Are you looking for the best YouTube Channels to watch for some amazing handicrafting, handmade goods, DIY tips, or just a quality vlog? Look no further! Here's a comprehensive list of the best YouTube Channels related to handicraft, handmade, diy, travel, craft, vlog, drawing, crafts, and mmorpg to provide you with hours of entertainment and some awesome tips and tricks. Read on to find out which YouTube channels fit your interests the best!

Handicraft: Top Youtube Channels

Amazing Handicraft

Channel Views: ~31.2k Channel Subscribers: ~109 Channel Videos: ~440

Amazing Handicraft Youtube Channel

The Amazing Handicraft YouTube channel is the place to go for all your creative craft needs. Get tutorials, tips, and ideas for making stunning 3D handmade handicrafts. Check out the viral videos and trendy shorts for the latest crafting trends. Get creative with Amazing Handicraft!

Handicraft House

Channel Views: ~84.7k Channel Subscribers: ~417 Channel Videos: ~328

Handicraft House Youtube Channel

Handicraft House is a YouTube channel that features high-quality handicrafts, hand embroidery, and beautiful designs in cross stitches. From intricate appliqué work to intricate crochet designs, Handicraft House brings you the best in hand-stitched artwork from around the world. Each video demonstrates how to make exquisite handicrafts from the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a hobby that is both fun and beautiful, then Handicraft House is the perfect choice for you.

Handmade with Venus

Channel Views: ~87.9k Channel Subscribers: ~436 Channel Videos: ~218

Handmade with Venus Youtube Channel

Handmade with Venus is a YouTube channel devoted to helping people explore their creative side through handicrafts and hobbies. With a focus on promoting an active and creative lifestyle, viewers can access a wide range of tutorials, tips, and reviews related to arts and crafts projects. From knitting to pottery and everything in between, this channel is a great resource for those looking to add a personal touch to their home and life.

Rabail Handicraft

Channel Views: ~150.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~108

Rabail Handicraft Youtube Channel

Rabail Handicraft is a YouTube channel offering tutorials on a wide range of handicrafts, from wedding wear to macrame shorts. They specialize in unique and creative macrame tutorials, and their tutorials are great for both newbies and advanced crafters. Followers of the Rabail Handicraft YouTube channel can find all the tips and tricks they need to make a stylish wardrobe with macrame tutorial at home.


Channel Views: ~25.6k Channel Subscribers: ~227 Channel Videos: ~118

ARTISAN HANDICRAFTS (Indian Village Art) Youtube Channel

ARTISAN HANDICRAFTS (Indian Village Art) is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing India's exquisite traditional craftsmanship. Followers are able to learn and take part in various handicraft activities, from making jewellery and pottery to batik painting and block printing. With its wealth of tutorials and tips, it's the perfect channel for both hobbyists and lifestyle enthusiasts to get creative and explore the world of artisanal crafts.

Bamboo Arts

Channel Views: ~53.2m Channel Subscribers: ~68.5k Channel Videos: ~957

Bamboo Arts Youtube Channel

The Bamboo Arts YouTube channel explores the world of craftsmanship and rural traditions. It covers a variety of topics, including handicrafts, traditional bamboo craft, eco-bamboo craft, bamboo craft-diy, handmade bamboo craft, e-bamboo craft, bamboo handicrafts, and rural bamboo craft. With close to 30mms videos on the channel, it provides enthusiasts with an extensive selection of ideas and projects related to bamboo crafts.

#Art & Craft By BC

Channel Views: ~300.8k Channel Subscribers: ~708 Channel Videos: ~223

#Art & Craft By BC Youtube Channel

#Art & Craft By BC is a YouTube channel that features handicrafts, art and craft work, home art projects, paper work, art on wastes, painting, and other art creations made by the artist BC. Here, viewers will find numerous ideas and tutorials on how to create unique and creative art pieces at home. It is an ideal channel for any budding artist, as they will find plenty of inspiration to create beautiful artworks.

Nirmal Siwach

Channel Views: ~162.2k Channel Subscribers: ~752 Channel Videos: ~220

Nirmal Siwach Youtube Channel

Nirmal Siwach's YouTube channel is a great resource for those interested in handicraft, easy embroidery design, haath ki kadhai, and the latest design. Here viewers can find easy hand embroidery design tutorials, a peacock feather embroidery tutorial, and learn how to do embroidery with phulkari embroidery design. So if you're looking for inspiration or a guide, Nirmal Siwach's channel is a great place to start exploring!

Channel Views: ~80k Channel Subscribers: ~534 Channel Videos: ~46 Youtube Channel's YouTube channel is a great resource for discovering unique handicrafts and metal crafts from around the world. It also offers videos about natural skin and hair care, as well as yoga, Ayurveda, and other health topics. It provides travel tips and resources and hosts an array of interesting curios. Finally, also features music from various world cultures.

Techniques for Creating Handicrafts

A handicraft is a type of handmade artwork or craft, usually made with natural materials, requiring skill, patience and effort. Creating handicrafts can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby and can be an ideal way to express creativity and craftsmanship. Here are some techniques for creating beautiful and unique handicrafts.

  1. The first technique to consider is to source natural materials, such as wood, stones, fabrics, and clay. Look for resources in your local area and take the time to collect materials that have unique shapes, patterns or textures. You could also look for interesting items from antique or crafts stores, or buy ready-made pieces that you can give a creative twist to.
  2. Once you have collected the materials for your project, it is important to familiarise yourself with traditional handicraft techniques. Research the specific techniques used in the type of handicraft you’re creating, from weaving and pottery to crochet and woodworking. These techniques will provide you with the tools you need to create the design of your project. Books, videos, or classes can be excellent resources for learning the right techniques.
  3. Finally, with the right materials and techniques, you’re ready to start creating your handicrafts. Keep in mind that handcrafted items require attention to detail, so take your time, and be thoughtful as you shape, craft and put your designs together. If you put your creativity and passion into each project, you will create beautiful and meaningful pieces.

Different Types of Handicrafts

Crafting with your hands has a unique and lasting appeal that simply cannot be achieved with machines. There are so many different types of handicrafts out there, each with its own unique look and feel. From intricate papercrafts to detailed pieces of fabric art, crafting by hand can be used to decorate your home or create beautiful gifts.

  • One type of handicraft that requires a level of skill and patience is quilting. Quilting has its own long history and some of the most beautiful quilts that exist were handmade by generations of crafters. Quilting typically involves sewing together two or more layers of fabric to create a pattern or design. Furthermore, quilting can also involve embroidery and applique, adding another layer of texture to the quilts.
  • Another popular form of handicraft is papercraft. Origami and other types of paper craft can create intricate designs ranging from animals to abstract patterns. Papercrafts are usually very accessible, as all you need is paper, some patience, and a scissors to get started. However, papercrafts can also be combined with other materials, such as beads and fabrics for more creative works. There has been an explosion in popularity for origami in the last few years, leading to a surge of new designs and creations.

Handicrafts are an amazing way to customize existing items and create unique, lasting works of art. With so many different types of handicrafts to explore, there’s a craft out there that appeals to all levels of skill, meaning there’s something for everyone - all you need to do is find the one that’s right for you!

How to Select the Right Materials When Making a Handicraft

When creating a handmade project, selecting the right materials is a crucial consideration. The quality of the items you choose will greatly affect the finished outcome of your work. It could also determine the time it takes to make the item and how long it lasts. Here are some tips to help you choose the appropriate materials when making a handicraft.

  • The most important factor to consider when selecting materials for your project is the surface on which you’ll be working. Different materials require different surface finishes before they can be applied. Make sure you take the time to research the best surface for your materials in order to maximize the end-result of your handiwork. For example, softer materials like felt and corduroy often work best on a flat surface, while heavier fabrics like denim and leather typically require a thicker, more durable surface.
  • Before making a purchase, weigh the pros and cons of each material option. Some are more cost effective, while others are higher quality. In addition, you’ll need to consider the longevity of the materials, the overall look of the items and how easy they are to work with. Read product reviews, research fabrics and materials online, and talk to experienced craftspeople to get their expert opinions. 

Ultimately, taking the time to properly select materials for your project will help ensure that you end up with a beautiful, long-lasting handicraft.

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