designs. The channel also features brand new 2022 Mehndi design and Arabic signature mehndi. This channel is a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in the art of mehndi.

Henna Strokes

Channel Views: ~4.9m Channel Subscribers: ~38.3k Channel Videos: ~24

Henna Strokes Youtube Channel

The Henna Strokes YouTube channel is a great resource for anybody interested in learning about the art of henna, or looking to make it a hobby or even lifestyle! It features DIY tutorials, product reviews, and events, as well as interviews from professionals in the henna industry.

Thouseens Henna Shorts

Channel Views: ~689.8k Channel Subscribers: ~20.9k Channel Videos: ~75

Thouseens Henna Shorts Youtube Channel

Thouseens Henna Shorts is an educational YouTube channel focused on providing tutorials on henna designs and mehndi classes in short videos. Created by Thouseens, this channel offers users a chance to become skilled in their own mehndi designs from the comfort of their homes. From DIY to pro tips, Thouseen Henna Shorts teaches viewers basic and advanced techniques through video tutorials, mehndi classes, live streaming, and Q&A sessions. Be sure to check out their channel and start learning today!

Kp Mehandi Art

Channel Views: ~237.1m Channel Subscribers: ~417k Channel Videos: ~1k

Kp Mehandi Art Youtube Channel

Kp Mehandi Art is a YouTube channel dedicated to the art of henna. It provides informative tutorials and helpful tips. Followers of the channel will be able to expand their knowledge of this ancient and beautiful art form, while seeing it as an enjoyable lifestyle hobby.

oMKhaola Creativ Art

Channel Views: ~107.7m Channel Subscribers: ~476k Channel Videos: ~1k

oMKhaola Creativ Art Youtube Channel

oMKhaola Creativ Art is a YouTube channel dedicated to henna art and designs. Viewers can learn how to create simple and easy Moroccan, Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and bridal mehndi designs, as well as body art, temporary tattoos and more. This channel is a great way for beginners to pick up henna basics and hone their craft.

Neha's creation

Channel Views: ~137.4m Channel Subscribers: ~505k Channel Videos: ~931

Neha's creation Youtube Channel

Neha's Creation is a popular YouTube channel that provides a range of tutorials and resources to help beginners learn the art of henna and mehndi. The channel covers topics such as back hand mehndi, simple mehndi designs, dulhammehandi, karwachauth mehndi and easy mehndi designs for experienced users. Neha's Creation provides a range of tips and tutorials to help viewers master the intricacies of mehndi, from basic to Dubai designs. With videos, demonstrations and tutorials, viewers can learn the art of henna and start creating masterpieces.

Social Art Studio

Channel Views: ~55m Channel Subscribers: ~186k Channel Videos: ~553

Social Art Studio Youtube Channel

Social Art Studio is a YouTube channel full of creative henna and mehndi designs. They specialize in Ganesh Mehndi Arts and feature designs from heart styles, rose mehndi, and the latest and trending designs for special occasions. The Queen of Henna Tattoos is their top artist for creating extraordinary tattoos to make you the cynosure of all eyes. #Shorts has some of their best videos for viewers to enjoy.

India Art

Channel Views: ~329.1m Channel Subscribers: ~590k Channel Videos: ~303

India Art Youtube Channel

India Art is a YouTube channel featuring tutorials for henna, mehendi design, easy mehndi, memehandi decoration, mehndir dejain, easy mehndi, karva chauth mehndi and much more. This channel will provide you with beautiful henna designs and simple tips and tricks to implement various mehndi looks for 2021. Check out India Art to learn more.


Channel Views: ~741.4k Channel Subscribers: ~10.7k Channel Videos: ~81

mehndibyhayat Youtube Channel

Mehndibyhayat is a YouTube channel focused on the art and culture of henna body art. From tutorials to lifestyle tips, this channel is a great resource for those who are interested in exploring the hobby of henna body art. With detailed instruction and advice, Mehndibyhayat makes henna body art accessible to anyone.


Channel Views: ~421.5k Channel Subscribers: ~9.3k Channel Videos: ~53

Mrs.Highbrow Youtube Channel

Mrs.Highbrow is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things related to beautiful brows! With tutorials on brow shaping, tinting, lamination, and lifting, as well as henna and brow dyeing, viewers can learn how to get salon-quality brows in the comfort of their own homes. Mrs.Highbrow is the perfect resource for anyone looking to become a brow specialist or up their brow game!

Types of Henna Designs

Henna designs are a stunning, temporary way to bring beautiful artwork to your skin. Seen as a form of body art, henna designs are often used in special celebrations and festivals, like Eid, Karva Chauth, and Diwali. With modern times, the art of henna has evolved to use more contemporary art styles as well, with some designs featuring abstract shapes, intricate floral motifs, and geometric patterns.

  • Henna designs can come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Traditional henna often uses organic designs, like curling vines and floral patterns, which go perfectly with any type of outfit. Some of the traditional designs incorporate motifs from cultural references, too. For a contemporary twist, henna artists can create abstract shapes, symmetrical lines, and geometric designs. This new approach can instantly transform your look from basic to beautiful.
  • If you're ready to give henna a try, be sure to research local henna artists in your area. They likely have a wide range of henna design styles to choose from, which may include mandala patterns, animal motifs, Kanjeera patterns, and many more. 

With the right henna design, you can look stunning and stylish for any occasion. Now is the perfect time to explore the wonderful art of henna!

What Materials Are Used for Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a safe, temporary form of body art that has been used around the world for centuries. Many different materials are used to create henna tattoos, including natural henna powder, essential oils, and lemon juice. Depending on the desired color and design, these ingredients may be mixed together to create a paste that can be carefully applied to the skin.

  • Natural henna powder is made from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant and is the most important component for making henna tattoos. It is a reddish-brown color and produces a dark orange-brown to black tattoo when applied to the skin. 
  • Essential oils, such as lavender and tea tree, are added to the henna powder to provide a smoother consistency, making it easier to apply. In addition, lemon juice is often used to increase the potency of the henna paste and provide a longer-lasting tattoo.
  • Finally, additional ingredients may be added to the henna paste to help alter the color. This includes herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients. For a more vibrant tattoo, some people may add more essential oils or additional ingredients, such as freshly ground cloves, to their mixture. Every henna paste is unique and the ingredients used should be considered carefully for desired results. Henna tattoos are the perfect way to express creativity and cultural heritage, and understanding the materials used can help create a safe, fun tattoo experience.

We hope this blog post has provided some helpful insight into the materials used for henna tattoos! Whether you’re just getting started with henna or are interested in trying new ingredients, it’s important to be aware of the components involved with henna tattoos. With a little research, you can create beautiful, safe, and long-lasting henna tattoos that you’ll be proud to show off!

How to Remove Henna

Henna is a natural dye used for body art and hair color. The natural pigment leaves a bright orange stain on the skin that typically lasts 5-15 days. While the process of removing henna can be tricky, it is possible to remove at least the surface of henna with a few simple techniques.

  • For the first approach, dissolve the henna with a natural oil. This will help to soften and thin the henna for removal. Place a few drops of baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or tea tree oil on the area where the henna stain is located. Massage the oil into the area for several minutes, then rinse off with warm water and gentle soap. The removal may not be complete but can be repeated several times to achieve desired results.
  • Another method of henna removal is to create a lemon paste. Combine equal parts lemon juice and sugar and mix it into a paste. Rub the paste into the area where the henna is located and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes until the henna begins to dissolve. Rinse the area with warm water and repeat this process until most of the henna is removed.

The process of removal can take multiple attempts and be a bit difficult, but with patience and persistence you can slowly remove henna from the skin. Keep in mind that if the henna has been on the skin for a prolonged period of time, this may not be the most effective approach and a professional should be consulted. Nevertheless, these methods are a great starting point to begin your henna removal journey.

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