Are you a news and health buff looking to stay up-to-date on the latest information and trends? Are you interested in learning more about global politics, fitness, diets, and nutrition? Look no further! We've gathered the best YouTube channels to provide you with the latest health news and help you stay current with breaking news from Canada and around the world. Keep reading to find out which channels are the best for health and news!

Health: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~706.5m Channel Subscribers: ~5.8m Channel Videos: ~3.6k

motivationaldoc Youtube Channel

Motivationaldoc YouTube channel includes tips and advice to help viewers improve their overall health, wellbeing, and self-care. They cover topics such as weight loss, neck, and back pain, lung health, immune system, nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, to help viewers make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle. It is a great resource for those looking for motivation and easy-to-follow guidance for making positive changes to their overall health and wellbeing.

Dr. Janine Bowring, ND

Channel Views: ~20.4m Channel Subscribers: ~179k Channel Videos: ~2.3k

Dr. Janine Bowring, ND Youtube Channel

Dr. Janine Bowring, ND provides content focusing on how to be a healthier version of yourself with health tips, weight loss, health supplement advice, and low-carb diet options. From revolutionary yoga facial exercises to tasty and healthy recipes, Dr. Janine Bowring, ND also educates viewers on how to heal and manage the leaky gut syndrome. Tune in for her Dr. Janine Show for reliable insight and advice on what activities, routines, and supplements can make for a healthy family.

Dr. Mindy Pelz

Channel Views: ~31m Channel Subscribers: ~431k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Dr. Mindy Pelz Youtube Channel

Dr. Mindy Pelz's YouTube channel is dedicated to health, covering topics such as the keto diet and its benefits for women, different types of fasting such as the Ketobiotic Reset, and the various benefits of autophagy and fast mimicking. Dr. Mandy provides easy to follow advice to help women improve their wellbeing and reach their health goals.

Doctor Ricky

Channel Views: ~758.9m Channel Subscribers: ~745k Channel Videos: ~1k

Doctor Ricky Youtube Channel

Doctor Ricky's YouTube channel features content related to health and plastic surgery, hosted by Dr. Richard J Brown. Dr. Brown is a well-known plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and has become known as the Real TikTok Doc with his responsible, educational responses to popular plastic surgery questions and trends. Dr. Brown has also appeared in videos where he reacts to plastic surgery-related topics.

The Yoga Institute

Channel Views: ~231.7m Channel Subscribers: ~2.7m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

The Yoga Institute Youtube Channel

The Yoga Institute YouTube channel is devoted to health and wellbeing, with instructors including Dr Hansaji Yogendra and Hansa Maa. It offers yoga classes for beginners as well as experienced yogis and is the world's oldest organized yoga institute, led by the renowned yoga guru, Dr Hansaji. Discover the ancient secrets of yoga with this channel and make your life healthier.

Alliance for Aging Research

Channel Views: ~9.6m Channel Subscribers: ~34.1k Channel Videos: ~309

Alliance for Aging Research Youtube Channel

The Alliance for Aging Research YouTube channel provides educational videos on health and aging research to increase health span and lifespan. The channel discusses topics ranging from fighting age-related diseases to promoting healthy lifestyle choices for aging adults. It is a valuable resource for information related to aging and health.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Channel Views: ~327.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.3m Channel Videos: ~622

Cosmic Kids Yoga Youtube Channel

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel that offers a healthy and fun way for kids to stay active and balanced through yoga. They offer yoga for children, yoga story for kids, children's yoga, yoga adventure for kids, kindergarten yoga, and preschool yoga. They also offer kids meditation, enabling healthy habits for kids to carry on well into adulthood.

Gundry MD

Channel Views: ~9.9m Channel Subscribers: ~150k Channel Videos: ~351

Gundry MD Youtube Channel

Gundry MD is a YouTube channel hosted by Dr. Steven Gundry that offers viewers insightful information on topics such as health, gut health, lectins, microbiome, and longevity. Through this channel, Dr. Gundry shares his expertise on these topics, and also provides information on his GMD Protocol to help people achieve a healthier gut, better nutrition, and longer life. This channel is an invaluable resource for those looking to improve their overall health, as well as for those suffering from leaky gut or wanting to learn more about the symbiotic connection between their microbiome and life longevity.

Respiratory Therapy Zone

Channel Views: ~110.2m Channel Subscribers: ~855k Channel Videos: ~702

Respiratory Therapy Zone Youtube Channel

Respiratory Therapy Zone is a YouTube channel devoted to health and respiratory therapy. It offers lectures, clinical sims, and preparation material for the TMC and RRT exams, making it the perfect resource for registered respiratory therapists, respiratory therapy schools, and all respiratory therapists.


Channel Views: ~11.2m Channel Subscribers: ~72k Channel Videos: ~247

SoheeFit Youtube Channel

SoheeFit is a YouTube channel that contains health, lifestyle, and physical fitness. It offers a wide range of health and wellness content, with tips and tricks to help people stay fit and healthy. From nutrition advice to workout routines, SoheeFit can help to motivate and educate its viewers in all aspects of physical and mental health.

Sanne Vloet

Channel Views: ~144.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~433

Sanne Vloet Youtube Channel

Sanne Vloet is a fashion model, having modeled with Victoria's Secret and other popular brands and agencies. Her YouTube channel focuses on health, self-esteem, and self-love, while she also chronicles her own healthy journey across New York City and Los Angeles. Her videos provide an empowering voice for viewers to follow and aspire to with her.

Doctor Mike

Channel Views: ~1.7b Channel Subscribers: ~9.7m Channel Videos: ~509

Doctor Mike Youtube Channel

Doctor Mike's YouTube channel is the perfect place to get health and wellness advice in a fun and funny way. His informative videos are entertaining and make understanding complex medical topics easy and enjoyable. Whether you're interested in lifestyle hacks or want to learn more about medicine, Doctor Mike's channel is the perfect way to get your health and wellness knowledge in a stylish and entertaining format. Subscribe now to keep up with Doctor Mike's latest videos!

Dr Karan

Channel Views: ~877.5m Channel Subscribers: ~844k Channel Videos: ~888

Dr Karan Youtube Channel

Dr Karan's YouTube channel is an entertaining and informative hub of health-based content. With an emphasis on research-backed information and engaging storytelling, Dr Karan helps viewers stay educated and informed on topics ranging from nutrition and wellness to medical tips and fitness. It's the perfect place to cozy up, stay informed, and be entertained.

Anna Freud NCCF

Channel Views: ~6.2m Channel Subscribers: ~34.2k Channel Videos: ~341

Anna Freud NCCF Youtube Channel

Anna Freud NCCF's YouTube channel is a great resource for mental health-related topics, lifestyle advice, and health-focused insights into the current state of our society. Engaging videos, articles, and documentaries, provide a wealth of knowledge on mental health and wellness.

Natacha Océane

Channel Views: ~139.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~216

Natacha Océane Youtube Channel

Natacha Océane's YouTube channel revolves around health and lifestyle, providing viewers with practical advice on forming healthy routines, habits, and nutrition for a fit and nutritious diet. She provides realistic and achievable ways to improve health and wellbeing.

Nucleus Medical Media

Channel Views: ~1.7b Channel Subscribers: ~5.8m Channel Videos: ~547

Nucleus Medical Media Youtube Channel

Nucleus Medical Media is a YouTube channel that helps provide valuable health and hospital marketing content through the use of medical animation, medical devices, science, and patient education. Their mission is to create content that empowers people to become better informed about their health and increase health literacy. As a leader in medical and healthcare education, they strive to bring engaging and informative medical content to their viewers.


Channel Views: ~103.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~231

holistichabits Youtube Channel

Holistichabits YouTube channel focuses on wellness and health through a holistic approach. It provides viewers with tips on how to live a balanced lifestyle through holistic nutrition, natural beauty methods, organic skincare, and haircare, healthy recipes, and organic makeup. Get inspired to live your best life via the clean beauty techniques that Holistichabits has to offer.

Good Habits for a Long Healthy Life

Maintaining good habits is vital for ensuring a long and healthy life. A healthy lifestyle includes making good decisions that can have long-term benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. There are numerous good habits that one can develop that will impact their life in a profound way.

  1. Creating a healthy diet is a good habit to get into. Eating a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can improve your overall health and will give you more energy. Eating more raw foods, such as fruits and vegetables, will provide more antioxidants and help your body fight off disease. Furthermore, limit your consumption of processed foods, sugars and unhealthy fats.
  2. Regular exercise is also important for a long and healthy life. Exercising regularly helps reduce stress and increases your energy levels. Moreover, it encourages and motivates your body to look and feel its best. Start with manageable goals such as committing to walking for 30 minutes, three times a week. As you get into the habit, you can increase your regimen to achieve more challenging results.

These habits require patience, dedication, and consistency. Developing these habits can be difficult but they’re worth it in the long run. Making small changes over time is a great way to form good habits and sustain them for a long and healthy life.

Five Must-Have Foods to Support Your Health

A healthy, balanced diet is essential for supporting overall good health. Certain foods can provide energy and nutrition, provide essential vitamins and minerals, and help amplify the immune system, boosting overall health and wellbeing. Eating a mix of nutrient-rich foods is important, and we’ve rounded up five of the must-have foods you should include in your daily or weekly diet.

  • Starting with the most versatile staple food, eggs are a nutritional version of superheroes. Not only do they provide high quality proteins, but they are also packed with vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, zinc, iron, and selenium. Eggs also contain beta-carotene and healthy fats including omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These essential nutrients are believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Another magical ingredient to consider are nuts and seeds. Whether you go for almonds, walnuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, they offer a profound range of health benefits. They contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats, fiber, protein, and vitamin E. They can also help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol, while they may also help reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. High in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and magnesium, they are truly powerhouses of nutrition.

There are many other nutritious must-have foods that can provide a plethora of health benefits, including avocados, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Eating a nutritious diet including these and other beneficial foods is key to maintaining your health and wellbeing.

Easy Ways to Manage Stress and Boost Health

Stress is a very common part of everyday life, and while it can be beneficial in helping us push through difficult tasks, too much of it can be harmful to our overall health. There are many simple steps we can take to reduce our stress levels so that we can lead healthier, happier lives. Here are some easy ways to manage stress and boost health.

  1. Firstly, make sure to make time for yourself each day to relax. This can be done by taking a walk in nature, reading, meditating, or engaging in another form of self care. Dedicating just a few minutes each day to quieting your mind and focusing on yourself can help reduce stress and create a sense of balance. 
  2. Additionally, having meaningful connections with loved ones both near and far is incredibly important. Even if you can’t physically Socialize with them, FaceTime or Zoom calls, sending texts, and writing letters can provide a sense of connection.
  3. Finally, getting enough sleep is essential. Sleep helps reduce stress and improve our moods since it gives our bodies time to rebuild and rest. To make sure you get the suggested 7-8 hours of sleep, practice good sleep hygiene such as avoiding caffeine close to bedtime, using your bed only for sleeping, and keeping a consistent sleep-wake cycle. Incorporating these small but powerful steps into your life can help you manage stress and live a healthier life.

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